A Different Perspective

As I expected, the reaction to last night’s blog has been voluble and intense.  Here are two observations culled from various comments and personal e-mails.

1)     The Exodus was a corporate event, not Moses’ personal event.  He was never a slave in the brickyard; he just led the slaves out.  Therefore, my lack of a big story is irrelevant, and I should be celebrating all the big stories that happened for the SLG tribe.  Apparently it was a pretty dramatic week for many of you.

2)     The overwhelming consensus from the field is that it is not over.  For two weeks I have been getting a flood of e-mails pointing to Esther’s story and Purim.  I didn’t reject them but wasn’t able to figure out how to overlay the two narratives.  Finally someone dumbed it down enough for me to actually hear it.

There is a backstory.  I have said to my team repeatedly that there is a difference between us and the Hebrews in the Exodus because we do not have a spirit of slavery and are approaching this very differently than they did.

Against that backdrop, one of you pointed out that the Hebrews were passive in Exodus with God and Moses doing most of the work.  And Pharaoh was high profile in pursuing the Hebrews.  God and Moses killed the Egyptians.  This is the slave posture.  “Where is our hero who will rescue us?”

By contrast Esther’s story is one of sons, with the Persians hiding like scared cockroaches.  There was an edict given that the Jews could seek out and kill anyone they considered anti-Semitic and thereafter appropriate their assets.

This required individual initiative and aggressive action on the part of the Jews without a group leader and without any report of God doing big miracles for them.  No Red Sea here, just individual hand to hand combat.

So using that model, today and tomorrow are days when the enemy is laying low, hoping to escape notice, but we have the authority to hunt him down and each person take immense ground.

That would fit the original words about a “brief window of time in mid-March.”

Another facet of this story is that there is not corporate payback.  In Egypt, we have 400 years of back wages with penalties and interest.  Here it was not a corporate issue.  The nation (Babylon) that had taken Judah into captivity had already been punished.  It was the Medo-Persian government in power at this time.

And it was not a centuries-old national edict that the Jews should be abused that was being contested.  It was simple, personal anti-Semitic attitudes and behaviors that were at stake here, epitomized by Haman being fried to a crisp that Mordecai did not respect him.

Using the Esther model, today and tomorrow are times to go on a search-and-destroy mission for every critter that has ever dinged you.  It was a very narrow window in the original story.  Monday then, becomes the day of celebration.

Copyright March 2014 by Arthur Burk

From home, early on Saturday morning

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17 Responses to A Different Perspective

  1. jane62 says:

    Yes, and Yay! So thrilled I heard from God – this is my personal victory! Thank you everyone in the SLG

  2. Taylor says:

    So excited by this. Will it be a window that is repeated every year like the four windows of reconciliation, or is it a once in a while type of thing? Also, does this mean that all the major events in the Bible where clear dates were given coincide with a ‘window’ for some type of grace from God? If there’s a teaching on this I’d be happy to buy it. 🙂

    • SLG says:

      Taylor, my clear sense is that this window is a once in a while window. Whether that is once every ten years or once ever 84 years, I don’t have a clue.

  3. linzi says:

    Arthur, I am still hanging in with you for your breakthrough. Month of March has been heavy for me, but this year it is different.
    I listened to your Adrenals and Kidneys Album 7 times and was able with fear and trembling on my part and total assurance from my Abba, Daddy, Father God, to confront the Devourer Curse on my Redemptive gift of Prophetic on 12th March. Father assured me it would be “a piece of cake” and it was. All Praise, and Glory and Honour to Him!

    The next day I went to pray with a couple who have had a great impact on an adjoining City to where I live. We were praying together for them, their city and the Nation based on the Jewish Feast of Purim and the Book of Esther. I found myself moving in greater power and authority and anointing than I had experienced previously.

    “Everything was restored to Job when he prayed for his friends.” By the leading of the Lord I gave up everything 34 years ago to serve the Lord, I am a country woman born and bred into the grazing Industry (Ranching in your lingo – language). .

    In 1979 I made a commitment to the Lord based on Mark 10:29-31.and in 1980 God relocated me to our State Capital For 34 years I have been exiled from my family, 3 generations of whom reside, a long way away, in the central region of our State. I have been assured over and over that everything of which I was robbed will be restored to me even to a 100 fold. Like you Arthur I have had my prayers for others answered, but not my own glaring need. and lack of a testimony re my own family. I am hanging in for you, Arthur. He is Baal Perizim, the Lord of the Breakthrough.
    Lots of love to you, your family and your team.

  4. Amy says:

    I’m thinking and feeling that this coming week we will see the release of the prayers from the week before. I say this with conviction.

  5. dkelly221 says:

    The revelation/differentiation concerning the Exodus as slaves and Ester’s story involving operating as sons is huge. Just got off a call where some light was shed on a recent dream and other prophetic revelations. Timing was perfect for this post! It’s icing on the cake! Thank you!!!

  6. Nerina says:

    Dear Arthur,

    This landed deeply. Thank you for the different perspective. I do like the idea of not just one hero, but also each one standing their ground and winning! Makes way more sense in the application of the timing and prayer. Thank you. I am quite looking forward to where God is taking us all…

  7. Carol Brown says:

    I am going to forward this to two friends who are in the thick of it and then get my battle gear. I and the Lord are going to hunt down the spirit of infirmity and do some damage. Thanks for the call to arms! Carol Brown in Michigan

  8. Narola Grady says:

    I’m not sure of what is happening in the heavenlies over me. I had some huge breakthroughs a week ago at a retreat. It felt like I was getting bumped up to another level. Then I came home and listened to the “Failure To Thrive” clips,. I claimed the prayers as my own. Since then, I’ve felt like somebody drained all the energy from me. Waiting on the Lord for the next move.

  9. Barbara says:

    Yes Arthur, this will be brief, but totally testifies to me and what God has been saying and where He has been independently leading me in scripture.

  10. K8 says:

    I have learned to lay low and watch. I would not have known yet how to articulate these things but I fully concur. I believe fiercely that this is God’s battle and He IS winning on levels I see clearly but can’t seem to sqeeze through my yet too small soul. I sense this is very much NOT over and that the King is grinning as He continues to put His stuff into place. We are the Bride and He continues to make her (us) ever ready. I sense and have hunches about a great many things…and sit on my hands (in one sense) while declaring the goodness of God over all of this. He is on the move quite aggressively and is quite pleased with Himself. Maybe I will grow bold enough soon to say what I think and feel and see among a people I barely know but very much admire and respect from a profound distance. The Kingdom come!

  11. Dayle Hooker says:

    When I first read your request for people to join you in prayer, I could hear the heavenly trumpets sounding the call to war. I was excited to join in the Light prayers. I agree it is not over, the battle is still fierce, but there is a smell of victory in the air, so want to keep pushing in. So glad when I read your post, and it confirmed my feelings that it is not time to rest just yet, but soon. Will enjoy the hunt. What I love about the Esther story is that everything that Haman planned for Mordecai, was turned back on him. My prayer then for you, the SLG team and all those that have joined in this journey, that this is a time when God turns the tables on the enemy and everything that the enemy planned for you, your team and each of us, will instead be visited back on the enemy and that God will pour out his light so the enemy is not hidden but seen and that He will give each of you and us, exactly the weapons needed to destroy the threat and that treasures will be released as a result.

    • Carla says:

      Yes and thank you! Sometimes the table the Lord prepares for us in the presence of our enemies, is just like the table Esther prepared for Haman and her king.

  12. Kathy says:

    Yes agreed. It is finally time. These Egyptians you shall see no more. Globally has been coming to the light as well with anti semitic activities increasing dramatically Personally last week after a huge attack a few weeks back, my ‘spoil’ was returned to me, more than what i had prayed for – all of it – Pursue for you shall surely overtake them and recover all. We have favour in the sight of our KING.

  13. Carla says:

    Here’s where God has me, just in case any of this is helpful to anyone beside me.

    God has created an unexpected window of downtown for me in the midst of the most intense project I’ve ever led in my life. With this window He is offering me a chance review our game highlights over this past season, with a focus on all the good moves our team (meaning God’s team, not the project’s) is making. The focus is on His good moves, rather than what the other team has done.

    I had resisted this leading yesterday, simply because I was so exhausted. But then one of my special friends called, and in that conversation of catching up on what God is doing, I found myself taking up God’s offer. Going over the game highlights.

    Because I have a tendency to dismiss, overlook or be overly obtuse about amazing things happening in the invisible, I NEED to review if I’m going to let these great things from Him take hold. (Thank God for my journal!)

    For me, I believe this weekend is about readying myself for the big rejoicing party. Because life has been hard for a long time, rejoicing comes hard, with resistance and double-mindedness. I need an extra push to get ready. I have to fight through the parts that want to divide this house and keep it from standing.

    The word “let” in the following scripture is key for me. And I believe – at least for me – that this brief window of time is about getting ready to rejoice. Here’s the scripture: “When the Lord restores the fortunes of the His people, LET Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad.” (Psalm 14:7)

    • Ron says:

      Carla, I so appreciate you post. I have fought many battle over the years. Lately the Lord has been telling me the battle has been won. Now is the time to rejoice and watch the restoration and release He has for me.

  14. ruthiespage says:

    I was encouraged by this. Have faced this same enemy again! I’m now going to used this window to hunt down the root and put an ax to it. It’s time. It’s Purim.

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