Light Prayers: 28. Light vs. Impalas

Psalm 76:4  NIV  “You are resplendent with light, more majestic than mountains rich with game.”

I am leaving on Sunday, the 27th, for three weeks on the continent of Africa.  Due to a variety of circumstances, I have an exceptionally long trip.  I will arrive in Entebbe, Uganda on Tuesday evening.

Andrew Rugasira, CEO of Good African Coffee will meet me there and take me to his home.  He is a social entrepreneur who has set the bar higher than my mantra.  I say, “Measurable, verifiable, sustained change.”

He has added the component of generational change.  “Measurable, verifiable, sustained, generational change.”

Using the vehicle of coffee growing, he has developed a model that substantially upgrades the ecology, the quality of the coffee bean, the economic structure of the communities PLUS the social and physical dynamics of the tri-generational family unit.

I will enjoy catching up on all his adventures.  I theorize ’til the cows come home.  He is actually in the trenches, with dirt under his fingernails, doing the work in a painful, glorious way.

After a day for my body to recover from the indignities of the long trip, Andrew and I will head out to Jinja to a YWAM base on Thursday morning.  I will minister Thursday afternoon and Friday morning then we head back to Kampala.

Mutesa I, the king of Buganda, set aside the area we call Kampala as his royal hunting grounds.  It is a hilly region with abundant water flow which made it an ideal breeding ground for various animal species, especially the impala.

Many governments have come and gone since then, as has the game.  However, the drive to conquer and to play is still strong in the city.  It is high energy from early morning to late, late!  People dream and build and compete and win and lose and dream again.

I am going to be speaking to a few hundred people on Saturday on cleansing land.  Then Sunday I will preach on dignity.  Monday to Thursday I will do some land work with a local team.

Would you pray this week that I would be able to draw the perspective of people from their pain and their dreams to the King of Kings?  Let the light of the King be more majestic than the joys of their mountainous city.

They are coming for tools.  I can deliver.  But if they leave with tools without having seen the King, I will be beyond sad.

As I was preparing for this series of teachings, to my surprise my spirit initiated some turf wars, with different portions laying claim to different teachings.

The Servant portion of my spirit will be presenting the seminar on Saturday about cleansing land.  That seems exquisitely logical.

However, Mercy claimed the right to preach on Sunday.  That surprised me.  I have been studying dignity for about four years and only taught on it once.  The wine has been aging slowly over time.  It has been utterly Prophet’s domain all this time.  Now Mercy will be presenting Prophet’s message.  Hmm . . .

And then the land work team will be directed by the Teacher portion of my spirit.  Fascinating.

Regardless of the topic, the presenter or the pain/dreams of the people, they still need to be captured by the light of the King.

Pray for Him to be seen.

Copyright July 2014 by Arthur Burk

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11 Responses to Light Prayers: 28. Light vs. Impalas

  1. Renate says:

    My response to the Teacher portion of your spirit wanting to direct the land work team, was: Yes of course! As I pondered why, this came: Through land work you clean up and reconcile land to our King and establish his rule over it.
    Our great King bless you and this local team as you synchronize with him to establish his dominion over the land he directs you to.

  2. Sapphire Sky says:

    We are tracking with you. Having walking the lands of Jinja and Kampala, our spirits resonate with your messages, namely Prophet coming through Mercy. We will hone in on eyes being opened to the King. Vision.

  3. K8 says:

    Praying for all of them and you (all). Wow. What an honor to be the light bulb for the King’s glorious Light!! May all your competing components submit in superb unity to the One who so gently knit you together in your mothers womb for such a time as this. You are precious; the people for whom the King sends you are precious; the land is precious and His will happening for generations as a result is precious. Redeeming creation one moment at a time. I love it! Go God through Arthur!!!!! (I flunked cheerleading but feel a bit of a Rah Rah coming! Sorry to all you who hate that sort of thing.) GOOOO ARTHUR!! Oh, and may your exhorter portion be particularly attuned and locked in to the King’s will for your social interactions (could not leave that out!! :] ). Big hugs across the portals of internet, etc!!!

  4. Katie says:

    I feel anticipation and convergence on time.thank you Lord for Your smile and seal of approval upon this endeavor of your son as he presses in in obedience.Show Your splendor Yeshua, as only you can!

  5. sandra says:

    I sense Arthur some major surprises coming! Revelation into some questions you have had that you have even forgotten you have asked Him! What a gift you will be to this land,
    Praying for His Love to shine brightly, catch people unawares, signs and wonders to flow, this is truly a new day with Jeshua. Parts of your dreams are coming together!
    Blessings from Canada! And JUST GO FOR IT!

  6. Irina Rivera says:

    It seems logical that Mercy wants to present on dignity to me, as a Mercy, the image of the King in His Majesty captures my spirit tremendously. His beauty, His ineffable condescension to us while all the time remaining completely dignified – it makes a girl swoon. Sorry, no put down of Prophet, but I’m really excited to think of how Mercy will relate the sweet aroma of Christ our King.

  7. nancy says:

    What a collage of beauty in the coming together of your gifts! I will certainly be praying with you!

  8. Joel says:

    Honored to pray with you for God’s light to be refracted through you in all His dazzling glory, and that the chiaroscuro will bring the deeds of darkness into the light for appropriate action to be taken. And that your spirit and soul would receive from the rich deposit that God has released into our world through Uganda.

  9. ARTHUR , don’t forget to ask the king for spiritual jurisdiction over his land.that simple thing may provide powerful dividends. WISH I WAS THERE, MAYBE NEXT TIME. I found it funny the last time I was in AZ the land of my birth, missionary family heritage , I found myself very sensitive to the Holy Spirit in a way I am not here.I had lots of words of knowledge.I was not sure if it was of some inherent authority in the land that I had there that I don’t have here or IF I merely expected more of Him. LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES. I will pray for you to know what I had.

  10. Emily Malgas says:

    Dear Arthur, we pray for traveling mercies and welcome you to our continent. And although Teacher will direct the land work team, the servant surely will intercede for the land, here out of South Africa. My husband and I visited Kampala a couple of years ago and my heart went out for the people and the land. Go be dangerous, we bless you!

  11. Pamela says:

    It is an honor and a delight to pray this one! Thanks for the opportunity!

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