Light Prayers: 6. The Right Light Source

Exodus 27:20  NIV  “Command the Israelites to bring you clear oil of pressed olives for the light so that the lamps may be kept burning.”

On the surface, this is a rather generic instruction.  God, via Moses, is giving the people a shopping list for the Tabernacle and its appurtenances.  There would be a lamp in the Tabernacle, and it needed oil.  Simple.  Not mysterious.  Standard fuel, I suspect.

What stood out to me is the phrase “clear oil.”  Now I am no master of grades and kinds of olive oil.  I go to the store, see a wide variety of grades for cooking and my eyes kind of glaze over.  I know even less about olive oil for lamps.

So take the following metaphorically, not as a lesson from science or culture.

I love candles.  I love the smell of candles.  I am not a great fan of the soot which candles deposit on my possessions when I burn candles.

After years of push/pull, I finally decided that my new, freshly painted and deeply loved office (AKA “The Hub”) was too special to coat with soot.  I would thenceforth do without the fragrance of my beloved candles.  Decision made.

Somewhere or another, I accidentally discovered that there were soot free candles available, and I swiftly reverted to my ambiance enhancer.  I simply write better under certain circumstances.

Now (remember this is a metaphor, not science) suppose olive oil that was less than premium quality released soot, while clear oil didn’t.  It would be a no-brainer that God didn’t want sooty light causing a mess all through the holy place.

That is my prayer request for this week.  Project N is coming to a head.  I have laid a foundation in the first four sections of the project and now I need to make a large leap of application into an area most people don’t think about (this is Sapphire, after all).

The “so what” section of the project will run absolutely counter to one of the standard tenets of modern Protestantism (this is Sapphire, after all).  And it will explain the log jam experienced by a lot of folks who have been playing their hearts out and cannot get where they need to get to possess their birthright (this is Sapphire, after all).

And should also bring dignity and hope to a lot of people who never quite fit in the religious culture because the way they walked out their Christianity was a bit different than most (this is Sapphire, after all).

I have a very firm grasp on the topic.  I have studied it for years.  Seen the consequences of it (good and bad) in thousands.  I have lived it in my own life.  I feel confident in my ability to express it.

And therein lies the problem.  My wisdom vs. the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

My wisdom is like oil that provides good light in darkness but leaves a residue of soot after a while.

The wisdom of the Holy Spirit produces clear light with no residue.

It is ironic that strength is a danger.  When I am unsure of myself, I am almost obsessive about listening to the Holy Spirit.  As I marinated in a topic for a long time, it becomes so a part of me, I can’t always hear the Spirit like I used to.

So please pray for me as I craft the final section of the project, that when it is released, people will see their lives with the clear light of the Holy Spirit, instead of sooty light.

“Father, in the New Jerusalem, You will be the light and Jesus will be the lamp that exquisitely broadcasts that light.  That is our model.

“I ask for me, and Sapphire as a whole, that You would purge the light of our human knowledge and allow only the light of the Holy Spirit to shine through the teaching that is developed this week.

“Let there be no soot, only truth, hope and dignity when it gives light to the people of God.”

Copyright February 2014 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, after hours

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19 Responses to Light Prayers: 6. The Right Light Source

  1. Irina Rivera says:

    It’s so interesting that while you have opened my eyes to our “good” design, you still understand that you might cloud God’s Wisdom with your own. I guess I am fuzzy on that, I get it, but, I think about how our spirit is made of light. It seems like you are walking in true humility, not false. “But” (it is Sapphire, after all) is there always a distinction? In other words, has God not given you wisdom from Himself to this issue?

    Or is it the fear of the Lord? Is it that you have such respect for Him and His truth that you don’t want to muddle anything? Not sure if I’m being very clear here. Perhaps you are talking about a level of light that I’ve never dreamed of (it is Sapphire).

    Lord God, thank you for the level of respect Arthur has for You. Thank you for saying so much in Your Word, it’s beyond, yet You stretch us. Amen to what You are doing.

  2. dorisann says:

    Amen. I am so excited about this project. I still struggle to fit into mainstream church as an outlet for my birthright. Yet there I am again. Clear light yes Lord. Cause the authority earned in Arthur to open the door to pure clarity in this teaching.

  3. Bunny Warlen says:

    It is challenging to type through tears … Holy Spirit sweeps in sometimes unannounced … good to be back … but I never left … just quiet and ongoing pondering of how to do life … now in 2014 and I sense that my intercession for project n will aid me in my quest to be pure through the restrictions and challenges of life … thank you my friend for your insight is always timely for me and mine … in our stretching’s we see our imperfections and I sense a fresh reduce team has landed for me. Clarity for your team is my ongoing prayer for you reach many with a lifeline of HOPE that others don’t know how to extend. Blessings

  4. Annatjie Laurie says:

    What a pure gold nugget you have uncovered, Arthur! No soot… I stand in awe of the purity of the wisdom of the Holy Spirit! May God grant the answer to our prayers.

  5. nancy says:

    Arthur, After reading this blog, I went to my Vine’s Expository to look up olive oil to see what it had to say about it’s clarity. With over 700 pages in the book, I opened immediately to page 170 and the word at the top, left corner was OLIVE (OIL). WHAT? I found nothing about it’s clearness, per say, so I’ll go with your assumption, (You are Saphire, after all). And it makes sense.

    The Hebrew word is “semen”. “Semen means olive “oil”.” It is a preservative, medication, anointing, flavor enhancer, perfume and more. It had many uses which made it a very valuable item. The verb is “to grow or be fat.” The adjective means, rich, fat, fertile, robust and large.” This gives a very broad perception of the benefits of having olive oil in the Tabernacle. I can only imagine how lavishly it will be used in heaven. I think I’ll increase my usage of it, and of course, I will be praying for you and your team again this week!

  6. Hazel says:


  7. Serina says:

    I gladly join in prayer.

  8. Kate Mazur says:


  9. gobeyond12 says:

    Love the picture and am excited to pray it. I can also appreciate the honesty and reality of a truth that becomes so much a part of us that we aren’t as concerned about hearing. So, may this be a time where the Holy Spirit takes you farther than you ever knew you could go and the boundaries get stretched all over again!

  10. Taylor says:

    There’s hard word, and there’s the beautiful simplicity of the Holy Spirits wisdom. They hold hands and the Holy Spirit leads. I pray the clearest and cleanest of lights over SLG to be the fuel that is burning in their heart of hearts. For specific projects and broadly.
    Thank you for this perspective, I needed it today.

  11. Sonia says:

    I love this post Arthur:) Yes this is you, this is Sapphire. I had not seen this hope and dignity until I met you. Now Father has allowed me to shine this same hope and dignity into others. I bring this to my prayers for you this week Sapphire. I honor you and bless you. I stand in intercession in joy and Holy AWE with Holy Spirit for you this week.
    I too am learning how my strength clouds my communication receptors.

  12. kevin says:


  13. Debbie G. says:

    Yes I too will continue praying! This project N sounds fascinating! The pure oil of the Holy Spirit, to burn brightly with a light that reveals and illumines clearly and radiantly through the coming teaching.Jesus came to set the captives free, I will be believing that this teaching is going to be a lazer to bring healing to many with His concentrated pure light .

  14. Diane Johnson says:

    I’m still praying every week for you and your team Arthur

  15. Anthony says:

    Really looking forward to the revelation that Father is bringing and your faithfulness in being a forerunner.

  16. Franzelle says:


  17. jane62 says:

    Vintage SLG! Love the word picture! I checked the KJV. … ‘pure oil olive beaten for the light to cause the lamp to burn always’. The oil had to be beaten to make it pure. There goes pain to get clarity equating to purity (and by implication righteousness). Also interesting to me is that always means forever, eternal light, which comes out of purity which comes out of the pain of being beaten.

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