Scorecard for the Week of January 19th

It has been a very interesting week, but I won’t be sharing juicy details, because it got pretty personal a lot of the time.

Here is the frame.  A number of years ago, I pulled back from most of the one-time deliverance work I was doing so I could drill down on research and writing.  I continued to do diagnostics for people who had a lot of skin in the game and were stuck, but I not the follow through and do the ministry.  I just did the fast part.

Last December, when God framed this year for me, one of the few specifics from Him was that I needed to dial waaaaaaaaay back on even the diagnostic work I do.  With one exception outside the team, I was to limit my availability significantly.

And I had long stopped doing much ministry with the team.  They know my stuff and most of the time they can figure it out on their own and clean each other up.

Thus it came as a real surprise when the team, my board and my family all began to hit the wall in sundry ways about ten days ago.  Most of the time it was old issues that had been pushed to the background, but God suddenly allowed the minor irritation to become a flaming crisis that demanded intervention.

I tried to ignore it for a day or two, but the pain level was so high I moved in to see what could be done to restore order.

In the process, I was quite surprised at what God did in and through me.  I am a diagnostician, but my claim to fame is dogged tenacity – asking a hundred questions and slowly reasoning to a narrow conclusion.  None of that this week.  God yanked my discernment up to unprecedented levels and I nailed stuff with almost no data to build off of – it was one word of knowledge after another.  Light everywhere.

And the authority was there too.  I did have one resistant AHS, but overall, most ministry sessions were short, focused and effective.

In addition to the power flow, there was new insight into some principles that will be transferable to others.  I will write up one of those early next week to share what we learned about a new strategy the enemy uses to block godly women from marrying.  Watch for that article.  It has a lot of potential permutations.

Sometime soon I will also write an article about a new connection between AHS and surgery.  If any of you have had surgery and you were never “right” after that, we have some ideas.

Obviously it has been a hugely exciting week, but you will have to do without the fun details because it is too personal to each individual involved for me to share.

On the mechanical front, Project N is progressing a tiny bit ahead of schedule.  I am through the foundational work that always has to be done, and today I started on the fun part.  When you get the product, go to section 2.6 and explore that one first.  It sparkles.

I am looking forward to the coming sections more than the last two batches.

Sales continue to be better than the start of the year but not up to par for January, and they are still heavily tilted toward new customers.  This coming week, Mary Jo is placing some web based ads.  A first for our company.  It will be interesting to see whether they are seen.

What is massively fascinating to me is that the vast majority of the discernment/deliverance work this week revolved around spiritually rooted health issues.  I am not complaining, but it is a real wake up call for us.

We launched the light prayers with great anticipation of wonderful spiritual progress.  As is usually the case, it took about 21 days for you to put a dent in the enemy’s strategy.

But the first thing God did in us and for us, when there was enough light, was to invest in our bodies.  Now there is food for thought!

Thanks to all of you who signed up for prayers this past week.  The numbers are holding steady which is highly unusual and wonderfully special.

I have gotten a couple of reports from the field of how you have been using light prayers in your own sector of the Kingdom.  Feel free to post those in the comments section for all to celebrate.

Copyright January 2014 by Arthur Burk

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18 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of January 19th

  1. eva says:

    I am still in and intregued so far with what Abba Father is doing here.

  2. Sheila says:

    I was intrigued that your normal way of handling things didn’t work, but He showed up. A similar thing is happening to me – I have depended on His “wiring” of me, and now it is not working…but answers are coming, slowly. It seems to me that He is requiring a deeper connection with His Spirit, rather than “just” relying on His giftings to me and in me. And I don’t know how to “make” or “let” this happen, except to bow the knee and trust Him…as He ruins me yet again. I love it, but find it hard until the revelation comes. Then I say, “Duh!” and love HIm more. Thanks for all the insight you make available.

    • SLG says:

      Nicely put, Sheila. It is definitely a new season with some new rules. Loving it some of the time and scrambling a lot of the time.

  3. Anthony says:

    I have seen a link for a long time between couples who have been close and then one dies from cancer. The surviving partner often gets cancer within a short time. I had not understood the link until the teaching in AHS part 1 and 2. If parts of our body host different types of AHS then, just as in the parts of the brain, do parts of our body host equivalent parts of our spirit.
    Does the health of these parts of our body have an impact on the strength of those parts of our spirit and its ability to lead. Thanks for the thought triggers. I feel that there is a decisive new step about to be taken.

  4. Jim Alseth says:

    Love the thread about “the body.”

    One of the great oversights in the Church for ages is the body.

    The last couple years in my own journey one of the most precious scriptural themes has been the humanity of Jesus, which of course he lived out “in a body”. He incarnates.

    His life here was so beautifully earthy. He often called himself The Son of Man. Most importantly, he demonstrated what ordinary human existence was meant to be, lived out in the context of dominion. Huge implications for our everyday physical health.


    • Elizabeth says:

      I can’t imagine why someone gave this a one-star vote. Very good thoughts…thank you.

      • Art says:

        Don’t read to much into a one star vote, I know on an I pad my scroll thumb touchs the one star spot by mistake perfectly.

  5. Pat says:

    God yanked my discernment up to unprecedented levels and I nailed stuff with almost no data to build off of – it was one word of knowledge after another. Light everywhere.

    When you know there has to be a better way… 🙂 Now to make it transferable… More Light, Lord. More light…

  6. crutchprints says:

    As an amputee this has sparked a deep curiosity in my. So much healing has taken place on the inside of me….but bodily traumas are ignored! Wow!

  7. LaVonne says:

    Well this is so interesting to know that the physical issues are coming to the front. As that has happened to me starting in Dec, Yes I have had them ( health issues) and was able from 7 years of records to see the results of levels going up and down the past 7 years, not that I understood the lab results but I understood a few levels. But when a crisis hits it wakes you up. So hoping to see resolve and healing on it too, freedom from it. I don’t want it to frame my life and have limits on me from it. And I have had surgery when little (tonsils out), and two other major ones ( both on the same problem) that were life threating at around ages 10 to 12. I realize now that it was his grace and mercy and love that kept me alive. Thank You Arthur for sharing and your staff too.

  8. francyes says:

    If I don’t know if I officially showed my involvement last week or not, but I’ve been in the whole time. I’ll make sure I “sign up” this week.

    I have had a long string of physical issues this week that I know are being brought to the surface so I can become more free… Having said that I’m 65% sure that I’m getting the messages I’m supposed to be getting. I also have done an AHS eviction for an old time nasty health issue and I believe Gods light is showing me how I welcomed the damage (10 years of it). I’m not crushed! He wants to lead me out of the damage. Yes, yes, yes!

    Even if I’m only following the “thread” with my pinky finger to stay on course(it’s what it feels like). His light is keeping me on course, in a very GRACE filled way. Is the way I’m describing this proof that I’m missing something or on course?

  9. Dana says:

    hmmmm…. This entire month has been focusing upon unresolved body issues for me. Issues that have been low level, I’ve just tolerated what I thought were minor irritations. Suddenly, it was time to dig deeper and find out what was going on. And in the midst of the medical testing, a few AHS have been unearthed. And “minor” is turning out to be “complex”. It has not been a fun ride this month, Seeing the bigger picture and realizing I am right on target with the heartbeat of the Sapphire team is incredibly encouraging and validating. I LOVE how Father can synchronize His people in our spirits without our souls even being invited to the party.
    Back to focused intentionality with more courage!

  10. Rosa says:

    The paragraph about God investing in our bodies really jumped out at me. Can you expound on that? This is the year for me in that regard…I am supposed to be ok with investing more time on myself and get into really good lean shape and core body strength. I have always felt a little guilty spending too much time on that .

    • SLG says:

      Well, Rosa, we had a variety of AHS, demons and trauma bonds to land that were causing various low grade physical problems. We didn’t know the critters and cooties were there. We assign low value to our bodies, compared to spirit and soul, so had never invested scarce resources (time and discernment) to find out if any of our owies had spiritual roots.

      We are quite clear on the fact that our spirit and soul have significant unresolved issues, as well as our company, but God choose to highlight body stuff and set our bodies free before messing with the “important” stuff. Almost as though it was a warning shot across the bow that our perspective and priorities are not right.

      • Rosa says:

        Ah. Interesting! Thank you.And of course,i must ask…where can I learn more on that particular topic?

        • SLG says:

          Rosa, I don’t have a lot of resources on the body — that is why I am in cave mode these days, grinding away. For now, it is primarily and issue of my synchronizing with God and letting Him lead where He wants to lead. If He wants to pour grace into physical issues, I need to lean into that, and hold loosely my list of 49 things I wish He would invest in immediately.

          • Rosa says:

            All in good time. There is lots to ponder otherwise. I think I may have misinterpreted that statement initially. I hope at least some of those 49 things get a sudden release 🙂

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