Light Prayers: 32. Light of the Morning

2 Samuel 23:3-4 NIV  “The God of Israel spoke, the Rock of Israel said to me: ‘When one rules over men in righteousness, when he rules in the fear of God, he is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning, like the brightness after rain that brings the grass from the earth.’”

The news these days highlights governments more than usual.  There are predatory governments, paralyzed governments and everything in between.

Rarely do we read about exceptional governments that routinely enhance the well being of their nation.

Lamentably the same is true for religious government.  From the house church to the bishopric, forms of church government vary widely.  Few are celebrated for their effectiveness.

One man rules over another in business also, often poorly.

As a result of your light prayers this year, my tent pegs are being moved and my sphere of influence is increasing dramatically.  Any increase in opportunities swiftly tests the resources within me.  Are they sufficient for the task before me so I can rule effectively in righteousness?

Last week I faced a demon in someone that was fairly savage to them on its way out.  Power to expel a demon is one thing.  I had it.  Power to rebuild the life afterwards . . . ?  That was a stretch.  For Jesus, it was easy.  He just reached down, lifted the shattered person to their feet and restored them to wholeness.


I was stretched to bring restorative power to the game that was equal to the evicting power.

We did a weekend workshop for people who were stuck.  It was messy.  I was reminded of Joseph and Mary and Jesus.  Nazareth.  Shame and pain.  Census.  Bethlehem.  Stable.  Birth.  Hasty exit to Egypt.  Survivor guilt when hundreds died because He escaped.

Messy.  Really M-E-S-S-Y.

Oh, and Gabriel appearing in person, and Elizabeth prophesying, and shepherds blown away by angels, and Magi coming to a poor man’s house with rich man’s gifts.

God inhabits messy.

And He did last weekend too.

Those who came to the workshop had certainly been rained on.  They fit the bill for the latter half of the verse.

They were quite messy.  That is actually why they came – their messes were beyond the palliative care afforded them by denial.  One hundred messy people in the same room.

The “LAX syndrome” was also present on steroids.  Grrr . . .

And time was a mess.  Badly.  No matter what we did, there was a disconnect from God’s time that was so severe it even affected our team offsite.

We got whipped.

So did the devil.

Lots of people got a hug from God.  Some even got a road map out of their messy swamp because there was light in the midst of their personal rainstorm.

God still inhabits messes.

And expects me to preside over messes with skill – to “rule over men in righteousness . . . ”

This week is preparation for the two weeks in Europe with four aggressive seminars on the public calendar and a whole lot of other stuff on the side.

Hanna and Serina have worked with intensity to be sure every single thing there is impeccably orderly.  Neither the Swiss nor the Austrians are known for messes after all.  They are passionately committed to my being the light of sunrise on a clear day.

Ah, but people are coming from those two nations, plus Germany, the UK, the US, Australia, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and probably more.  And where there are people, order is at risk.

So pray expansively and intensely that the way I prepare my spirit and soul this week will result in a rule of righteousness in the following two weeks.

Then start all over again and pray that blessing for all the rest of my life.  Let my rule always be life giving light, whether I am ruling over a clear, orderly process or a mess that is being rained on.

Let my rule bring light because God has increased my righteous wisdom beyond my current borders.

Copyright September 2014 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, once again.



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14 Responses to Light Prayers: 32. Light of the Morning

  1. Hello there – I have just joined up and am already blown away. Where do you suggest I start in your literature as it seems there is a LOT of messy yet to be cleaned up but recently had an amazing Terraforming prayer app in Cape Town, South Africa which has me hungry to know my Heavenly Father so much more than He has already revealed. Many thanks, in love with Jesus, Lizann

  2. Russ F. says:

    Re: LAX: If I remember right – there was one terminal that is consistently poorly organized/not flowing well. It sounds like the lack of awareness of impacting the space and flow of others is airport wide? Just wondering….

    • SLG says:

      Terminal One is in a class by itself with bad flow. I don’t fly out of there more than once a decade so I don’t know whether it is bad management or negative 6th head. Airport wide, the lack of awareness is present.

  3. Christine says:

    Arthur, what is the “LAX syndrome”? I know that you have talked about the spiritual dynamics at LAX before, but I can’t remember where that information is…

    • SLG says:

      People at LAX seem to be clueless about space and how their use of space impacts others. This is where you will find the college sports team sitting cross legged on the floor in a big circle, nearly blocking the entire concourse. Or three people strolling down the concourse slowly, blocking all the frenzied travelers behind them. Or a packed boarding area and individuals sitting in one seat and putting their luggage on two seats next to them.

      I have been in a lot of airports but LAX takes first prize for making people totally self-absorbed about their space, and clueless about how negatively they affect others.

  4. I continuously marvel at the God of messy. Just recently was reading the story of Jacob and it could have made a reality show best seller! It is a privilege to join in praying for this facet of light to express itself in and through you.

  5. Carol Brown says:

    Praying that the Lord grant you increased capacity so that you can contain all that He pours into you, so that you have abundance and overflow and plenty of capacity to rule in righteousness over the mess.

    Blessings, Carol Brown in Michigan

  6. Paul says:

    Reading about these seminars is making me really eager for November!!!! Awed and grateful for your willingness to deal with the messes, Arthur; and so thankful to the Father for the way He is increasing your rule of righteousness.

  7. K8 says:

    Wow. You got it.

  8. That’s a lovely prayer you have offered. I agree with heaven for the plans to which He has appointed you.

  9. Sonia says:

    Arthur, I will joyfully lean into prayer for you. You are the first man, fist prophet, first teacher, and first mentor that fulfilled the need and feel for a righteous leader. Father has taught me so much about righteousness through you, your teaching and blessings. Honoured and thankful to lift you up here with an investment of Awe files.

  10. eva says:

    Arthur, its done, I will gladly pray this for you and for myself. After leaving a ministry that takes great pleasure in ruling in the darkness of unrighteousness you are a prince among men. I will also be praying this for my self, for while I only minister to a few messy people at the jail, my desire and prayer have been that I be a life giver and do no more harm to these already broken pre-
    Christians. So, thanks again.

  11. Mercia Matthee says:

    Dear Arthur

    I attended the ‘stuck’ seminar in Pretoria, South Africa. What an absolutely amazing seminar that was. THANK YOU!!!

    My friend told me about your seminar and I have never heard or seen any of your teachings before. Wow! Wow! Wow! What you say is so extremely real and true that it almost seem untrue because I have not heard anyone else’s teachings with that much ‘fathering’ – and I LOVE it!!!! I have not heen the same since you told us that feeling ‘stuck’ is an eyesight problem (amongst many other very awesome truths). I could hardly wait to share all my notes with my husband when I arrived home that night. I shared my notes with my husband until late that same evening and continued all day Sunday. He was so surprised at how awesome the teaching was and most excited to hear he might be a soldier after all (he always dreams exactly the same dream about a battlefield – and he’s had the exact same dream since he was 7 years old. He could never understand why every now and then he dreams the same dream about him in the battlefield). We are both extremely hungry for more ‘fathering’ and will definity attend your seminar in November!!! Yeee!!! Really looking forward to it!!

    Even though we still have a lot of homework to do, we’re getting there – slowly but surely 🙂 After your ‘stuck’ seminar I realised all over again how much God loves us. I am almost ashamed that I’ve never even heard of the ‘land blessings’ and ‘spirit blessings’ etc. I understand now what scripture means with: we don’t fight a physical war but a spiritual war – and God loves us so much that he’s given us all these tools and I am ashamed that I haven’t used them in my lifetime. I have a lot of catching up to do! Me and my husband are working through your teachings that are so inspiring – it has helped us a lot with thing’s we’ve been struggling with. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

    You are an angel! Thank you for being a vessel that God uses to teach so many people hungry for the real truth – wanting to be equipped for the real war. We pray that your strength be renewed every day. It’s hard work to minister to one spirit – I can just imagine how empty your glass must be at the end of the day when ministering to many spirits. May God always keep your glass full!!! You have ‘fathered’ us into becoming better people and soldiers in training. We are really looking forward to continue with this bootcamp 🙂

    Have a very blessed day!!!

    Warm regards,
    Mercia Matthee

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