Scorecard for the Week of August 10th

Our mystery situation with people who are not making choices they know they need to make and say they want to make has not budged.  We are still baffled.  I am still convinced that this is ours to resolve.  We have poured more time and intensity into it using yesterday’s tools (everything we know about warfare and intercession) and have no movement.

I am still on the fence with the big question of whether this is a terrible stronghold that needs intense volume of warfare to break it, or whether it is a new kind of strategy from the enemy and we need a new kind of tool to address it.  Meanwhile, the situation on the ground in that undisclosed location is not pretty.

Meanwhile, in other news, the time in South Africa has been an extension of the time in Uganda – very uneven.  There are private and public encounters that God blesses immensely with His presence and people are able to hear with their spirit.  And there are others where it is just me, nattering away.  Granted, there are lives touched by the information I share in the natural, but it is certainly not in the same category as a visitation from God.

I am acutely aware that I am in a change of season for the ministry.  I will be studying the pattern of the events God graced versus the ones He opted out of to see if I can pick up some clues as to where He is going in this next season, so I can go with Him!

And that produces the huge debate about what to release.  We recorded a lot of material along the way.  Some of the events I already know I will not release.  A few I know are really good.

Today, for example, at the invitation-only businessman’s event, there was great freedom and I will release that one for sure.

That leaves the ones in the middle.  Do I wait until I can capture a better expression of those truths, or do I release these?  Hot discussions shall light up our office in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, I have one more event tomorrow then I get to stand down and let soul and body start the recovery from the marathon.  And yes, I am over 100 e-mails in debt.  I will answer them eventually. . .

One really sweet spot in the week was the seminar on SRA/DID in Eersterust.  It was held in a building that used to be the local clinic, including care for the mentally ill.  A lovely moment of payback and further sanctifying of the land that Freddy and Beth have invested so much into.

Copyright August 2014 by Arthur Burk

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3 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of August 10th

  1. Rosa says:

    You have probably looked at this already,but could it be a mesmerizing spirit? I know people in that state of being, where they want to do something, know what it takes, but never get ’round to it. I dont have that particular issue, but they look at me, and think I am ‘priviledged’, or spoiled, or always get what I go after (not true), however, I tend to bite the bullet and do what it takes to move forward, which makes all the difference.

  2. Mary Lynn says:

    Celebrating the victories with you! and believing that there are many more that are as yet unknown!!! As I read the report about the mystery situation, I seemed to ‘hear’ that it is an old, very terrible stronghold that is now being exposed and we need a new (before unrecognized) tool to deal with it. The stronghold is, however, “a spider’s web that is NO MATCH for a servant’s broom”. !!!! Praying for refreshing, restoring, uninterrupted sleep on the trip home! Thank you for being who you are!

  3. dorisann says:

    Your struggle with the people who are not making choices they need to make and say they want to make sounds a lot like Borderline Personality Disorder. Is there an element of “I can’t do it because of my circumstances” which seems to excuse them from responsibility even though they want to decide? I am not a clinician Judy have seen this a lot. It is kind of self sabotage. Just a thought.

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