Scorecard for the Week of June 29th

The prayer for this week had to do with walking into the darkness of Mt. Sinai to meet God in a new way.

It is easy to write the words and to talk boldly about making life changing choices.  But, as an obscure philosopher once asked, “What does that look like on Monday morning?”

The week is a blur.  I worked so hard and fast I didn’t make my usual notes during the week.  And I am so tired this evening, I can’t recreate the week effectively.

I can say that God resurrected several of my past failures, both in the realm of deliverance and in interpersonal relationships and put them in my face again.  I get to walk those paths again to see if there is a different outcome.

So I guess that would fit the metaphor of the thick darkness Moses had to go through on the way up the mountain to meet with God.

On the demonic side – since things move more quickly there – I have seen repeated, though not complete, success.  Some things that had not budged in the past when I engaged them, moved this time.  Yay.

On the relational side, I am walking gingerly through the mine fields.  Can’t say I have achieved anything that even remotely resembles a smashing success in any of the specific relationships, but I have not stepped on any IEDs so far this week, so I suppose that could constitute progress.

Who knew the road to God would involve circling back around my least favorite neighborhoods!

Copyright July 2014 by Arthur Burk

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3 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of June 29th

  1. Sherry says:

    Ug! Some of the same here. I don’t want to go around the same mountain again, but He won’t let up.
    ‘Trust Me as you once did.’ is what He said to me a few weeks ago. Hard for some reason at this point, but Let The Light shine.

  2. Dianne says:

    Hi Arthur …seems that going back to old fights might be more widespread than you think. Battle I thought I had done and dusted has reopened with a completely new facet I had not even thought of, nor had anyone else I spoke to….so. Here goes. Blessings

  3. ruthiespage says:

    Interesting that the first hurricane of the year was this week and named Arthur. Did no real damage but going all the way to Nove Scotia. I haven’t had time to ponder that but found it interesting in light of your week.

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