New Book Ships Today

Blessing your Soul Part 1 is due to be delivered today.  We will ship the first batch of orders as soon as the books are here.

Would you be willing to write a blessing for this new project?

Here is the introduction to the book, just to give an overview.

* * *

How well developed is your theology of the soul?

Oh.  A bit vague, huh?  No problem.  We all have to start somewhere so here are a few key points to jump start your process.

God has a soul. 

-His soul hates religion.  Isaiah 1:14  NIV

-His soul insists on revenge.  Jeremiah 5:9, 29  NIV

-His soul likes some people a whole lot.  Matthew 12:18  AV

Your soul is God’s breath.

-He breathed into that first clay manikin and it became alive.  Genesis 2:7  AV

Your soul is pretty intense in its relationship with God.

-You can pray with your soul and change history.  1 Samuel 1:15  NIV

-You can enter into covenant with God using your soul.  2 Chronicles 15:12  NIV

-Your soul can desperately pursue relationship with God.  Psalm 42:2  NIV

-Your soul can find immense joy in salvation.  Psalm 35:9  NIV

-Your soul can worship God extravagantly.  Luke 1:14  NIV

God has an agenda for your soul.

-He wants your soul to be fully sanctified ‒ just as much as your spirit.  I Thessalonians 5:23  NIV

-He requires you to love Him passionately with your soul.  Luke 10:27  NIV

-He specializes in restoring banged up souls.  Psalm 23:3  NIV

-He wants your soul to prosper.  III John 2  AV

-In fact, He wants it to be like a well watered garden.  Jeremiah 31:12  AV

So there is your starter plan.  You can build it out from there.  There are around 750 verses about the soul in the Bible.  The topic seems to mean a lot to God.

That is why I wrote this book.  Too many people have a soul that looks more banged up than looking like a well watered garden.

We will start with blessing the wounded soul, then feed the neglected soul.

There is a whole section for the soul that finds itself stuck on a relentless treadmill.

Then it will be my delight to feed the hungry soul.

But don’t forget, you do need your own theology of the soul, so feel free to put this book aside for a while and go to THE Book to explore the original.

Arthur Burk
Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc.
Anaheim, CA
January 2014

Copyright March 2014 by Arthur Burk

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18 Responses to New Book Ships Today

  1. Bobbie Maybee says:

    Please clean up a confusion I have re soul/spirit differentiation. In Blessing Your Spirit (page 167) Job 32:38 is quoted as evidence our spirits are God breathed, “But it is the spirit in a man,the breath of the Almighty, that gives him understanding.” I have thought that meant our personal human spirits are God breathed. But I thought I heard you teach on the youtube teaching that this meant God breathed the soul.

  2. Sherry says:

    Father, I bless this project, that you initiated, to be all that you intended it to be. That it will bring great joy to your Soul as well as to ours. I bless the words on the pages to be life giving to all of our thirsty, hungry souls and that all that SLG needs to share your work, will be supplied to them. And as our souls are fed we would in turn learn how to bless your soul.

  3. K8 says:

    God, You have heard our cries for Your people to be set free. I bless You, God, as You care so deeply for those who love You and are called according to Your purposes and have been blocked. I bless You as You reveal Yourself through this project: for the glory of Your name in all of creation!!! I bless You for being the Answer ahead of time, and for being What always brings us the greatest joy and peace and everything fantastic we need. I bless You, God as You unleash Yourself within the Sons and Daughters of men through not only this endeavor but via all of SLG’s authority realm….that people will see and hear and know. You put a new song in our hearts, a song of praise to God!! I bless the earth and its inhabitants with the precious fear of the Most High God and to be released. I bless You, God because You ARE what we need and You dwell within us. I bless You now for the water, bucket, rope and well (this project and this whole ministry) which will allow us to bring forth the abundance of living water which You have already placed and blessed within us. May Your name be high and lifted up now and forever more!

  4. says:

    After reading this post I would like to know how you distinguish between our personal spirit and our soul.

  5. Dana says:

    Father God, we celebrate Your involvement in bringing this book to fruition. We celebrate the entire process You have undertaken to get this book into our hands and into the hands of many, many people to come. We celebrate the divine appointments you have already decreed for this book to advance Your Kingdom and Your fragrance in the earth.
    I bless the window of time in which this book has been birthed, and I ask that You will place upon this book an incredible anointing to bring reconciliation in all of the many flavors of what reconciliation means to you, Father.

    I specifically ask for it to carry a divine unction to bring reconciliation between our souls and your Son Jesus Christ,

    And I ask for it to carry an anointing to bring reconciliation between our human souls and our God-given human spirits. That as our souls receive the healing balm of dignity, we will become more fully aligned with you, Father, and with our original design of spirit, soul and body.
    As this book is released into the earth, we bless it to “go be dangerous!”

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I bless this book, Blessing Your Soul part 1, to water the souls of those reading or hearing the words spoken over them. I bless this book with a generational blessing, so that it inspires present and future generations to continue to develop the fine art of blessing the soul as they bless each new generation. I bless this book to go forth and accomplish all that Almighty God intends for it to accomplish.

  7. lois says:

    father, we thank you for the timing in releasing this book. we thank you for the process of all things coming together to produce it. we ask you to bless across the board all those involved in this process, all who have put a hand to the furthering of your kingdom one book at a time. may this book hit the mark wherever it goes. with each life it touches may it bring a double edge both to the kingdom of darkness but more so for a glorious explosion to the kingdom of light. may you release a heavenly language for the blessing of the soul that we have yet to have even touched on. as you prepare each heart may the spirit soul and body be awaiting the alignment it so desperately craves.

  8. Roxanne Myron says:

    Father in Jesus name I bless the message and messenger of the Blessing your Soul book. Glory and dignity be stablish for the writer and readers.

  9. Rosemary Williamson says:

    I bless this book, Blessing your Soul, with being light and life to those who search for more of Heaven’s truth. May it be blessed in every word, line and page to reach into peoples’ broken and beaten souls to bring restoration and intimacy with Father God. I bless this book with being a floodlight that illuminates the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit and through Jesus Christ, our light and our salvation.

  10. ruthiespage says:

    I bless this book to find it’s way to those with thirsty souls, to those with hungry souls, to those whose souls have been ignored and marginalized. I bless these words to bring life, restoration and peace through the Shepherd, Jesus, who restores our soul. Psalm 23

  11. Franzelle says:

    I bless this book with bringing restoration to wounded souls and feeding hungry and neglected souls. May this book be a powerful tool for the Body of Messiah to become like well-watered gardens that release the wonderful fragrance of Messiah to the hurting world.

  12. janine says:

    I speak a blessing to each page of “Blessing Your Soul Part 1” in the name of Jesus. May each page be a light in the darkness of the traditional view our souls. May our souls come alive with the splendor of truth revealed on these pages and sink deeply into our souls. May these truths spoken, bring freedom and healing to areas of woundedness thus bringing wholeness and synergy with our Father. May this book have a voice, like one crying in the wilderness, to those who are hungry and ready for what it holds. May it fall into the hands of those who will use it for multiplication in the kingdom of God…I ask these things in Jesus Name. Amen!

  13. Rob Ruckert says:

    In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I bless Arthur’s new book “Blessing the Soul – Part 1.” Father God, I ask that you would shine your light exactly where it needs to be shined so that everyone who needs this book will see and know about it. I also bless everyone who reads this book with experiencing deep healing in their souls, that their souls would prosper and become like a well watered garden. Ultimately, I bless everyone’s soul with coming into right alignment with their human spirits taking the role of leadership with the soul willingly submitting to their spirits. Finally, I pray that you would bless Arthur and SLG abundantly in response to the blessing it will be for the Body of Christ. Amen.

  14. Harald Olsen says:

    I bless this book to bring an even greater freedom to people, and to be a tool for the spirit to grow their souls of every man or woman to come in touch with it, . Even that it can bless people that have been in touch with people that has read it. I bless this book to go places where The SLG never has been before! In the name of Jesus, Amen

  15. Geoffrey Whitehead says:

    A sanctified, restored prosperous soul, yet so many of us do not understand we carry soul wounds from the enemy’s actions both directly and indirectly. So I release the fullness of a Blessed, Sanctified, Healed Soul, that is both prosperous and productive as a well watered garden.

  16. Lynne says:

    I bless this book “Blessing Your Soul Part 1” with being incredibly life-giving. As Holy Spirit partners with all that is in this book, may each soul be renewed and refreshed so that deep intimacy with God goes to a level beyond what we could even imagine. I bless this book with facilitating all to come into the fullness of being true sons and daughters of our Most High God. I bless this book with multiplication – for those who read it and grow, may they be life-giving in the world around them.

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