Light Prayers: 34. Sweet Light

Exodus 35:28 AV  “And spice, and oil for the light, and for the anointing oil, and for the sweet incense.”

In terms of my last light prayer, there has been no shift.  The cadence is still intense.  Spiritual warfare still intrudes relentlessly.  God’s grace is present for me to grow on the run, and there is an overflowing abundance of new revelation which comes so rapidly, I cannot even capture it all.

Nonetheless, Teacher is still sad and is waiting on the sidelines like a member of the special teams, hoping he gets some playing time some day.

I have been intrigued by God’s continued pushing me away from authority-based warfare into power encounters.  It is certainly nothing at all intentional on my part and is clearly fiercely intentional on His part.  Not sure where this is going or why He is taking me down this road, but it is clear that this is a “muscle” that can and does grow, when exercised.

So like it or not, I am going to the “gym” of the battlefield with monotonous regularity, and my flavor of engagement with the enemy has changed a lot.  I was mildly amused when I was doing some territorial work recently.  As I was introducing myself to the dark realm, one of them interrupted curtly and said, “We know who you are.”

Hmmm . . .

It is clear that this is a season.  It is clear that God’s agenda is for my light to shine brightly in the demonic realm.  That was nowhere on the top 500 items in my dream list of light prayers in January, but that is where we have ended up.  My brand recognition in the dark realms is improving.  Can’t you just see that line in my resume?

It has been hard.  It is certainly unwanted by my soul.  It is definitely God; therefore, I defiantly say that it is good.

HOWEVER, there is a down side that rubs.  A warrior is by definition focused and intense.  I believe that is why God directed the Hebrew warriors to stay outside the camp for seven days after a battle, so their souls could chill out and the colonel could become daddy again before meeting the kids.

Works for them.  Doesn’t work for me.  My days are so rapid fire with switching from warfare to writing to admin to healing to diagnostics to warfare to writing.  I don’t enjoy the segmented days but am quite used to it and am able to march to that cadence.  (Although Teacher is looking anxiously at the ten days that are blocked off for single focused study in the near term, hoping nothing intrudes in his ability to go deep, deep, deep in a single topic.)

While my task-soul can adequately adjust to the regular changes of pace, my emotional-soul is not doing so well.

You see, in the past my drive for ministering to people has been deeply rooted in compassion.  In the present, God is developing in me some intense anger over certain demonic structures.  I am more and more understanding Elijah and his hatred of Baal and all it stood for.

This anger at the kingdom of darkness having the impudence to do what they do to my King’s people is a new flavor for me, at least in the intensity I am feeling it currently.

So a common cycle is looking at a problem, seeing what the devil has done, anger at him, a power encounter, freedom, celebration and back to admin or writing.  But my emotions are sometimes still stuck back in the “I can’t believe he had the unmitigated gall to do THAT to HIM” mode while I am involved in an activity that requires my being on the softer side of things.

I find that this whole sector of taking up an offense for God, in His ongoing battle with His ancient enemy, has become a slow burn in the background that flares up from time to time and never goes away.

And that is eerily similar to those years when my own floating cloud of anger was always there in the background, waiting to unleash a bolt of lightning on some unfortunate person.

That is uncomfortable for me.

Hence this prayer focus.  The light in the Tabernacle was to be sweet, not just clear.  I am walking in facets of light that truly surprise me and I am grateful.  But I want it to be sweet light.

This weekend I will be in Stevens, PA for the seminar on Shame to Dignity.  I have taught it in Uganda, South Africa and Austria.  Each time there has been a deeper intensity.  This time will be the final teaching as we attempt to record it.

Please pray that within all of the intensity of my fury against the damage that the devil does to God’s people with the tool of shame, there will still be a deep sweetness to the sound, as the heart of God for legitimacy and dignity will be heard clearly as well.

Copyright November 2014 by Arthur Burk

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14 Responses to Light Prayers: 34. Sweet Light

  1. Joan StPierre says:

    Where in Stevens Pa are you holding the Seminar,my dtr. Lives in the area and is interested.

  2. The tension between the anger at the enemy and the sweetness of the light really resonated with me. We have all encountered people who seem stuck in one mode or the other. I will be savoring the picture of light that is both clear and sweet. Will be praying for this weekend!

  3. matronlpainter says:

    Hello again Arthur – thank you for light prayers for Kellie in South Africa – 24 hours later we saw a complete change of direction. I am impressed by the fact that even the water around the base of the Baal alter was consumed by the fire of God. In the moments of “consuming” it is easy to be distracted by the fury of the fire – stay focussed on Jesus not the fire-results. Blessing you with the strength to see all through to completion as you learn to laugh with God in the face of the enemy’s attempts to flash his “strength”. Our God is an all-consuming fire and all WILL bring to completion the training He is giving you with no fear of being stuck in the fury of the moment. Your new disciple in Cape Town, Lizann

  4. Debbie G. says:

    Will certainly continue to pray!

  5. Rosemary Williamson says:

    Well, I’m sorry life is still intense in view of all the light prayers, but I’m glad we aren’t alone in this! We too have found that we are involved daily in intense spiritual warfare and it all seems to centre around shame and dignity so we are waiting with bated breath for your teaching on this subject to be available! So we bless you Arthur as you continue to stride forward with such intentionality and share your journey so generously with the rest of us.

  6. Colleen says:

    Hi Arthur, I hear your heart in the midst of this new season’s growth. I can’t help but think that He is walking you into the Overcoming victory of a fully mature Son. And that is something to celebrate! The world is groaning, all of creation if groaning for His Sons to take their places. You are finding yours. There was an awesome pic of Jesus cleansing the temple just recently on facebook, a wonderful intensity driving out the evil camped there. Then He would go out & touch the lepers skin, bringing such miraculous healing to body & soul of that person. You have the compassionate foundation already established…now it is time to walk in that victorious place of routing the enemy directly from hidden places. The confirmation certainly is the power encounters that Papa is pulling you into…& the secondary confirmation is that the enemy knows your name, & is bowing down under your foot!! Awesome times Arthur…Overcoming Son of the Most High God!!

  7. Arthur
    I know you want to be nice and sweet, but some people don’t take anything serious unless you engrave it with a chisel and hammer above the doorstep of their lives. Let Father move you with compassion but otherwise don’t fear what your words do God helps people hear what they need to get. WHICH MEANS IF IT IS A HARD WORD, then they will hear a hard word. God sends out His word to achieve, accomplish and it won’t work softness on a rebels hide.

  8. valynda says:

    Just earlier this week was wondering if we would see anymore, Light Prayers and low and behold here sits one in my email box. So very glad to hear from you Arthur and this little teaching is dynamite! Thanks.

  9. K8 says:

    I am honored to pray as it is my delightful work. My spirit leaped as usual, as I suppose it did in others, to see your Light Prayers returned to my inbox. Thank you for being transparent and for asking for concentrated prayer. Your words not only help me tune an ear to what God’s will is for you, but there is an extraordinary Teaching component which comes through as well causing me to receive instruction which I then eagerly take into my immediate world. I feel your light prayers are somehow super charged with good things which ricochet and cause me to touch places in the unseen which otherwise I miss; it’s as though what you need goes right along with what I’m experiencing too: exquisitely uncanny. Plus, I simply appreciate and enjoy the Light which dazzles my way as you put these out there as your weekly points of focus are a joy and relief somehow. With that being said, I will now try blessing you with the imagery which stirs, and I pray it comes across as a tender, powerful blessing which will give you a lurch forward forever. I may not have all the components or portions accurate, but will risk blundering. Please adjust whatever is necessary.

    I bless you, Arthur, when encountering God’s mercy and justice against the work of darkness toward God’s precious sons and daughters, to be in the present fury appropriate for each moment. I bless your spirit to receive all that God means for you to feel, carry, & experience of His emotions in those intense moments. I bless you to fling with ease the feelings right back onto the lap of God and to leave them there until the next time when you’ve finished.

    I bless you, Teacher, to feel the injustice of the enemies work and I bless you to enjoy pondering Isaiah 45:7 and the ramifications: “The One forming light and creating darkness, Causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the LORD who does all these.” May you feel very much a part of all that God is doing in Arthur each moment of each and every day. I bless you to be free to express God’s design in making this process complete & to walk in your design within the context of Arthur’s quick shifting activities. I bless you to feel satisfied in helping him come to emotional closure at the end of each power encounter so he is free to embrace the now of each following activity with its proper emotion.

    I bless you Mercy, to forgo being fraught over God’s wrath and the enemies work but to instead savor His mercy toward His beloved.

    Kate M.

  10. Sonia says:

    Arthur, I am so tracking here it’s not comfortable , it’s intense! I get this anger. I have been uncomfortable to acknowledge it and yet you have captured the language amazingly. The war has been my spirit saying we don’t need more healing, we need to take the enemy down! Thank you once again for being our leader, honest, humbling and truthful. I will rejoice in praying for you! I will stop fighting with myself and go and visit the King to see what my assignments are. Immense thanks Arthur 🙂

  11. Linda Hack says:

    As I read your post I was reminded of my own struggles of balancing between staying compassionate while resisting my natural response to be too harsh against darkness coming from an individual and ultimately crushing them. it came to me that between compassion and anger, it is compassion that is to be dominate, not anger. Compassion moves us to work tenderly to create a change that brings Life in an individual. In God’s case, His anger only comes when resistance cannot be reasoned with. yet He still has controlled anger to be released at the proper time.
    I cannot claim to have such wisdom 🙂

    For me, I feel more balanced when I focus on the Life the individual is fighting for rather than the darkness that is causing their problem. Focusing on darkness is distracting and does not offer me any revelations in how to guide the individual, Jesus did not even acknowledge the darkness that was trying to distract Him from His work. He focused on the freedom the people would soon experience.

    Luke 13:31 At that time some Pharisees came and told Him, “Go, get out of here! Herod wants to kill You!” He said to them, “Go tell that fox, ‘Look! I’m driving out demons and performing healings today and tomorrow, and on the third day I will complete My work.’

    Be blessed….

  12. Daphne says:

    Arthur, can you explain what you mean/how you do a ‘power encounter’ ? I understand the earned authority type of warfare, but you are referring to something different. Thank you.

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