New Insights for Singles

One of the things we have learned to track in our exploration of alien human spirits (AHS) is the presence of mental pictures that come and go randomly for decades, but don’t seem to fit the person involved.

A young lady named Sally shared with me one such story.  She had a picture of a woman standing in a parking lot, screaming loudly, furiously because she was pregnant.  It would come, the movie would run for a few seconds, then end.  Always the same video.  Never any external trigger that could be identified.  And it did not go away for decades.

Now this clearly was not Sally.  She had never married, hardly dated, and certainly never gotten pregnant.

She poked around discretely and ascertained that this was not her mother, raging at the fact of her conception.

That left it in the mystery category, so since it was only a minor irritation, she ignored it for years.

When she floated the story, I suggested she check for an AHS.  My logic was simple.  It wasn’t her.  It wasn’t her mom.  It WAS someone at some time or the picture would have faded away.  So one possible explanation (although not the only one) was an AHS.

She knew someone who had done a bit of personal ministry for her in the past, so she connected with him on the AHS possibility.  He asked if anyone was there and there was a response.

In the end, it turned out to be a whole lot more than just another AHS.

It was indeed a single mom who bitterly resented the man who got her pregnant and was not there for her.  The kicker was, she was bound and determined that Sally should never have the ghastly problem of being pregnant without a man, and to be sure of that, she would be certain Sally never was seen by any man.

This was a bit of a bombshell.  In all of the work we have done over the years with singles, we kept coming back to one mystery – why were they not seen?  How could highly undesirable gals be seen easily, and the wonderful ones simply were not?

We never had an answer before, but this now provides a different track to run on than we had ever considered.

Just to be completely forthright, allow me to say that Sally has not been seen, gotten engaged or married since that ministry session.  This is still a half baked potato, not a rock- solid explanation for the tens of thousands of godly women who are not being seen or courted.

Just for hoots after Sally’s report, I contacted another single I know and floated the idea.  She also found an AHS related to her invisibility, but this one had a little different configuration.  Mother and child had died in childbirth.  Both were there in her, and the mother’s attitude was, “I have my baby, why do I need a man?”

It was a rather distinct parting when they left.

So I am putting that out there for you young ladies to consider.  I am sure it is not a blanket solution to the bigger problem, but it is possible that some of you are being held back from visibility by an AHS inside who simply does not want you married!

Now from that perspective, one wonders about the whole mantle of invisibility.  We are “soon” (whatever that means) going to record a video on some new discoveries about the invisibility issue.

In the mean time, I wonder about people who can’t get a job because their qualities are not seen.  Or people who are not seen in a medical or government situation.  How often does an AHS in us who does not want to be seen by a given sector of society manage to make us invisible?

We don’t know.  This is just thinking out loud at this moment.  Let’s see if those two get married.

Copyright January 2014 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Olivia says:

    I find it interesting that I missed this post altogether. Only when I looked at the past posts did I find this. It’s a huge conformation for me. My mother and both grandmothers had significant pain in their lives surrounding marriage. None of them had healthy marriages, and none of them wanted me to follow in their footsteps. Their ‘will’ has overtaken my life – up to now. I am 50, and single. I have never dated nor been pursued in any fashion. I have also been quite invisible where employment is concerned, never advancing, constantly being passed over and working far below my capacity. But… I applied to a particular temporary agency last July, and heard nothing from them. I got a phone call from them in December. (I had to listen to the message 3 times to realize who called!) My resume was sent for consideration and the employer chose me without a preliminary interview. I don’t know if they will hire me permanently, but whether they do or not, I am not as invisible as I was before dealing with the AHS. The pay, while it could be better, is the most I have earned in almost 6 years. I am so grateful, and expectant for the firt time in a long time.

  2. roxmyron says:

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  3. Irina Rivera says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but for years (over twenty), I’ve had nightmares about the Holocaust. They usually involve me trying to escape. I’ve read the book “Healing the Family Tree” a few times. I’m wondering if this is AHS related. I also have thoughts about the Holocaust sometimes in very very day type of situations. I would like to listen to the CDs with an ear for this situation, or am I going down a wrong path?

    • SLG says:

      Yes, Irina, many people who have been obsessed with a particular season of history have an AHS from that era. Very well established dynamic.

      • Irina Rivera says:

        Oh my! I will get on that. Do you think that the scripture about baptism of the dead is a way to deal with AHS or is that totally different? I don’t know if you’ve done a lot of digging in that area, but that’s been a longstanding topic I’m also interested in. I tried to dig stuff up but came up pretty short. Mostly I read things saying it was heretical.

  4. Paul S. says:

    Any chance this “invisibility” issue can apply to pastors and why their churches seem not to grow?

    • SLG says:

      Well Paul, yes and no. I am not sure an individual AHS could pull off a corporate blockage of that magnitude. But there is no question that some churches and some pastors have a mantle of invisibility of staggering proportions. Have you listened to my teaching on the mesmerizing spirit in “Life, Dominion and Honor?” Often using that tool will help a church be seen.

      • Paul S. says:

        Thank you, Arthur…I’ve not listened to that teaching, but am now eager to do so!

        • Deborah says:

          I was doing some AHS work with a client when an AHS came forward, and said it was sent by Sheol, to inhabit Pastors and was looking for the congregation.. This person was not a pastor. This AHS told me it was an end time strategy of the enemy. IDK if this was true or not, wanted to share this.

  5. I apologize, this is a bit off the topic, but I’m curious about how Sally chose to respond to the possibility of an AHS. She didn’t grapple with it herself, but found somebody who could. Why? If it is there, is it not a relatively simple matter to ask if it’s there and then ask it to leave? I’ve listened to the first AHS album and am re-listening to it now, but have no deliverance experience, so please pardon my simpleness.

    From what I’ve heard, I’m guessing that the ability of individuals to speak with an AHS, whether it’s in them or someone else, varies greatly. Is it dependent on “earned authority” (something developed through experience)? If not, then from authority bestowed on an individual from God? Which then leads to more questions, such as: Is it tied to their identity as a Christian? Is it tied to their gifting? Is it not tied to anything in particular, but, “If you have it, you have it. If you don’t, you don’t”?

    I’ll stop now, the questions keep coming, but thank you for the entry and I look forward to reading/listening to more.

    • SLG says:

      Authority and confidence vary greatly. But it is usually easier to do it as a two-some, although many people have done a lot of good work evicting AHS alone. In this case, there was a lot of personal emotion involved, as well as Sally feeling the emotion of the AHS. She had a teammate, so she used him, but it did not have to be.

      • Jayne says:

        My experience in dealing with one personal AHS: Arthur’s prescription was very effective in praying for myself. Remember that AHSs don’t respond to the “legal authority” measures that are used to evict demons. But they do respond, as any of us would, to someone mightier … like an angel built like the Incredible Hulk. So this is what I did: I asked that God send “enforcer” angels to afflict the non-compliant AHS with the 10 plagues of Egypt (as were afflicted on Pharoah and his kingdom). Presuming that they had arrived after mere seconds, I just prayed in faith “Release plague number one” then waited a few seconds… “Release plague number two” then waited a few seconds…” and so on. At about the seventh plague, I discerned that someone (AHS) was none too pleased, and just continued to the tenth plague. I trust that this was effective. HOWEVER I probably should re-visit the issue in regards to ties to land, since a number of places where I had walked years ago popped into my head at the time.

  6. Laura says:

    Hmm, I had this same thought of an AHS preventing marriage this afternoon as I finished listening to the 2nd cd set…definitely gonna pursue this.

    • SLG says:

      Dear Arthur,

      Could AHS prevent someone from releasing excess weight, when the person is eating waaaay less calories and junk, and exercising, and has gotten the flu from the git-go of the program, and just fluctuates up and down a few pounds?

      Also, can AHS attach to a person at any point in life, or is that something one is born with? Asking that based on your last post.

      Sally from Rolling Hills

      The last question first – they seem to be able to attach at many points. We have only recently developed a theory as to what the open door is and we are trying to test it. But for sure, they don’t seem to be congenital.

      In terms of weight, I don’t know if an AHS can do that.

      We do know that there is a kind of weight gain that is absolutely impervious to diet or exercise. Calories are irrelevant.

      We have made a number of attempts to deal with it as an AHS and so far, no results.

      We looked at the possibility of an AHS or demon or Leviathan in particular lobes of the brain, or in the endocrine system. We tested for that with both the EEG and the EAV and the data was widely scattered so we came up with a total blank.

      For now, there is no question that there is a non-biological cause and therefore a non-biological cure. We simply have not found it at all in the ways we have looked so far.

      So walk with dignity in this season. This is not a problem to be clubbed into submission by will power. It is a riddle to be solved and so far, we have not solved it. Burning calories or fleeing them helps most people. But this is a non-caloric game!


      • jill mathur says:

        Regarding the weight, I have an untested theory: I think it is a problem with gates or portals in the body. Let me explain what I am seeing, and if anyone has an opportunity to test it, let me know. I am going to give you the pieces that took me to my conclusion:
        1) A remarkable intercessor prayed for me once and in the process he pulled up my DNA helix, The Lord enlarged it for him, and he fixed broken pieces of it.
        2) I am currently taking a class in physiology so that I can pray with more accuracy. I do not have any prior background in anatomy or physiology, and I am only just now finishing the first week of class. However, the lectures are on the gates, portals and other modes of transportation of information and fluid between cells.
        3) I have listened and read Paul Cox’s work on dimensions, portals, gates, grids, how we are living stones, etc.

        So, in listening to the physiology lectures I am struck by how the cells of body function somewhat like the gates and portals and grids- leylines – that Paul Cox talks about.

        And, I am wondering, if the way the DNA is corrupted but can be called up and realigned, can we do the same with the gates and portals that govern the cells (called gates and channels, among other things, in physiology). If the cell gates and channels are not balancing fluid properly a person would gain weight. They wouldn’t need to intake more calories, the cells would just hold more water. Only 12% of the fluid in the body is blood, and most of the fluid is in the cells.

        This is all to say…. I think asking The Lord to show you what is happening with the gates and portals (channels) in the body, might have interesting results.

        Another thought on weight gain and metabolism problems, is that it might be an AHS and/or a structure in the pituitary. They can be very hard to see because when they are in covenant with Sheol some are able to camaouflage themselves and they don’t respond when called to unless you break open their hiding place; the hiding place that The Lord has to show you.

        Just an untested thought.
        Jill Mathur

      • Dayle Hooker says:

        Hi Arthur
        I started praying at the beginning of the year Lord shine your light on whatever you wanted to shine it on – the first thing he shone it on was my weight issue. I had tried every diet and everything else without success – even gaining weight while being absolutely diligent on weight watchers. I had prayed into it asking the Lord for help – heard about people losing weight supernaturally so asked for that myself – nothing changed. Then beginning of last year just days after I asked the Lord to shine his light, my son calls me and tells me that he is wheat sensitive and since going off wheat had lost weight – I just brushed it off as another food fad of his – he is very health conscious. Then 2 weeks later I am flying alone to Singapore, so grabbed a magazine to read on the way – opened it up and there in the middle was an article on “Wheat Belly” by Dr Davis. Realised that this was what the Lord was shining his light on and giving me the answer to my weight issue. Since going off wheat and not changing anything else in my diet I have now lost 48 pounds. Now if the wheat sensitivity can be resolved and I could eat bread again would be good – I really miss bread but loving the fact that I am 3 sizes smaller than I was last year. Don’t know if this helps – it certainly doesn’t work for everybody. Any insight as to sensitivities and allergies?

        • SLG says:

          Dayle, it grieves me that wheat is such a whipping boy for today’s health issues when it is food God gave us. I did a little research and discovered that the genetic composition of most of our wheat today is far different from what the find in wheat they retrieved from the pyramids — stuff that is 4,000 years closer to the original design. So obviously in our many sins against God, we have done something causing the staff of life to become toxic to us. How sad.

          I don’t know of any way to fix that, however, I do think that most or our food has been quite damaged. My challenge to you is to ask if God would reset the body chemistry so you could go back to wheat eventually.

          Let me illustrate it with allergies. When I was a kid, I was allergic to wheat, milk, and most everything that tasted good. I spent years without eating those. But eventually we found the root issue and addressed it so I was able to eat those things without side effects.

          I wonder if a prolonged fast from wheat would heal the body enough that you could eventually go back to it.

          No tools at present, just wonderings.

  7. Sue Taylor says:

    Considering other forms of invisibility captures interest. What about the invisibility of isolation? I now wonder if the work of isolation is really the work of an AHS who has an agenda to remain hidden. It seems that most AHS’s on assignment from Sheol automatically have an agenda to remain hidden, while other types seek attention. Years ago, I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, and still sometimes struggle with leaving my house and having people over. Hmmm.

  8. Trish says:

    Then there’s the flip side: not only was I hidden from the good guys, I seemed to attract the “turkeys” or worse. I have a session planned this week to deal with any AHS.

  9. Katie says:

    Are AHS and introjects the same thing?

    • SLG says:

      Katie, the term introjects is widely used, so it depends on how the person means it. For at least some of the therapists who use the term, no, they are not the same.

      • KatIe says:

        I’m referring to something in the system of a person with DID that comes through violation.i did a word study on “the shadow of death” in NetBible and It said on one definition ,
        “Of distress, extreme danger”
        Which sounds like the causes of DID and the trauma is used to open a person up for the perps purposes, or for satan’s-it can affect ones DNA structure, I am my thought was maybe perps leave something behind for points of contact to re-access a victim?

        • SLG says:

          Katie, they certainly do. This is not my field of expertise. Glad you are probing the possibilities there. May your tribe increase.

          My vague understanding is that when damage occurs, there are at least the following possible consequences: a part is form from the soul; an AHS is implanted (a living thing); a synthetic “part” is created that acts human but isn’t (where do you categorize that?!); a demon is implanted (a living thing); a device or structure is implanted (non-living); or programming is built (non-living). All of that is internal and has some sense of substance.

          On the significant but non-substantive side of things you have curses and covenants which can be associated with most of the above.

          And then there are the sundry ties and lines extending from the person to outside places or entities.

          So what do YOU call an introject? Some people use the term to describe the synthetic parts. Others to describe the devices or structures. The SRA/DID world is expanding so rapidly and so much wisdom is being brought to the table from sundry quarters that consistent vocabulary is hard to find at times. But the growing pains are good. God in His mercy is showing us many new tools.

  10. K8 says:


  11. Omotara says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! When I started listening to the AHS my mind immediately thought I think I have one preventing marriage. I wasnst sure how to dig through and discover and so I emailed your team, however AHS preventing marriage was a foreign concept then.

    Well now I will start to go down that path again……

    Thanks for sharing Tara

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  12. Pamela says:

    *Can’t wait to leave the office so I can get on this one*

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