Scorecard for the Week of January 26th

Saturday:     I find my spirit is very opinionated about e-mails.  I will see an unknown e-mail address with an uninformative subject line, and before I open it, I might have a high alert or a high excitement.

I was focused on other things Saturday – at the computer – when I noticed two e-mails from people new to me that were flagged with spirit-excitement.  One is a new customer and the other is someone from overseas with a very generic question.  I filled the order without comment but looked the guy up on the web.  Interesting possibilities.  He does not exactly fill the profile of what I thought the two people I am looking for would be like, but you never know.

I have a sense to wait a couple of weeks before pinging him and I am waiting to see if the guy overseas takes any initiative to engage after I responded to his technical question, but it might be an answer to the see and be seen prayer.

Monday:     I have not been in good health for about two months.  It is that general feeling of being “off” but nothing specific to tell the doctor, so I don’t go.  Finally it occurred to me to have Megan check me on the EAV machine to see if there is any particular organ that is shouting.

In spite of all the wild and wacky things she makes it do, it still remembers how to do basic, garden variety medical checks.

She started the test, but it was nearly impossible to get a reading on my energy levels for any of the standard points.  After a couple of minutes, I stopped the test, because it was obvious that this was Leviathan.  Hence, the very persistent, but very vague not good feeling.

I studied the evidence and it seemed to point very significantly to the third head.  We did a few rounds of looking at when it started and what was new in my life a few weeks ago but came up with nothing.

I ended the day glad to have something specific to look for but perplexed at where the open door was.

Tuesday:     My spirit woke me up at 2:00 a.m. and without having the courtesy of waiting until my body and soul were somewhat functional, it began to run a stream of evidence by me as to where the problem was rooted.  I was convinced in about ten minutes, but my spirit was on a roll and did not quit for about an hour.

When he finally was satisfied that the point was proven and he had my buy in, we shifted gears and did some hacking and whacking.  I was stunned with how immediate and pronounced the release and relief was.  Five minutes of clean up and I felt like a new man.

In retrospect, I don’t think what I was feeling was all Leviathan.  The connection to the point of contagion was kind of minor.  I think what I was feeling all this time was my spirit trying hard to get my attention about the hook in me that could be leveraged savagely at some point in the future if I did not get it out.

Regardless of who or what I was feeling, I felt a whole lot better very fast, and it held throughout the day.  I am very glad we had the prayer team in place for this one.

Megan wants to retest on Wednesday to see if my energy is fully back.  We will see if I can spare the time to humor her.  Whether her box of silicone agrees or not, I know my battery has been recharged at 3:00 a.m. today.

Wednesday:     Megan pried me away from writing in the late afternoon and retested.  The results were dramatically different.  All of them were in the normal range but on the low side.  Makes sense since I am on an extended juice fast and my energy level is suboptimal for natural reasons.

There was one standout though, and that was my heart.  The old ticker was downright cheerful.

I pondered that in light of the work I have been doing on the spiritual dynamics of the heart.  We are far from having protocols to test, but I wondered if perhaps the work I was doing has already begun to impact my heart which, so far as I know, has no issues.

Back when I began working with the human spirit, doing eye to eye work, my eyesight began to improve significantly and surprisingly as an unexpected side effect of the spirit work.  That was our first exposure to the spirit/body connection that is so strong.

I wonder if the research I have been doing over the last year has in some unexpected way taken my heart from good to great.  If so, it bodes very well for the power of spirit to Spirit partnership to heal badly damaged hearts in the future.

It is far too soon to tell, but many of our big discoveries have begun with some trivial bit of data like that, so check back in a couple of years . . .

Thursday:  Today was the whopper.  I had occasion to drive north for several hours.  It was a welcome reprieve from my desk and I planned to think deeply about the next section of Project N.

I have finished three of the five sections of this project as of this morning.  As usual, we start with the negative numbers and then after the foundational concepts are built out, I shift into the beauty of what it should look like in the positive numbers.

I cleared the commotion of Los Angeles traffic and settled in for a good romp through the world of ideas while my trusty old Ford romped through the mountain highway.

I knew I needed a grid of six anchoring concepts for the next section.  By the time I had reached Gorman, I had three of the six selected and was feeling great about how high-impact they were.

I pulled off and parked, then grabbed the notebook I had prudently left on the front seat to jot down the fruit of my cogitations.  To my surprise there was a 4th and a 5th, and then swiftly 36 concepts of which at least 30 could easily be built out to the level needed.

I jumped back on the 5 northbound and tried to sort out what just happened.  Clearly there was some unexpected water behind the dam.  Part of it had to be the fact that I have been immersed in this topic for a long time and clearly my spirit was running well ahead of what my soul had processed.

Three cheers for a very decent working relationship between spirit and soul these days so there is fluid communication between the two.  It was not always this way.

Another part of the equation is that I was driving north, and my spirit has a motion anointing in that direction.  Clearly it was enjoying the wind under its wings from the direction I was driving.

But slowly it dawned on me that this was a stupendous example of the prayers you had prayed.

You see, the subject in question was very controversial in my youth.  I was leaning into it by age five, but it was broadly rejected by almost everyone I shared it with, and I was rebuked and told to “get over it.”  This was non-reality.  I should focus on something profitable and godly and get real.

Eventually, they won.  I tamped down that part of my design so many decades ago that I forgot about it.  In all of the inner healing I have done, I don’t remember that topic ever coming up.

But design is relentless.  Being tamped down for half a century does not change how God made me.  And as soon as I began thinking about the topic (for your benefit of course – this has nothing to do with me) it all of a sudden had everything to do with me!

And I remembered the logic of the prayer.  Here is a quote from this week’s light prayers:

In the darkness

I was totally caught off guard when I looked up this word.  How complex can darkness be?  If I have read the word study books correctly, this particular conjugation of the root word is used almost exclusively for darkness resulting from a curse.

So this is a stunningly redemptive picture.  I surely have large areas of my life that are still cursed with darkness which has rendered them inoperable, because I KNOW both I and my ancestors have been busy little sinners.  Who knows how many things I have not known needed to be confessed of their junk, and who knows how many things of my own misbehavior I have forgotten to confess just because I was so over-active in generating sin!

Now think through this issue.  Do you know how frustrating it is for a Bible student to be able to find answers for others, while his own questions go unanswered?  There are many keys to my life that I have looked for many times over the years and not found.  I assumed there were areas of vitality that simply would never be mine because of . . . who knows what.

And now, THIS promise!  That under certain circumstances, God will cause MY light to break out, to shine, to dominate in areas inside me, that matter to ME . . . not just more good stuff for you!

Now THAT rocks.

And that is exactly what happened.  The darkness was created not by my sin, but by the curses spoken by the culture against my design.

And, this was an area of darkness I was so accustomed to, I never went looking for healing for that darkness.

So because of your prayers this week, passionately cashing all those checks in the court of heaven on my behalf, God shined His light inside me, to reveal my design that had been hidden behind the darkness.

I am writing this on Friday morning and am still stunned at the enormity of the experience and the direct correlation to your intercession on my behalf.   I will be forever indebted to you, and it is only week four!

Friday:     I am pondering what to do with yesterday’s explosion.   I know the theme is not exhausted.  Were I to put pen to paper, there would probably be another 50 ideas leap from the reservoir over the dam with gusto.

That creates an interesting challenge.  Do I pick off the best five for the existing project and put the rest away?  Or do I stop this project where it is, and package that gusher in its own stand-alone format?

And if I do that, what happens to part five of the original project?  One possible option is that part five might also explode into a super sized package, demanding its own reserved parking space.

Fascinating options.

Anyway, I need to get my head out of my world.  I am here to support a global team in putting the coup de grâce on a demonic stronghold that has been tormenting a friend of mine for eleven years and whose time has come.

I will be gloriously unwired for the day, so that my attention can be focused on the single task at hand.   (DIDYOUHEARTHATSOUL!!!)  I am closing out this week’s report and sending it for proofing this morning instead of at the end of the day.  If there is drama during the day, I will report it on next week’s scorecard.

By the way, I think the week five light prayer is going to be extraordinarily fun.  It taps into one of the most unusual God-features of SLG and it will be so exciting to read your comments as you share what it looks like on your side of the table to savor this color of God.

Copyright January 2014 by Arthur Burk

From room 1036 with a sharp sword and a big attitude

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8 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of January 26th

  1. Claire says:

    Hello Arthur, A friend gave me your name yesterday & I have found your website just now & your blog. I have just come home from a couple days in hospital with severe lethargy; the cause of which was not evident. Recent times have been stressful. Just before Christmas I felt Holy Spirit tell me to re-read Derek Prince’s book “Blessing or Curse; You Can Choose”. I worked through the book again with Holy Spirit & prayed the prayer Derek suggests. Over the next few days & weeks I felt increasingly free; a load/burden has been lifted; I feel my spirit to Holy Spirit connection is freer! I love HIM more & more! However this post has brought tears; something is resonating inside me. Please would you be able to find a couple of minutes to help me also to be set free from whatever this is that wants to hold me back? Being relatively immobile has had the opposite effect to ‘it’s’ plan as I have had so much more precious time with Him! He is wonderful! I do thank you for pursuing Him & helping us to do the same! Now He has led me to you, I look forward to being on this wonderful journey with you & all! God bless you & keep you safe. Claire

  2. Rebecca says:

    It’s always fun to hear the teacher get excited about something!
    Glad it was such a great day!

  3. Min says:

    I’ve prayed this verse before for myself so it made sense to pray for SLG. I’m glad Father moves things quickly sometimes. I think about if He created light once, He can do it again in a different way than people have known before. I believe our spirits can shine. I haven’t sorted out much beyond that. I’ve thought about bioluminescence in the past – wonderous. Topic search led to latin origin for the enzyme name, light-bringer, but interestingly associated with a false light for me. My credit goes to true maker of light. Thank you to Arthur and SLG and the bloggers who have demonstrated how to pray for SLG so far. Thank you for sharing your experiences and revelations. I’ve learned a lot especially with the AHS situations so may your checks get cashed in as well.

  4. Narola Grady says:

    Arthur, thank you for being transparent about your research process. Putting it out in the open is a treasure to me. Revealing the journey – what the soul is doing while the spirit is waiting on God for His words. I had some light this week in two areas. One: My spirit confirmed that when I stay in Kingdom thoughts (in the midst of darkness here), I am aligned with Heaven’s activities and can experience the joy going on there. This isn’t a new thought, but it helped me wade through a swamp with a song in my heart. Two: I’ve been praying over a piece of land where change isn’t coming very fast. I questioned myself. “God, did I hear correctly from You when You brought me to this land or was I mistaken?” Then a new thought came this morning. There was a HUGE musical deposit made within the last 50 years. As a musician, I want to see that released again. But in the meantime, I think the land has responded to me personally. I’m seeing a greater ability to paint musical portraits than ever before. Light is pouring into my spirit from Heavenly places. Onward and upward!

  5. Carla says:

    All I can say is WOO HOO!

  6. Lisa says:

    “And that is exactly what happened. The darkness was created not by my sin, but by the curses spoken by the culture against my design.” – THIS IS HUGE. Thank you Arthur!!!

  7. jewestaway says:

    The darkness ‘resulting from a curse’ had my attention earlier, with three points of focus- you (SLG), me personally, and the primary family group I pray for (Call them JK). There has been much cleansing of their land, but no breakthrough. Not able to move on to the next part of the perceived plan. Sharing this just now was an affirmation that this could be the reason behind the black cloud above JK’s land. That it could be from ‘curses spoken by the culture’ against JK’s design was instantly confirmed! Wow! He had been listening to your Post Traumatic teaching, and amazingly some dots were joined- Time, Land and Trauma. Interesting how the light is being shone into those hidden darknesses.
    There seems to be a tethering to this land and business, rather than the release diligently sought after. Independantly we have both just purchased AHS to study. I’m wondering whether there may be a link to the land and AHS presence? Aboriginal curses have been dealt with as revealed, but there is still that something. More packages to be unwrapped?
    Rejoicing with you as our Light prayers for you are being answered, and multiplied! Rippling, shimmering with Living Light! Anticipating even more light! Greedy for it? Yup!
    From my little patch of dirt in the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit… Joan

  8. Anthony Sutherland says:

    Arthur, I am stunned by your continual openness and sharing, thank you,
    With regard to darkness, is this where Father hides our treasures that we dont know how to value and when we choose to search for them it shows that we are now ready to honour them appropriately. Proverbs 25:2 (KJV) 2 [It is] the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings [is] to search out a matter.
    I wonder if this darkness is simply because it is a part of the spectrum that our natural eyes cant see but as we draw deeper into Father we see with our awakening spiritual eyes.

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