Scorecard for the Week of May 25th

It has been an enormous week in terms of answers to your prayers regarding the Ammonite Curse.

The bottom line is that I seriously jumped the gun with the requests in last Sunday’s light prayer.  I was operating from the assumption that I had clean hands and therefore we could call in the fruit.

Turns out, I am the problem.  No clean hands here.

The Ammonite Curse with its attendant delays and barrenness comes into our lives when we refuse a gift from God.  Jephthah was so focused on revenge for the injustice in court in his home town, he could not focus on the gift God had for him of leading the nation to freedom.

For lack of embracing THAT gift in its fullness, he made some mistakes and lost his family line.

Early in the week, God corrected me for three specific areas where He had been trying to give me gifts which I had been solidly pushing away.

One is the issue of deliverance.  Plumbline Ministries began as a deliverance ministry.  That was what we did morning, noon and night.  Eventually I turned away from that and poured myself into research and related activities.

In the last month God has poured out immense authority on me in deliverance and inner healing work.  I noted that this was where the grace was, but there certainly was no joy and no embracing of this as a core part of my calling.  I was pushing away the gifts of God of above average discernment and authority.

The other two areas are too personal to share, but in all three I was clearly wishing God would not give me that flavor of grace, but would give me another instead.

It took me two days of wrestling with my flesh which still had a bunch of reasons why the flavor of grace I wanted is better than what He wanted to give us.  But in the end, I was able to come to a genuine submission, not just forcing my will over my emotions.  That was a glorious moment.

One day later, on Thursday morning, I awoke with the awareness that something large had shifted.  It feels as though God has given the order in the heavenlies to remove the Ammonite Curse.  It is like when the Spirit of God came on Jephthah.  He still needed to fight a battle, break a sweat and all of that, but it had already shifted in the heavenlies.

We have already seen some measurable, verifiable indicators that a shift is taking place, but the battle is far from over yet.

I spent all day Thursday sorting out my thinking, trying to re-purpose the company and its assets around the new frame of what God wanted to give me – all the while carrying out a full schedule of activities.

On Friday morning, one of my prayer partners gave me another word from the Lord which revealed yet another facet of the gifts of God that I have been pushing away.  So apparently I am in a season of significant correction from God.

It is time to redirect your prayers from the Ammonite issue to the rejection-of-God’s-wisdom issue.  It is quite humiliating to see so clearly how firmly I have been declining the grace of God in certain areas for so many years.

Why oh why do we think we are so much smarter than God?

Copyright May 2014 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, early Friday morning, before heading to CHEA


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13 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of May 25th

  1. Talitha Smith says:

    Oh how I LOVE your honesty, Arthur – it speaks so much to me!!

  2. Barbara says:

    Thank you Arthur. God has showed me one very solid area where I have pushed to the side a gift God has given me. When I realized I had actually pushed it to the side, (sometimes unintentionally neglecting it and other times feeling like I wasn’t “made” that way) I was shocked. It is exactly how I was made and I can’t believe I didn’t see this till now. That’s how hidden it was. I wanted to address the lack of joy you mentioned personally while using your gift as well as not feeling the gift to be a core part of your design before God showed you more. I don’t know how to describe what I’m trying to say, but I’ll do my best. There have been many measurable examples where God showed me there was leverage with this gift as though it were outside me and amazing things would just happen and I would assume them to just be God moving as He had a right to do. My involvement was just a bonus, and I celebrated Him, but I didn’t feel myself to be an essential element. So, I would have joy in Him, but it would be disconnected at a deeper level to me. What I feel like I was missing, or more like how the enemy had me see it was like this: I still didn’t see MYSELF as the missing link “within” the exchange. A gift needs three elements: the giver (God), the gift (as He chooses to provide whatever is needed or desired) and the recipient (me) to receive and share the joy intended by the giver. I feel like there was something bewitching about how the enemy made me feel invisible to my own connection with this gift and therefore with God. I believe my personal lack of joy around it developed from feeling confusion and immense pushback, devouring/disappointment during faith attempts to use it as I’ve been maturing over the years. I mistook that for “don’t go there again” instead of an invite to “this is where you belong and who you ARE, keep growing here”. I was thinking that for those who are having a hard time finding out where they may have rejected a gift, maybe looking for any areas in life that have no joy might be a good place to start…I’m thinking that the core areas of our design should bring the greatest amount of joy; joy unstoppable perhaps? Today I am praying that God would remove from me any contraptions that have been able to hide my attention from who I really am and the remaining gifts that are meant to bring me as much pleasure as it brings Him to give them. And…for joy to return. I am also making way on my daily schedule as a way to honor this gift and make a way to begin to use it as God intended. Thankyou for being transparent and for leading. Thankyou.

  3. Dvorah R.G says:

    There is so much mileage in that last sentence! Today God reminded me of the ‘self-interest -> distrust -> anxiety -> inappropriate desire’ chain reaction and I included it in my jealousy court case.

  4. K8 says:

    Splendid. Rejoicing with and for you & SLG and still waring for ya’ll. May His will alone be what you resign yourself to, no matter how much it appears to hurt. May grace be yours to embrace the cringe which might accompany following His choices for you. Blessed beyond measure and delighted at Providential paths crossing (merging? Oi vey.). ~Kate

  5. Geoffrey Whitehead says:

    This is a re-enforcement of what the HS and Father God had been speaking to me about a dream, where my wife and were commissioned in the military and I was saying I cannot accept as I had not attended the courses, but I then had Papa say my courses had been different and obscure, but necessary and I needed to accept the commission and all the blessings that go with it.

  6. Elise says:

    Just curious…..does today’s change in thinking have anything to do with the recent brain surgery?

    • SLG says:

      Not sure. We have circled around the brain surgery issue several times and neither my team nor I can point to anything that has enough data behind it to be able to say “THAT” is it.

  7. Heidi Colquhoun says:

    In my own life, when God finally breaks through and I “get it”, it feels like a ton of bricks hits me.
    The best part though, is when I get humbled and actually to an intensional course correction. There is such a feeling of liberation and joy. I sense you feel it too. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. zeevie says:

    Shalom from Israel,

    Arthur After reading your post I felt that I would write to you about the biggest deliverance ministry needed is in Jerusalem.

    Think about Israel as the heart of the world and Jerusalem is the heart of Israel. When one looks at the 7 curses and where they originate, Israel, my thought is that you and your team could come for a time of ministry to Israel. We really need to break the many curses of this nation so that there will be the freedom to find and except Messiah. Personally I would love to meet you here and to show you around as a tour guide. Not that I can claim that I am a professional tour guide I am not.

    So as that Lord guides I trust that you would come to Israel.


    Ambassador to the Kingdom of God in North Israel

    • SLG says:

      Dear Willie, why us? It doesn’t make sense for Gentiles to try to break the curses off the Hebrew people. Shouldn’t it be you? What am I missing here?

      • phyllis says:

        Arthur, you have paid a high price for the freedom and gifts God has given you. You have come far out of the “traditional” box of accepted thought in the church. Maybe you could plant a seed or two in Jerusalem. Bring what you know and train a couple people there first hand. Maybe a trip isn’t necessary, but if the authority was being carried by someone there, the process would already be under way. You have a willing pupil. Of course, I am not speaking as one who knows very much about SLG or your history. I am just in the beginning stages of exposure to these revelations myself. I encourage you to consider it. Shabbat Shalom.

  9. Rebekah says:

    “Genuine submission…. Glorious moment”….. Exquisite!! Thank you for your bold example. Tis an honor to stand with one so noble!

  10. lindaksh says:

    Thank you for your transparency and humility. I am in awe of the hand of God displayed through you, and Sapphire, … and old Plumbline.
    Godliness with contentment is great gain. Amen and amen.

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