Scorecard for the Week of March 16th

It is hard to know how to rate this week.

On the feeling level it was like being a goldfish in a blender.  I can’t remember a recent week when I was on overload so much of the time.  The purely physical workload pushed me very hard.

The emotional impact of so many people pulling on me so consistently most of the week was challenging.  And the ever changing spiritual climate throughout the week kept me off my pace most of the time.

Spiritually, it was quite the paradox.  There didn’t seem to be a single moment of intimacy with God or the team during the week, yet as we did warfare on sundry levels, I was the go-to man with perspective, insight and strategy.  Your light prayers certainly packed a punch in terms of my being able to sort out the path to freedom for a number of people.  The e-mails were zinging all week.

Functionally, we ended the week in a good place.  There were some big projects we had committed to for the week, and we got them done by 4:00 on Friday.  We will be able to refocus on Monday which is a good thing.  I sure don’t know how we managed to do the projects we did with the wild nature of the week.  Amazing provision from God.  It wasn’t fun or elegant, but at the end of the day, He empowered us to persevere and get stuff done.

Spiritually it was one of the most intensely productive that I can remember.  The breakthroughs in my life from last Saturday have held solidly and been reaffirmed by the Lord in measurable, verifiable ways, and we are sure the breakthrough will be sustained.   (Can it really be only six days ago?  Feels like six months!  Sigh.)  And that is just my story.

In my personal circles, at least five other people had life changing positive lurches this week.  Any one of them would have been enough to celebrate for a whole week.  Five in a week is far beyond our norm.

On a global level, there seems to have been some significant impact from some of the observations I posted on Facebook this week.  I can’t really measure the depth of impact or the number of people changed, but there certainly was more than just idle chatter going on with our Facebook crowd this week.

At the same time, there have been some gut wrenching setbacks for some of our friends.  From spiritual life, to relationships, to health, to finances, some people have gotten rocked hard this week, and I wept with them.  It hurts any time, but there is a cruelty to it when you get taken down while lots of people around you are having stunning breakthroughs.

The devil swiftly pounces on those moments and tries to make it an essence issue.  “If it works for everyone else, but not for you, surely there is something dreadfully wrong with how you are put together.”  I have stood alongside some bleeding friends and fought that lie, but it is still brutal to have no explanation for why you are going down in flames in the midst of a global celebration.

So it is now Friday night.  I am so played out that there isn’t even joy over the good in the week.  I write the words and replay the tapes, and my mind verifies that it was a spectacular week for many.  My soul simply says, “Yeah.”

My soul also struggles with the connection between this week’s light prayer and my life.  You asked that the light of God would shine more forcefully on my spirit, so that the light in my spirit could relieve darkness more effectively in other people.

Your prayers were answered.  My spirit was intense and impacted other people’s spirits more than I usually do.

And I have no place for that on my shelf of life experiences.


God came to me and calmly raised the wattage of my spirit in a week’s time just because you prayed?  Just like that?

So what’s up with my soul struggling with that reality?  Do I write these light prayers but don’t believe them and they impact me deeply because you believe them?  How can this be?

And what happens next?  Did God up the wattage permanently because of so many of you praying, or will I find out next week that this was just a brief bump up and I will be back to the baseline for me?

Who knows?

I feel a little bit cheated that I did not get to feel much joy this week.  I am so passionate and so gifted at partying with people about the things God has done.  And this week the blender kept me swimming madly with barely a nod in the direction of stupendous breakthrough for people I dearly love.

That bugs me.  I hope this is a quiet weekend and I can circle back around and do some savoring.

Friday afternoon about 4:15, it felt like the blender was turned off.  Whatever was churning and clashing in the heavenlies settled out and it feels solidly like a victory for the King.  I wonder what it was all about.  Seems that it was a lot bigger than my little world.

I am so looking forward to next week.  We are starting in a good place.  And the light prayer for next week is one that touches a really deep place in me.  I hope you can drive this one hard and long and deep.

Thanks for investing in my world.  I pray there was light and life for you as well.

Copyright March 2014 by Arthur Burk

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10 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of March 16th

  1. K8 says:

    Sigh and hugs.

  2. Carol Brown says:

    In terms of the energy drain, humans have one pool of energy but can draw from that pool mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Evidently this week you had all four spigots wide open. That intense of a draw on the energy pool leaves the reserve depleted. So when the blender stopped there was no energy for rejoicing. Rejoicing takes energy too…and it had already been used up. I like Heidi Colquhoun’s suggestion that you take your wife for a drive and find a beautiful spot and allow beauty and love refuel you. Be blessed.

  3. Carla says:

    Hi Arthur! Didn’t you say that this week’s light was specifically about coming through your Exhorter portion? As I read you blog, I gotta say I saw exhorter all over it.

    At least my own personal flavor of exhorter.

    Your week sounded like one of my weeks (which are NOT every week!) when I’m being a world changer on a smaller scale. (The worlds are individual worlds of people.) On these types of weeks I am surrounded by people waiting for direction, encouragement and problem solving, while being in the midst of huge demands, intense work and great productivity.

  4. Marleen says:

    I too hope your weekend will be restful and refreshing. Sounds to me that you have been driving yourself for weeks now…time to take your Sabbath rest.
    Your insight and direction in leading others in truth is amazing. This is a season for you to receive more blessing from ABBA and from others. May you and your family enjoy the treasures from Him. Thank you for blessing us and for allowing us on your journey.

  5. Heidi Colquhoun says:

    I too am among those who watched and participated in the You Tube Videos. The net affect seemed for me, to be intermittent tears and profound sleepiness. It’s 3 days on now and I still am feeling the effects. As I read of your blender experience, all I can say is, take some time, take your wife, and go for a drive to some beautiful location. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy each other and Gods landscape. There are more blenders and projects coming. For now, refresh yourself.

  6. Claudette says:

    The Lord bless your spirit, soul, and body Arthur. I am never disappointed in what I learn from you. Loved the blessing you soul book. I read it in a day. Won’t surprise me if you one day have one for the body. I love investing in you and your company. Thanks for never giving up.

  7. Dana says:

    This may be off the wall, but this made me think of the concept of capacity for joy. When a baby is overwhelmed, by good and joyful connection even, he/she will break eye contact and simply look away. It seems that this week was very much on the outer margins of capacity…. for both joy in celebrating and for sadness in synchronizing with those grieving. Not that any one event would exceed your capacity, but the cumulative nature of intensity after intensity after intensity simply has your soul numb. I bless you to “break eye contact” and reset. And I bless your soul to find the margin and the calm it needs to recharge. I also bless your soul to expand and to grow into the same capacity your spirit is now experiencing.

    I also want to tell you what a blessing it has been to walk through this week with you. The way you included us in the journey was very helpful. Observing you process is both encouraging and instructive. And participating, even if in a small way, has certainly built my sense of community and belonging. Joining with others to pray for you is an honor!

  8. Rebekah says:

    Arthur, May you be restored by the light of Gods countenance as He smiles over you this weekend.

  9. Robert says:

    In praying for you and reading these light prayer scriptures, I have been struck with one thing and only one thing, it’s what God desires for you the most in this time, although I have never heard you talk about it or teach anything on it , I might have missed it, but it’s this,

    Arthur, You are in a time and season where God wants to shed his love so deep into your heart and entire being. God has set you up for this, He is ready to do some things that are most astounding. So I have asked him to pour the light of his love deep into you. Love carries amazing light, love and light go together. Love, glory and light. A revolution is beginning. This will be very far reaching for you. The light will open the way for his love and his love will open the way for his light. The result will wondrous glory of God.

    So with that
    Father, would you pour out your love on Arthur deep into his heart. Give him illuminating light in the areas of your love, glory and light. Let the new spring rains begin lord, in the name of Jesus Christ.

  10. Irina Rivera says:

    Thank you for sharing so honestly. I know intellectually that you must get swamped with emails, but I never thought about how difficult that could be. I hope your weekend is refreshing and calm. Thank you (and your team) for all the work you do.

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