The Giver Scored with Birds

Serina is a bird lover.  She has two canaries:  Maxi and Sissi.

Sissi is in tune with the season and is prepping her nest already.

Maxi is inspecting Sissi's nest building skills to see if they are up to code.

Maxi is inspecting Sissi’s nest building skills to see if they are up to code.

They are so pampered that someone once commented that they wished they believed in reincarnation — they would like to come back as one of her birds.

Part of their pampering is that the cage door is open most of the time, and they are free to fly around the apartment — which they do throughout the day.

Two friends exploring

Two friends exploring

One day Serina came into the main room and found Maxi sitting on the floor, quite obviously having just suffered a concussion.  He had flown into something very hard and was barely conscious.

She nursed him back to health, but from then on, he would not fly.  He eventually hopped around the perches in the cage but would not even venture out to sit on the top of the cage as he used to a lot in the past.

Maxi on top of the cage

Maxi on top of the cage

Interestingly, Sissi also became voluntarily cage-bound even though she had not taken a whack to the head.

Serina spoke to them and encouraged them to return to living largely but to no avail.

Months passed and Sissi eventually began to hop out to the roof of the cage, but even that was rare and brief.

* * *

When fall came, Serina set out a bird feeder on her balcony.  All winter it was spurned. Even though there is a big tree in the front yard that would serve as natural shelter to birds, the area around her apartment remained devoid of birds, even though it is residential mixed with farmland, and birds were in evidence a block or two away.

She wondered.

Spring came, and the birds did not come to her yard.  The wonderment turned to anger. This could not be God’s design.

* * *

 It took a while for her to gather up the portions of her spirit from hither and yon and get them at least moderately healed.  Eventually the big day came and the King presided over an installation ceremony as one at a time, the portions of her spirit were escorted by Him to their precise place in the Seat of Dominion.

That has been more than a year ago.  The Exhorter portion of her spirit is taking his responsibilities seriously in unpacking each of the other portions of the spirit.  Prophet, Servant and Ruler have blossomed quickly, each finding areas of their design.  Teacher and Mercy have been a bit slower to discover and step into training programs, but each has also found joy, dignity and purpose over time.

Giver was a bit of the odd man out.  Over the years there had been some tension between her and the other portions of the spirit.  Even though she was in her place in the Seat of Dominion, she did not feel overly free to initiate, nor did the other portions of the spirit reach out to her.

I championed her for a while, which changed the community dynamics and restored some measure of dignity, but she still struggled to know who she was, and what she was supposed to contribute to the rest of the community of the human spirit.

In that context, we explored a number of things, looking for clues of what either excited her or offended her.  Eventually we found that the lack of birds offended her terribly and she wanted birds back at the apartment.

So I explained that one of the ways demons defile land is through messing with the magnetic fields on land.  When there is a leyline from a mountain top down to the water, for example, it is quite common to find no birds or wildlife within an eighth of a mile on either side of the line because they know the magnetic field in the land is messed with.

I hypothesized that the reason the birds were avoiding that piece of land, when they were all around it, was because something had been skewed in the magnetic field of the land.

The key issue is that birds have a GPS in their brains, but it doesn’t operate off triangulated satellites.  As near as researchers know now, it functions off the magnetic field of the earth.  The technical term for this is magnetoception.

When birds know that the magnetic field is skewed, they avoid that land, since they know their GPS will not work there.

So, I proposed that Giver start with some generalize prayers, asking God to put back the magnetic field of the land the way it is supposed to be.  I knew we might need to do some land cleansing, but I always try to win the battle with a BB gun before defaulting to nuclear weapons.

We knew Giver loved birds but didn’t know whether she had any particular gifting with healing land in this way.  I knew she might strike out, at which time we would have to decide whether she needed training in the art of land cleansing, or whether we needed to pass the baton to some other portion of her spirit.

But, there was nothing to lose by her trying it herself with what she had, and since I don’t mother overly much, I shipped her off to battle with what she had.

* * *

Today Giver gave it her first shot.  It was a basic prayer proclaiming that there IS a right construct for the magnetic field of the land and that circumstantial evidence suggests God’s ancient enemy has messed with it, so would He please put it back the way it should be.

Within an hour, Maxi took a flight out of the cage.  Then another.  Then he flew farther around the house than he used to.  Then he flew to a counter and calmly explored for a while instead of just zipping in and out of his cage.

Maxi hanging out on the fridge, checking out his style in the mirror

Maxi hanging out on the fridge, checking out his style in the mirror

So . . . lots of stuff comes into focus.

The moving of the magnetic field in the land was very recent and very abrupt — after Serina moved into that apartment.

Apparently, one day when Maxi was flying, the field got yanked, his GPS went down and he smacked into something hard.

And even though he healed, both he and Sissi knew that their GPS was inop because of the land, so they stayed put.

But, they hated being stuck in a small space when they were used to roaming widely.  And they quickly discerned that their GPS were working again and promptly returned to rare form, revisiting their turf with joy and vigor.

AND there is no doubt that Giver has a FORMIDABLE role to play in fixing magnetic fields on land.  We will certainly broaden her playing field to find out if she has one very deep niche authority there, or if she has a broad call to land.

That will happen over time.

Of course we still have the second half of the project.  It seems pretty clear that the land is happy now.  It remains to be seen whether she can call back the birds quickly this spring and get some nests in the tree or not.

We will keep watching!

Copyright April 2015 by Arthur Burk

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17 Responses to The Giver Scored with Birds

  1. Carolyn says:

    I love this story and have a parallel experience. I have 2 uncaged cockatiels. I used to feed the birds out on my porch and my cockatiels would watch the birds from our window. Then I rented my place out for 7 months and when I came back no birds would come to my porch, which I expected, since there was no food or water for months. I cleaned out the porch and cleansed the land as well, but only 1 or 2 small birds come at a time with long intervals when they are not present, though i hear them in the trees.

    I have been very sad that I don’t have the number of birds on my porch that I used to see. Your article gives me insight as to what I should do next.

  2. Josie T says:


  3. Serina says:

    Wanted to give a short update. The birds are getting more and coming much closer. By now they are sitting in the tree and singing happily. I just love to watch and hear them.

    Another observation is, that they are flying by and over the house much closer. Before I was wondering why they wouldn’t do that. Now it is safe for them to do so.

    Maxi is still flying around happily, though Sissi, as a good mum, stays most of the time in her nest now, since she has laid two eggs so far. Now and then she needs a stretch and takes a flight outside.

  4. Serina says:

    Now, a few days later, Maxi and Sissi started to even explore more in the apartment. They are free. Though I am also happy to report that there is a change with the birds outside. Slowly they are coming closer. This evening there was one, that was singing so loud, very close.

    The Giver portion of my spirit keeps on praying and welcoming them. Such fun discovering!

  5. kambani says:


  6. Irina Rivera says:

    Megan, thank you for pointing out the win-win here. So true that as we are moved on behalf of what we love, there is a broader blessing (sort of a twist on bait and switch?) I am really impressed and encouraged by Serina’s dedication. This points me back to working with each portion of my spirit – something I stopped.

  7. What a wonderful example of a win/win! Love the fact that Maxi and Sissi are free again to roam and explore. And the rest of the land will benefit and Serina knows something special about her Giver portion!

  8. Jim Alseth says:

    Great story. I love birds, as Servants often do also, because they habitate the atmosphere.
    Just a practical question. So how does Serina know that Giver or any other portion of her spirit is praying the prayer? Simply by instructing that portion to do so? Thanks.

    • SLG says:

      Serina’s spirit was pretty badly trashed when she became aware of the whole area of the human spirit. It took her a LOOOONG time to get all seven portions back from hither and yon. In the process of that battle, each one became rather well known to her as an individual voice.

      Most people pretty much quit when they get the spirit in the Seat of Dominion. For her, that was just a jumping off point. She has worked harder than anyone I know to learn the voice of each portion, to find out what still needs to be healed and to go after it. Then she has moved into major fathering mode. Her Exhorter portion is male and he has allocated time on a regular basis to dialog with each portion, discovering their design and unpacking little by little their treasures.

      So, it is a very normal thing in her world to know the voice of Giver and to be able to give Giver air time to engage in a particular strategy.

      In short, she works really, really hard, lots of hours a month on her spirit and is getting good results.

      • Jim Alseth says:

        Makes sense.
        Because I’m familiar with a lot of Sapphire material I’ve done some work with my spirit, with encouraging results. I know I’ve got lots of work to do and this post raised more questions for me. I realized I haven’t listen to the Nurturing the Spirit cds. Do these talk about bringing the spirit into the Seat of Dominion?

        • SLG says:

          Haven’t listened to Nurture your Spirit? Bro, you got some homework to do!!!!! Should raise as many questions as it answers!

  9. Sonia says:

    Hip Hip Hooray! For your spirit Serina! For Giver! For the the story! For Maxi and Sissi! How amazing the sound of Maxi’s singing would sound with tones of freedom and joy! I bless you Serina for how you are loving your birds to receive the full measure of joy that Father has for you.
    For you Arthur 🙂
    There is so much in this story..thank you for sharing it with us. This encourages me immensely! I have some stories that directly correlate animals and land. Horses specifically. I am in awe!
    Your posts on Facebook on dialoguing with my spirit and coaching it to plus numbers through design has helped me. This story land with several of my portions!! Thank you!

  10. Jude Mogyordy says:

    wow! what a geiger for discerning land-locks! I love this story! It excites me to dig a little deeper, seek a little harder, and respond a little more!

  11. Extraordinary!!!! Kudos to the whole team for recognizing where God’s part is and where dominion can be taken. I love all the details, appreciate the story immensely and rejoice over the healing within Serina and the restoration of proper things which righted Sissi and Maxi to express their design, too!!! Love, love, love!! Thank you for sharing the synergy, strategy and for letting us see inside!! Remarkable and something I can ponder broadly within the portions of me to keep going forward in my design and being open to all Papa has for me and the surroundings in which I find myself.

  12. ruthiespage says:

    Interesting I watch birds intently in back of my house. Several times over the past season there would be no birds in the mornings. I would call them, and they came back. This post quickens my spirit to investigate further to see what’s up. This has only been happening in past six months since BJs accident. Mmmm.

  13. Serina says:

    It is so much fun to watch them. Now they are almost more outside the cage than inside. Not only being outside, but Maxi is singing in his full potential, which means that he feels very comfortable. I am amazed what difference it made.

    • Elmarie says:

      Hi Serina
      I know what you mean – I also love to watch birds. I have 6 pet birds and we have all kinds in our neighborhood…. can sit and watch them for hours! They bring so much joy.

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