Scorecard for the Week of May 11th

It has been a stunning week.

I am deeply grateful for the spike in your prayers this week.  The results were astounding.

The land work in the second location was some of the most intense I have done.  There were some ancient roots, but God coached me through it remarkably, and we have measurable results.

There is so much from the week I cannot share in this kind of a venue, but as I pondered the week, three pictures came to mind that covered the scope of what we experienced.

The first was a breakfast meeting with someone old and someone new.  As the newbie shared a story, I responded by filling in a lot of the details of what REALLY happened in her community.

She was amazed and said, “How did you know?”

And to our common friend, she said, “He just met me 20 minutes ago!”

This was the result of principles.  The Holy Spirit gave me an elbow in the ribs, pointing to the right fractal to interpret the story.  I shared it and it was right on.

On any given day, there might be a dozen different principles that explain a given situation.  When the Lord coaches me on which one to use, it is suddenly so clear.

In another context, I was dealing with a person in the community where we went who had been through a lot of personal deliverance and other ministry but was still rather stuck in a given situation.

I felt it was appropriate to work with her after the land work was done.  In time, we exposed a demon who was quite defiant and would not leave.  I tried a half a dozen different approaches, but this thing was dug in and sure of itself.

Eventually I got an elbow in the ribs as God named the demon for me, and I called it by name, commanding it to leave.  It howled in outrage, “How did you know?”  But then it left.

This is one of those strange anomalies in Scripture.  Christ generally booted demons without asking for their name, rank and mother’s maiden name.  But with the Gadarene, He did ask.

It has been my experience that there is a certain small number of critters that don’t leave until they have been called by name.  I have no explanation for this but observe the dynamic.

So on this one, I was quite stuck.  The Holy Spirit calmly gave me an elbow in the ribs and a name and the long time nemesis left.

That one was 100% revelation, whereas the first one, with truly the exact same words, was simply God pointing me to the right principle.

The third time it happened was when we were prepping for battle.  I arrived in this town on Monday afternoon.  It was an odd situation because I had felt for some time that this was a highly strategic piece of land, and the battle had been assigned to me.  The local team did not fully agree.  It looked like a pretty ordinary small place, rather off the beaten track.  But they humored me.

I knew there was one spot outside of town where I needed to do some stuff, but my instructions were to look at the town from the mountain and then walk the town.

So we drove into town and drove up the mountain first thing.  Then I checked into the hotel, connected with the local team and we set out to walk the town.  I knew I needed to see something.  I had no idea what I was looking for.

We walked down the logical street.  Then I felt the elbow in the ribs directing me to go down the illogical street.

I was checking out everything from weeds to the wind, looking for clues.  I got three elbows in the ribs and asked the locals about each picture.  By the third clue, I knew it was a Teacher town and knew that the main issue was Egyptian heresy twisting the gender of the two sides of the town.

Suddenly a whole lot of pieces fit into place connecting the town with the spot outside of town.

As we were wandering back to our staging area, I stumbled across a leyline which ran from three significant institutions in town directly to where we were going the next day.

When I spelled out all of the bigger picture of what I saw on the walk, one of the team members said, “How did you know?”  This was the third time those exact words were used.

And in this case, it was a blending of the first and the second.  God gave me revelation of the specific three pieces of data that would bring the needed insight, but then I plugged that data into my principle-based data grid.  It was a lovely blend of the two.

One of our team is trying to come up with a graphic to illustrate “The Elbow of God!”  It has been the highlight of our week.

This is a highly truncated report of the week.  I just wanted to share with you that you have been absolutely effective this week with your specific prayers to make my legal appeals indisputable because of exceptional data, and my power encounters have been, for the most part, quite swift and effective as well.

I am still in the field, having arrived at my fourth nation today.  I thought for years that this was a Teacher nation but need to go back over their history tonight and see if maybe it is Mercy instead.  A couple of things are not lining up.

One more nation on Saturday.

I think I have ouched the enemy on this trip.  We were about to land today when suddenly the pilot yanked the wheels up and powered us harshly back up into the sky.  Later he reported that there was another plane on the runway that was supposed to be available for us.  Disaster averted.

Thanks for all your prayers for keeping me alive through this as well.

Copyright May 2014 by Arthur Burk

From room 12, but not for long.  I need to go walk and listen and . . .



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4 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of May 11th

  1. Irina Rivera says:

    This may seem weird, but do you think that understanding male worship has been a part of your increased spiritual authority? Maybe not, but it keeps coming to me. It is incredibly encouraging to read this week’s report.

    • SLG says:

      It think it is a bit larger than that. God is reframing a whole lot of my understanding of the fractal of two, as I see the female and male differently in a lot of applications, not just worship. And yes, that is producing a dramatic transformation in my life from inside out.

  2. Rosemary Williamson says:

    So pleased to hear of your week and the God Elbow! You have no idea how encouraging it is to the rest of us to hear of your victories. Blessings

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