Scorecard for the Week of March 1st

Saturday:    It was time to lay out the framework for the next project:  2P.  I have researched it, lived it, taught bits of it in e-mails and conversations, and let it age.  Now I needed to dump the shoe box full of goodies out on the table and see what frame to use to capture the core idea and dress it up.

I went away for the day to one of my hideaways.  It was not a fluid, easy day, but by the end of it, I had four hooks to hang the thoughts on.  There was not a grand burst of light on the subject, but looking back on the grid the next day, it seems quite solid.  I am busy filling in the details now.

Monday: Going forward with this battle against Pharaoh and his minions has surfaced some interesting things in me.  Monday I came face to face with a hard choice that had to be made regarding the coming window.

And I was confronted with the fact that I had faced this kind of choice repeatedly since childhood and had always viewed it through one particular theological grid.  I was now certain that this grid was not useful for me in this situation but had no alternative.

I did laps around the subject all day, while doing other things, then in the evening lay down on the couch with my rusty, trusty clipboard and began to make lists.  My first list was just a want list.  Got the soul stuff out there in plain view so I could neutralize that voice.

Then I drew a line and started over with a strategic grid.  It was commendably better than the first attempt, but there was no peace.

An hour later the idea came to look at the grid through the principle of design.  I hit pay dirt there.  The problem looked very different as did the solution.  The focus and the strategy I ended up with felt very solid and will define the rest of my life.

I know it would be more compelling for you if I shared details, but this is pretty close to the core of who I am and this blog is way too public, so I am going to forebear.

However, let me say that if this one piece of light in my world was the only thing that resulted from a year long prayer effort it would be worth every bit of your effort.  God surfaced a problem to shine light on a frame that was not right, then later in the day, reframed it for me.  I have a confidence at my core I have never had before and it will mark everything I do going forward.

Wednesday: This was an explosive day of revelation.  I had many pieces of truth on the table but had not connected them.  The fractal of two was the big frame.  Central to the whole revelation was an understanding of what happens to our spiritual authority when we separate righteousness and justice.  One thing came after another with revelation upon revelation.

We ended up shutting down the company mid afternoon and working through some of these truths with some dramatic results in dislodging well established strongholds in one part of the building and with the team.

I was spiritually exhausted at the end of the day but went to bed just glowing over the joy of seeing things in the light of God.

Thursday:  There was uncommon grace in the morning so after our team meeting, I recorded five videos with package of insights based on the sequencing of righteousness and justice in our lives.

The first of the series is here. The title of the series is Surviving but not Thriving.  So many people are walking in righteousness but are not thriving as they should be.  Here is one more tool that applies to some of us.

Friday:  Well, move over Wednesday because more came today.  I settled into my prayer room with my brass knuckles on, ready to do some damage to darkness but God flowed insight instead.

I have been wrestling with Ephesians 3:16ff for years.  The punchline is everything I have ever wanted, but the sequence of getting there has been a mystery, much less knowing where to peg myself in the sequence.

Every couple of years we dust it off and have another go at it, and end up stumped.

Well, this morning there was wonderful revelation.  Amazing light was given on that passage.  It is far too much to explain in this blog, but I will do a video about it in the next couple of weeks, I hope.

The short version is that God began answering our prayers last year, and in this whole last year I have been in step one.  Lots more to do there, but I now have a platform to build on.

I am now at step two, and have a lot of work to do there, but I have a clear picture and know how to lean into Scripture to get there.

So this weekend, I will be focusing on direct warfare (I think!) since it does appear that the final confrontation with Pharaoh is ramping up.  And I will be digging in deeply on the second step in the sequence.

The revelation this week has been extraordinary.  I walk is some crazy wild favor.  I don’t know why God shares so much with me, but He does.  The bar is set high on a normal day, but your light prayers have exploded something that is allowing more revelation to flow faster and on more critical issues that I can remember at any time in my life.

We ended the week with a strong roar.  I am going into next week’s battle with intense focus even though there is a huge unknown hanging out there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the concerted effort on our behalf.

Copyright March 2014 by Arthur Burk

From here and there all week long

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6 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of March 1st

  1. linzi says:

    Arthur, Great news to hear our prayers are being answered for you and team.
    Am hanging on to every word and leaning into Father as I confront deep seated fears and dread this week while confronting the devourer in a certain situation in which I am covenanting with Father.
    March was a very bad month for me in 1980 in which I did not receive justice followed by 7years in and out of the Family Court in which I did not receive justice. I have always been confident that like Job, everything will be restored, because our God is a God of Justice.
    I am seeing more of God’s favour in my spiritual walk and confirmation that He is with me as He has always been.
    I am very grateful for all I am learning from the material you have produced from the Giftings on your life, which I am recommending to others.
    All Glory and Honour and Praise to Him for His goodness to us. What an awesome God we serve!

  2. Paul says:

    Arthur, your weeks are so intense and full of so much activity…I admire your ability to balance it all! As a newbie to SLG, I’m finding it a bit of a challenge to keep up with all the revelation that is flowing, but what I’m catching on the fringes is a source of much blessing. Thank you for your faithfulness to your Call and for the impartation if truth you are bringing to the Body of Christ.

  3. Geoffrey Whitehead says:

    Awesome! this will help me and my wife as we move forward into the place He has prepared for us.

  4. Sherry says:

    Awesome! Before reading your blog I found your ‘Thriving but not Surviving’ and it is where I am. Excellent teaching.

  5. K8 says:

    Such good news. Thank you for taking time to share. It is an honor to be part in any way.

  6. nancy says:

    WOW! It is wonderful to read such an exuberant report! May the light brighten and expand beyond your wildest expectations!!!!!

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