Scorecard for the Week of June 1st

I am writing this on Thursday evening because I already know that Friday is mortgaged from 7:15 a.m. to about 10:30 p.m.  Nothing will get written tomorrow evening!

The focus of the light prayers this week was for God to show me “the things God wants to give us to do a new thing in this new season.”

On Wednesday (Wow, was that just yesterday?) God showed me a piece of my birthright that had been twisted by the enemy in the generations.  It was quite dramatic and the twisting was swiftly dealt with.  This one truth will have implications for all the rest of the decisions I make this year.

That was one form of revelation – direct word from the Lord in the context of focused time with a prayer partner.  It surfaced unexpectedly while we were looking at other things.  God answered your prayers very specifically.

I am traveling most of this week.  On Wednesday and Thursday I worked with the pastors of a couple of different churches exploring the intersection of their land dynamics with their leadership dynamics.  Both churches have been on a rocky road for the last few years.

The two situations were worlds apart, but both involved discerning both the defilement of the land and the treasures thereof, then figuring out the “so what” and how that “so what” was affecting the leadership.

It involved a large amount of diagnostic work for both land and the history of the organizations, then weaving the data together to get a cogent picture of where God was going and what the devil had been doing to disrupt the Kingdom agenda.

It has been a long time since I have done much diagnostic work on land at that level and a very long time since I have worked in the context of church struggles.  I was quite surprised at how clearly God moved in both situations and how much I enjoyed the synergy between the land and the people issues.

In the years since I was doing a LOT of land work, God has added a huge amount to our knowledge of the land, but I have not walked in it other than a theoretical model.  I was quite surprised at how seamlessly the discernment flowed after all these years.  Normally discernment degrades quickly.  If you are not using it regularly, you lose your touch.

I consider it a gift from God to have those resources working sharply.  It was revelation in a different way.  God put me into a problem where He showed me what He had already given me that I didn’t know about.  A fun discovery.

On the way back from the two church scenarios, I was briefly on the phone with a young entrepreneur.  I don’t normally consult with start-ups, but this was a special situation.  She had a question about a personnel problem, so I tossed around some ideas, then changed subjects and asked about her tag line, logo and website since she had none of the above, but would be meeting with a web developer soon.

We only knew a couple of things about her business so far.  It is one of the new hybrids that seem to be popping up all over.  The business model is a for profit business on the surface, but the engine that drives it is a ministry vision.   It is a bit like putting a souped-up Corvette engine under the hood of a Ford F150.  It makes for an interesting ride, to say the least – especially for a first time entrepreneur!

The other bit of data we had was that this new business had the social DNA of Diamond (AKA redemptive gift of Exhorter).

With that, I gave her a couple of ideas for an Exhorter logo then urged her to look at her design and her passion to find the tag line which should be an expression of her passion, not something based on customer need or desire.

I hung up, got some gas and got back on the Interstate.

Shortly after I crossed the border into the Teacher state of North Carolina, God spoke.  It was not a suggestion; it was an order.  The tag line would be about “. . . the Elegance of God.”

I called “Sally” up again and told her that, then suggested she go looking for the verb:  finding, living, incarnating, pursuing, expressing, reflecting, etc.  God chose the subject; she got to choose the predicate.  I hung up.

She called back shivering with excitement from the intensity of the presence of God on her.  Her business/ministry would be about “Pursuing the elegance of God.”

And then there was an eruption of revelation from the Spirit of God partnering with the gift of the state and for the next couple of hours, the ideas flowed from me like a river while I drove on autopilot.  (Lord, my angel needs hardship pay for today’s assignment.  He was magnificent at traffic control).

For “Our Vision” page there will be something like this.

“What facet of God do you love and seek to understand more?  His redemption?  Christ as the Bridegroom?  The power of God?  His tender loving care?

“What themes have you been taught the most?  The wisdom of God?  His justice?  His Father-heart?

“Have you ever considered the elegance of God, or heard a sermon on His elegance in our midst?

“Neither have we!  So here is our beginning effort at pursuing the elegance of God.

“It abounds in the created world.  A snowflake under a microscope reveals God’s elegance.  An eagle soaring is elegance incarnate.  A unique sunrise splashed across the canvas of 100,000 miles of sky is elegance in a thousand shades of motion.

Out of that came the idea of using a hummingbird as her logo.  She will study the dozens of different kinds and decide whether to go with the ruby colored ones or the blue-green breeds.  This will in turn define the colors of her website.

Each section of her site will showcase a different kind of elegance:  birds, sunrises, coral reefs, microscopic dynamics of life, etc.

After two hours of non-stop revelation, we finally hung up and spent some time individually savoring.

I was quite shocked.  I have talked for years about building websites that express the social DNA of the company and have seen some basic attempts in that direction, but this was vastly beyond anything I had ever envisioned.

So there was another kind of light shining this week and that was using Teacher land to reveal to me what God had placed in my spirit long ago.

I knew I was fascinated by the marketing aspect of the redemptive gifts and have tried with minimal success to interest marketers in the idea.  I had no idea that it was not just a marginal bit of interest in me, but a deep deposit of the life of God.

So I sit here on Thursday night, late, weary, amazed and wonderfully confused.

God has sent His light to reveal my light so I will be fruitful and not barren.

-I have learned about a key facet of my birthright I had not known about heretofore.

-I have learned that while I wasn’t looking, God has turbocharged my land anointing and coupled it with insight into team dynamics to produce a very different frame for looking at leadership styles and decisions.

-I have learned that my passion for redemptive gift based websites is immense and close to the core, not on the periphery of my design.

For all that, I still have no idea what I am supposed to be when I grow up, but it bodes well to redefine the word “hybrid!”

Thanks for praying.  You were stunning in your effectiveness.

Thanks also for your patience.  I have spent so much time watching my light come alive under the light of God that I am now 93 e-mails in debt, and I sure won’t be digging out on Friday!!!

Copyright June 2014 by Arthur Burk

From my Mercy land retreat



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12 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of June 1st

  1. Audrey says:

    I was fascinated to hear of how God spoke as you crossed the border into the Teacher state of North Carolina. Lately I have been pondering as to why I have such an affinity for NC and the people there. I was born in Charlotte but my parents moved to Virginia when I was about 6 weeks old and I grew up here in Hampton, VA. I currently live in Chesapeake, VA about 15 minutes from the VA/NC line. This past year I have felt such an even stronger pull to NC but I don’t know why. I have only been introduced to your material concerning the spiritual aspects of land during the last three years and it has really helped me pray and bring cleansing to our home but especially to our 99 year old church property where my husband and I pastor. I find it all very fascinating and liberating because so many things that I have felt or suspected have been confirmed and/or explained. Thanks again being a pioneer and exploring those places where no one else dares to go! By the way I really love the idea of the Elegance of God. I only wish that I had thought of it 🙂

  2. Shirley says:

    Thank you for sharing the details as much as you did about this business. That hit such a chord in me. That has been my desire to have a business for profit that was really for ministry. I was able to do that for a few years but had to close it in 1994 and do miss it. Loved how all that went together for you. Encouraged me to keep seeking the Father for what He might want me to do in this way again. Will continue to pray for you, the revelations are wonderful!

  3. DAWN says:

    Your welcome!

  4. Irina Rivera says:

    My spirit kept at how the Teacher gift “revealed what God has placed in (your) spirit long ago”. I’m awed by that. I’m reminded of when my Servant portion told me that my Teacher portion needed “well worn shoes” – shoes that had been around for a long time, molded to my feet – bringing the Good News.

    The other leap was “elegance of God”. I’m rereading the book of Daniel and that is how he looks to me: a man of elegance. He always responded with great humility and respect but never floundered in speaking the truth. What a lesson for today in our culture.

    How beautiful it is to see your Design come alive! So many layers – I love how so often it takes you by surprise. Surprises are a great kind of gift:)

  5. phyllis says:

    This is truly inspiring. It led me to remember, God made the world as an elegant dwelling for us, not us for the world. It will take a while to ponder the word “elegant” in conjunction with God. We have moved away from “elegant” living and made casual our clothing, our speech, our homes and even our gathering places for meeting with God. We have moved away from formal dining to fast food. If taken a step further this is an eye opener for me. We have made things of God so casual that we have lost humility or reverence (the right kind of fear of God). If I ponder it, I wonder if I would be so casual in appearance or the meal I might prepare if “important” company were coming to my home. I know that I would fuss and search for just the right food, tableware, music, aromas and even what I might talk about. Picture hosting a president?!! In third world countries, the people who host the servant of God, always give their very best for the one that brings good news.

    I think about the old “classic” movies. The characters dressed either formally or elegantly. Putting on their best every day. A man would court a woman and be dressed in a suit. He wouldn’t dream of showing up in what he would wear to do his gardening. The women seem to be dressed in flowing, elegant attire. The impressions on the outside came from desires on the inside. Have I given up seeking the “treasures” (diamonds) of my God and settled for the casual approach?

    We live on a bluff overlooking several acres of wetlands and then a stream and woods. Oh how I have become blind or “unseeing” of the beauty at times. I somehow take for granted the amazing and “elegant” landscape painted by God for me to “know” Him.

    Something about “elegant” is inherently slower. One must be still, savor, ponder, dwell on, take in, experience through the 5 (6) senses, all that God has provided. Just sitting in a chair and looking for minutes to hours at the scene before us, must lead to our God being elegant. That then makes it a given that He is also “extravagant”. The facets of the landscapes shining like the facets of a diamond. The more facets, the more sparkle.

    The best part of my spirit getting the tip of this iceberg is that God is so vast we will never know ALL of Him for eternity. Knowing as I search for treasure, there is even more . . . .

    As a child, it seems as simple as going into a berry patch and finding a few berries. Then as you search a little more and a little more, you hit the “jackpot”–only to find there’s even more just beyond. No end in sight—can’t get enough.

    Thanks for inspiring the truth of this word–“elegant”. Since we are all royalty, I think it is good that we become familiar with our King and our surroundings.

  6. Dvorah R.G. says:

    Any chance you might post a link to that website someday? Am on tiptoe to see the result of that vision. Sounds gorgeous, and I’m sure it will be a life-giving experience to visit such a site. Rejoicing with you!

  7. Rosemary Williamson says:

    Utterly captivating and astonishing! We don’t even hear the word elegance very much any more, and certainly never in relation to God. Your post made my heart sing, really sing! I often come away from first reading, overwhelmed and a tad confused and it takes several re-reads before I grasp the concept. Not saying that I fully ‘get it’ this time, just that my spirit is lifted by the beauty and joy you have shared!

  8. Pamela says:

    I love this! Love love loved reading this post. I think I’ll read it a dozen more times at least. Can’t stop smiling for you.

  9. Dayle Hooker says:

    Wow – what a week. Thank you for being so transparent and also modeling for us a lifestyle to aim for, that of partnering with God in all that we do. The results are amazing.

  10. Rosa says:

    Elegance of God…this captured me instantly,since the theme I have been taught about God is ‘correction’. ‘Elegance’ has long captured my attention, I am in the process of capturing elegance on camera and putting together a slideshow, to a most elegant piece of music that I have yet to determine. I will try and wrap my mind around God as elegant. Wonderful revelation!

  11. K8 says:

    Such great news! Thanks so much for sharing all that you choose to share.

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