Light Prayers: 7. Drastic Victory

Psalm 56:13  KJV  “For thou hast delivered my soul from death:  wilt not thou deliver my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of the living?”

This is the cry of believers every day:  a half a miracle.  God saved David’s life, but did not allow him to thrive.  He was begging for a wide path under his feet so he could walk largely before His God with peace.

Again and again we see this anguish.  Someone is healed of cancer, but God does not relieve them of the crushing medical bills.  Someone goes through massive deliverance and regains physical and emotional health, but their family life is unchanged.

They are unshaken in their allegiance to the God who has done them such amazing good, but baffled at God not allowing them to thrive, only survive.

The stories are legion and the pain is excruciating.


I have walked with hundreds in that situation.  And run an ultra marathon myself, in that situation.  I can tell thousands of glory stories of God’s supernatural provision for me, but the path beneath my feet remains very narrow and slippery.  God releases staggering light to me for you, but not about some of the things that directly affect me.

In that frame, our team has been exploring the Exodus lately.  The time before the Red Sea mirrors life with miracles, but without thriving.  God did miracle after miracle for the Hebrews.  The Egyptians were defeated again and again.

Consider the miracle of light:  there was light in each individual Hebrew home while there was only oppressive darkness in the Egyptian realm.  Truly a miracle of legendary proportions, utterly humiliating the sun god Ra.

But, after the three days of miracles were up, the Hebrews reported back to the brickyards, still slaves to the Egyptians their God had just humiliated the day before.

Thriving does not include brickyards!

The Hebrews’ God defeated the Egyptian gods ten times, and they still were not thriving.  The Hebrews left Egypt at the urging of the Egyptians, but they were still not thriving.  The Hebrews were enriched by the Egyptians that last night, but they were still not thriving.

Shortly after their escape, Pharaoh and his generals and the horses and chariots and foot soldiers came after them, to re-establish the slavery.  Definitely not thriving!

Thriving was only possible when Pharaoh, his generals, his army and their horses were DEAD and the chariots were irretrievably damaged and sunk in the bottom of the Red Sea.

To achieve that level of victory, the Hebrews had to risk utter annihilation at the hand of God, facing a risk larger than perpetual slavery – walking through the Red Sea.

They had never faced that level of risk.  There was no way to gauge whether the pathway through the water would hold all night.  If God did not come through, they would all be drowned.  There was no back up plan.  No way to minimize the risk.  Either they risked the entire nation with all their young ones and all their possessions in the hope that God would come through in this unusual way, or they went back into vicious slavery for the rest of their lives with no hope of God intervening again.

They went through the Sea, and the exact fear they had of the Sea crashing in on them in utter destruction was what happened to the Egyptian leaders.

They had to risk death at a staggering level, before God would kill their perennial enemy and set them truly free.

I find myself in that place.  For several months, God has been hinting that we are coming up against a crisis.  Eventually the time frame narrowed down to the next four weeks.  On Monday the 10th, it became apparent that Project N was a key part of the battlefield.

While this is the immediate excuse for Egyptian anger at me, I have been well aware that I have been under a glass ceiling for a long time, allowed to live, blessed repeatedly, but not allowed to thrive.

So I am going for the kill on this one.  I am putting the company and myself at significant risk on several areas that are very dear to me.  We will walk defiantly into the Red Sea, with no human safety net.  If this is not of God, then I and my tribe will drown rather severely.  If this is of God, then Pharaoh and his men will drown rather completely, and I will finally be able to thrive.

You are at risk if you join me in the battle.  This constitutes full disclosure!

But I would welcome your battle for the next four weeks so that we will have a wide path before us to walk in the light and to thrive.

I don’t think this is something any person is allowed to initiate on their own.  The Hebrews did not wake up one morning and decide to make a mad dash to the Red Sea to check out God’s faithfulness.

But when we see a pattern of God visiting His people with great promises, great miracles and an ever increasing crisis, it suggests that it is time for an Exodus on His schedule, under His supervision.

I feel that time has come for SLG, so we are going for complete freedom.  Let Pharaoh die this time, not just be inconvenienced.

“Father, I come to You proclaiming that You are the Lord of life and of light.  I feel You have called me to break free from a particular kind of bondage at this time.  So I commit myself to obedience to You, as You lead me into a more and more narrow place, increasing the risk on a regular basis.

“You have saved my life many times.  Now I ask You to take the life of Your ancient enemy who is in hot pursuit of me.  Let me be free to thrive, walking in Your light, with my feet on a broad path.  Let this Egyptian devouring be ended for all time.”

Copyright February 2014 by Arthur Burk

From home, with defiance

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  1. brunswick7 says:

    Arthur, it’s been a while, and the Father of Lights has been so very good to me and has winnowed a path before me to bring me also to a fork in the road. You have given me tools over the years, directly and indirectly to battle on many fronts. I am indebted to you in love as you have been a spiritual father and mentor. I am in and bless you and SLG with the unfolding fractals of light as Father opens the heavens; the blinding light of His presences before you (and around you) will disintegrate the enemy and his plans and cause the will of Father to be done and his manifold blessings released upon you and those who are aligned with you for HIS purposes. Standing firm with you on the God’s word and promises to you…. “The Lord commands a blessing on you and yours…”

  2. Grace Cobian says:

    I was just talking with God about similar things the last few days. Just finally reading your post now. I stand in agreement with you. May God’s light shine upon you. May you experience open heavens, victories & breakthroughs on every level and may the Red Sea part on your behalf creating a wide path where ever you step and an abundant ability to thrive above and beyond your wildest dreams & imaginations. I am standing with you & locking shields of faith. Be blessed as you go forward!

  3. Roxanne Myron says:

    I’m in

  4. Narola Grady says:

    Arthur, just this week I’ve been able to help a few people in desperate abuse situations with several of the principles I’ve learned from you and begun to practice for myself. As I shared personal stories from my own life, I realized that in the telling, there is another layer of cement added to my foundation in Christ. Honesty about your growth process (good and bad) gives me the guts to keep doing likewise with others…..sharing Spirit light that revealed my sins as well as His grace-filled truth. I’m in on this prayer adventure.

  5. jerry8383 says:

    Go Arthur!! We’re with you!! May Father put supernatural wind at your back, release all the favor that He placed in the next 4 weeks in the beginning for you, and make your playing field way unlevel in your favor!!

  6. Lisa says:

    This post really hit me as this verse has been one of my ‘life scriptures’ from the Word. I’ve clung to it – except in recent years, not having visited it for some reason. So have been pondering the effect of hearing it again and Holy Spirit reminded me of a harrowing moment in my walk when I came face to face with a stark choice between good and evil and chose good – and God showed me that over the years in this area (the ‘virtue’) I’ve been given extraordinary authority … when I walk in it – and that this area of victory forms part of my unique armour, handcrafted by the King. In this particular area, though, instead of wearing my own armour (which seemed counter cultural) I had been trying to thrive wearing “Saul’s armour”. But in the end, like David, we need to battle with the armour we’ve been given. Defeat a giant with a sling? Absolute madness; but to David anything else meant total annihilation. There are countless moments like this for all of us: this is the season to put on our handcrafted armour. Like the heart wrenchingly poignant scene in The Railway Man (movie) when the former captor said to his former prisoner: “I never expected you to survive.” No, you didn’t. But the God of the Universe delivered my soul from death and my feet from falling – and He is here to deliver you.

  7. Jill Mathur says:

    Arthur, my friend, I am in. Jill

  8. SharonLouise says:

    But I would welcome your battle for the next four weeks so that we will have a wide path before us to walk in the light and to thrive.

      Hi Arthur,  have printed the blog/article and will pray. didn’t post as i have nothing elegant to say!


    The goal is: G’taat’G — Giving Thanks always for all things to God                                 Eph 5:20                                            

  9. Annette says:

    Arthur, I write this hesitantly. I’m relatively new to SLG, so do not nearly know all the ins and outs yet. Am slowly, as time allows working through your materials and have been reading your blogs for a while, trying to process but at the same time realising that I have not yet been able to hear enough of your teachings to understand everything. I’m redemptive gift teacher. So much for background.
    The not thriving idea hits home, but while I follow that the Israelites were not thriving up until the red sea (and I agree with everything you wrote), what bothers me is that I do not see them thriving after that experience either. Maybe the problem is with my definition of thriving – but 40 years in the wilderness is hardly my idea of thriving – even if it is filled with pillars of cloud and fire, eating manna for 40 years might be miraculous provision, but also not milk and honey. And even once the Israelites enter the promised land we still have the constant battles to drive out the previous inhabitants, with a loyal Caleb but not many others. And eventually they are not successful in staying true to God…
    So yes, if we say that the drowning of the Egyptians in the Red Sea constitutes the first possibility for them to thrive and they threw it away with their disobedience and grumbling and just never got to a place of thriving then I’m with you. They had the potential of being free but never realised it.
    So let’s say God really does break through and answer prayers in a big way and Pharaoh and his men are drowned – then am I correct in saying then you/SLG have the potential of freedom to thrive, but whether you actually thrive or not depends on how you live within that freedom? Or am I missing something somewhere?

    • SLG says:

      Go to the head of the class, Annette. After the Red Sea, they had the opportunity to thrive after they defeated the Canaanites. The turned thumbs down on the battle so the got to wander around for 40 years not thriving. At the end of the day, our choices imprison us more than what the enemy does to us.

      • Rosa says:

        I love what Annette brought out, and Arthur, makes me really think, what you said about how we choose can imprison us as well. Personal responsibility, instead of ‘the devil made me do it’….at least after the Egyptians were destroyed, they actually had a choice, where in Egypt, it was the brickyard.

  10. Franzelle says:

    Praying with you!

  11. I was reminded of the image of Jesus that Daniel and John witnessed first hand. Both of whom collapsed as if dead when they saw Him in His glory. This terrifyingly awesome God then gently touched them and lifted them to a position that they did not seem to deserve. He who will never fit in a box and yet takes the time to show us all the boxes he doesn’t fit in, in tirelessly creative ways.

    I am praying for you and will relish how he chooses to snuff this pharaoh out!

  12. UAD says:

    Count me in

  13. Cathie says:

    The Crow Nation had/has a great saying as they rode into battle, to save their families from annihilation at the hands of yet another enemy: It’s a good day to die.

  14. garryumphress says:

    Surf’s up.
    It’s About Time!

    The common threads coursing through SLG’s pursuit of light seem to center around a set of two primary concepts.

    These two concepts are all most identical as the dynamics found in two waves in a set of waves commonly observed in the ocean.

    These two waves are time and light.

    Like waves in the ocean, just before they complete their final but not their last journey display their full and complete spectrum of light. at the same time they also release their greatest amount of power.

    Only a light meter can accurately measure the full array of light in the vast spectrum of light available to the human eye when a wave crashes on to a shoreline.

    So far Adam’s race has only able to measure light using the only tool( read meter) we have been able to have come to know, which is what we all know as the bible.

    Except our light meter( read bibles) were divinely sealed. Say What!

    Sealed(divinely)to limit the light available to Adam’s race.

    This was intentional in order to use man’s limited light so as to “timely” fulfill many of the promises made to the patriarchs and the prophets which Jesus also spoke about.

    The conventional light meters( read bibles) we have come to know and use do not get re- calibrated( made little) until the time as noted in the passage in Revelation 10:8-11.

    Note: out of 188 references to the “book” in the bible this passage in Revelation 10 is the only one that uses the word” little”.

    The pivotal scripture to time just above this passage synchronizes seems to synchronize to both time and light( see wave crashing on the shore emitting light and demonstrating power) are found in verse 6.
    ‘that there should not be reckoning of time any longer’.

    When this reckoning of time is fulfilled than in verse 8: a recalibration ( made littler- “little book”) smaller than the previous book references).This little book is made,completed and made available for the saints to eat.

    8“Go and take the little book, which is open in the hand of the angel which stands on the sea and on the land. 9And I went to the angel, and as I was about to say to him, Give me the little book, he said to me, Take it and eat it; and it will make your belly bitter, but it will be sweet as honey in your mouth. 10So I took the little book out of the hand of the angel, and ate it; and it was sweet as honey in my mouth; but as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. 11Then he said to me, You must prophesy again about many peoples and nations and the heads of nations and kings.”

    The sealed bible( our current light meters) came about when Daniel in12:4* was told to seal up the book..*

    Fact: The Hebrew alphabet has been changed(read translated)transliterated- 26 times since it was given to Moses.

    The “little book” and the saints who defiantly pursue this light will become just like a set of waves in the ocean.

    They will be able to not only display their full spectrum of light but also to do it in full power as they continue to move throughout the earth like the waves in the ocean that crash on to the shores of the nations.

    Blessing you Arthur and SLG, in a truculent pursuit to timely receive and see the mysteries of the light which was sealed.

    In the pursuit I pray that you receive a full spectrum of light.

    Light, to not only continue to ride the wave in reconciling time but to also to be fully deployed and engaged in the timely fulfillment of the events as defined in Revelation 10:8-11.

    It Is About Time!

    *4But you, Daniel, seal these words and be silent, and seal this book even to the time of the end; many will want to know the end, and knowledge will be increased.

  15. K8 says:

    Not sure if initial post went through. In??????? I quiver & tremble with wet palms and hightened senses & innards intensely ready. In??????? There is no place else to go + no place I’d rather be than smack dab in the center of God’s will with you. Arthur!! You have led us this far and we are forever changed. To whatever end, with all our young in tow, Brent and I are in, whatever that may or may not mean. We know God hasn’t brought SLG this far to drown her in the sea. You lead and we’ll keep following as grace keeps us in Him along side you. We are with you. To the Ancient of Days be the glory. (Gulp). I can feel the roar coming. Let’s go!!!!!!! Let anihilation come to those for whom it’s due. It’s TIME!!!!!!!

  16. Lorry and Tom says:

    We are praying as well. Praying that… “As the time draws near for God to fulfill His promise to” you/us, that the carefully orchestrated circumstances required for its fulfillment will “greatly increase,” and come to pass at His perfect appointed time. -Acts 7:17. We are with you.

  17. Anthony Tanjoco says:

    There are some you can take to lunch -and there are some you can take to war. I’m for linking arms and going to war.

  18. Debbie G. says:

    Arthur I sm very well aware that you don’y have the whole pie, but the piece of the pie that Father has given you us SO totally different and SO unique! You have been faithful with everything Father has given you! You are the faithful servant in Matthew 25, who was given 5 talents of money. I bless you with the blessing of being given even more than you had, (vs 29a) in the name of Jesus! I will keep on praying. I can’t wait to see what Father has in store for such a faitful Son!

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