Scorecard for the Week of June 15th

The focus from last week’s light prayers was twofold:  revelation on medical issues I am researching and growing me and my team toward the goal of recording the blessings to prevent suicide.

I had great hopes of researching this week, and I spent exactly zero seconds on medical research.  The other capital project we had devoured all the allocated time and bunches more, so I could not fit this in.  I was bummed.

God never missed a beat.  He reached a long way to answer your prayers.  We have a good friend in Ireland who came over for the Sacramento seminar a few months ago.  She and I had dinner, and I gave her a project that has been on my wish list for decades:  research the chemical dynamics of the womb that inhibit conception or enable it.

The surface marker is all the women who are labeled as not able to conceive who do so shortly after they adopt.  The logic trail has been that the sorrow of failure to conceive month after month changes the chemical construct of the lining of the womb preventing implantation after conception.

Conversely, the joy of holding a child that is adopted, sufficiently changes the chemicals and implantation is possible.

That, of course, is what we call anecdotal evidence.  I asked her to explore the topic and see what the scientific data suggested.

She wrote back the following (this week, not before or after)!

“Glands in the uterus secrete substances that they know are essential for conception, survival, implantation and growth of the fertilized egg.  However the endocrine, cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to the regulation of the secretion are not well defined.  In fact there is little known, other than that it happens.  There is speculation on the way the glands develop, but they do know that it begins in baby girls in the womb, but doesn’t become active until puberty.

“Some of the mechanisms that they think contribute to the development of the glands and secretions are:

“Ovary and natural ovarian steroids; insulin-like growth factors; epithelial-mesenchymail interactions (cell interactions); genetic factors; estrogen receptors; growth factors; hormones.

“The actual secretions themselves are made up of a complex array of enzymes, growth factors, cytokines, lymphokines, hormones, transport proteins and other substances.  It is a glycogen rich substance.

“Other than that it was very difficult to find any information on what the actual process was.  There are theories but no concrete studies done that I could find.”

Talk about waving red meat in front of a big dawg!  This project amazingly fits our parameters – a large pain, no answers, no one else working on it, and a substantial amount of Scripture pertaining to this subject.

My soul has not been allowed to allocate 60 seconds to even daydream about where we would start here, but my spirit has slipped its leash and is off having some FUUUUUN with this one, while my soul is stuck here scribbling on the scorecard.

So was that an answer to your prayers?  I think so.  Not the package we were expecting, but definitely some light on where we need more light in the medical realm.

The second request was about the suicide project.  Specifically I asked you to pray that I would grow into the project.  Can’t say that I see any answer to that in my life, although it has been a very multifaceted life this week so who knows what Father did through the mundane stuff of life.

HOWEVER, what He really did was reframe it.  Among the donations to the suicide project this week was one for $2.  I have known this lady for about 15 years and there is so much authority behind that gift.

I will feature her story in the newsletter next week (I hope!).  The punch line is that the blessings project is not just about my authority.  God wants to make this a team project, using the earned authority of all the people who have fought for life and fulfillment in different ways.

Such a game changer.

Now I am thinking in terms of prayer teams with different facets of authority covering the project for the last three weeks leading up to it and then global prayer during the hour or two we are actually recording.

My mind is racing as I ponder all the amazing stories from the people who have donated and the potential for weaving their authority together into the best prayer strategy we have ever had in SLG.  More about that in the days to come, but yes, a solid answer to prayer there.

Copyright June 2014 by Arthur Burk

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3 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of June 15th

  1. Tracey says:

    Concentric circles of prayer teams for the suicide blessings sound like a wonderful idea!

    I also “perked up my ears” at the conception research issue, because this could help my husband & me. We have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years now. God keeps reassuring us that it’s a matter of His timing. Medical science would say we’re running out of time (I’m almost 42), but Papa keeps saying to trust. So we trust.
    The “remember” comment sparked something in my spirit as well. Definitely something to explore there.

  2. Carol Brown says:

    My spirit is doing back flips here in reading about the medical stuff on conception. I heard Dutch Sheets tell of an encounter with a Rabbi in regard to the meaning of the word “remember.” So many scriptures on “…and God remembered Hannah, Rebecca, Rachel, Sampson etc.” and she conceived, Sampson could lift.. Well, it’s about the Hebrew way of thinking in cycles. In Hebrew the word for remember also means “He did it again.” God releases the same power NOW as He did THEN. I can’t explain it like a rabbi could. I just know that if you get hold of a rabbi that he will give you some piece you need.

    Blessings, Carol Brown in Michigan

  3. Rosa says:

    Regarding the pregnancy issue,I wonder what the child’s spirit receives in a situation like that…

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