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I have decided to stop the weekly “Scorecard” for a couple of reasons.  First, I am running quite lean on time these days.  Second, many of the things we are praying for are long-term issues and we simply don’t see any movement in a single week.

I am also going to stay focused on some of the prayers for more than a week.  The current prayer about light as a seed I find very compelling.  My soul can’t really put into words what it is about, but my spirit is dancing with excitement because we are onto something that is beautiful in Father’s eyes.   So we will keep focused on that for another week.

This past week has been a bit tough as I recovered from my long trip and tried to get back in the game at the office.  I kept it in low gear all week, just trudging along, but there was a pile of stuff that needed to be done.  As of today, Saturday, I am feeling physically back in the game and will engage with life next week in a more significant way.

The primary focus for this coming week will be the notes for the workshop next weekend.  Lots of pictures and group exercises need to be finalized yet.

We have started the process of producing albums from the Africa trip.  I have eliminated a number of the recordings that we are not going to release to the public.

Niell is busy editing the seminar “Growing When You Are Stuck.”  It was the high point of my trip.  I was quite surprised at what I taught and how it landed.  The Lord’s presence was quite intense at times.

Both of the seminars on SRA/DID will be released eventually.  The Servant portion of my spirit presented the one in Cape Town and the Prophet portion did the one in Eersterust.  There is about 50% overlap in material between the two, but the differences are strong enough that we will release both.

I was quite pleased with both, and especially enjoyed the live demo we did with someone’s spirit.  I engaged and legitimized the spirit, then determined which portions were present and which gone, then led in the rescue and restoration of one of the missing portions.  It will serve as a good model for others who are a bit intimidated by the process.

Also, there was a meeting for businessmen and women that went quite well.  We will release that teaching at some time.

Hanna is already working on the design of the album cover for “Growing When You Are Stuck.”  She will have to stop in a couple of weeks because she will be hosting two of the coming seminars and translating for at least three of them.

We will have quite a bottleneck in terms of audio editing and graphic production from now to the end of the year, but there should be some good new teachings on the shelf in the next few months.

That is it for news at the moment.

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8 Responses to Update from Arthur

  1. Zelda says:

    I was fortunate to be present at the teaching in Eersterust on “Growing When You Are Stuck”. It was sacred. It’s a teaching the Body of Christ desperately needs to hear as it brings healing, liberation and demonstrates the absolute intense love our Father has for his children.

  2. Jayne says:

    I am excited at the prospect of listening to the Servant- vs. Prophet-portion-presented seminars! What a gift to have a live demo — incredible learning tool ! Just wondering, when a portion of your spirit takes the driver’s seat in a presentation (which has been anticipated and prepared for long in adavance): Is this (1) a significant soul-initiated process (i.e. determining by your will which portion will be best suited to deliver, after analyzing various factors); OR (2) a primarily human-spirit driven process, of which the soul has understanding in advance; OR (3) a spontaneous process, where your soul does not know in advance which portion will present, but cooperates?

  3. Juanita says:

    Something different but I must write:
    Any single woman keeping themselves pure for a husband: Do not loose hope!
    PLEASE work through the Álbum of sir Arthur: ‘Releasing singles’. That’s info directly out of Father’s heart.
    God removed labels from me (invisible and unavailable) and for the first time in years I have much new hope.
    People actually noticed me today saying I look good and that’s new for me.
    If you have a desire to marry, it’s from the Father.

  4. Dayle says:

    Looking forward to all the new teachings. Particularly the SRA/DID seminar where you are demonstrating rescuing missing portions of the spirit. I have found this applies to a lot of people not just those with SRA/DID so am looking forward to gaining further insight on these tools.

  5. Pamela says:

    Woohoo happy dance! Big time looking forward to the release and implementations of these teachings! Thanks Arthur!

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