Scorecard for the Week of July 27th

My flight from Dallas to London was unusual in that I slept for eight hours without waking up.  When I did wake up, God had a download for me, significantly restructuring the training I will give in Tableview a week from now on Shame to Dignity.  Fun.

On the overnight flight from London to Johannesburg, I didn’t sleep a single minute.  Not sure why.  Very unusual for me.

Niell met me and we ran up to his home where I indulged in a long hot shower, some good breakfast and a bunch of catching up on the lives of his and Marie’s four kids.  Then it was back to the airport for the afternoon flight to Entebbe.

I love God’s timing.  We arrived in Entebbe just at sundown.  I was seated on the west side of the plane so got a lovely view of the sky over Lake Victoria.  There is something about African sunsets viewed from the air that is unlike any other in the world.

Jackie Rugasira was out of the country, but her daughter stepped in as hostess and carried off dinner with excellence.  Her mother has trained her well.  Then I tumbled into bed, quite weary.

Wednesday was a recuperation day.  I did e-mails and worked on my notes in between naps.  There was one man who I had met briefly last time I was here and connected with well.  I asked Andrew to see if he was available on short notice.  Amazingly he was and we had a delighted time in the afternoon sharing stories and Scriptures.

Thursday we drove to Jinja.  I went early so we could reconnoiter before going to the YWAM base.  It felt and looked to me like a Mercy community.  At lunch with the YWAMers, a local pastor sat with me.  I queried him and he confirmed many other details pointing to it being a Mercy city.  I appreciated God’s provision of vital data.

The afternoon session was about 25 people in a three month community development course.  I introduced the redemptive gifts of land in an abstract form, taking an hour and a half to do what should take much longer.  The students were from as far away as Germany and mostly between 30 and 60.  They were sharp and engaged and grasped a totally new concept in an extraordinary manner.

After a break we jumped in to try and diagnose some of the communities they would be going to after the training and the flow was good and deep.  We ended the day in a very good place.

I went to dinner with three of the leaders at a lovely outdoor restaurant overlooking the Nile.  The conversation went very deep several times as God guided us to key issues.  One of the men left the dinner fabulously transformed.  He is highly contagious.  It is a pleasure to imagine the tsunami that will be released as a result of the earthquake at his core.

Thursday night the strong man over the region showed up and registered his displeasure over my presence and principles.

Friday morning God showed up at the training session and registered His pleasure over my presence and principles as He visited our training with uncommon grace.  People received deeply in their spirits some truths that were large and new and intense.   There are vocabulary words that will never be erased from their tongue or world view.

We left with a deep sense of awe for what God did and knew of a surety that they had seen the King in a new and unmistakeable way.  All were touched and some were profoundly transformed by the encounter.

The drive back to Kampala was slow but punctuated by grand plans.  Andrew and I were both still under the influence of the Spirit, and we were bold to dream a big dream and to immediately begin to put feet to it.

After a brief respite at his home, we went to a restaurant on the top floor of a hotel and enjoyed observing the city of Kampala from on high while visiting with Patience and Odreck about tomorrow’s event.

The day closed with another savoring of how deeply God moved in Jinja and how effortlessly I was able to flow with His heart for the people.

I am well resourced for Saturday’s seminar on cleansing land.  It is a topic that will be brand new for many of the people coming.  Patience is expecting a few hundred guests.

God will either have to stretch the time or show me how to pare down my message since my passion has run rough shod over reality and common sense.

The core prayer is still that they would be able to see the King in the midst of all the illustrations and principles I share, in the Servant key of music.

Copyright August 2014 by Arthur Burk

In Kampala, where the King has a branch office.

P.S.  Saturday evening.

God absolutely stretched the time today.  I had extreme freedom to say everything I needed to say.  Servant was exceptionally clear in the presentation.  People commented on it over and over.  And people saw the King as never before.  It was a powerful event for many people.

Thanks so much.

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8 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of July 27th

  1. Irina Rivera says:

    Thank you for this update. Sounds like an incredible time! I imagine Servant preparing the atmosphere for the King as a clear explanation is laid out. What joy!

  2. eva says:

    Arthur, amen and aging I say amen to our great King.

  3. WOW. Awesome! Awesome! Love the sharing of the adventure.

  4. Linda says:

    The Lord has placed me in a spiritually dry place in a small town, a U.S.A. desert as a matter of fact, 2 degrees latitude off from Israel. Three years ago the Lord moved me to this territory to tend to and soon plopped a newspaper column in my lap. Ask me if I felt ready. Nada. Even though the Lord had me in intensive training since 2004 writing and rewriting His downloads, I felt unprepared to meet a newspaper deadline every week. Well, I wasn’t ready, but God was and He’s not missed a deadline.

    My mandate from the Lord is to restore to the Bride His truths that has been stolen, ignored, denied reject and omitted. I’ve been here spiritually alone for three years and in desperate need for a sabbatical. I can understand Arthur when others do not approve of your teachings; for I was put out of a church not because I brought my teachings into the church, which I reassured the pastor from the beginning I would not do, but because one certain subject I would write on periodically in my column. God does give me relief at times and to read your newsletter how the kingdom flows so easily is just what I need. Just this year the Lord has hooked me up with a prophet a mile away. We phone every Erev Shabbat, (Friday evening of the Sabbath) restoring and refreshing one another.

    Just a reminder in regards to the Ebola virus in West Africa. Here is a link from prophet Bob Jones on pleading the blood of Christ over the coming viruses.

  5. Tracy says:

    Welcome to Africa! May your stay on our shores be blessed.

  6. LaVonne says:

    Wow, so enjoyed reading about the wonderful things opening up and happening, A rich report, thank you Father for going before Arthur and all of his meetings.

  7. Laurette says:

    Praise Yahweh!!!!! His transformational power and might and glory be manifest this day!

  8. Deborah says:

    Thanking and praising The Lord for this report!!!

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