Light Prayers: 10. Egyptian Heresy

Isaiah 5:20  NIV  “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

Are you familiar with my use of the term “Egyptian Heresy?”  It is one of the big three.  The Edomite Heresy (or curse) is a perversion of God the Father’s heart and work.  The Babylonian Heresy (or curse) is a perversion of the work of Jesus Christ.  And the Egyptian obviously is a perversion of the work of the Holy Spirit.

If you want more detailed info, you can find this teaching in our Spiritual Warfare album.

The short version of the Egyptian is that the spiritual values are inside out, upside down and backward.  To use one simple illustration, God sent man into the world to take the Garden into the non-garden parts of the world, establishing life giving ecosystems.  The Egyptians are famous for investing the best of the culture into the pyramids of death that are not even a memorial to a life well lived!  They are not life giving, are not ecosystems and do not memorialize the essence of God in the culture.

When you get into the Egyptian witchcraft (which I don’t recommend you explore), you will see intense reversals of everything that God holds holy and right.

Isaiah captures it with his usual exquisite eloquence:  darkness for light and light for darkness.  Doesn’t get more upside down or backwards than that.

So the power word in the verse is simple:  woe.

I looked it up in the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament and it said, “Six usages refer to mourning for the dead and forty involve negative warnings or threats of God’s physical chastisement.”

Threats of God’s chastisement.  Yes.  Like it.

We as a team have been working through the ten plagues, studying and praying them as judgment on the Egyptian spiritual dynamic that is involved here.  We feel that this week we are ready to go for the jugular.

I understand that not all intercessors are comfortable with imprecatory prayer.  That is why we are doing these commitments a week at a time, so any week I get too wild for your taste, you are free to opt out.

And let me be 100% clear that I am not calling down judgment on any single person or organization.  We have no human enemies in this battle.  It is totally a war against the unseen world.

That said, I invite you to join me this week in overtly asking God to bring “physical judgment” on the demonic realm that has been pushing back hard against God’s agenda here.

In order to be on very solid legal ground (in my opinion) I am asking God to be the judge, not me, and any spirit that has acted according to Isaiah 5:20 should be dealt with according to the judgment He deems appropriate.

“Father, I come to You as the Righteous Judge of the Universe and ask for a legal hearing in Your court.  I bring accusation against Your ancient enemy and his minions claiming that there has been a deliberate attempt to call some of the good things we do, evil.  I believe those spirits have also inflicted some of Your children with darkness when they were seeking the light of God from us.  Finally, there have been very successful attempts to take that which is sweet from Your hand and my hand and make it bitter in the lives of Your people.

“Righteous Judge, You have a much larger perspective than I do on these things and all the different players involved.  You also know the right time for judgment.  In all things we defer to Your superior wisdom and Your knowledge of justice.

“However, if we are right that this week in March is a time of release from Egyptian curses and heresies, I stand in my covenant position and request that judgment be proclaimed AND executed by You against all unclean spirits that have in any way been hindering Your work in us or through us.

“The Exodus occurred at a precise time in Your master plan for the Middle East.  If we have heard right, there is a window that You have created this week that is for explosive freedom from long term bondage.  We ask, proactively, that You would destroy any and all demonic forces that would attempt to pervert Your ancient purposes for this window.  Let it be perfectly aligned with heaven’s time and design so that Your people the world over may walk in the freedom You desire.

“We ask these things as a people in agreement with each other, seeking to come into agreement with heaven’s agenda in this window of time.”

Copyright March 2014 by Arthur Burk

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35 Responses to Light Prayers: 10. Egyptian Heresy

  1. I have been asking to be free from a spirit of slander, spite,anger,judgements and biiterness in my family line. I found that it is easier for family to believe a bad report like the ten spies that went into the land gave all Israel when there is a history of murmuring and accusing God for causing your problems. Which is in truth us slandering God buy saying He brings evil, gives bad gifts or can’t be trusted to keep His promises. Sounds like “after Egypt” to me. This critical spirit pts lenses on our eyes that are critical of everything that happens inour lives and nothing God does is accepted in childlike faith or seen as good.This spirit makes everything God our loving Father does for us suspect and we see good as evil, we experience good done to us by God as bad and then we grumble and complain and share the poison from our souls with others. In reality God has done nothing but give us good things but our twisted perspective only sees bad things. This is why as a whole race of humans it is hard for us to believe Got the father ,the ancient of days is FOR us , the harvest of bitterness has been sown into us that God is against us. We were enemies in our minds against God and this is why we need our minds renewed so that the egyptianheresy will be gone and people will not see good as evil. God isnot evil, He is out for my best, He is not my enemy, He is not frustrating my life, He is the author of life (my life),He is cheering me on. BUT somewhere in me there is a tendency to see and hear and expect bad when only good is present. This is VERY pertinent for this time to break the hold of this LIE and slander against God’s name. Thank you Arthur.

  2. Sally Sugrue says:

    This weeks blog has inspired & helped me tremendously, thank you Arthur, and I’m praying in agreement for you all at SLG:- I woke up this morning with God reminding me that the attacks against me are not personal – they’re all about Him and His ancient enemy – I’m so hopeful about this special window of time you mention – thank you. It’s also the Jewish festival of Purim this sunday – which ties in beautifully with this window.

  3. Russ Fochler says:

    Because there seems to be connections between the Egyptian Heresy, falls, and underground aquifers, (and the injunction against carved images of anything in the water under the earth in Ex 20:4) – I’ll post this here. I just came across a news article about the scientific evidence for vast amounts of water deep in the Earth:
    “The results suggest there could be a vast store of water in the mantle transition zone, which stretches from 254 to 410 miles (410 to 660 km) deep. It translates into a very, very large mass of water, approaching the sort of mass of water that’s present in all the world’s ocean,” Pearson told Live Science’s Our Amazing Planet”

  4. Franzelle says:

    Praying with you!

  5. Debbie G. says:

    Oh yes Pharoah WILL BE defeated. I will keep joining with everyone weekly, unless Father tells me to take the week off. Otherwise I am in for the ling haul. His Kingdom come!

  6. Diane Johnson says:

    Dear Arthur it is an honour to stand and pray with/for SLG in this particular week. My spirit overwhelmingly resonates with you, especially concerning the timing. I strongly pray for “explosive freedom from long term bondage” as God’s light continues to reveal who you really are (to a world in need of the treasure you/SLG bring) and continues to show you what He wants you to see and act on in this season.

    Also in relation to week 9’s light prayers my male Exhorter portion is hugely comforted by the possibility of new ways to worship – particularly worship that might possibly reflect our individual gifts. My Exhorter was so relieved to hear that – it felt like a weight had been lifted. What freedom this teaching endlessly pours out.

    From the bottom of my heart – thank you….

  7. nita7932014 says:

    This is the prayer I have been coming to from several directions. I thank the Lord for giving it to us.
    This will be my prayer for this week.

  8. Harald Olsen says:

    I’m with you

  9. jilli55 says:

    Yes, I am in. Praying this with you and for you, and for me and those in relationship with me.

  10. Reblogged this on Yours Truly Ministry blog and commented:
    These prayers are making changes in my life and in the lives of people around the world who are following Sapphire Leadership Group. I pray you are blessed by them as well and will throw your intercessory prayer muscle in the ring with us.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    agreeing and desiring the same

  12. Colette says:

    I’ve spent the last couple hours getting up to speed on the Light Prayers. This week’s in particular resonates with what I’ve been hearing and seeing around appointed time. March is definitively the time of declaring freedom. Combined with 2014 as the year of the open door it shrieks deliverance from bondage and captivity. So in agreement with you on this. Much being spoken in South Africa about gates and portals at the moment, particularly the battle for the gateways that lead to freedom.

  13. Jamie May says:

    Awesome. As I began to pray, I was overwhelmed with the knowledge of the authority and power of prayer. I stand united with you all my brethren, knowing our LORD is a warrior! The LORD is His Name!!!

  14. kevinleichty says:

    Amen!!!! In complete agreement! We must take authority over the enemy! We know people are not the enemy! Great freedom is coming and for that we give praise to our Mighty God!!!!

  15. I am IN and will pray this week with great intensity. May our God take revenge on His ancient enemy!

  16. Geoffrey Whitehead says:

    As I started to pray this, my whole demure changed from quietness to rulership and authority; this is the second spiritual event this morning , the first being a mini sozo of a childhood event when a toddler. So Papa is breaking stuff and releasing His Truth to us.

    • SLG says:

      Fascinating. I am getting reports of other people having high authority day. Press in and be dangerous.

  17. Deb Harford says:

    I too stand in agreement…..Thanking Father God for all He will do this week!!!!!!!

  18. I stand in agreement with all of you at SLG. Praising God in advance for the testimonies of freedom and restoration that will come!

  19. Serina says:

    This is such a powerful prayer. I am happy to agree to this.

  20. jane62 says:

    I’m in!

  21. We will pray this prayer every day this week. The Egyptian curse has greatly impacted our family for some time and as you know we’ve just experienced our first major breakthrough in early January. We are 100% in alignment that this is the time and are strangely excited that we are synchronized with the Sapphire family and heading in the same direction this week.

    We can see that the Red Sea is Sapphire blue at this time.

    • Further to the above, we are in the midst of adding a window to the south west corner of our house this week. During our praying of this prayer this morning, we have anointed the window as a permanent physical reminder. It is now our “window of reconciliation”. One of our family members, who is greatly under the Egyptian curse is helping with the project. He will be installing the window.

      We sensed great faith this morning that Pharaoh will be judged.

  22. K8 says:

    Felt like I was sensing something wanting to take me out an hour ago; went into hightened warrior mode and surrendered more entirely to the King of kings than ever before and felt myself rising to an uttery diferent intensity of light and potential freedom. Then looked for this Sunday prayer to help focus mind, will, etc before trying to sleep.. Read this and WHAM! Yes, yes, yes!

  23. linzi says:

    Thanks Arthur, Will get into your Spiritual Warfare Album, which I have, right away. So important to operate in the opposite spirit re our brothers and sisters in Christ, we war not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers. Blessings to you and team.

  24. LaVonne says:

    Just prayed the prayer in agreement, Thank you Father for hearing this prayer for us and answering speedily, swiftly and with accuracy. Thank you Arthur for the prayer and insight or teaching on the Egyptian heresy.

  25. jewestaway says:

    I committed to these Light Prayers with all I knew I had, and now my commitment to standing with you and SLG is increasing incrementally (giant leaps and bounds actually), as understanding comes!
    Reading Isaiah 5.20 in context and I’m watching the sorry picture of defilement and destructiveness as it progresses. Judgement by the Highest Judge Himself then begins. With pure theatre His banner is raised!
    (This is all following on from my banner experience, even with the Lion of Judah roaring- as reported in the Light Prayers 9 blog. Wow!)
    Love it when God Himself puts His fingers to his lips and WHISTLES for His Light army, from the four corners, all prepared and at the ready! Goosebumps come with the piercing authority of that whistle! Then comes the full-throated ROAR as of lions as the prey is seized and bloodily ripped to bits! All in TechniColour, 3D, and SurroundSound! Then we see the prey being triumphantly carried off, to be savoured! Fade to seeing nothing but darkness and distress.
    Reading this as a friend asked for prayer, to cleanse defilement. Coincidentally it was from ‘works of Pharaoh’, dream-catchers and drums etc., all these ‘good-luck’ wares at the markets! We prayed your #9 prayer, together taking authority!
    Arthur, His timing is perfect!

  26. Anthony Sutherland says:

    Amen ! Will there be an opportunity to come in the positive ?

    • SLG says:

      Anthony, what does that look like? I am not clear on how to be positive to Pharaoh and his demons.

      • Nico says:

        How about praising God and giving all glory and honor to Him? Homage as it were.

        In Egypt, Josef knew he could not explain Pharoah’s dreams because of how great he was, but because of the favor or blessing that God had bestowed on him.

        In Babylon, similarly, when looking at Daniel (the other Dream-google) he made a point of ALWAYS giving the honor to God. Telling the king he may keep his gifts, not wanting to take any credit that is due to the God of Heaven.

        Also wasn’t that the focus of what Moses asked for? To let the people go so they can worship God?

        Exploring…not saying anything is set in stone 😉

        • SLG says:

          As we follow the pattern of the Exodus, the objective was worship. It started after the crossing of the Red Sea, then accelerated at Mt. Sinai and was expanded with the Tabernacle. We are feeling our way forward, but as the blogs have said, worship is the objective.

      • Anthony says:

        Arthur, I am still feeling my way with this. The isrealites were slaves (one of many, faceless) but with the passover choice to obey God they became a people with a shepherd ( with a personal, chosen relationship) . As a result God caused the egyptians to gift to the Isrealites individually with treasures. When Moses was receiving the ten commandments they rebelled against the commend to draw close to the mountain, and near God. They voluntarily gave up their treasure as they made themselves subject to ownership by the one that they chose to rule over them. The feeling that I have is that as we assume our place as Ruler under God He will not only restore our treasure but add to it, but if we see ourselves as one of many then not only is our treasure removed but we come under the control of the worlds realm. The opposite spirit is not blessing ourselves or others to reverse/ undo curse but rather to see ourselves not just one of many of His people but rather as a unique Ruler in a unique relationship with our God. From that position He will redeem us. This is why what you are teaching about the health of the soul is so important as well as the health of the spirit. In this context the opposite spirit is a clear understanding of our position. It is often easier to accept another view of ourselves, or even our own view, rather than Father’s view. I believe that our ability walk in the right relationship with our Father in the spiritual affects our spiritual authority and our ability for our soul to walk as Ruler affects our authority in the physical realm. This then means that Father gives us authority as His envoy dependant on our viewpoint.

  27. Pat says:

    Powerful. Thank you.

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