Scorecard for the Week of February 23rd

Saturday:     Today was set apart for some deep research into the fractal of four using the model of the five amino acids in DNA and RNA.  There are three constants, A, C, G and then T and U change for DNA and RNA respectively.  This seemed to confirm my hypothesis that the fractal of four is both a combination of 2 + 2 and 3 + 1.

Not being at all acquainted with the complexities of organic chemistry, I had numerous choke points along the way.  However, due to a blend of tenacity and wonderful university profs nattering away on YouTube with very helpful graphics, I made quite a bit of progress.

What really stood out though is the need for understanding the fractal of six.  The purines are the combination of a hexagon ring (a pyrimidine) and a pentagon ring (an imidazole).  I know you will all sleep better tonight for having those treasures tucked away in your impressionable grey matter.

I know a lot about the fractal of five but not the fractal of six and having that bit of data would unlock something huge about the difference between the pair of purines and the pair of pyrimidines!

Regardless of what I don’t know, I got a LOT of insight into the basics of DNA and the various kinds of RNA.  A good foundation for the future.

Sunday:     Big movement.  Early this morning, I was talking to an intercessor about the whole Egypt deal.  She saw a pattern in Moses’ life she could not figure out.  Turns out she had half the pattern.  I zoomed the picture out and showed her the other two points in the pattern.

I was then able to see the same pattern in my life I had not seen before, and it enormously frames the issue of why my exodus is now, not last year or next year.  Wonderful insight.

Looking at Moses’ life and mine, it had to do with a certain kind of choice.  There are two choices I made in the past that have an enormous similarity to Moses’ choices and affect the present ruckus with “Pharaoh.”

On the first one, I was clearly wrong and there have been consequences.   It is absolutely a classic case of my being simplistic, just like the light prayer that was released about 18 hours ago.  I framed the decision around one single factor, while the wiser people around me tried to help me see it from 30,000 feet and I defiantly refused to take that perspective.

I was a simpleton, making a simplistic decision, and for lack of biyn it cost me for decades as that decision opened the door for the enemy.

My second decision in the same general area, although a very different playing field, is problematic.  It seems as though all the decisions were made by other people and all that was left for me to do was react to their actions.  I am not sure that is reality though.  I wonder if there was an Exodus type of situation where God could have made a way where there was no way.

Regardless, I made another huge decision which defined my life completely.  God has graced me with vast things in this period of time, but there is still that sneaking suspicion that I bought into Plan B because I did not have faith to even see Plan A, much less embrace it.

Now, there is no question that I am facing the same kind of decision for the third time.  What is challenging is that there is a blend of design and woundedness involved.  Hence the need for a whole lot of light to reveal what biyn is.

The first two times, I decided primarily based on one facet that is absolutely, positively a core part of my design.  But I don’t think it was the whole picture.

So now I am looking at going around the mountain for the third time.  I can do Option A.  I have been thinking about it, leaning that way for four months, long before I knew the whole Exodus drama would be triggered.  Absolutely, positively a clear reflection of my design, and this time there is not (I don’t think) the negative garbage of the first two times.

Or I could do Plan B.  It is very far from the familiar portion of my design, but it could bring into play four other areas of my design that I have not walked in to any significant degree, but know they are there.

Either way, it seems as though the decision I make in the next week is supposed to be redemptive.  This is my chance to get over being simple with simplistic focus on my design, and to make a more complex decision that will redeem the very painful consequences of the first two decisions.

Only problem is, which decision would be redemptive.

All that before 9:00 a.m.

Later in the day, I harnessed the ear of one of my Sounding Boards to air out the Plan A or Plan B dilemma.  The aforementioned Sounding Board was consummately skillful with the appropriate interjection of “Hmm . . . , I see, ahh, and oh!” at needed junctures in my monologue.

I took the story from the top, then wrestled with A and B without getting clarity.  Suddenly the Holy Spirit factored in Project N.

This has been a mystery to me from the git go.  The topic is (in my mind) solid, but not explosive.  The writing was supernatural.  The time to market is flagrantly supernatural.  The favor with which the staff looks on it is very high.

Clearly God’s grace is on it far more than my favor!

Suddenly I saw it.  If I lean into this book, it will solidly define our course of action toward Plan B.  There is no guarantee that good things will happen, but it absolutely closes the door to Option A.

Suddenly there was a cascade of other bits of trivia that all pointed to Plan B being where the grace is.  Going that direction will redeem the past two decisions.  It will also mean, my playing from a very unfamiliar spot – the pitcher suddenly becoming the clean-up batter in the line up!  Counter intuitive.

So, a mere 40 years of my life reframed by 3:00 p.m.  I am going to let this simmer over night before committing.

The punch line (if you are still reading 1,060 words later) is that today was a classic illustration in answer to your light prayers of this week.

God took my teammate to the right portion of Scripture.  Together we extracted the right principle.  It was a little messier applying the principle to my life, but we got there six hours and many rabbit trails later.

And it is only Sunday afternoon.  The week is young.

I still like my phrase from the light prayer:  “God let it rip!”  Much more compelling than “unfolding.”

Tuesday:    When I stopped research on Saturday, I knew that I was staring at a pattern but not seeing it.  I figured my spirit would decode what my soul could not, so I was content to give it some time.

My spirit is a fascinating thing when it comes to time.  It has precious little awareness of, or concern for, human times.  It has a keen awareness of heaven’s time when we need to sync earth to heaven.

In between, when God is not setting the cadence, my spirit is remarkably cavalier.  Thus, an abrupt wake-up call at 2:29 a.m. with revelation about the fractal of four.

The mystery from the beginning has been whether it is a fractal of 2 + 2 or 3 + 1.  The mystery was solved by my spirit in the night watches.  The answer is “Both.”

Looking at the DNA, there is clearly the 2 + 2.  The purines only pair with pyrimidines, and even then, very specifically.  G to C always.  A to T in DNA and A to U in RNA.

In the 3 + 1 model, it is the Trinity plus the Kingdom.  What my spirit saw is that the pyrimidines represent humanity with their hexagonal ring (six being the number of man), and the purines represent spirit with the hexagonal ring plus the five sided ring of holiness.

So in the DNA, the Father and the Spirit are represented by G and A.  And the Son (a human) and the Bride are represented by C and T.  So the 2 + 2 in intact, but because Jesus can double up as God and man, we have the 3 + 1 represented in the G A and C being constants in the DNA and RNA, while the fourth part is the variable:  T or U.

So the question now is what T and U represent.  I thought the T was Kingdom.  Now I think it might be Bride.  So what is the U?  Old Testament Saints?  Kingdom?  Not sure.

That riddle is for another day.

I went back to bed at 3:00 and sizzled with excitement until 4:00 when I got up to start the day!

I LOVE illumination on a passage or a concept.

This prayer team will change the world with the level of revelation coming.

I still need to understand the function of the methyl group on the T which makes it different from the U, and while I was bumbling around my morning, God brought to mind a chemist and a doctor who could explore that with me.  So seeing those resources was another treasure on Tuesday.

Wednesday:     Admin day.  Mostly cleaning up an old mess that had been festering.  Not fun.  No sparkles to report.

At the end of the day, we managed to release the newsletter – or at least I think it was Wednesday.  The week is a bit blurred.

Thursday:  The feedback from the newsletter was very encouraging.  A number of people commented on the accuracy of the December/January/March cadence I had felt God was pointing to.

Then I got a wonderful e-mail from one of our steady friends from way back.  She pointed out that in 2014 Purim begins the evening of March 15th.  Another celebration of the death of an enduring foe.  And an opportunity for people to enrich themselves at the hand of their enemies.

Confirmation of the revelation.  Solid fun.

Friday:     During our team meeting today, there was a flood of revelation about a problem we had been chewing on for months.  Very gratifying.

Then in a peripheral discussion there was an explosion of cognition.  Hanna shared a simple story.  There was an issue in her life she had been focusing on and could not find freedom in the spiritual realm.  Then God told her that she needed to deal with the issue on a national level in Switzerland.  Being a long time intercessor for her nation, she could instantly see that problem in history, so she waded into it.

After that national level prayer, she then had the freedom and authority to address the small issue of the same kind in her own life.   Extraordinary sequence.

Normally we say we need to clean up our own crud before we can deal with it on the level of community.  Now we need to chew on the theology related to this reversed sequence.

Instantly God drew my attention to one area of our office which I had never been able to cleanse satisfactorily.  He said it was the same issue – I need to go national first.

I have not had time to look that direction today, but it thrills my heart to know what the issue is.  I have done so much work on that land, but the problem was not on that land.  It was further out.

This concept is huge.  It will liberate thousands of people.  A massive paradigm shift, as a result of your light prayers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Then I rushed off from the team meeting to meet with my tax guy.  I have had dismal results with CPAs in the last eight years, so finally just went to an E.A.  He leaned into my last two returns, pitched a fit, showed a number of places where things could be done better.

I was hugely intrigued by him.  Not the normal narrow bean counter.  His waiting room had a mishmash of odds and ends from around the world.  He clearly was a global thinker.  I suspect we will be good friends for a while, and that he will see some interesting things in my past returns.

Then before I got back to the office, Megan called to say that the proofs for Project N were ready.  We were shocked that they were ready so soon.  So I drove 50 miles to Valencia in the pouring rain and met a most wonderful guy, Alex, who is going to make future printing jobs so much easier than past ones.

God caused him to see our company with great favor.

So, it is now 7:45 on Friday evening and I am worn out.  Going to hit the bed early, while Sandy has to burn the midnight oil to proof this and get it out to all of you yet tonight.

It has been an exceptional week.  And repeatedly we have seen a clear correlation between the focus of your prayers and what happened in our midst.

Thank you so very much for investing in our lives.

Copyright February 2014 by Arthur Burk

Finished at home

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8 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of February 23rd

  1. Kelsey says:

    Some of what God has you ruminating about with DNA now has me pondering. I wanted to throw some more interesting features of DNA into the mix for you, hoping I’m not making the picture muddy, but gaining perspective:
    — the G-C bond is actually stronger than the A-T bond; the G-C has 3 hydrogen bonds, while the A-T bond has only 2. This actually has importance chemically, as sequences high in G-C will not “melt” (separate the strands) until higher temperatures (the bond is stronger and harder to break).
    — the function of DNA vs. RNA might help unlock something. If I were to take a stab at this, I would say that DNA might function more like the Old Testament. It is meant to not change. It is the “blueprint” that the cell goes back to for everything, and essentially, the idea is it is preserved (think of the Constitution in its glass case). It would be like the blueprints for an entire city though, which is slightly modified for an individual building (to keep the metaphor as simple as possible, the DNA for a liver cell vs. a brain cell – it has certain pages “redacted” – they aren’t accessible because of methylation; the specific pages available are why a cell becomes a liver or a brain cell). mRNA is kind of like a copy from the DNA, like a xeroxed copy in the work order for a specific beam, or a specific part for that building. mRNA is the plan for a specific protein (to get the metaphor, maybe consider the plan for an I-beam), and it only lasts for a short amount of time. If you make more RNA, you get more of that protein (lots of I-beams), which go out to the cell, to the surface of the cell, and even out of the cell. Controlling the amount and type of mRNA created is critical for how the cell responds to any challenge or change from the environment. mRNA lasts for a much shorter amount of time, and the “degenerate” nature of the coding means there is a greater tolerance for errors
    — A pretty great answer for the advantage of uracil vs. thymine at this URL: Long story short, when C is deaminated (happens all the time), it becomes uracil. If you used U instead of C for DNA, you couldn’t tell the difference between damaged C becoming U and the U in the code because they would be the same. T is supposedly more stable, but For RNA, it doesn’t really matter nearly as much, because it doesn’t last that long, and errors are more tolerated (in some circumstances – look at “codon degeneracy” on Wikipedia if you’re really interested). Also, there are other reasons here, including some of the changes from radiation damage with T vs. U, making T perhaps “more stable” (oversimplified).
    — 3 + 1 also applies to DNA and RNA – there is only one kind of DNA, but there are three basic forms of RNA – tRNA, rRNA, mRNA (although new science suggests some new ones, there are the three basics). mRNA is the one I mentioned above (building plan for a protein). tRNA is just a shuttle that collects a specific amino acid and is a carrier for that amino acid to be built into a protein (it takes a specific building block, and is used to place it in the protein). There is actually another 3 + 1 here, as the tRNA uses three bases in a row (called a codon) so that the proper amino acid (the “1” you might say) is placed into the protein. tRNA has a structure much like a lowercase t, which has 3 loops plus one stem. rRNA is actually part of the machinery that constructs proteins (this machinery is called a ribosome). The ribosome has 2 subunits; the large subunit has 3 pieces of rRNA (28S, 5.8S, 5S if you care), and the small has 1 piece of rRNA (18S).
    — what you mentioned for the T vs. U is true of mRNA, but tRNA especially is actually much different – the basic theory of G-C, A-T or A-U holds, but the G’s, C’s, A’s, U’s and T’s are all subject to various modifications (you might just think of them as wacky bases).
    Hope that this actually helps instead of confuses. Much joy to you in your endeavors.

  2. Valerie says:

    I’m so glad your “steady friend from way back” mentioned Purim, beginning this year at sunset March 15. The Fast of Esther this year begins at dawn on Thursday, March 20, and runs through the beginning of Purim. Just in case God is calling anyone else to dive that deeply into this particular redemptive holiday!

    • SLG says:

      Valerie, can you work with me on the dates? I am getting a whole lot of conflicting information on when it is. Why are there such differing opinions? I am caught off guard since the Jews are normally meticulous on dates for holy days.

  3. Carol Brown says:

    Dear Arthur,

    Since you are looking at DNA and RNA I will throw this little visual into the pot.

    I have been an educator – from 1st grade throw university–graduate courses in teaching methodology for ESL. Then MS sat me down hard so I look around at my shrunken playground to see what I can do from this new angle. I began to write just to save my sanity during recovery. Then God made plain that He has called me to be His scribe. My current assignment is to stay close enough to Jesus so I can hear what He is saying and write it down.

    When I finished writing the two books on burden bearing I told Him that I didn’t want to write anymore hard books. He said OK and gave me four children’s stories to write. Then He showed up in my living room and asked me to write a business plan. What? Why? Why me, no one could be less qualified in business! I wouldn’t know what to do with it…but okay.

    While I am writing said plan He shows up again and sits there grinning at me. Of course my eyes don’t actually “see” Him, I just feel Him grinning. I take the pencil from between my teeth and say, “I’m glad you are enjoying this.” He says, “Would you mind if I change the my porch light?” Alluding to our previous conversation about a saint being like a city on a hill. Way to much light…I didn’t think I had that much capacity so I asked if He had a smaller metaphor. He asked if I would be His porch light that He could leave on so people who are in darkness could find their way home. I thought that fit perfectly.

    Now He wants to change it. Okay…it is His light after all. “How about I make it a flood light?” I leaned back in my recliner and laughed out loud in an “empty” room. “Please, feel free. I think You can change Your light any way You like!” And I went back to writing that business plan that I have no idea how to use.

    I have pondered why in the world God would ask me, a RG of mercy to do such a left-brained thing like take a business course. It makes no sense to me. Now granted, I became very left-brained, logical sequential growing up in a family of four brothers + my dad. I didn’t realize I had any right brained tendencies until the Lord took the left brain off line and left me that way for 1 1/2 years. At that point He asked if I wanted my brain back. I had found painting, pottery, poetry and writing. I was having fun so I responded with “as opposed to what?” “The mind of Christ.” I said, “I’ll take it.”

    My left-brained facility with words and concepts has never returned like it was. There are times when I close my eyes and begin to speak…I am listening to what I say because it comes from the spirit rather than the mind. So…now the Lord asks me to take a business course. Why? I go ahead and sign up. It is torturous to turn my brain around like this. I have to go over and over material, but I am doing it. I can tell that it is almost about to make sense.

    God gives me a picture and a knowing: I know that what He is doing is developing neural pathways in an area of the brain that has not been used in this way but was undamaged by the MS attack. He is completely bypassing the disruption. When these pathways are finally built there will be a synergistic effect. These new pathways will combine with the solid foundation (never mind the damage done) in the right brain that He developed earlier and it will be powerful, dynamic and beautiful.

    The visual: I could see a double helix going from the floor up through the ceiling. I could not see beyond the ceiling. It looked almost like a hologram but flowing through it were strands of light. I cannot remember which is the brain wave that is long (gamma or beta) but that long brain wave type of band of light was undulating through the double helix and around the whole thing were little sparkles that looked like sparks. They were not sparks because they were write light like the long undulating bands of light.

    I could sense that I was standing in the middle of all of that. Whatever in the world do you think that is about?!

    I realize that this could be about something far bigger than me. From the beginning He told me the MS is a parable that He has trusted me with. Oy!

    \o/\o/ Praising God with you for the clarity on choosing Plan B. My spirit began to dance and sing “Plan B, Plan B” as I began to read. : ) The Kingdom appears to operate on upside down principles according to the world system.

    Blessings, Carol Brown in Michigan

    • SLG says:

      Yes Carol, God has had to work hard to get us beyond ourselves so our spirit could use our brain instead of our brains filtering our spirits. Many people today can related to a decade or more of being yanked back and forth by the Lord, not seeming to make any progress. Now we understand just a bit — He was preparing us to have a great brain that would serve the spirit, not cripple it.

  4. jane62 says:

    Such an amazing God we serve. A God of hope. Omniscient, omnipresent, actually Omni-Everything. Again, Arthur, I marvel at how God works in your life and ours. Complexity, favour, discovery – a smorgasbord of JOY!!! (Even if it’s tired joy)

  5. Dvorah R.G. says:

    What’s ringing in my ears after reading this is an island-style celebration war whoop. Thank you for sharing your new insights and letting us rejoice with you!

  6. Sherry says:

    Your Welcome, and thank you for investing in our lives! I had some great light shine on some issues of mine this morning, and it was painful. But, I know it will effect the rest of my life as well as my family. Keep it coming.

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