Chester, Arthur and Ryan

For the last couple of months, Terri has been drawing Chesters, Megan has been building graphics, I have been designing the logic of the game, Megan and Serina have been doing the audio and Sandy has been proofing my text.

Behind all that work, Ryan has been grinding away under Megan’s oversight, writing the code to make the game work with all of its complexities.

The Android tablet version is now wending its way through Beta test on various tablets.  Four things to report.

1)     People are hugely opinionated about the user interface features.  We most certainly won’t be able to make them all happy!

2)     The game WORKS.  Both people who have been following us for quite a while and newbies have found clarity for issues in their own lives by following the game.  This is exciting.

3)     There are some flaws in the logic I used.  Megan has accumulated a collection of complaints from them that she and I will begin to ponder tomorrow.  Clearly this is my first time out and I have not captured the whole project accurately.

4)     THERE ARE NO FLAWS in Ryan’s work.  While they may not like Megan’s choice of user interface or my logic, Ryan has been impeccable in his work even though this is a first of a kind for him, and he has spent endless hours chasing tutorials to figure out how to do the things we asked for.

So kudos to you, Ryan.  You have wowed us all.

He and Megan are wrestling with Android phone version.  One option is to simply not do phone versions.

We know for sure we can’t just migrate the existing program through some adapter and have a phone version.  We would have to start from scratch and rewrite every bit of code and redesign every graphic.  Not sure I am willing to do that for Android phones.

Once I make that executive decision, he and Megan will either hunker down there for a while, or turn their attention to the iOS which is a whole new challenge.

Meanwhile, my confidence in Ryan has soared.

I am a gambler by nature, and last year was not a really good year for my gambling on people.  But Ryan, one of my biggest gambles by far, has turned out to be a whopper of a great addition to the team.

You can send him an “atta boy” via

Don’t ask for an answer back, though, because it would just delay the game development.

Copyright February 2014 by Arthur Burk

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7 Responses to Chester, Arthur and Ryan

  1. jane62 says:

    I’m so looking forward to the IOS version (and really hope I could have the opportunity to test it – iPhone and IPad). It sounds amazing and I’m hanging on to every update with anticipation. Go Ryan, go team!

  2. eva says:

    Light prayers, who know they could be so powerful, and why no.

  3. kjersten says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting Chester on iOS!

  4. Hannah says:

    Long story aside, I am working part time on a start-up now… and there have been endless issues with the app development. Great team working on it, but still so much to work through. So I have a deeper appreciation for Ryan’s flawless work than I would have a couple of months ago. And it speaks to me of the difference of the spiritual plowing your team has done to be where you are today- thus supernatural flow, etc. “on your side”- versus the pre-Christian team I’m working with… Interesting…!

    Also, I know you all do research well!! Can’t help but chime in that Android devices account for over 80% of the mobile device market… so there is certainly a market for that, and I’m glad that’s where you started (unfortunately my Android tablet hasn’t been “called” yet for testing, but I am happy to hear these reports). Apple is second- and clearly a strong choice in the US. Hopefully soon there will be some stellar cross-platform development possibilities so that it is not an issue of developing for each OS/ device separately!

    Thank you, Arthur, Megan, Ryan, Sandy, Serina, and Terri for your work on this! I bless you all with continued wisdom, efficiency, and the Light of God where He knows you need it!

  5. Anthony Tanjoco says:

    My 2 cents on the cell phone issue:

    1. An incredibly scary number of people (worldwide) continue to purchase cell phones -especially “Smartphones”.

    2. Mobile Apps Downloaded will continue soar in the billions.

    3. Focus on Android (Jellybean exclusively) first, then iOS. Jellybean has the greatest market share and will be around for a long time.

  6. sange says:

    Hi Arthur ,
    Androids cannot be denied .in Europe they are a big market player so please tablets and phones are making great strides ..Apple is a US users dream not so here in Europe

  7. Sherry says:

    Kudos to all of you! You’ve done a great job. I had to play the game several different times to get used to it, but I also came away with tools for my next journey. I now know some of my problems with the game had to do with ole Leviathan; and I don’t even know what that is fully. But, I will have the tools to work on that in a day or two. I also had some uh ha moments where the Holy Spirit shined His light on issues I wasn’t aware of, like trauma bonds to time and land.

    Love the speaker button; you share great information in a short amount of time. I like the font you chose, I find it friendly.

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