Light Prayers: 26. Escaping Darkness

John 12:46  NIV  “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.”

This week’s light prayer is as basic as it gets.  Christ came to get people out of darkness.  That is a core part of His mission.  He knows how to achieve that.  There is no deficit in His knowledge of strategy, or His skill set, or His resources.

We are crystal clear that my inability to trust Him with people is a place of darkness in me.  And I am crystal clear that I would like to be as much at peace with His handling of people situations as I am with His handling of my time, money, reputation and other things.

So please join me in asking Christ to drive the darkness out, or to bring me out of the darkness so that His light would shine robustly in the domain of my trusting Him with people.

We will let Him figure out how to do it.  We will simply invoke His mission, coming with a prayer of agreement.

Copyright July 2014 by Arthur Burk

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13 Responses to Light Prayers: 26. Escaping Darkness

  1. Sally Sugrue says:

    Yes, & Amen, I will pray.

    • Gloria Liliana Otalvaro says:

      Tremendo Arthur y amigos …. Jesús afirmó que si dos se ponían de acuerdo en la Tierra, Él estaría en medio de ese pacto para hacer que se cumpliera. Nosotros vivimos en esta Tierra, entonces calificamos!! Hoy nos ponemos de acuerdo y el Sr estará en medio de nosotros y Él procurará que recibamos el resultado de nuestra oración. La palabra acordar en The Amplified Bible es traducida como: “acordar y armonizar juntos, o hacer una sinfonía juntos”. El término sinfonía llamó mi atención, entonces busqué el significado: «Todos los instrumentos disponibles en armonía». Por tanto, su espíritu, su mente y sus acciones deben estar de acuerdo con la Palabra. Sinfonicemonos… una oración de acuerdo rompe el ruido de este mundo al traer la música de la eternidad y hacerla vida en nuestra vida!!! Sincronizados en el espíritu !!! Shalom

  2. phyllis says:

    AMEN!!!!!! With you and for you!!

  3. nita7932014 says:


  4. Katharine says:

    Absolutely in agreement. Personally I feel we have been in this mindset and as a result are isolated. In a time past, when I asked The Lord to get me out of a dark place where trust had been violently torn into shreds and traumatic shattering debilitated me, I asked Him what His Vengeance would look like in the situation. He answered immediately with one word: TRUTH… Which I immediately understood as His Truth, His Perspective, His Light on the situation.

  5. Jan O'Connor says:

    I asked Jesus what lie I’m believing when fear causes me not to trust certain people. His reply, “You’re believing that the darkness in them is greater than MY light.”
    Now I will continue to dialogue with Him as to what made me or when I began to believe that; forgive, repent and finally ask Jesus what He has to say about it – what is His truth?

    • Katie says:

      John 2:23-25
      Tells us that Jesus did not commit Himself to all
      men because He knew what was in man. My
      Understanding is that it has to do with dark things
      Or demonic because we are a work in progress.
      I am learning how to set good boundaries, so as not to
      Shut out good but to shut out bad.i choose to love
      And serve but , with God’s wisdom,discernment,and direction

  6. Paul says:

    Pithy and powerful, Arthur! Thank you for the reminder that the LIGHT has come to evict the darkness in our lives! Praying that I would be as crystal clear about the places of darkness in my life!

  7. Rosa says:

    Peace. That’s what I get from this post.

  8. Katie says:

    You definitely have my agreement here because I’m in the same boat
    and have been for a lifetime
    But I’m in the same process of finding Him in the midst of this, so
    can pray passionately … and I know He will answer because He’s been
    waiting for us to ask.

  9. linzi says:

    Dear Lord, you are the Light of the world, please shine your glorious Light into all of us to expose those areas where we have been unable to trust You, so that we can realise our full potential and fulfill our God given destinies. I give You all the Glory in anticipation and expectation.

    Thank you Arthur for the work you are doing as a pioneer/forerunner. I thank God for the many lessons I have learned and I celebrate the victories I have had as I have studied some of the material you have produced.

  10. Sherry says:

    Thank you for: “Christ came to get people out of darkness. That is a core part of His mission. He knows how to achieve that. There is no deficit in His knowledge of strategy, or His skill set, or His resources.”

  11. Hear! Hear!

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