Light Prayers: 5. People Walking in Darkness

Isaiah 9:1-2  NIV  “Nevertheless, there will be no more gloom for those who were in distress.  In the past he humbled the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, but in the future he will honor Galilee of the Gentiles, by the way of the sea, along the Jordan.

— The people walking in darkness

   have seen a great light;

on those living in the land of the shadow of death

   a light has dawned.”

One of the absolute most utterly fun things about SLG is how God connects people to us.  I don’t know of another group of people who has such wild, wacky stories.

“My sister in Nebraska hosted an exchange student from South Africa seven years ago.  The exchange student went home, but kept in touch.  She heard about you from someone in Australia who went to one of your seminars there.  You gave her a prophetic word that changed her life.  She told my sister’s friend in South Africa who told her, and she told me.”

Fun chain of events.  Really fun when you consider that I have never been to Australia, have never done a seminar there, or given someone there a prophetic word!  I’ll bet that angel impersonating me taught one hard core seminar.  Wish I could have heard him.  Betcha I would have learned a thing or two about my stuff!

My all-time favorite story was of a woman who died and another woman was hired to clean out the junk.  The cleaner found some of our stuff and kept it instead of throwing it away.

Simply put, God has a department of highly creative angels, some who are apparently a bit bored, so they decide to do their job with some uncommon humor, getting the right people connected to us.

In that vein, I so love this passage.  Jesus moved his office from Nazareth to Capernaum and centered His ministry there for one reason – need.  They didn’t deserve it in any way when He came, and when He left three years later, they deserved it even less.

But this story is not a bit about deserving – it is about mercy.  Because they were in great darkness (presumably crafted by their many sins) He brought light.  Just because that is what God does.

He dominates darkness.  It holds no fear for Him.  But He IS light.  So in His ongoing project of tormenting His ancient enemy, He finds some of the aforementioned enemy’s best work, and invades it.

So this week let’s do two things.  First of all, savor the story of your getting in touch with us.  How did He do it?  Plain and simple or exotic and exciting?  Then think back to the dark spot where something we produce landed nicely and brought light.  What teaching has kept you around?

Then second, ask God to take the light that He has given us to steward to some people sitting in darkness, who, in the natural, would never, never find us.  Invite Him to make a public spectacle of the enemy’s most hopeless, impossible darkness by revealing Himself there through our teachings.

It would be fun to be a fly on the wall to listen to your prayers.  Some of you have really wacky stories.  You will pray with vast faith, because you have seen Him do it.  Others were in deep darkness when the light arrived.  You will pray with vast passion because you still remember the misery of your darkness.

Won’t it be a hoot in eternity to gather up all the people who heard about SLG for the first time this week and listen to their stories of how the angels did it?  I wonder what we will use instead of pizza to party with in heaven.

“Father, I bring much emotion to this prayer.  I still remember when I was one of those who was surrounded by gloom because I lived in distress.  I also still remember what it was like to be barreling madly through life while being in darkness.

“And I certainly remember the 33 years I lived in the land of the shadow of death.

“Lord of Light, I have deep, deep gratitude for the six key people you sent to me at different times, through remarkable means, to shine some light in my darkness.

“Father, I have been aggressive in sharing the light you gave me with those I can reach who are living in the land of the shadow of death.  It has brought me robust joy to do so.  But my arm is short and yours is long.

“I ask you to gloriously visit the land of the shadow of death this week, and to bring light to hundreds of people who are in such darkness they are not even looking for light any more.  As you did with Galilee, break forth in the most unlikely places, simply because there are so many prisoners in the land of the shadow of death.

“I know I do not have the word for everyone.  The world is diverse and the streams of the faith are many.  I simply ask that for those who would receive the light that I steward in a way that would set them free, that You would command that this light arrive in their midst.

“Having seen Your vast creativity in the past, I worship by faith in anticipation of the remarkable things You will order done this week.”

Copyright January 2014 by Arthur Burk

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37 Responses to Light Prayers: 5. People Walking in Darkness

  1. Meg Rolph says:

    We have been following the light prayers and I just went back to this and it’s given me something new. I have befriended a family of Muslims from Palestine. The mother and I have conversations about “god” where she shares their practices, prayers, etc. She just lost her husband to cancer a couple of weeks ago (super sad) and I am burdened for their salvation. This verse brings new understanding to me of the gift of God to those who do not know Jesus. My friends call Palestine and the Jordan their home, which is referenced in these verses. These verses give me hope for their salvation and I will reference them when the opportunity arises for me to share Jesus with these friends. Oh, I so desire the light of God to fall upon them. Like you, though I’ve been a believer since young, God allowed me to walk in a long season of darkness before He unleashed greater and greater light/purpose/wisdom, etc. And your ministry continues to increase light in areas of my spirit and life. I think this is the good fight, in Jesus, bringing His light to places of darkness. Thanks for highlighting these verses. It will be my prayer moving forward for this beloved family who walks in darkness.

    With respect, Meg

    • SLG says:

      Meg, I love seeing the different applications of light! Go be dangerous with your compassion and vision.

  2. Caroline says:

    There was a buzz among the pastoral staff about a teaching from this guy on their redemptive gifts – not the spiritual gifts of I Corinthians or office gifts as in Ephesians but REDEMPTIVE GIFTS of Romans 12. That was an eye-opener – the individual and the community was a bit more complex than I knew. And this guy was different. He seemed very focused and keenly appreciative of the uniqueness of individuals. He came to our far-away, resort destination area just to teach the pastoral staff for several hours – no sight seeing, no crowd meeting. And he recognized a special skill in one of the staff members. This skill seemed so commonplace that volunteers often filled that duty after a little orientation to the knobs and dials. But he thought this person’s skill was so exceptional that he flew him over to another event just so he could use his skill.
    That recognition and appreciation of the unique gifts and talents in people stirred something in me afresh; I wanted to know my true God-given self and knowledge of redemptive gifts seemed to be a key. This new teaching wasn’t being passed on to the church/small groups for some reason, however. (This was back in 2000, or so – way before internet sales, daily/weekly blogs and video streaming.) I waited, I inquired and after a little bit of knocking and nudging I was able to borrow the Redemptive Gift of Individuals tape cassette series (remember tape cassettes?) from a friend of a friend and gobbled it up. That was my introduction to Arthur Burk.
    Aside from the redemptive gift teaching and the permission and exhortation to invest in one’s personal growth, the teaching on sonship has been particularly life-giving. It took me from doing Christianity to being a child of God. That line – EVERYTHING IS FATHER-FILTERED has brought the lofty idea of God’s sovereignty and power home. And the modeling of sonship through the blogs has reinforced this tremendously. The exposing of my “legitimacy crutches” has also been very helpful to me.
    What has impressed me the most, though, and I think the reason I still am here even though Burk’s teachings has exploded beyond my ability to keep step and understand, is his pursuit of God. His frequent refrains – “There has to be a better way” , “What does it look like on Monday morning” – are so, so good for me to hear. As he has said, Christianity is suppose to work and it’s suppose to work way better than everything else. His blogs demonstrate sonship and shows me how I also can relate with God. His awe of God stirs in me and re-focuses me on God’s face and not His hand or my task. Tremendous.

    With this testimony I present to God and the heavenly courts: Through your son, Arthur Burk, I have seen You and my value to You in a very different light and I am changed.

  3. dorisann says:

    Don’t take me out of the game yet! I was so intrigued by this last prayer I got lost in trying to remember how I connected to you except that a dear friend mentioned your first website at Plumbline and I was hooked. The Redemptive gifts changed my life but the biggest and most dramatic teaching was nurturing the Human Spirit. Wow that was life-changing and I had people rotating thru my little apt for 18 months showing the tales and meeting on Sunday afternoon to pray. GOOD TIMES. Spent many months working with a group of ladies to bring this concept into fruition but that eventually ended when my exuberance exceeded their commitment. I trepidly pass out the redemptive gifts to a few Presbyterian sisters at the church I an now attending (how did I end up back at a Presbyterian church??? Only God). Thank you for everything Arthur. I am a better new creation because of what you do.

  4. Barbara says:

    We were introduced to your teaching through a Christian brother who ended up defrauding our family financially and in many other sad ways. I know it is not how you would think we would be introduced to such a gold mine but in our case this is how God chose to wrap His gift. He no doubt chose and planned for us to need to know how to handle mixed bags. All the while He’s been teaching us how to deal with the “weird and wonky”, but yet good and to divide it out of the “looks good” but very sick realm. Perhaps that is a part of the why of “how” we received your light. Our fascination with exuding His light continues to be our prayer and our journey to this day. When I think about living in the shadow of death, I will pray with conviction for others because when light comes to that specific place, it is none other than spectacular. What yours has especially done for our family is this. You have given us the affirmation, legitimacy and framework to understand the things most people say cannot exist in people God loves and uses. You have cheered us on with truth that we knew existed and that we were fighting for even if the darkness surrounding us screamed that we would never succeed. There is so much room for more understanding and revelation and we eagerly receive light where ever we can spot it. Understanding everything you have taught and integrating it has simply given us the courage and tools to make factories out of our own lives. It has been so very valuable to us and all those we share it with. You are a treasure each of you who make up this Plumbline family pie. Being able to meet your for the first time when you were in our city was as valuable to us all as meeting a “great uncle” whose eyes burned with compassion, truth and love.

  5. Franzelle says:

    Your teaching has greatly impacted my life and that of my family! I got hold of your Nurturing your spirit seminar in 2007 through the lady I worked for in Cape Town, South Africa. She got one teaching from Germany where she was ministering and another one from Pretoria where she was ministering. The first time I heard your teaching it was as if a light literally went on in my spirit. My husband and I couldn’t sleep for hours afterwards every time we watched one of the DVD’s. A lady asked what has changed in me when seeing me months later. She said that I was much more open. I have never been the same since! I feel like I didn’t know I was walking in darkness until a light went on for me! Since then I’ve continued to buy all your teachings whenever I can for myself and others. The Redemptive Gifts have been a big release for me, as I’m a mercy. I felt free for the first time, knowing I was made the way I am and did not have to try to be like other people. I can go on about all of your teachings…you get the picture! My whole world has been changed through your ministry! Hallelujah!

  6. Roxanne Myron says:

    Hi all,
    In 2008 I was being sozo trained in Redding California. DD prayed a spirit blessing from a piece of paper; when she got done, the whole class wanted information; never the less, she didn’t seem to want to share the name of the book or author but the effect of the prayers was utstanding, most of us trainees got her to tell us that we could find the blessing the human spirit book in the church’s bookstore. I was fortunate to buy one copy plus the Slg pre-loaded iPod and my life and the life of the sozoes that came to have sessions transformed (the human-spirit-stuff worked well when I helped those with complex cases ) through the yeArs I have done close to 2,000 *hybrid sessions (Arthur’s materials and inerhealing ) nowadays assisting those who want their ahs out. I’m getting ready to take the blessing to El Salvador ( where death has ruled for decades) ) thanks Arthur and SLG folks.

  7. Claudette says:

    My friend and I were introduced to you by a woman in church that we had just met. She invited us and about 10 other women to her apartment to see if we would consider a commitment of about 8 weeks to do a study on the Spirit blessing DVD. We met after church and I can say it opened a whole new world to us. I think I cried for the first 6 weeks finding out I had my own spirit.(duh). The next session 8 of us learned how to bless each other using your blessings book. I am glad we had each other to learn from. The next year we took the 8 weeks to single,out one person each week to get blessings from all of us. By this time I was into buying anything you did as I could afford. Some of us had a chance to see you when you were doing a work in Vantage as it was a close drive. We will be forever grateful for that woman stepping out to introduce us to you and your teachings and it was an easy decision to pray for you as you have asked. The Lord bless you and your family and your company. We continue to expect great things.

  8. Harald Olsen says:

    I met SLG as a pastor wanting to win my city for God. At an Ed Silvoso conference in Bergen, Norway in September 2001 one of his team members shared the highlights of Arthur’s RG of cities. I immediately knew that my city was a giver. I later got hold of the tapes on RG’s of individuals and my wife easily discovered my gift ;-): “How can somebody not knowing my husband describe him so accurately?”
    The best moment for me was when I had translated some of the blessings from “Developing Your Spirit” and read one each day for a friend that had been in i a deep depression for 5 years. After the second day he said he felt peace for the first time in 5 years. That was the starting point for his recovery.

  9. Carla says:

    I was first introduced to your materials by a friend, but I was hesitant. Frankly, I was a burnt out and not interested in teachings from yet another ministry, prophet or pastor making promises. But here’s what hooked me:a story you told from your plumbing days. I had finally decided to check out your web site for the first time. I saw plumbline, then an article referring to plumbing. I’m In the construction field. I don’t care for plumbers as a general rule. Out of all the trades they are the hardest to trust. But here you were talking about choosing to do the work under the house yourself, amidst really gross conditions. Why? Because as a plumber, you knew you couldn’t trust another plumber to do the work honestly. Here’s a plumber I could trust!
    (NOTE TO PLUMBERS: I do know some good ones! They just aren’t the hard core salesmen types!)

    Since then I’ve been given much light by many of your teachings. I’ve shared them verbally with friends who were also hesitant and then later thanked me for helping them get over it.

    What teaching keeps me coming back? It’s not a teaching. It’s that you speak from understanding, because you were in a place for YEARS, of pain and financial deprivation, even though you followed all of the supposed rules. You leaned in, you sought God, His Word, and you kept on. Now, when you speak to me and others in that same place you once were, I can listen without distrust and really learn and allow hope in. Your Job Blessings are the perfect example of what I’m talking about.

    I’m so going to enjoy this week’s prayer focus!

  10. Sonia says:

    I was listening to the Fireside Chats by John Paul Jackson. He had a guest on who was talking about the ministry that God has called he and his company to. They minister at Death Valley and the Burning Man every year. He briefly commented that if we thought what they do is weird, he knows of this guy named Arthur Burk who does WEIRD things with the spirit. I quickly wrote your name down and when the podcast was over, I researched your name. That was beginning of my amazing journey of healing with your materials and also introduction to Robert Hartzell’s ministry. My life has been changed so much that my family is also changing. Every single one of your materials has impacted me. The fist was the Victim Spirit pdf. The second was the Nurturing Your Spirit teachings and the list has gone on.
    So say I am thankful for those angels who arranged this is an understatement. My joy file for you, your ministry and the many other connections because of it is HUGE!!!
    I love the stories and celebration of you SLG!
    I will pray this prayer with some earned authority and celebration of our introduction and on behalf of many.

  11. ZuluPrincess says:

    In 2011, when i was reading Steve Simpson’s book called Discerning The Ahab spirit, he qouted a paragraph from your book called Victim Spirit. And i just knew i needed to have the entire book.

    But somehow, it was nowhere to be found even in major bookshops in all South Africa. I googled, still nothing. I found a bookshop in Westville, where they say they can order for me, but it was a very lengthy process, and i went back to googling bookshops around – nothing, and the Westville bookshop closed down. I was so distressed. I felt boxed in when it comes to finding this book.

    One day, late in 2013, i was googling, aimlessly, praying and crying deep inside for answers, when right in front of me was PDF format of the victim spirit book! It was unbelievable! And when i read it , it was all the stories of my life! And all the answers to my long years problems were right in front of me!

    Since, then, i have been soaking myself in every one of your material i can find and its always amazingly spot on!

    I will always be grateful to God for the day i stumbled on this site. I cant even put into words how i liberated, i really feel.

  12. Tracy H says:

    Since my introduction to SLG, there’s never been a day when I haven’t longed to “camp out” on a word or an idea or a precept that’s been presented – new or old to SLG. Time is in such short supply but occasionally, an opportunity presents itself where I can free up some time and some mental energy to engage, Although I have some of the newer resources, I tend to want to go back and consolidate the older resource…and that’s what I do. How delightful to discover “new” principles in the CD’s I have listened to long ago and packed away. So I am in a season of revisiting and consolidating – which suits me just fine 🙂

  13. Years ago a friend gave me the redemptive gift teaching. From there I have listened to so many teachings by SLG but the most impacting have been the first redemptive gifts and the brides prayers! When I met my husband I was shocked so many qualities I had sought were being perfected as I had been praying! Thinking of ways to share, perhaps my inspirational blog or FB page. Must say I’m surprised at the creative ways people have been brought to SLG! I never thought of angels being fun like that but if God is fun, why not?!

  14. linzi roberts says:

    Its a mystery to me how I first heard about your ministry a few years ago. Through your blog I was recently alerted to your Fractal of two – Adrenals and Kidneys Album, in His perfect timing when I needed this ministry. Thank you for appointing new distributors in Australia to facilitate the purchase of SLG material here.
    Things are happening very quickly in my life as I endeavour to put into practice what I am learning. I am grateful the Lord is cleansing and purging , testing, blessing and healing me in preparation for the next phase of my life. As I immerse myself in the CDs I am getting more and more revelation of His great Covenant of Love for us. I have had some wonderful adventures with Him in the past, however, I have felt for some time that my latter years would be greater than my former. In Jan. I celebrated my 76th birthday.
    He Lord is acting quickly in my life. I love these times when I have to run to keep up with Him.

    l am continuing to pray for you Arthur and your Team and for all those who are to be recipients of your Ministry Gift to the Body of Christ world wide. Ephesians 4:11-16.
    Shine Jesus Shine your Holy Spirit laser beam light on us. All darkness must flee as your glorious light shines in us, on us and through us. Ephesians 5:8-14; What an awesome God we serve!

  15. Yes God! I remember!! May this same light and hope I have experienced be brought to the masses! Love you so much and thank you in advance!

  16. Olivia says:

    Truly deep emotion I bring to this one! I DO remember where God has touched me through your work and your truth. I remember where I thought I had hit the end – but it was only the beginning! God you are not only going to do this for others, but I know it’s already happening as we pray!

  17. j7david says:

    Gen 1:3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

    Sounds strangely like sonoluminesce. And hence.

    “May the sound of heaven course through you giving you light even in those places where we do not normally see the light of the sun.”

  18. Lisa says:

    I found SLG with the wonderful incomparable assistance of the Treasure Hunting Angel … one day (in the midst of a spiritually very dry place) I was crying out for help and the WORD OF GOD … then (miraculously) I heard about a prayer meeting (after having searched for months for one), so I went – it was led by people I’d never met and they told me about a prophet (Arthur Burke) whom I’d never heard of and a meeting in a far away place I’d never been to … I was a bit unsure, but the Angel was game – in fact, excited – so I went. And the floodgates opened. No more spiritually dry place. Over the years since then, so many of your teachings have transformed my life Arthur, but perhaps the most dramatic was when listening to a Cutting Edge clip on sound portals one sunny day when walking blithely down a street in London – and I was slain in the spirit … in an instant, that one teaching helped me make sense of so much of my life … it’s hard to encapsulate in words the power of that revelation. The heavens truly opened that day. I pray with gladness for countless others to encounter an open Heaven through your teachings. And for God’s light pressed down and flowing over for you and all of SLG.

  19. francyes says:

    My discovery of SLG was weird. My first encounter was with the curses cd’s. I was weirded out! But God was tapping me on the shoulder. I’ve had questions, he’s had answers and a lot of my prayer questions have been answered by the Father through SLG. Tools, revelation! Spirit blessing has been at the pinnacle, for me and my children who were both blessed in womb! What a gift! Also, the teachings on slavery to sonship, birthright and ahs have been huge keys in my life.

    Katie- I’m looking forward to dissecting what you have written here. I’m currently battling head on with a 10 year physical problem with my right eye. I know I need Gods light in my life, not just for this eye problem. Doctors have treated me like im a walking autoimmune disease (runs in the family and everything) but I have no other symptoms. It feels like my eyes are just being devoured and it’s painful, my word I’m holding on to is james 1:2. I’m in this until Theirs victory. Not just light being able to pass through my eye again pain free but Gods light passing through my whole being!!! I feel your research will benefit my efforts and I’m so pleased right now!

    Prayers for Gods light showing people to SLG!

  20. Kim says:

    SLG was made know to me through a small group I was attending (which getting to that group was a divine act in itself). The first teaching we listened to was Redemptive Gifts. I was grateful that Yahweh sent someone who could articulate the things that were inside me where I could not. You validated me, right where I was, bring honor to my design. Every teaching I have listened to has brought light, correction, healing, life and the hope to prosper. I am quite enjoying a recent work of the spirit. He has begun to drop a truth in my mind and then I see it on your blog or I hear it one of your teachings. I celebrate Yahweh’s exquisite preparations for divine set-ups of receiving truths. It is exciting to join SLGers in this prayer for others to receive the truths that I have so lovingly been given. Thank you for bringing these prayers to us.

  21. Kristine says:

    I am from Lancaster County ( Stevens.PA) and heard of you while in Israel! : ) There is a lady who has a ministry to Holocaust survivors and she gave me the article about jealousy and I have been hooked ever since. I just took some of your teachings to Thailand. Also, the other week I was at Best Buy to buy a tablet and they had all their computers that you could play with – so I looked up SLG on a couple of them and left that info . up so others could read it. : ) Thanks again to Arthur and the WHOLE team for letting your light that is His Light shine! Awed by the Awesome One – Kristine Graybill

  22. Debbie G. says:

    Each set of teachings I have listened to has seriously impacted my life. I can say with certainty though, that Joy Unstoppable was the most life changing. I ran into an old friend the othet day, God has done some serious work in her life. Before we had parted that was the album I talked about the most. Not to mention giving her the website! I will be diving into this next prayer!

    • Debbie G. says:

      I also want to say that the body of Christ badly needs this teaching. The songs are sung about “His arms of love”. When I am feeling down, many times Father will comfort me, putting his hand on my shoulder. We all experience the “mystical” side of Christianity. I feel strongly, This teaching is the balance.

  23. Jane Hillyard says:

    funnily enough, I just sent your name to some missionaries in Spain, as I think SLG will be helpful to them, from the Australia you’ve never visited. Maybe it’s about time you did.

  24. Katie says:

    I hesitate to write because I don’t always come across as I intend, but when you wrote the prayer on light and the shape of light it greatly moved me. The Lord began a deep healing work in me in 2003 and He began giving me revelation. One of the things I saw was the Glory as liquid light covering the earth. As it did it moved like water, only thicker, and when it came to cracks it flowed down into them and creatures of the dark came scurrying out(I saw them like roaches.
    I began doing word studies as I love to learn and research and am curious by nature. I saw a parallel between suffering and Glory Rom.8 for one, and that it had different manifestations. I heard you say on one of your teachings, that you believed Adam and Eve were clothed in light. In Hosea 4:7 God talks about turning Glory into shame. Psalm 104:2 says He covers Himself in light as with a garment. Ps 37:6 , Isaiah 42:6, and Isaiah 58:8 refer to our righteousness being as light and Eph 6, he has given us His righteousness for a breastplate, in covenant.
    The way I have come to see it is Matt 6:22 and Luke 11:34 and 36. it says the light of the body is the eye and if your eye be single(I see this as focused like using a magnifying glass to have a focal point) your whole body will be full of light. 2Cor 4:6 says we get light of the knowledge of the Glory of God in the face of Jesus. In Gen 30 :40 & 41, Jacob had understanding that if he put rods before the eyes of the sheep He could get them to birth after what they were looking at-beholding intently.
    This takes me to 2 Cor 3 where it talks about Moses being on the mount before the Lord 40 days and his face shone. This to me is as the sun reflects on the moon. Isaiah 30:26 and Rev 21:23
    2 Cor 3:18 says that we, with unveiled face, beholding as in a glass, the Glory of the Lord are changed into that image from Glory to Glory by the Spirit of the Lord. David said in Acts 2:25 and 28, that he foresaw the Lord, ever before his face and that the Lord’s countenance would make him full of Glory. And as you have mentioned Numbers 6:25 He causes His face to shine upon us, and lifts up His countenance on us, and gives us peace(I believe this peace comes through His eyes to our eyes , even as you talk about data transfer through the eyes, also)
    Ps 17:15 As for me, I will behold Your face in righteousness, I will be satisfied when I awake with Your likeness.1 Jn 3:2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God and it doth not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when he shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is

    • Katie says:

      So just curious. We’re there any missing pieces in this or did I just reinvent the wheel?

      • SLG says:

        Hard to say this early in the morning, Katie. You unloaded a 32 oz Porterhouse steak when I was about to eat an English muffin with apple butter. I would have to lay the whole logic trail out and ponder the passages you shared. Teasing aside, I commend you for the depth of your insight. You obviously have been mining this vein of ore for a while.

        • Katie says:

          Yes, it is part of the big puzzle of life I’m working on as to why we are here. My life has been a hard one and even reading the other comments, I feel and am so different bt I’m trying to learn to live.i too hady birthright taken and chose to ignore it and give rather than hurt from it. I began to grasp through the birthright teachings that even though I’m female, it’s ok to be me and even though married or in any other connections, its wrong for people to telle who I am or what I can do. I discovered my “will” was taken and taking it back but choosing to love and sow life

    • Katie says:

      Typo in Acts 2:25, David was filled with “joy” through the countenance of the Lord

  25. Lea says:

    This one is electric! Thank you SLG, I have been praying the light prayers and doing some assessment of why I hadn’t made significant progress in my journey –the answer was light. God had been showing up and I could only view His presence and my corresponding inaction in hindsight; it hurt. These past few weeks, this past week especially with laser precision I have been seeing things that I know I would have missed in time past.

  26. This WILL be fun! And not only can I bring emotion regarding the process of getting connected with SLG, I can bring even more because of where I was when it happened. I was in that place of distress, having just crash landed my personal life. God’s timing is exquisite.

  27. Pamela says:

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    I love this

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