My Time with the King

For those of you coming into the middle of a conversation, it is my custom to take the first three days of December each year to meet with the King so as to get a score card regarding my performance during the previous year and marching orders for the next year.

In July of this year, I knew that I would need much more time, so I planned to take the last four days of November just to let my body and soul recover so I would be in premium condition for my spirit to engage with Him.  And I booked a whole week in December to just listen.  Monastic escapes are rare enough for me that they are extremely special.

Little did I know that the last three months before December would be frenetic and I would need every one of those four days to dial down.  Obviously my spirit was dialed into THE Spirit in an admirable way when building this schedule with no soul data at hand.

I arrived on location with no drama, eager to see what my digs would be like.

I had spent an inordinate amount of time picking my landing pad for this adventure.  Road warrior that I am, I have developed a deeply rooted cynicism about the whole (non)-hospitality industry.

After waffling for months, I finally made my choice and reserved a room at an independent family owned hotel that seemed well located for the kind of mischief and meditation I had in mind.  I put in place a specific strike force months in advance, praying for that room.  I didn’t want to spend my time in a land cleansing exercise, if you know what I mean.   (Kudos to you all.  Ya done good!)

I was beyond pleased with my choice when I finally saw it.  (The only thing more untrustworthy than a campaign promise is a hotel website).  It turned out to be a Prophet hotel.  There was none of the usual useless frippery that seems to infect the non-Prophet hotels (like wash cloths whose legitimacy comes from having graduated at the top of their class in origami school).

AND the things that do matter were there.  I love having an electrical outlet at desk level so I don’t have to do obeisance to octogenarian dust puppies every time I want to plug in my computer.  And wonder of wonders — they actually use light bulbs in this hotel, instead of the dissipated, depleted, demotivated glow worms that seem to be de rigueur in the modern, world.

Light matters to me.

I settled in with great expectations.

Being a thoughtful son, I had given God a careful overview of how I envisioned the time apart playing out, including some notes about resources He could contribute to make it a successful event.  Being a wise Father, He glanced at my notes, ran them through the shredder and consigned them to the compost pile — along with a couple thousand of your prayers.

It was a great week for compost.

When my four days of physical detox were up, Body announced that it needed forty days recuperation, not four.

Teacher portion of my spirit popped up with a howl of outrage (and detailed documentation, of course) to inform Body in no uncertain terms that he, Teacher, had requested 40 days for his needs FIRST and he had gone through proper channels in filing the request and getting it prayed into by you all.  Therefore, justice REQUIRED that Teacher get his 40 days of refreshment first.

Body’s reply was succinct and unambiguous.  “Tough.”

Thereafter, Body proceeded to make like a playground bully and help himself to viands and somnolence at will, with no regard to clock, culture or convenience.

Or Teacher.

Teacher must have been immersed in studying the diacritical points of Hebrew orthography during the week he was supposed to be in his Overcoming the Victim Spirit class because he became the poster boy for a victim.

He backed down meekly,sought forgiveness from God for his inappropriate anger toward Body, and then stood alertly on the sidelines, ready to quickly (and discretely) appropriate  any scraps of time Body happened to not abscond with.

There were enough of those for Teacher to find great joy, reacquainting himself extravagantly with Kittel’s and Colin Brown while having both my favorite Bible study apps open simultaneously, joyously filling spread sheets and brain mapping software with an abundance of tightly organized data waiting to be digested at some indeterminate future time.

He was exultant when he found what he considers to be an atrocious mistranslation of 2 Chronicles 20:7.   Teacher positively glowed when Prophet gave him an atta boy for that one when it answered a huge question Prophet had been carrying for years (but had never taken the time to explore).

While Body was trying to digest his latest round of gastronomic intemperance and Teacher was basking in the affirmation of his having utilitarian value in the eyes of Prophet (since Teacher apparently skipped the True Legitimacy class as well), Prophet grabbed the available bandwidth to do some word smithing about Oholibah’s sofa.  This treasure had surfaced somewhere during the recent whirlwind, but had never been reduced to “Monday morning” clarity.

Prophet got a good initial swipe at the problem.  The word picture is clear enough to be somewhat actionable, but not satisfactory yet.

And that sums up the first day of my week of monastic bliss with the King.

Subsequently, things got very messy.  Physically I was hammered in a variety of uncommon ways. As soon as I fought out of one situation another popped up.

Emotionally I got yanked pretty thoroughly by some things you will see below.

Spiritually I was forced to shift directions more often than a roller coaster at Cedar Point.  There is no question that I moved the ball significantly during the week, but it was maddening to watch “the” ball morph from a lacrosse ball, to a ping pong ball, to a billiard ball to a pinball.  Each has its own trajectory and rules of play and I got dizzy shifting gears, lanes and strategies!

I returned from the trip substantially more depleted than I left, which is a disappointment indeed.

In the midst of that utterly-non-monastically-still-and-reverent climate, God managed to get past the petulance and conflicting agendas and make Himself heard.  Fortunately, He has a few billion lives of experience in dealing with his intemperate, distracted, wanna-be sons.

Some of the outcomes:

-I have been reading the journey of a Mercy with a victim spirit who discovered Rogerian psychology, (a classic Servant ideology) and worked out her own redemption in the context of organizational psychology.

It was a hard read since she was mostly concerned with delegitimizing everyone else’s methodology.  When she finally got around to sharing a stick figure version of what she actually DOES do, I found it somewhat useful.


Meaning I needed to deconstruct it, take the bricks and build my own vintage Prophet version of the technique.  This I did during the night watches while Body could not sleep and Teacher could not research.

Out of that came a portable tool I will experiment with, using some of my remarkably resilient and patient guinea pigs.

-I desperately wanted an explanation of what went wrong in 2014.  I knew going into the weekend that I had abysmally failed to execute what I thought were the objectives for the last year.  That meant either I heard wrong, or I abysmally failed to execute.

It was the latter.

God used the illustration of making bread — one with which I am intimately familiar.  Six cups of flour gets you nowhere without the two tablespoons of yeast and one of sugar for the yeast to feed on.  I had focused on the flour since it was the big nut to crack.  I dabbled with the yeast and skipped the sugar.

My bad.

No excuse.

In the midst of my grief, (while doing a web search for the nearest outlet selling sackcloth and ashes) He pointed out that He had been very busy this last year positioning me for success, even though I wasn’t pulling my weight.  The things He put in place this year will benefit me significantly in 2015 as I lean into this task again, with intense attention to the small things.

-Quite unexpected, was a discussion of my strengths.  It began with an inventory of my internal, intangible assets. Next, sorting which ones were in play and which not.  Third, which ones were currently high impact.

Then came the question with a bite.  Which of my assets would I LIKE to have be high impact?

The residual spirit-of-slavery-neurological-patterns in my brain kicked in with concern about the “like” word, but I wrestled them into something more nearly resembling mumbling than shouting and proceeded to do the exercise.

At the end of the day, there was a 100% disconnect between the areas where I would like to be high impact and those where I actually am.  I didn’t need the Holy Spirit to tell me there is something wrong with this picture.

So I took my top six most loved assets and built out six new story lines for my life with each one of them as primary.  I will be chewing on those for some months, trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and how on earth to make the transition.  This was certainly an emotional seismic jolt that is still reverberating through my soul.

-A more concise data point had to do with a potential business venture.  I suspected a trap but had no data.  While most incoming e-mails were handled by Megan during my absence, one came through with some hard data that absolutely confirmed my suspicion about the deal being a bad deal.

I was grateful for an interaction with Father that produced a positive emotion of relief.  A fellow needs a little of that once in a while.

-Unexpectedly, a particular organization came up on the screen.   I had NO INTENTION of taking any one else’s problems with me to MY tryst with the King, but since my script was being savored by earthworms in the compost pile, I had to run with His.

He scrolled back through the problems of the year which gave me nothing new, since I had already heard of those problems as each one occurred.  Then He highlighted one particular personnel change and just held the light there for a while.

I don’t know what the problem is, but I do know which rock to look under when I get back to civilization!

-God reminded me of my dad’s mantra.  “Most people stop doing what made them successful when they become successful.”  Father assured me I was guilty as charged.  I used to study the Word to see what was there, now I study it to find specific solutions.  In the process of being pre-focused, I miss a lot of jewels along the way.

So, the assignment is to immerse myself in the book of Colossians for six months, applying all my tools to it, looking to see what is actually there, not trying to answer any questions or solve any problems.

I find that quite interesting.  The book is one of the premier statements about the nature of Christ, with chapters 1 and 2 discussing Christ’s essence in Himself, and the second half looking at Christ in us.

My perception of myself is that my passion for Christ is immense and central.  Yet my most frequent accusation is that I am some sort of cult because “there is no mention of Jesus on your website.”

So I think one thing. Others think something else.  I am left wondering what Father thinks.  Is He giving me this assignment to strengthen my strongest point or because I am deficient in this area?  No clue. I will do the assignment with vigor, regardless.

Whether this is graduate work for a scholar or remedial work for a sluggard, it will be hugely enjoyable work.

-Unexpectedly, God dropped into my spirit an understanding of the suicide project debacle.  We had thought going in that the suicides defiled the land.  We figured out after the fact that the land was defiled by something first that drew the suicides to that spot.  We didn’t know what “it” was, nor what we needed to do about it.

God gave me a starting point in developing a theological strategy for that. Needs lots of work going forward.

-In the process of wrestling with the incoming rounds against my body, I learned some new things about the 3rd and 4th heads of Leviathan and how they tag team.  Unpleasant, important information.

There is lots more that came into focus during the week, but I was chasing balls too frenetically to keep notes on everything that happened.

I just know that the earth worms got fat, I got tired, the kingdom of darkness took some hits and I moved the ball.

In unexpected ways.

Copyright December 2014 by Arthur Burk

From home, gratefully.



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19 Responses to My Time with the King

  1. Francois Marais says:

    I’m just glad that my prayers stopped the morphing at pinballs and did not allow the bag of marbles to be released! :o) Love you Arthur Burk

  2. Christie says:

    Thanks! Interesting to get some insight into how you spend time with the King. I get the impression that most people sit around and ‘soak’ or randomly pull passages from the Bible and throw up a whole lot of ‘help/bless me’ prayers. Not necessarily bad but I’m so done with that. Cool times ahead, I’m excited for you. I love the work you do.
    I’m curious, what are your favourite Bible study aps?

    • SLG says:

      Most of the time I use Online Bible which is not online at all. Just a $40 app sold out of Canada that does a stupendous job of keeping things simple and accessible for me. Occasionally I use Bible Soft which is a $400+ program. It has a whole lot more stuff than the other, but most of it is just clutter — not tools I use.

  3. smithtalitha says:

    Arthur, thank you for sharing so much of your personal walk, mistakes and experiences. I learn SO much from you and it encourages me to go on and not give up! Talitha

  4. Irina Rivera says:

    When you talk about your failures it encourages me because grace is something I often have in short supply for myself. When you talk about God not being happy with you (that’s my interpretation, not your words, you mentioned a score card) it makes me nervousness because you do so much more than I ever will. My immaturity is pretty flagrant. So when you talked about the Holy Spirit asking you which strengths you’d like to work on I think “Hooray, he is loved!” And in my world that means I too am loved. I wish I weren’t so egotistical but there it is. I’m really glad you got the insight on the suicide project. My spirit will chew on that. Also want to give an applause to your reading Scripture to see what it says. That’s a profound word! Bless you, Arthur for your candidness and love for our King.

    • SLG says:

      Yes, Irina, there is a huge problem in the Body of Christ with being honest about the negative portions of our relationship with God. Not sure how we got here, but by an large, the expected response to problems is to blame it all on the devil and to affirm loudly that everything is fine with us and God. Yet, Scripture is full of situations where things were NOT find with God and man. They were still in relationship, but there were problems.

      So I present it as it really is. I did a lot of good last year, but missed what I was really called to do. Reality.

      God loves me still, and while I was off course, he was investing in setting me up to salvage the mess this year. Reality.

      I am not sure why talking about the messes in our relationship with God is so troubling to people, but it is.

      • Irina Rivera says:

        I guess for me it’s just that I see you play your heart out over and over again. It’s not like you don’t mess up, and I love the fact that you don’t hide your mistakes. It’s just that you are so ahead that to think God would be mad, again my interpretation, is scary. Maybe you don’t see him as mad, that could totally be my stuff. As for corrections, yes, I can stomach that – he loves you, you get some right and you go off course in other areas. We are so in need of wisdom. Do you see him as angry? Is there an emotion you put to the scorecard? Maybe that’s my question. Thank you, by the way, for your reply.

      • Irina Rivera says:

        My perspective is changing as I’ve pursued this window of reconciliation with my destiny. The Lord has shown me sins and I am glad to know where I’ve inhibited or worse, lost parts of my birthright. It is sad to see these, but ultimately good. He is gracious to show them.

  5. Paul says:

    Revelled in reading this long anticipated report from you, and am disappointed that this time away was not all you had hoped and prayed it would be. God will perfect that which concerns you and He will be faithful to accomplish all that He has purposed to do in and through your life in 2015. Love and appreciate you and your passion and intensity for the King and His Kingdom, Arthur!

  6. nancy says:

    Wow, I felt like I was being run through a “tumbler” while reading the first portion of your letter. I was praying for you, and will continue to do so. Blessings to you as you recover from your time of recovery.

  7. Cheri says:

    Have you ever considered a side job in stand-up comedy relief? The stupendous laughter dispensed here was great infirmity-protection – lots of yummy chemicals now spinning around. Loved joining your journey.
    May Shalom, total and complete, settle over you this beautiful season.

  8. Did you hear the part when the Father said He “adores” you? It’s important you take that to heart. GBY

  9. lindaksh says:

    I hope Father reminded you, Arthur, that you’re heart is good.*
    And… Colossians… interesting assignment, I mean immersion. 🙂

  10. Kevin says:

    Love and appreciate you Arthur!

  11. Taylor says:

    I love reading your blog, I always open the dictionary and bible app while reading it. I laugh, cry and learn. I’m looking forward to hearing more on the Jesus note, and what God thinks. I love His thoughts. I’m in good company.

  12. Terri Cook says:

    Would greatly appreciate any details on heads 3 & 4. My teaching gift needs/wants/demands time and the exhorter part of me can seem to give it up!

  13. Serina says:

    Thank you for sharing with us your process! I honor you for your love for the King, how you pursue Him, your honesty and how you move the ball even in pain.

    May you have in this year more and more impact in those areas where YOU LIKE to have high impact and the fulfillment it will bring. That’s my prayer for you.

  14. Rosemary Williamson says:

    Thank you for sharing so honestly! I hope you can now take some time to be still and recuperate.
    Bless you in the work you do for the Kingdom and may 2015 bring amazing revelation to you from the King. Peace, Joy and Grace this Christmas time.

  15. Singkers IMAP says:

    Just wanted to say a heart-felt thank you to you and your team.

    Best wishes, Grace Jones ( previously Reading UK, currently Luxembourg )


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