Light Prayers: 36. Light on His Will

1 John 1:5  NIV  “This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.”

The news from Megan is that the recording from the Pennsylvania seminar on Shame to Dignity is not usable.  There was some sort of mystery incompatibility between our electronics and the system on site, and it created a lack of quality that is untenable.  That means I will record it again sometime in the next few months.

The events in South Africa were solid.  The business seminar was well received.  The seminar on the brain went very well, and the three people God had me select from the audience for live demos were a perfect sequence from simple to complex, modeling the different principles I had taught earlier.

The time spent in Uganda also ranged between solid and excellent, depending on the event.

Clearly your focused prayers for light to shine at those events were over the top successful.

I am writing this from London Heathrow, on Sunday morning, headed back.

Instead of going home, I will redirect in Dallas and head to Baltimore, arriving late tonight.

My friend Dr. Clayton Harro died of a heart attack just after I arrived in South Africa.  I will be speaking at his funeral on Monday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Sometime between now and then, I need to hear from the Lord what to say to his business associates and family.  A big need for light.

Tuesday I will fly home.  Wednesday I will offload all my unfinished business – including e-mails – to Megan, and on Thursday I will head out for my time alone with the Lord.

I have known for months that this needed to be a very well executed time apart.  I have set aside four days to decompress body and soul.  Then a week to listen to the Lord.

Often there are clear issues to be explored when I start my annual time apart.  This time there are issues enough to occupy a month of listening, but I have a strong sense that none of the things that are really important to me are the ones that matter to the King.

Therefore, my primary focus will be to listen, not ask, and I am asking all of you to press in for the light of God to shine on my life wherever He wants to shine it and to hold it there as long as it takes to get my attention and force me to see what HE wants me to see.

I have pondered long the time from last year.  God took me to Amman Jordan which is a Teacher city with an immense medical industry.  They do a billion dollars a year in medical tourism from the Middle East and Africa.

From the deposit God made in the land, before people were there, He released to me some kind of significant treasure, and this last year has been defined by amazing insights into the spiritual dynamics of health.  Most of those have not made their way into print or sound yet, but it has been an extraordinary year of revelation.

So . . . my soul wants a bunch of stuff – answers mostly.  And my spirit is committed to letting God be light and letting Him pick the agenda and talk about whatever matters to Him in my life.

Please pray accordingly.

Copyright November 2014 by Arthur Burk

From the Flagship Lounge in London Heathrow, just before running for my plane





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9 Responses to Light Prayers: 36. Light on His Will

  1. Sally Sugrue says:

    I am continuing to pray light for you to see what Father wants you to see.

  2. Phumla Adesanya says:

    My condolences to you and his family regarding Dr. Harro. When I saw his picture I realized that I knew him – in 2003, John Hopkins school of public health provided vaccine clinical research training to my organization and other scientists in Uganda – Dr. Harro was one of the trainers. I remember him as very humble, down to earth and easy to talk to. May his soul rest in peace. May God comfort you daily.
    Phumla Adesanya

  3. Bethany T says:


  4. Debbie G. says:

    Will continue praying for you Arthur as you grieve the loss of your friend, and will pray that Father will be with you, Also praying that the time coming up is fruitful.

  5. Debora says:

    Thank you for these lines, they are beautiful and stirring hunger for the King’s presence and His lead: “…for the light of God to shine on my life wherever He wants to shine it and to hold it there as long as it takes to get my attention and force me to see what HE wants me to see.” I pray along for this to happen in your retreat! Also that you may be agile in your spirit, free to let go and follow Gods light very easily.

  6. Bunmi says:

    Sorry about your loss, I pray that His light will shine on you in all places that He desires, I pray for insight as to what He will have you share tomorrow as well. Blessings on you in all your ways in the season ahead.

  7. Pamela says:

    Enjoy your much deserved respite. Praying.

  8. Dayle Hooker says:

    Praying for you tomorrow and for your timeout with the King. May you be blessed with an overwhelming sense of His presence, may His face shine upon you and keep you in perfect peace. May His light shine upon whatever it is He wants to shine it on for you, and may increased intimacy and revelation flow seamlessly and abundantly over the next few weeks.

    • Hilary McNutt says:

      I would have liked to have sat beside you in Heathrow and heard some of the ‘new’ God has been speaking! Bless your time and stretch your time away. Be encouraged.

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