Sunday update on the Egyptians

Yesterday was a fascinating day.  The grace to war was very specific and narrow.  I warred in the morning in my prayer room, then there was an abrupt ending of the grace.  I did some administrivia, then hit the road for a long drive to my evening appointment.

Along the way, the grace to war came and went.  This topic, then that.  Always limited to a few minutes.  Two minutes here, ten minutes there.  Switched on and off.  I could not do anything sustained and simply could not do a mine sweeper operation where I covered everything.

I wondered whether it was time related or land related.  Either way, it was remarkable and orchestrated by the Holy Spirit.

I checked into my hotel and was restless and agitated for the hour and a half until my dinner appointment.  Clearly my spirit was still fully engaged in something which was mildly irritating because I was going to take a nap, but my spirit was having none of it!

Dinner came.  On the surface, it was generic.  Three strangers gently getting to know each other.  I did some casual reframing of a few odds and ends of their life history.  A good time.  Well, maybe more than a good time.  Dinner started at 5:30 and went to 8:45!

But running below the surface were some other dynamics that had me in awe.  It is too soon to tell, but IF my hunch is right, my big breakthrough happened last night and the change in two specific areas will affect every single day of the rest of my life.

I awoke this morning feeling rested.  While barely awake, I tried to lean into the warfare and simply couldn’t.  I woke up more fully and tried again.  No go.

Finally I realized that there was just deep peace in the air.  At first I thought it was because it was Sunday in a small town and the land just didn’t have the pounding rhythm 24 hours a day of the big city.

Then I heard from the rest of my inside team and they had awakened with intent to war but had also been bathed in peace.

So, it looks like yesterday was THE day and we, at least, are on the other side.  I am headed off to the morning event, walking very gently, waiting to see what the flavor of this new season is like – and whether my hunches from last night are right.

Looking forward to hearing from around the world what it feels like for you.

Copyright March 2014 by Arthur Burk

From room 305, at 3,900 feet elevation, enjoying the clear air

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21 Responses to Sunday update on the Egyptians

  1. Amy says:

    YES!!!!! I finally read this post today!!! Saturday night on the 15th I stayed up till 12:00am doing warfare concerning SLG and the Egyptian thing. At 12:00 I knew my mission was completed and attempted to sleep, but my spirit was still fired up and in warefare. My sleep was all messed up but I felt it was worth it and that I had been called for such a time as this.YES!!! So glad I didn’t make it all up and that this has been the consensus others in the SLG tribe 🙂

  2. Bernardene Smith says:

    Sunday was a day of getting an answer to receiving blessing. Ps 24. A pure heart and clean hands. The Purim celebration was all about that. Honesty from a girl with a pure heart for her nation and the rebuke of a man with unclean hands and impure motives – Haman. I thank God for peace and victory over death (whether physical, emotional or spiritual) in this new season. The timing was exactly right.

  3. Mike Marla Heinzig says:

      I will concur that there have been steps forward for me this past week. I listened to the compass and gyroscope deliverance videos. It lines up with much of the brain rewiring/retraining/neuroplasticity work that God has had me a part of the last couple years. However, from the work I had been doing, I have felt that there was a component missing. When you were speaking in the videos, there were light bulbs going off in my brain that were connecting all of the places that God has brought me to in preparation for this time. Since I am fairly new to the deliverance stuff, do I listen to the videos once or do I listen more than once? Or does it totally depend on the individual and their particular circumstances?

    Thanks for providing the videos and all things through SLG. May you have a blessed day. Marla

  4. Cherie says:

    I am pressing into the Victory today with
    much hope and joy and expectation
    this scripture:

    But Moses told the people,
    “Don’t be afraid.
    Just stand still and watch
    the LORD rescue you today.
    The Egyptians you see today
    will never be seen again.
    The LORD himself will fight for you.
    Just stay calm.
    Exodus 14: 13-14

    • Cherie says:

      This is a follow up. In the hardest most painful sad trial of my life where things have been opposite light was dark ….truth was lie…things are not as they seem ….today I had major victory….not total but Huge victory!!!!!!!! HalleLuYah!!!

  5. vinawe says:

    I’ve been in a bad emotional place since 25 Feb when I received some very disturbing news. I’ve been shaking on the inside ever since, even when I’m not thinking and praying about the issue.
    Yesterday I woke up feeling such joy, a deep calm and profound thankfulness for all the riches in my life – contentment. Nothing has changed in the natural concerning the bad news, but it just couldn’t draw my focus away from the good stuff. I want to live here!

  6. jewestaway says:

    Warfare to be waged against Pharaoh’s tribe?
    For me yesterday, your Saturday, my Sunday in Australia, was put aside for Cleansing Time and Land. Right timing… putting a finger on blotchy bits deep buried! Neatly hauled up, dispatched, then I went to bed secure that I had an appointment with Father at the Cemetery at daybreak. Yup! He met me there in the mistiness. We settled heaps of ungrieved grief issues, (as you suggested, Arthur!), identity and honour being re-discovered and restored, and His Joy escorted me home in time for brekkie!
    That slave mentality of a lifetime…’out of a Victim mindset of Avoidance, Blame-shifting, and Rationalisation’… That was where the warfare was, against Pharaoh’s stultifying legacy. Contagious bug we picked up from the Egyptians, eh? Big ‘Three’! Big shift
    Sitting near family headstones this morning, cleansing and reclaiming that land (and time), severing its ungodly ties to me, seems to have swished away the fog, stirring up some pictures from Father that seem to hold clues re identity, redemptive gifts, all those mysteries that have been tantalisingly obscured in the fogginess of buried pain.
    The spin-off of committing to pray these Light Prayers has been awesome! For you Arthur, for SLG, and overflowing to many of us! It is like that fruitful vine that grows along the orchard wall, and its fruit may be enjoyed on both sides of the wall! Deliciously nourishing!
    I bless you in your Peace today, Arthur, as it prepares you for the next victory on Father’s agenda!

  7. Jaimee says:

    Hi Arthur. I likewise experienced uncanny grace to war in the past few days and significant release. This morning I received a prayer from a friend which is similar to the warfare that I encountered the past few days. Likewise, I start my day today in deep peace and sense of release.

  8. LaVonne says:

    Thank your for sharing how things are going, I just finished reading that and looked out the window towards the east and saw 20 minutes ago 2 large dark birds. I thought are they ravens or something? but when they turned I could see the white on their tails; they were two eagles circling actually playing in the currents and I thought are they going to come this way? Yes they did, barely above the house where I am at. And it was barely. I went down stairs ran across the house and shoved some shoes on and looked up and there they were. Circling right above me, so awesome and glorious. And very close. Amazing. They did that for almost a minute and slowly turned towards the west, still circling and taking their time. I was able to watch for quite some time (cold and abit breezy out). The sun was somewhat covered by a layer of clouds for a few minutes but then started shinning thru brightly and gave some warmth for a couple minutes. I don’t know how this fits into the topic but it sure was exciting to see them so close. And It sure makes your spirit soar too. A good break from not really getting much done today. Feeling Good. As to the breakthroughs I will be very alert to see what happens this week. Feel like this today was a sign and symbol. Double, yes Double and so at ease and in there element doing it..

  9. linzi says:

    Great news re your breakthrough, Arthur. I am rejoicing with you, however, I believe the Lord has more for us in this month of March. All Glory and Honour and Praise to Him – the Lord of the Break through!

    • Kim says:

      I agree and wonder if the breakthrough is for the month of Adar – which includes most of March.

    • Barbara says:

      I agree with you Linzi as I feel there is a lot left for this month of Adar. My spirit doesn’t feel like this is finished yet although I too had peace on Sunday morning that I couldn’t quantify. As I look back on it now, it was like I was looking through a window to what was shortly about to be, but not quite yet on Sunday. As I understand it, Haman was a descendent of the Amalakites which is an ancient foe to God’s people. One God has been seeking to remove the memory of from the face of the earth since the Israelites came up out of Egypt and encountered them. Haman wanted to “destroy, kill and annihilate” the Jews. No wonder God wanted to deal with this thing back to the days of King Saul. Some describe the month of Adar being the month we are to have strategies against the antichrist spirit (whom it is said brings us back to Amalek). I am turning my attention towards more than just this last weekend as my spirit says there is still so much more coming.

  10. Barbara says:

    I am thrilled to read your post because I have wanted victory for you where there is peace! And I have been praying! To hear and more importantly to FEEL the peace in your words is very rewarding. Yesterday I went on a very intense brilliantly lit dialogue with God remembering “ding” details in our own family journey. I was divinely invited to remember on a large, quick and strait forward memo list before God. He had alerted me to Purim on Friday and prior to reading your post about the addition of Purim my spirit was already doing dances about its significance. I was beautifully positioned to advance on top of what I knew was going on with the Egyptian theme. All week God took me to key passages where I was able to press in and out for very specific focused intercession periods. Our family worship this morning was marked by and filled with peace. It was just something to sit almost silent in. At one point, God whispered to me that we needed to change our posture to receiving now; we’d know what to do with the things that would appear in our hands. It was a complete switch from warfare, but it was deeper than that. He was announcing to us a change of feel and identity for now. What colour is it? If dignity could wear a colour, it would be a very deep purple. And a fragrance? It would be freesia mixed with sweet peas. The change in the atmosphere was the peace you described and all this before I read this blog.

  11. jilli55 says:

    Had warred very similar to what you described everyday this week in very little spurts! Amazing grace…is what I felt all day Saturday, but not to war, but to flow. Grace to reply without taking offense and say what I meant to a close one who also was bathed in Grace to walk through the conversations picking up no offense, real or perceived. In the middle of the week concerning a Church situation that was anything but peaceful, a resolution occurred to me and was heard and implemented…peace. (A sweet tasting win for me: that I was respected and heard. One I am still savoring and marveling over) So now today, peaceful grace day, receiving the reports of others commenting on the atmosphere change they are noticing since Monday in the areas of my influence! Thank you for the opportunity to pray with and for you. It is spilling over pressed down and running over on me and mine!

  12. Rebekah says:

    Exquisit! What a time to be in the arme of The Lord!!

  13. I have a profound sense of being “lined up just right.” I have felt more alive, awakened as if I was asleep and didn’t know it and peaceful. This is a nice change and I am relishing it.

  14. Sherry says:

    Awesome! After reading comments about Purim I decided to look it up, and loved it. So today, I am celebrating the destruction of the Haman in our lives that have tried to destroy us. I also got on to another ministers site (Kim Clement) who is in Ukraine right now and he had a Russian Jew briefly talk about Purim and prayed a Jewish blessing over the viewers. I also receive that.
    I had my warfare Friday night.
    How great is our God.
    How great is His name.
    He’s the Greatest One.
    Forever the same.
    He rolled back the waters of the mighty Red Sea.
    And He said I’m gonna lead you, put your trust in Me.

  15. Rosa says:

    That certainly resonates with me! I couldn’t pinpoint warfare for long, and nothing would come to my mind.I feel so energized and positive this morning, I feel charged and almost humming with energy and overall wellbeing.

  16. K8 says:

    Wow. SO glad to hear. Would like to be a fly on the wall!! I continue to pray for all of SLG and hope you’ll share much more soon. I am greatful to be able to check connections. Thank you for sharing your thrilling report!! Praise pours forth for your news! David just showed me a picture he drew and announced he will send it to you. It is of two in battle. He is 6 and knows nothing of all this.

    As for us here in northern MI, U.S.A., both Brent and I were hit hard yesterday. Peace today and grace to plan and implement while resting is abundant. Like a calm, beautiful day after a nasty storm. Atmosphere +moods are cleansed, pure, positive and there is a unity of heart and mind in our little band of eight (hubby, wife + 6 warring kiddos). Ease & flow feels sooo good! Building transmissions seems doable…even easy! What a thrill and victory! For me it is the first day ever of seeing today and my future NOT from frame of poverty spirit. Cannot express how freeing that is and it’s just one thing!!! So after a long, bleak season of light and dark, a surge into Sonship. Yay, yay, yay.

    So blessed to be part of your community, Arthur. Thanks for including us. Long term changes continue to happen each and every day. Thanks for believing in us. We love you!!!

    ~The 8 Mazur’s in Lake Ann

  17. Elizabeth says:

    today is peaceful…massively so. Dreamed intensely last night. Claiming bits of things as they come to mind, not contending, just claiming out of rest. It was a strange week–went out of town to claim territory that needed some cleanup and to help a friend who is a victim of the corruption. The timing was impeccable and the teaching on the chronometer EXACTLY right.

  18. Carol Brown says:

    It feels like Purim–and CELEBRATION!! I have no idea what all He got done yesterday but my spirit is rejoicing. Carol Brown in Michigan

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