Scorecard for the Week of June 8th

Humor me please, as I ask a personal question.

I continue to be amazed at the fact that around a hundred people are willing to invest time and effort into praying for my journey every week.  What about the other side?

Do you emotionally “own” the victories when they come?  Do you personally find fulfillment as you see the connection between what you prayed and what God did here in my life?

If so, you should be exultant today since you nailed it.  In fact you nailed it fast and hard.

At 6:56 a.m. Monday, I received the picture of where I am in Scripture.  It was the story of Mary and Joseph in the stable in Bethlehem.

The point is that their world turned upside down.  They obeyed God and suddenly things changed outside them that made walking out their assignment seem nearly impossible.

Yet, the awfulness of the stable did not in any way change the original calling.  Even though God did not explain Himself, in His silence they did exactly the right thing which was to go forward with life, being pushed around by the cultural realities of the hour, without rejecting the original calling.

So the message to me was this:  things are OK.  Even though the external world has changed, my calling has not changed, and I should be focused on staying the course through this season.

It was a very emotionally solid for me.  Both the process of YOUR prayers being answered with a clear Bible story, and the product of a story I could understand, landed well.

The short version is that the alternative options I had been looking at were snake oil.  I will ignore them and stay on track with what I have been doing for a long time.

On Tuesday, God took me back to my childhood on the Amazon.  One of the realities of birth in the jungle was that many babies died from tetanus seven days after birth as a result of the unclean tool used to cut the cord.  We grew up with a keen awareness of all the places one could get tetanus, such as horse manure.

If I hurt myself playing with the guys and was bleeding, Dad’s first concern was that I might have been infected with tetanus from the contaminated soil.  We learned that whenever there was a wound, our first response was to enhance the bleeding, using our own blood to flush out any possible contaminants.

So the idea of birthing a baby in a stable, surrounded by who knows how many kinds of manure and how many other germs than tetanus was pretty awful to us as kids.

God reminded me of that and pointed out that He was fully up on the topic of infections, knew that humanly speaking both mother and baby were at risk for their lives, but that He did brinksmanship with ease.

Message to me:  chill out about the risk factors of the current situation and carry on with what needed to be done.

Throughout the week, God kept reinforcing the need to stay focused and keep moving the ball the best I could in the current situation.

There was one big soft spot though and that was the abundance of words we had received about a big lurch, a new thing, etc.

While the Bethlehem picture was quite settling in saying I did not need to reinvent the company or do anything drastic, the words were still there.

Later in the week, God gave me a second picture which was of the wise men coming to the house in Bethlehem. This was undeniably a huge change in their lifestyle, as was the subsequent trip to Egypt.

God’s point is that when the lurch comes, it will not be the result of anything I have done (except to stay on task), and it will be undeniably from God.  No need to worry about deception.

So by Thursday, the message was distilled.  “Stay focused on the game at hand.  Move the ball the best you can at present.  Don’t get distracted.”

There was nothing Mary and Joseph could do to understand the mess in Bethlehem and there was little they could do to change the story line.  But in the end, that little blip on the screen was essential for fulfilling some prophetic words, and it was eclipsed by all that went before and after.

Likewise, here, God is doing something that has a much bigger frame around it than I can see.  I will struggle a bit, will not be able to significantly change the story line but need to go through it without getting distracted by the dynamics.

Feels solid.

In other news, the work you did on the spirit of jealousy seems to have made a big difference.  The wet blanket was lifted off several areas of our company this week and it was delightful.

And I can really see how the focus on the Ammonite Curse was essential for me to be able to embrace the next shift.

On Friday God sent me a gift He had sent me a few years ago, that I had rejected.  It was interesting to see the same thing come around again.  The reasons I rejected it before are still there.  The gift is a little rough around the edges.  However, now I can see that there is something quite valuable here.  It might take some messiness before I can get to the treasure, but the treasure is there nonetheless.

Glad I have spent a few weeks marinating in the Ammonite Curse dynamics.

So there we are on a Saturday morning, since I did not get this written last night.  Life looks utterly different from last week.  Clarity abounds.  Intensity moving forward has not abated.  I am quite at peace about the challenges of the road I am on at present.

And I am grateful to those of you who prayed in the clarity this week.  It has lifted a huge load off my shoulders.

Copyright June 2014 by Arthur Burk

From home, early Saturday morning





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19 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of June 8th

  1. Irina Rivera says:

    I remember a prayer request you had a while ago. It was to pray that leaders make the next goal line (right wording?), instead of making the touchdown. It was a prayer of process not product. Now you are allowing us to see the process and even better, join in. It’s a rare privilege. Thank you and go team!!

  2. Nico says:

    Receiving feedback on the victories are awesome! More so are when a new prayer is made available and I realize God has been preparing me to receive or hear from Him in a different way…

    Just 2 weeks ago, when playing a round of golf with my best friend, out of the blue he talks about snake oil – I’ve never heard of the concept or the idea behind it – but he had an in depth knowledge and proceeded to spell out with meticulous attention to detail – emphasizing the point he was making.

    Hmmm, I thought that to be a pretty novel concept.

    Less than a week later, Arthur uses that same analogy of snake oil. Now with the soil in my spirit thoroughly plowed, a deeper message is allowed to take root.

    Celebrating God actively engaging with me to ensure I am receiving the full weight of His messages through His work in SLG – I am stunned and awed at how the Master strategist, our Heavenly Father and King, moves

  3. sandra says:

    Owning the victories is so much a part of being one tiny section of the body of Christ! So often being just one part, I do not clearly see the whole picture, in lifting another up in prayer, illumination comes to both of us. What a God we serve! What a blessing to help another to discover a little more light in an area of their life. What a blessing prayer is to us all!

  4. linzi says:

    Arthur, I have been very blessed to participate in corporate prayer for you and SLG. It has been awesome the number of times I have identified with you in your ups and downs and it has been a great comfort to me to know that there was someone with whom I could identify. Thank you for opening your heart to us in such a way that this 76 year old ex-stoic is being released to open her heart to others.
    I thank Abba for His unique creation in you and your great capacity to “bite the bullet” and endure the pain, so that the sweet aroma of Christ can flow out from SLG to others worldwide.
    At present I am working through your PTSD Album, with a Vietnam Vet., and reveling in learning “to smell the roses.” This is one of His gifts to us and we rejoice in your victories which are ours as well. I am referring to the recent “snake oil” event. Phew! that was a close shave! Shalom.

  5. Amy says:

    In answer to your questions, yes and yes! It has been an honor to pray, celebrate the victories, experience the fulfillment, and sense God’s pleasure throughout this whole process 🙂

  6. Rosemary Williamson says:

    Yes, definitely own the victories, for all the reasons already said by everyone else on this journey with you. And that is the thing, we are all on similar journeys and as has been said, are so grateful for your persistence and courage in forging ahead and clearing the path (must be the jungle kid in you!). I too have accepted a gift I rejected years ago and I am so pleased that Father kept it to one side for me! May you be blessed with more light to your path and even more gifts being offered to you.

    • SLG says:

      Three cheers for God’s tenacity and love in trying again and again to give us gifts we aren’t smart enough to accept the first time!!! Or the second, or the third. . . Sigh.

  7. Pamela says:

    When you write posts on victories, I squeal, shout and try to hi – five heaven because it does feel like a team effort. With so much division and chaos out there, it’s a delight when there’s a victory , but much more so when it’s a friend and I had the privilege of adding something to the bowls before they tipped.

    • SLG says:

      Pamela, that was an intriguing comment. “With so much division and chaos out there, it’s a delight when there’s a victory.” I had not thought of it that way. Well, it is not only a victory, but a team victory, so that should be some earned authority against the division and chaos out there when all of you, from such widely differing backgrounds, with you own items to war for, come together with sufficient intensity to make possible this victory. I am deeply appreciative.

  8. eva says:

    Arthur, your clarity or any light that is Father sheds on what is going on with you always helps in on some level of my own personal struggle, so I do own it but have not been saying so.

  9. nancy says:

    What a great report! To answer your question, I absolutely feel connected with your breakthroughs and your frustrations. That is part of the tension that keeps this prayer partner engaged for your glory to glory journey! I will pray on for you and SLG!

  10. Katie says:

    Reminds me of Jeremiah 29:4-14.
    I agree with all of the others. We all have our own balls to discern how to move but when we can learn from and help another, it helps us focus and get insight also, and have a sense of accomplishment and joy. I see us as a family – we are, in Him. God has given you much and your insight helps brings me life, and probably to others , and also clarity, as you help us gain perspective in times and seasons.
    Bless you!

  11. Jim Powell says:

    For a number of weeks, I have been quiet and watchful about these reports and the Light Prayers. There were so many loose ends and aspects of life that needed defining. The path we were on was fraught with uncertainty. Then, in one week away from home and the familiar stuff, clarity emerged in the form of new relationships in a different land dynamic. The light on our purpose is shifting to something brighter and the tactical design is becoming apparent. The story line may not change much from a heavenly perspective. But my understanding of it has. For the first time in quite awhile, the ball is being moved significantly. Thanks again, Arthur, for breaking trail for us and letting us share in your progress.

    • SLG says:

      You are most welcome, Jim. Glad to put a larger hurt on the devil and to empower sons to walk their journey with more dignity.

  12. Rosa says:

    I delight in your victories, and it is in part because of the way you don’t mind wading through a mess, because of the treasure you see. It gives me courage to embrace the porcupines in my life. And I love how you frame your experiences, just reading them gives me clarity about things in the situations I am in. In some areas ,God has shown me I am merely ‘playing’, and it’s time to be all in. Things may get messy!

    • SLG says:

      Blessings on your “all in.” Bring on the mess and the treasure.

      It is kind of like trading American football for rugby. From the American point of view, football is the roughest, toughest game in town. From a British point of view, American football is merely rugby for sissies.

      Time to quite playing football and embrace a real game. You were made for this, Rosa. You have had a rough life, but it has brought you to a place where you are both tough and lovely. A rare blend. Don’t be protective of your beauty. Go for the treasure.

  13. Geoffrey Whitehead says:

    Yes we own the victories with you as you have definitely helped me understand who I am and I have had to revisit the teaching on my redemptive gift, especially as we move into a new season of business and so too hearing Papa saying stay the course don’t let the enemy distract you from what I have set before you.

  14. Deena Brackett Kelley says:

    Yes! I own the victories when they come! When one hurts all hurt. When one gets victory, all get victory! That is in general. More specifically, you have sown into my life consistently over a long haul. Sometimes generally through the recordings of blessings, videos, teachings, etc. Sometimes the sowing has been more specific and targeted. The blessings for precious daughter run on an ipod player through the night as I sleep consistently. I have little doubt that my spirit was empowered and strengthened so I could keep going back to the Lord like the widow in Luke 18 by that work. How could I not own and rejoice with and for you???

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