Scorecard for the Week of August 3rd

The week did not go as planned.  Due to some things outside my control, we did not have the team to do the land work.  This was keenly disappointing to me since this was the primary reason for my coming to Uganda.  Everything else was just filler around the main issue.

I do think that the land in question is a very significant part of the current dynamics in the nation, so it is emotionally challenging to have to walk away from it and leave the enemy unscathed and smug.

During the time there, I invested in people, both teaching groups and having some personal appointments.  The majority of my time with both groups and individuals was focused on building perspective and giving strategy.

I have given the people on the ground some very specific strategies they can use for cleaning up a number of different facets of their culture.

Obviously I won’t be there to do any follow through with personal coaching, nor to motivate people to be diligent in the 100,000 little choices that are required, so I have turned the whole process over to the Holy Spirit to watch over the seed sown.

I have now turned my emotional energy toward South Africa, especially the ministry over the next two days.  I am so looking forward to the teaching about moving from shame to dignity.  Our tools were so primitive for so long because we did not differentiate between shame in the soul and shame in the spirit.

Once I understood the difference between the two, then all the tools we already had in hand could be sorted and applied in slightly different ways for substantially different results.

This will be a firstfruits teaching of this new material in one of my favorite churches in the whole world.  I am on tip toe with expectation over what God might do.

Copyright August 2014 by Arthur Burk

From the Bibvest Lounge in Johannesburg

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3 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of August 3rd

  1. kashannah says:

    Dear Arthur,
    I’m so sorry to hear that you were disappointed to not teach on land warfare to our fellowship group. I feel that what you taught us, all the “fillers” are what we needed at this time. To ask God to make us see what He wants us to see, to shine His light into our lives as individuals on this altar. To clean us up as a team so that we are able to enter into the warfare more equipped.

    The teaching on Authority by virtue which you taught on the 2nd and your own personal testimony..learning Uganda and Kampla’s Redemptive gifts and how to pray for and speak blessings into the nation and the city…for me these were simple yet very deep revelations at the same time. And I believe the time will come to actively engage the enemy and take back what The Lord gave to us, our heritage. And may that time find us ready and girded for the battle.

    I hope your time in SouthAfrica has been productive, and pray The Lord to renew you daily for His service.


  2. Rosa says:

    So sorry about the disappointment of things that didn’t work as planned, but perhaps there was still a good reason why you were there.

  3. Sonia says:

    Praying for you and blessing you today!

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