Update regarding the Europe Trip

I am back from Europe, reasonably past jet lag and have even found the surface of my desk and can see the bottom of my inbox.  Heroic achievements, both.

I had forgotten about the light prayer from the beginning of the month, so reread it today and was deeply moved at how often that prayer was answered.

The trip was quite uncharacteristic of my usual way of doing things.  The teaching times were much more interactive than my usual seminar style.  In the course of Q & A there were literally dozens of short explanations that were customized to the individual and brought great life to them and the rest of the group.

These are familiar experiences for me, and I enjoy them, but am not accustomed to having so very many of those through one session after another.  It was an example of your prayers being answered.

Beyond frequency of good pictures, the increased power of God was very evident throughout the trip when it was needed.

In one public ministry session I expected to deal with a simple label on someone’s spirit, and it turned into a complex, intense deliverance in an area where I had no previous experience.  God gave me legal language that was so profound I will be writing up a teaching article in our next newsletter since other people need it.

During one lunch time I sat with a timid engaged couple.  They had wanted to talk to me earlier but didn’t know if it was proper to just occupy empty seats at my table.  So I formally invited them to join me.  We swiftly drifted into the subject of design.  I had the freedom to point out that their individual designs were such that they could never have a stereotypical marriage, but if they had the guts to walk out who they really were, they could have a highly unusual, really spectacular marriage.

There was uncommon grace to be able to almost immediately get into deep issues with them and to speak calmly about things that were very challenging and to know that those truths were landing deeply.  The rain of that discussion will bring forth brightness in their lives.

At another lunch, I had a one of the students describe in three minutes a situation in her life that was classic AHS.  I had a choice.  Engage or punt.  I went for it.

Without giving any theological background, I simply asked (through a translator) if the “other spirit” in her would talk to me.  Over the lunch table, with her friend watching the whole thing, we did a swift and somewhat dramatic deliverance.  She wrote today that her life is transformed.  Good rain.

Quite unexpectedly, I was pulled into a pretty complex land cleansing project.  I ran into some things I have heard about from others, but never experienced personally.  My team was gimpy, but the grace was there and cleansing was effective.  It was quite the adrenalin rush along with some complicated legal work, but it worked and that is the bottom line.

A spiritual elder in the community was hospitalized with an immediate death sentence on him.  I found a way to pry some time out of the schedule and went to see him.  He is certainly a kindred spirit.  God gave some unusual strategies for his spirit and body.  He left the hospital the next day and has been teaching at his institution since then.

Along the way I was unexpectedly pulled into an argument with a demon who did not want to leave.  I had dealt with every legal ground it could have, but when I challenged it, I got back a defiant answer that it still had one more legal ground and I would never find it.  God gave me a wonderfully concise strategy for dealing with legal ground that I didn’t know about, and that smug bad boy is somewhere else today.

So throughout the trip, God moved with power.  Where I was responsible for the situation, there was authority and power to deal with the issues, both in deliverance and healing.

I am grateful beyond words for your investment in that specific verse this last month.

Copyright September 2014 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, joyously.


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15 Responses to Update regarding the Europe Trip

  1. Amy says:

    I smiled the whole time I read this!

  2. kambani says:

    when even lunch becomes a pain point for the enemy, what glad tidings. epic firstfruits. I imagine there were many moments up in heaven where Father, with a dancing twinkle in His eye, nudged the rulers & authorities and said, ‘watch, my son.’

    may your dominion increase Arthur. be superabundantly blessed with gladness of heart and a killer right arm.

  3. moonsun says:

    Thank you Arthur for sharing those glory stories!. Now I am wondering when you might be visiting Atlanta…

  4. Noeleen says:

    It seems that you worked well together as a team and that you made a lot of connections with people – many of them temporary maybe but still real. Kingdom effectiveness. Joy for you?

  5. nancy says:

    Fantastic report! Good, good, good!

  6. Jayne says:

    Thank you for sharing the synopsis of your ministry trip! I am on tip-toes awaiting the details to come!

  7. Rahel says:

    I was blessed being able to be part of two seminars, one in Switzerland and one in Austria. It was so great to listen to your insights and concepts not only through recorded teachings on cds and youtube and to be part of your interactive ways of doing seminars. I just loved it and tried to pick up everything I could take in.. As we use to say in Switzerland “there was a lot of flesh around the bone” (know you American guys this saying?) – with this I want to say that it was a rich meal, in spiritual way of meaning 🙂 ..oh yeah, and thanks a lot for the really inspiring lunch time conversation…

    • SLG says:

      Thanks Rahel. It is a new saying to me, but I understand it. As I child, no one at the table wanted the chicken wings. Give us a thigh. Lots of meat on the bone. And I very much enjoyed picking on you several times during the seminars!

  8. Rosemary Williamson says:

    Fabulous testimony! We also had a remarkable transformation after discovering an AHS (and his brother!!! ) had attached to my husband when he was a child. The sending on of same has led to unbelievable transformation, not just for him, but for me, as I don’t see the person I didn’t like anymore. Look forward to hearing more of the teaching from the trip.

  9. K8 says:

    Rejoicing. Words seem dim and frail.

  10. eva says:

    Arthur, I love it when Father does the unusual. Rich Blessings to you and thanks for sharing.

  11. dorisann says:

    Wow. Amazing fruit. Love the strategy with the AHS. Looking forward f to the newsletter. Thanks Arthur. As always I am inspired by how God works thru your simple trust.

  12. Carla says:

    Thank you for sharing! I am moved. I am also looking for and needing that article on labels. Can’t wait!

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