Scorecard for the Week of February 9th

Well, it has been a week.  I feel like the proverbial hummingbird that has been hitting the Red Bull rather hard.

Intercession bounced up again.  So much for intercessor fatigue.  Looks like you guys are going to break some records for high investment over long periods.  I am impressed and grateful beyond words.

Allow me to paint a picture of what it looks like from my side.  I have lived through a few major California earthquakes.  When there is a disaster of that magnitude, there are about 50 lifegivers available for every 1,000 people in need.

That creates a very emotionally conflicting situation for people who are not intrinsically selfish.  Everyone who gets help of any sort, whether it is an ambulance or a plumber, does so, knowing that their getting help means someone else simply is doing without.

Let me be clear.  I fully understand that each one of you know a truck load of hurting people and almost all of you have more on your plate than you can say grace over.   That means, in one sense, that I am soaking up your disposable prayer time at the expense of other people.

Considering how extravagantly I have been blessed by the Lord, that is really an emotional challenge for me.  Nonetheless, I felt that I was supposed to ask for some significant prayer support this year, so my spirit is pulling rank on my soul and doing it.  Your response is amazing to me.

Earlier this year, one of our team received a word from the Lord that we had learned to see the Lord’s faithfulness in the past.  Now, this year, we would learn to see His generosity.  Your prayer support is certainly part of that lesson He is teaching me.

Sunday:     One of my favorite portions of Jesus’ life is when He took the 12 to Caesarea Philippi.  They were good Jewish men, with many virtues, but due to the Giver nation they were in, faith was a weak link.  So He hiked them out of Israel, into Syria up to Prophet territory, and then said, “Guy’s let’s try this one more time.  No more 20 questions.  Who am I?”

And on Prophet land, Peter the RG Prophet delivered a home run.  “You are the Messiah and you are God.”

To which Jesus replied, “Wow.  Finally.  We got there.  OK, now that we have had this two minute conversation on Prophet land, let’s head on home again.”

I experienced that on Sunday morning.  I was driving back from seeing my mother who is in Arizona.  The trip was postponed a couple of weeks due to a strange set of circumstances, but it was the right time.  I spent about six hours on the phone (not counting dropped calls and dead zones).

In the midst of that, I chatted with a couple I have known for a while.  They have a strange, convoluted set of problems.  We have picked at them intermittently, solving some pieces of the bigger problem, but never really getting to the root.

Sunday, thanks to a combination of your light prayers and the Prophet land of Arizona, all the data kind of jumped off the Scrabble rack, rearranged itself and landed on the table spelling a word.  We have a very clear target now for moving toward the root.  That was exhilarating.

One enormous pool of light in a murky situation.  Thank you.

Monday:     First, we got a huge response to the comment about musicians.  It looks like God is demonstrating His generosity again.  We might end up with four teams from three continents.  It will take a while to sort out all of the possibilities, but at present lots of movement on this topic.

Monday I also shared with my team the focus of Project N.  They did not know what I was working on all this time.  There was a high degree of surprise at what I had done and some scrambling to wrap their minds around the implications of the concepts I presented.

It is a vintage Sapphire project in that I am speaking into a vacant niche.  It is like the whole project on the human spirit.  Everyone knew we had one, but there really was not an adequate protocol out there.  Similarly, this project addresses a topic that everyone knows about, but the very familiarity of the project causes people to not know how much they don’t know.  It will be a bit of a bombshell, I think.

There was an immediate backlash in the spiritual realm that was quite unexpected.  Sales dropped to nearly nothing (and have stayed there) and my creativity was switched off like a light.  I could not do anything on Monday that required snappy synapses.

We were rather unprepared for the immediacy and the intensity of the reaction from below to the private announcement of my latest wild new paradigm.

Tuesday:     I was officially behind on my writing, so I needed to write exactly double what I normally do in a day.  I handed off the warfare to the rest of the team and hunkered down to grind out some pages.

They started out throwing a lot of mud on the wall with no effect but eventually found the right focus and leaned into it.  Even though I was not in the room where they were praying, I knew immediately when they had broken through.  There was a lurch in my writing, and I went from grinding to flowing and got the double header completed.

While the words started to flow, the money did not.

Wednesday:     I punted to the prayer team again, and went for a double header.  Not only did the words flow, but while I was doing a small bit of research, I stumbled across what I believe to be the secret to the fractal of nine.

We spent a lot of team time and brain power looking at nine last year, wondering if it was a fractal in its own right, or was triple threes, or seven + two.  We got absolutely nowhere.  Suddenly, while I was looking elsewhere on Wednesday, it was there, staring me in the face.  Five + four.  The sequence of holiness (five) plus four which we have recently cracked but don’t have full language for.

So that was an exciting divinely orchestrated event that is directly traceable to your prayers.  I need to spend some more time triple checking it, but it sure looks solid already.  A massive leap forward in foundational research.

Thursday:     I had an intense urgency to finish my part of Project N.  I announced to the team that I would be staying as late as needed to get it done even though the original deadline was Saturday evening.

I did my third double header in a row and finished with a roar.  I have mulled over the final section for years, not having a place to express it.  I had hoped all week that I would not choke at the end and deliver something adequate instead of something powerful.  I don’t know how it will sound in your ears, but I was very pleased with the intensity of the final section.

I worked until after 7:00 p.m. and shipped it all off to Sandy.

Project N is a book.  Hanna will get the proofed manuscript this weekend and will begin the graphic arts side of the project, while Megan will begin to do the e-book package for Kindle, Nook and iPad the following week.

Next week she has to convert all the graphics for the game to phone size so Ryan can keep on trucking.

Once the technical stuff is out of the way, and the printer has the book, we will share the concept with you, along with some larger sections than the teasers I change every few hours.

While there is a surface theme, there are two deeper threads:  HOW to walk in sonship (lots of specifics, not broad exhortation) and the gift of dignity.  There are very many people whose Christianity has not worked for them at some point who will find validation and perspective for their unusual journey in the pages of this book.

Friday:     Today I came in and started to rummage through the piles of untouched admin stuff that have accumulated during my recent writing binge.  It will take me a while to get my head back in the game and see where all my moving parts have ended up during my prolonged hiatus from running the company.

When I joined the team for the prayer time, God unlocked the portion of Scripture they had been using for warfare during the week and hugely expanded our comprehension of where we are in the journey and how we should position ourselves.  It was very encouraging to me, and again points to the light prayers’ power.

Shortly after our prayer time, there was an emergency that flared up outside the company and demanded high involvement and emotional attention for hours.  I am so glad my spirit pushed me to finish the book yesterday because there would have been NO productive writing today.

In the afternoon, I finally recorded a new video for YouTube with an expanded understanding of the Mantle of Invisibility.

And now, I am taking the rest of the day off, deeply amazed at all the impact your prayers have had in many people.

Copyright February 2014 by Arthur Burk

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4 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of February 9th

  1. Denisha Sauls says:

    Thursday 2/13 around 7:45am the Lord had me praying for you and He brought up a song that a friend of mine wrote a few years back. I just started singing it as a prayer over you. The name of the song is “Jesus you are the Light of the World”. The words are simple but true. Jesus you are the Light of the World. Where you are darkness can’t be found; And where you are hope and love prevail. Jesus you are the Light of the World. Jesus you are the bright morning star. Jesus, illuminate our hearts. Flood them with your love. Because where you are darkness can’t be found. Where you are hope and love prevail in the dark. In the darkest of times, call on Him, in the darkest of times trust in Him. No more fear, no more pain. No more sin. No more shame. I am convinced that neither death nor life, not angels or demons. I am convinced that neither today or tomorrow, height nor depth can separate us from God’s love. Nothing can separate us from God’s love. Jesus, you are the Light of the World.
    Not sure what it was all about but wanted to share that with you. Will continue to intercede as He leads.

  2. Hellen Meade says:

    May the Lord bless you and keep you..may He make His face shine upon you and yours. May His grace and mercy shine upon you in an every enlarging exponential rate that emcompasses all He has entrusted into your care and upon the even more that His is preparing to place into your hands. I see waves of abundance, waves of mercy,waves of grace building and building. preparing even now to crest and break upon the barrier reef that has held you in and been a box to contain what the Lord has given you! The Tsunami wave of His love is getting ready ready ready to break all barriers..sound ..light..spirit..emotion..

    .I feel that part of the key is the fractal of nine..the lock has been turned and the door is swinging
    the timing has been criticial..
    I feel that the mantle of Bob Jones is going into slivers and being released to those prepared for such a time as this,..and yet this does not diminish the annointing on each piece but because of the timing of it all, each peace radiates out powerfully when bonded with the one it is released to. Somehow I sense that the season, the book you have just completed is a powerful key for this tsunami wave of revivial hitting land, our land, our nation and going out to the world.

    anyrate, this is what I felt the Lord dropped in my spirit as I read your update. be blessed and know that we do pray for you! hellen

  3. jane62 says:

    So awesome is our God! All through the week I would get small reminders – “Oh yes, pray again for Arthur”, and so I did!! Also, light has been shining in unexpected ways, since the beginning of February and I suspect will continue for some time. Also a huge attack on Wednesday…I wonder if there could have been a link, but damage in the end was reasonably small.

  4. Zack G. says:

    Well I must say this Project N sounds absolutely fascinating. It was listening to your work on the human spirit which really brought me on board and set you on my radar. It was a fascinating subject which spoke heavily to me and has sent strong echoes throughout my life.
    Knowing you’re coming out with something else that’s new, that’s never before been explored fills me with a degree of wonder, and excitement to see what you’re coming out with this time.
    May the Lord bless you, Arthur, and may this project truly shine forward with a new beginning for leadership around the world.

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