Scorecard for the Week of July 20th

The prayer focus last week had to do with my bringing light to the Gentiles.  So far as I can see, there was no movement in that area at all.

What did happen is an amazing amount of over-the-top discernment in terms of odd mysteries, most of which I was not particularly planning to work on this week.

Two examples.

Last night was a rough night.  I am not sure what was going on in the spiritual realm at large, but my spirit was so engaged that my soul and body were not allowed to sleep for a while.  So I woke up quite groggy and quite later than usual.

As soon as I was vaguely conscious, I became aware that Father had some things to say about a couple I have known for a while.  They are in deep trouble, have been getting in deeper trouble every year I have tracked with them.  They have mastered every tool I know, used them relentlessly and gotten very little for their trouble.  Quite perplexing.

Today God dug out of my files an odd illustration I use once in a while.  Imagine wandering around a forest and getting bitten by a tick that infects you with Lyme disease – but of course you don’t know it.  Half an hour later, you are in a car accident and break your leg.

The doctor treats your leg because it is the massive, obvious awful intrusion.  A couple of weeks later you start getting some odd symptoms.  The doctor will default to thinking it has something to do with an infection in the leg and will focus all attention there for who knows how long, before he figures out it was not related to the leg.

God said my friends had been bitten by a tick and the problem was not a broken leg.  I carefully screened the five “broken legs” I knew about in their lives, and He patiently confirmed His word that it was none of those.

So then I played the bracket game.  Was the tick bite before this or after that, etc.  We narrowed it down to a small window.

I called my friends up, share the story and within 40 minutes we had a mountain of evidence about who and where and when and how the tick bite came about.  We did some hacking and whacking and sincerely hope we have turned the corner.

This was a “cold case” in terms of decent clues.  They had confessed and repented so much over everything related to the five broken legs they knew about they had to send their repenter in for a complete overhaul.

The broken legs did need some attention, but no leg therapy touched the Lyme disease. Certainly an odd twist to the story.

The other one was even a longer shot.  There is another friend who has been fussing about her hair for a few months.  I normally don’t get too involved in little niceties like that, but I would humored her, cheer her on in finding a solution and then go back to my work.

Well, recently she discovered that the Ruler portion of her spirit was in charge of her hair.  Big surprise.  There was some inner healing related to that, and she felt so much better about her hair.

I was outwardly celebratory and inwardly hoping we could maybe be done with the topic.  No deal.  I happened to talk to her this week about something else and she mentioned that her hair was so much better but just not right yet.

The language she used sounded vaguely like AHS stuff, so I wondered if something like that was in her and was messing with her hair.  I decided to invest three minutes in the process and spoke to the supposed AHS and immediately got a demon telling me it was not going to talk to me at all (although it obviously did!).

I must have been sick with chickenpox the week they taught about demons-in-the-hair in Sunday School, so I was kind of hanging out there.  Didn’t have an app on my cell phone for this one either.

So I gave the varmint some very unambiguous instructions and it reciprocated with some very unambiguous defiance.  We did three more innings of this futility.  The lady was not very happy listening to a rude demon talking through her mouth.

I finally stopped since we were getting redundant.  She managed to retrieve her vocal chords and the associated paraphernalia long enough to tell me she had a vision of some of her hair being twisted together with someone else’s hair.

I immediately remembered what Pastor Paul Black taught me years ago.  He said that a spirit of trauma can lodge in the hair and in the fingernails.

So under pressure I hypothesized that the covenant might be to cause her “life” to be transferred to the bad guy and the bad guy’s trauma should be transferred to my friend’s hair.

I whacked on the covenant for a bit, then addressed the critter with the same old same old, and, joy upon joy, he skedaddled on down the road in the approved fashion.

The lady was a bit shell shocked by the experience but got back to me later in the day saying that for the first time her hair feels like it is her own and she likes it.

Go figure.  Covenants with hair producing demons of trauma.  Not what you all prayed about this week, but there are a couple of happy people out there because of what God did without my pursuing that wisdom.

In addition, there were a couple of insights into epilepsy.

We are testing a new strategy about taming time issues that is still being refined, compliments of our Facebook intercessors.

We had some substantial movement in our Sapphire Europe office on an issue that had been nearly stopped for about six months.  Yay and double yay.

And a bunch of other things happened to boost the excitement level around here.  So who knows why things are happening.  It has been a good week.

On Sunday I will wend my way to the Exhorter continent of Africa.  One would assume I might conceivably come into contact with a preChristian or two in the process of my peregrinations.  I shall be careful not to display my best elevator manners while wending in case this week’s prayers kick in.

For now, I shall take possession of my beloved couch, cautiously moving toward the state of blended vegetation and unfocused emotive worship over the week.  Unless of course, Father wants to discuss Lyme disease or cooties in the hair in which case I will listen up.

Copyright July 2014 by Arthur Burk

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9 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of July 20th

  1. Stephan says:

    Now that you mentioned the RG of Africa, as a continent… Out of curiosity, what is the redemptive gift of the continent of Antarctica?

    • SLG says:

      Stephen, it is Mercy.

      • Stephan says:

        Assuming that the seven continents feature one of the seven redemptive gifts, does that mean that the continent of Australia is not mercy? I’m asking because I know you pegged Australia (the country) as RG of Mercy. It would be beyond fascinating if the only continent with only one country on it, had a different RG from the country that takes up it’s entire landmass.

        Though, I have to admit, I thought Antarctica would be Teacher, considering that the majority of it’s human population are scientists, drawn to the area to study profoundly theoretical questions that cannot be pursued elsewhere.

        • SLG says:

          OK, Stephen. Let’s take it from the top. I answered your last one half asleep and botched it.

          North America, Prophet. South America, Servant. Europe, Teacher. Africa, Exhorter. Asia, Ruler. Australia, Mercy. So by process of elimination, Antarctica, Giver.

          • Stephan says:

            Thank you. That was most informative. Though no less surprising… It certainly doesn’t seem like the typical, richly diverse, Giver nation.

  2. Irina Rivera says:

    You teach a lot on covenants. I’mgoing through the fractal of two series, and it’s there. I can’t remember other specific times (although definitely with generational cleansing) – is there an overall, big picture teaching you’ve recorded? I could re-listen to AHS, maybe it’s there? I ask because I wouldn’t have made the association that the demon had covenant rights, though maybe that’s deliverance 101, and I just need to keep that in mind.

  3. Debbie G. says:

    I imagine this is His timing, and may indeed be a “tomorrow” thing.
    However, really gladdened by your post, that God moved through our prayers anyway. Praise His Name!

  4. cheri says:

    Just wondering if you could do a CD set on this “blended vegetation and unfocused emotive worship” concept – sounds intriguing.

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