Light Prayers: 15. The Light of God’s Face

Psalm 4:6  NIV  “Many are asking, ‘Who can show us any good?’  Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD.”

When the outside world is not working, my default is to retreat to the inside world and explore what needs to be dialed up there.  This verse speaks to me today of my inner world processes.

I don’t know what the concept of the light of God’s face meant to God when He inspired this phrase, or what it meant in the culture of David’s day.

To me, looking at it through the grid of land (of course) it speaks deeply of the photosynthesis that goes on in plants.

In an extreme oversimplification of photosynthesis, plants take carbon dioxide from the air, plus water and light, and converting those into energy for the plant and oxygen for the atmosphere.

For breathing creatures, carbon dioxide is a waste product, and we don’t want too much of it in our world.  And oxygen is a priceless commodity that we need for basic sustenance.

Ponder the miracle of a plant generating energy for itself at the same time that it is detoxing the world AND providing essential resources for the rest of us.

This is a picture that works for me in the context of God’s face shining on me.  It changes the math of my life.

In general, we have to segregate to survive.  Toxic stuff goes down the drain.  Life giving foods go in the fridge.  Keep the two apart.

That reveals the limitations of humanity.

But God is able to take the toxic things of our lives and not only feed us with those things that appear toxic, but also feed others with the by-products of our walking with Him through those toxic situations.

So for yourself and for us at Sapphire, invite the light of God to come into our real world – with all the good, the bad and the ugly.

And invite God to do the amazing chemistry of bringing life to us and to others, from the things that seem at first glance to be non-beneficial to us.

Copyright April 2014 by Arthur Burk

From room 341 in Rancho Cordova, moments before heading home again.

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8 Responses to Light Prayers: 15. The Light of God’s Face

  1. jane62 says:

    And especially in the area of vindication, Lord. Who knows exactly what it will look like when all that was meant for bad is turned around and the enemy is roundly routed. Will the method and the picture surprise us? It usually does! And so I wonder whether the transformation of what was meant to be toxic in your life and mine will be miraculous, looking like what the plant does with the carbon dioxide. Not only oxygen but fruit. What a wonderful picture for me personally as I consider the avo orchard, and celebrate picking once again. In Politsi, Tzaneen at sunset.

    • SLG says:

      We have gotten several key insights for Sally. She in on the grow again. Two key pieces of insight for Fred. Might be enough to start some progress there. So now we need to press in for insight for Fred and Sally’s riddle. Two out of three is good. Three out of three is needed.

  2. Rosa says:

    So beautifully descriptive. I feel energized and refreshed, and wonderfully at peace as I savor this post. May you experience all that and more.

  3. Irina Rivera says:

    God has been speaking to me about how some experience more pain and challenges than others. Your prayer adds to my increasing understanding which allows me to lean in and even celebrate the fact that sometimes we think we’ve had enough but He knows what He’s doing. Just being ourselves, people who love God and don’t run away from pain, can bless our environment.

  4. Pat says:

    I find this to be so true in doing ministry. I can take the toxic stuff from another person, expose it to the light of the Holy Spirit, and God always transforms it into something good, useful, and healing for that person. And then, I get the run off. I get the joy of nailing it. I get the oxygen of being in the right place at the right time that keeps me going. Great concept!

  5. Sonia says:

    Beautifully captured:)
    This is where I have been hanging out since a session with a mentor, who opened it up for me. The language of the Blessing of Presence has expanded here for me. It has not been a comfortable journey and yet so lifegiving. I read your prayer this morning after my time celebrating with God how he wove the events of this last week and this weekend. Your light prayer is even better than a piece of dark rich organic chocolate. I will lean into this prayer and continue to walk this one out in community. Blessings upon you!

  6. Nicolette Engelbrecht says:

    Ah!! Refreshing my spirit, soul and body after a marathon week… Bless you, Arthur!!!!!!

  7. Elise says:

    Dear God, please take the isolation and loneliness and do your amazing chemistry of bringing life to me and to others.

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