Scorecard for the Week of April 20th

Saturday I called Sally the Musician.  She was down but with a different kind of down from the days before.  I had no idea what to do, so we sat in miserable silence for a while and no ideas came.  I left her for a while and sat before the Lord.  Eventually He pointed to the Edomite Curse.

When I called her back, she confirmed pain over her right eye, which is a fairly dependable Edomite Curse marker, but I still didn’t know what to do with it.  Sometime later, God took us back to her religious roots where we found a strange tie between the Edomite and defiled time.

I hacked and whacked.  She cried for a while.  Within an hour she was more solid than she had been for a week.  I love revelation.  Hard to be dangerous without it.

There was one other episode with Sally during the week where there was some light and some release.

I talked with Fred and Sally and had no insight at all.  Their situation has gone a little bit backward this week, and it wasn’t great to begin with.

Nothing to report for Fred.  His situation is no better or worse, and I had no insight at all, although I spent some time on it.

What is dramatic for the week is the extreme drop in intercession.  Both the number of stars checked and the number of visits per day dropped significantly which is an indication of the larger battle.

I have pondered that all week without coming to any clarity.  My current theory is that it is not just a sudden case of intercessory fatigue, but that it might be part of the broader assault on our relationship with God the Father.  It seems that on several fronts, the enemy is using a variety of tools ranging from boredom, to pain, to anger in order to separate people and keep them from sharing life with each other.

That is merely a theory at this point, and I am not sure how we fight back on such a vague and broad scale.  Those things happen all the time, so they are not new.  If that is, indeed, the case, then it is simply an intensification of the usual.  But what to do?

When my world stops being orderly, I try to avoid engaging the mess until I have retreated to solid ground.  I ask myself what is still solid, unchanging (such as my identity and calling) and where the grace of God is still flowing.  We tend to get all caught up on where the grace is NOT that we miss where He IS.

So I came back to the core identity:  I am a trailblazer, finding answers to questions most people are not asking.  Nothing has changed about that this week.  It is possible that God is sending weird situations to me because I was not looking for these answers, so He had to prime the pump with pain.

My calling is to release better tools for those who want to be Noble Subjects and not just serfs.  Nothing has changed.  I need better tools and so do 1,000 Fred and Sallys out there.

I am not the least bit shaken on either of those two points.  Very solid ground.

So where is the grace?

-Logistically, this trip has been flawless, leading up to the seminar tomorrow.  A minor point, I know, but I try not to miss where God is doing a work, however small because His presence in small details has been so overt.

-There are two intercessors out there who have an uncommon anointing for intercession this week.  They can easily flow for a couple of hours on the phone and God is there.  Their prayers are far above the “fix it” genera as they seem to be able to hear God’s heart for something new and big and are praying this vague, big thing, into existence here on earth.

-My passion for the topic of male intercession is huge.  I had no idea how much the religious culture has been a wet blanket for me, since there has never been a place for me to bring male worship into the stained glass buildings.

This discovery has legitimized my worship style in a deep way.  I am finding so many treasures in my mental files of stories I heard over the years that were in “my” key of music, that I hugged hard, then put carefully away out of sight because there was not a place for them.  I have a fire in me for tomorrow!

That is about it.  Glitches abound elsewhere, but in the midst of the mess, these three things are untouched.

So, I walk in a challenging tension.  I have a lot of compassion for my peeps who are in a world of pain.  I would love to stop the world and wrestle by the Brook Jabbok until an answer comes.  It grieves me that there is no grace for that this week.

But, to the degree that I can, I am pushing away the world of conundrums and seeking to drill down on what God has for me today and tomorrow at the seminar.

I thought my work in the area was done already today.  My shoes are off, and the warm evening indoors is inviting since it has been raining outside most of the day.  However, there is something east of here on Highway 50 that is calling me, increasingly stridently for the past two hours.  It seems that there is a restaurant somewhere down the road where I have a divine appointment.  So I will put on my boots and jacket and go exploring because I don’t want to miss the grace.

Copyright April 2014 by Arthur Burk

From the Hyatt House, off Highway 50, at 6:57 p.m.



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16 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of April 20th

  1. Linda Honea says:

    It’s the hush before the storm, the intake before the exhale…
    Here is the picture I have: the waiting lines at a big amusement park, my childhood was spent at Six Flags Over Texas. (of course!)
    You go through the entrance, and if you are tall enough, you may proceed. The waiting line zig zags back and forth, round the corner and back again. At first you’re excited, filled with anticipation, then the excitement wains as the minutes drag on and you walk back and forth past the same people, over and over. In the midst of the waiting line, there is a point where you can’t see where you started and you can’t see where you finish, i.e. the reward of the amusement ride. I remember this being a time of silence, still inching forward, but quietly. Our anticipation and expectation is dampened, but just for a moment. You turn a corner and hear the clanking of the rollar coaster car and squeals of those on the ride. You turn another corner, closer, closer, and you can see the people in front of you getting on the ride. Now we are counting… will I be on the next ride? will there be room? or will I have to wait for one more round?

    The reward is very near.

  2. Okay, so, I was going to post this last week because this was what came to mind when I prayed. But I felt “funny” about it. I don’t know why. Self-conscious maybe? Then I thought, “I’m sure someone else will post something sufficient.” So, I left it. Then, you posted that nothing broke. That really bothered me, Arthur. I don’t like that at all. So, I remembered what I was going to post, felt self-conscious again, chose to vacuum instead, my vacuum started smelling of smoke for no reason, and then I decided to sit down and post it in spite of myself.

    Here goes: I prayed about the content of your blog post last week and this week. The first thing that comes to mind is that our primary intercessor is Jesus (Rom. 8:34). When I want to know how to pray for something, what is nearest to the heart of the Father, what the missing piece is, I simply ask the Holy Spirit to tell me what Jesus is interceding for before the Father regarding that situation, person, or people group. Then, I begin agreeing with whatever that is. When a situation is particularly gridlocked, I ask a few people that question. I asked them to ask the Holy Spirit. Oftentimes, they all come back with the same answer. This is then the prayer that we all pray because it indicates that we are all praying in agreement with the intercessions of Jesus. This is powerful. This often becomes the breakthrough prayer that will open up a situation that has been locked down. Also, the people that are “under it” and struggling enter into that intercession, too, because they are then agreeing with Jesus and the Father’s heart regarding their own lives. This stokes faith and energy over an area that has often been hard hit by the enemy. This helps to restore hope. And hope can begin to restore dignity. And when people have a renewed sense of dignity, their spiritual posture changes. Their mindset begins to change. On some level, this seems pretty basic, but it speaks of agreements.

    I also saw the word ‘placement’ and saw a couple sitting next to Jesus as if “placed” in Him, and I think this references Eph. 2:6. Directly after that, there is the verse John 16:33, and an idea of being placed in Jesus, and Jesus overcoming the world and the trouble therein. It seems that there is something important within that idea.

    There it is.

    Shalom to you as you continue walking with these people.

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks for sharing that powerful prayer piece – it has given me practical application that i have never considered. Bless you.

  3. Barry says:

    Finding it difficult here as well. Seems to not even any grace for hacking and whacking but there does seem to be grace for going a different way. It is like I have had to leave the desire for healing with Him and go forward in spite of the brokeness. Something came up that I have wrestled with for my entire life and after all I have been delivered from it is still there. I honestly don’t see how I can be of much use still struggling with this and yet I feel myself being led to leave it with the Lord and move elsewhere at this time. There is grace to go there but not grace for the healing I want so desperately!

  4. Hellen Meade says:

    Yes indeed, an interesting week! but the bugs are beginning to come out, the hidden lies and ties that bind uncovered. In my world, for those I pray for, the Lord has been ever so intentional about lancing the boils and releasing all the trapped emotions buried deep. Trauma is being released, bit by excruciating bit (mainly because we have not learned to let go of the pain and to allow our bodies to detox of trauma and it’s effects)
    I am so encouraged as I read your posts to keep going, to keep trusting, to share the bits I have gleaned on my own, dragging myself up from the pit thru the Lord’s grace and strength journey. I like what Graham Cooke says, that why is an invalid question and makes an invalid of you.
    Thank you for being so diligent to search out the tools for the rest of us and to encourage us to keep on our own journey. All we have to be is alittle ahead of those we share will as we journey together. I love your three unchangeables!!
    I will be more committed to praying for you’all this week as you trail blaze for us beginners! thank you so much for all you do!

    hmm as I was praying for you just now, I heard the Father say, I am teaching you to walk on water and as you are walking , you are laying “planks” under your feet that create a path for others to follow. The planks are the three unchangeables! I sense that you are in a temporary holding pattern while the Lord reshapes these planks for the new season. I do not know a lot about the male worship concept, I have not been able to read all the posts, but I believe it has to do with that. I almost hear Him sanding and grinding in the Spirit to create what you need for the new season. The planks are light weight, float, almost like balsam wood but have a darkness, a richness of mahogany.
    For all of us, I believe that breakthrough is on the way but is waiting for a breaking in those who need to be released from the trauma of the past, the trapped emotions purged and the body will and emotions detoxed. anyrate, will keep praying…..

  5. dorisann says:

    I love your intentional pursuit of God in the midst of no tangible evidence except what you already know to be true. Your standing stones inspire me to find mine. I pray for endurance in the battle and revelation in the out flow. Bring new revelation that raises those at the conference to a new level of expectation. Thank you Jesus.

  6. lyndawrites says:

    Most people make our walk with God seem effortless.
    You acknowledge it is mysterious, difficult, and doable.
    You practice/model how to survive the bumpy journey, not expecting it to be smooth all the time.

    Feels like we are in quicksand, but you say, “Reach for the edge, the solid ground, it will stabilize you.”

    We do – we struggle out of the quicksand, find the solid ground, and sit back, tired, but steady.
    Yes, we must somehow navigate through/around/above the quicksand to move on – a seemingly impossible situation.

    But how? Build a large raft and float? Send a helicopter from God? Turn the quicksand to water?

    Steady ground – you teach us to find the steady, unchangeable ground about ourselves and God.

    I like that.

    (I am new around here, so I am not quite sure what is unchangeable about me, but I will think about it and pray.)

    Thank you

    • SLG says:

      Lynda, there are three basic unchangeables: God’s nature, your design, and His love for you. For each of us, those are perceived differently, but they are there. The world teaches us to find security in our external world. But that is myth. There is nothing in the external that is solid. I could die today from a drunk driver or a nuclear catastrophe. No relationship or financial or legal construct is really trustworthy. I enjoy a world of good things outside me, but never expect them to be solid. The solids are what I know about God’s nature, what I am discovering about my design, and the fact that in spite of me, He still loves me.

      That I can build on.

      • lyndawrites says:

        Thank you for explaining. Love it.

        I just gave a little pep talk to my students Friday. It has been bothering me that some students come to class so torn up by their current life crisis that they can’t even learn math. So I tried to encourage them to perceive their problems differently and change their self-talk – to basically change their expectations and to let go of entitlement.

        I said, “People get mad when a plane crashes, but think about it . . . putting pieces of metal in the sky? Of course it can crash.”

        I continued, “If I choose to drive my car, I run the risk of being hit or killed by a drunk driver. People use drugs whenever they want. Yes, it may be safer to avoid the roads at 2 a.m., but we can be hit anytime.”

        “Why are we surprised by these things?”

        And on I went.

        After my 5 minute chatter and the promise of a Starburst candy to each student that listened, one student clapped and cheered. It was funny. I think he got it. :O)

        Again thanks for the clarity.

        • lyndawrites says:

          “I had no idea what to do, so we sat in miserable silence for a while and no ideas came.”

          “I hacked and whacked. She cried for a while.”

          To suffer WITH someone is very loving and healing.

          I think I read somewhere that concentration camp victims gained emotional healing when they communicated their stories to groups who responded compassionately (in words or just facial expressions) to their mistreatment.

          Like if someone is thrown from a car and is waiting for medical treatment . . . Just being be one’s side is helpful – doesn’t fix everything, but it is helpful.

      • Pamela says:

        I’m going to reread these first two sentence over and over and over again. GOOD STUFF

  7. Debbie G. says:

    I have been praying for your Fred’s and Sallies all week. Something in my spirit is feeling That THAT Sally was the one who was supposed to be blessed with the breakthrough this week. Yes in my own life there is lots of fatigue, on beyond Zebra frustration. However I continue to hear Holy Spirit telling me that There Will Be a Change. As for your tough nuts to crack, I will continue to pray for good strong nutcrackers for the tough nuts! Plus a strong hand for yourself.

  8. Linda Melendez says:


    I never have asked this question before, but is the seminar open to last minute registration tomorrow?  I see that the option to register is no longer available on line.

    If not, that’s okay.

    Linda Melendez


  9. jewestaway says:

    Papa God is reminding us with his fatherly smile, that He has given you all that you need, to be that victor in your assigned task for the weekend! Oh, how He wants that Male Intercession Box to be exploded open! It’s like His fingers are so twitchy itching to rip the covers off… but he hasn’t that authority… it is yours Arthur! I have been catching glimpses of heaps of angels jostling with eagerness to see how this unfolds! Unfold, it must! They’ve been waiting millennia! I’m on tippy-toes here! There’s the end of the string to pull! Then this bit of stickytape is next! Come on! The crowd gathers! Expectation! Curiosity! Even the demons are sneaking from behind to see what’s going on. They’re trying to hide their trembles, but look sideways at their master for a signal…

    Out of the corner of my eye I catch glimpses of numbers of misplaced human spirits, holding their collective breath! What’s this about us? Are we being sussed out? We’ve been safe within the amnesty of familiar female-type ministry. Something is afoot that is making our knees knock! What about us? Once again Papa God has already placed the tools in the toolbox! Maybe the cheeky (?) bunny has snuck in and scattered and hidden them? But their places are clearly marked in the Noble Toolbox! Heaps of them! Some still in clingwrap!

    It’s unpack time! This little Sally who couldn’t make it is ‘present with you in spirit’! She is holding tight to her precious deputy couple from Georgia, linking arms with them, with you Arthur, and all the other delegates! What a Power Chain! Feeling the generated power building! Wow! Prayer time is sort of pinging more and more often! Escalating! Exhilarating! Energising!

    Keeping you in my prayers..
    Joan… from Brisbane AU

  10. Sherry says:

    I’ve been praying for you, SLG and GC for tomorrow; and looking forward to hearing about how wonderful it went.
    I’ve been hacking and whacking myself this week, but believe I have my answer in how to proceed with where I am. Not as exciting as I would like, much slower than I would like, but necessary I guess. Thanks for be a trail blazer and encouraging the rest of us find the trail or to find our own trail to blaze.
    Blessings on tonight and tomorrow!

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