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The current warfare over the Egyptian Curse which we are directing through the blog has brought about a distinct shift in the culture of Sapphire.  For the first time, we are moving as a legal unit whether people know and care about it or not.

It feels critical to me that I define both some terms and some motivations, since how I use language is not always the same as the vernacular.

First let’s explore the definition of “The SLG Tribe” which I use consistently throughout the warfare prayers.

I have always been captured by the language of John 6:44.  “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him . . .”  AV

This frames the rights side of the equation.  On the responsibility side, He came to offer salvation to all of mankind.  But even though He was tightly focused on delivering the goods in a huge way, He did not presume to reach for any rights at all.  He depended on the Father to send people to Him.  He claimed no one.  He picked no one.


I hold the same perspective.  I seek no one.  I hold no one.  I own no one.  Ever.

But Christ has directed a lot of people to walk with us for a season.  When someone chooses to become part of the SLG tribe, informally, they represent a responsibility for me, not a right or a prize or a treasure.

Each person has their own season to be with us.  Some for an hour, some for a decade.  Each is free to leave, with or without the King’s permission.  I hold no one.

So I define “The SLG Tribe” as everyone who God has assigned to walk with us at this moment, who has agreed to do so.  Simple and clean.  No record keeping on my part.  No place for anyone to officially join or leave.  All the bookkeeping is done in heaven.  I don’t even know the majority of the people who are walking with us in any degree.

Now, my motivation for the aggressive use of this term comes from the intensity of the battle we are facing.

A couple of weeks ago a painful situation surfaced in my life.  We went poking and prodding and found that it seemed to be rooted in the Egyptian Curse.  We had known about this curse for a long time, but primarily in application to childbirth.

Suddenly, it seemed that it was potentially quite pervasive in my life and in other people’s.

I floated a query on Facebook to see if this was just my unfinished business or whether there was a broader problem, and there was a flood of affirmative responses.

I felt that since I have high authority here and significant perspective, it would be incumbent on me to resource the hurting people not only with teaching but also with prayer.  At that time, I decided to make it a class action lawsuit for all the people in “The SLG Tribe” whether they were actively tracking with my writings or not.

By mobilizing the thousand or so who track closely, and by coming into agreement, we can hopefully put a major hurt on the King’s ancient enemy.  I do not feel at all that we have the manpower to dismantle this strategy over a city, or nation or the world.  But it did seem viable for me to actively mobilize those who are closest in and to extend the prayers to those furthest out in the reach of SLG.

I am not trying to build an organization I can “use.”  I don’t have any grand vision that will surface in a few weeks asking for volunteers or money.  I simply hate the devil and love to see God’s people walk in freedom.

So that is the legal construct and the motivation for my defining this term before God and before you.  It would be my joy to see our tribe become dramatically free of this curse.  If we were to walk in the positive numbers of God-speed, it would position us to build more effectively in each of our Kingdom endeavors.

To summarize:  I own no one.  I claim no rights over you or from you.  I focus on my responsibility to serve you with strategy, some light handed leadership, and sharing my spiritual authority.

There is one other small agenda running in the background.  There are a lot of people who have had traumatic experiences with Christian leaders.  Being “under” a leader is synonymous with high risk of being commoditized and exploited.

It would bring me joy if I could contribute a little bit to the healing journey of some, by being a leader who does not come across as one who exploits people for his own good.  I certainly cannot lay claim to being kind and gentle all the time, so there are people who have left bruised from their association with me.  But hopefully no one will leave this project feeling used – only empowered.

That said, we are already seeing some individual victories over this demonic strategy.  There are enough glory stories for us to know it is not the placebo effect and to motivate me to press in.  Only a small percentage of people have reported movement, but the movement they see comes from many different facets of their lifestyle.  That is exciting.

I believe we will need to stay focused for several months.  Of the thousands walking with us now, many will not be able to stay focused so long.  Many others will become content with a significant measure of release and will not fight for God’s best.

Will those who continue on be enough to get the victory for the entire tribe and move us into significant positive numbers?

I have no idea.  Time will tell.  For now, we lean in while we have high enthusiasm and high engagement.

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

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24 Responses to The SLG Tribe

  1. Susan Reeve says:

    I have found SLG to be a healing community. As in 2 Corinthians, Paul saying that he suffers as we all suffer so his healing can be our healing. I believe that your humbleness in being frank and open about your suffering and solutions has created a place of healing. Your teachings contain such hope and practical solutions. I have had great deal of healing since I have first heard your teachings. It is hard work but the Holy Spirit has richly used it in my life. Thank you for this community.

  2. seedtrees says:

    Dear Arthur and Tribe

    I kept hearing the word “entropy “. When I looked it up, the words: “from order to disorder” perfectly summed up our life, marriage, family, finances, spirituality, etc.

    Is this a curse or demon?

    Would so thankful for information, so that we can move back into order.


    • SLG says:

      Natasja it is probably rooted on a violation of principles but demons and curses could be exacerbating the problem.

  3. Joyful says:

    Your leadership style is very much appreciated. I’m fully engaged with those around me and together we see the Lord at work in our weaknesses and in growing us into His image. This is very satisfying. Adding in the playing your Egyptian Blessing mp3s in my home office and letting my spirit soak in atmosphere of them has been quite the tonic. Let the Lord’s full purposes come forth!

  4. nita7932014 says:

    I am playing a keyboard again in a little bitty church near my home. I have not been involved in the worship leadership for some 5 years. The Lord brought this to me. I never sought it out. However, at this place in my journey of life with the Lord I am blessed to be able to play some old tunes for the elderly folks here. It is truly an answer to my heart to enter back into the music and the worship. I have been blessed by your leadership for many years. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord in mentoring, encouraging, training, and teaching me. I have to say that lately I have been exhausted with the family issues on my plate. These are not personal in nature, however, they are of a nature that constant attention must be applied. The prayers have helped to understand and to lift the load as well as move in strength and peaceful anticipation of God’s handiwork in our lives. Thank you and God bless mightily.

  5. Linda Honea says:

    Dear Arthur,
    Thank you for persevering, and persevering…
    I am here in the tribe for the moment or 6 months, I don’t know which. But, with a prophet redemptive gift, I’ve into that old egyptian innumerable times. Will there ever be a respite?
    As for me, I have not given up on the church, the eklesia, as I do love the people so much. But, whether charismatic, Father heart, or prophetic church, I have never been affirmed by the Body of Christ.(only told to jump through more hoops)
    Why does my gift ‘not’ make room for me? Is it the curse?

  6. Jessica says:

    There’s an SLG Coaching Blog?!!! Awesome! Just hopped over there to browse a bit, and am so excited to have some new material to read. Your blog posts are so meaty.

  7. Devorah R.G. says:

    So appreciate your generous investments and trailblazing leadership. Praying that your personal processes run ever more smoothly as you seek to bless so many with your costly spiritual authority.

  8. mmccrery says:

    I am so intrigued by all of this! As I am researching through the varying venues I have found the noble subjects site, slg, coaching, FB, etc and realized I have been missing so much info!

    My husband and I have felt connected to your teachings for some time now and are excited to be more connected to the ‘tribe’, praying in agreement and listening with our hearts to what the spirit is saying throughout our journey.
    Thank you for all you have been doing, even as we were unaware!

  9. Roger Frye says:

    Arthur, Six, seven years ago or more I listened to your CD set on the legitimacy curses. My wife and I said the prayers at the end of the teaching. Subtly at first, we noticed a change in the way that the devouring stopped occurring in the area of our finances. Then it became quite obvious that a shift had taken place and we no longer live paycheck to paycheck. I transcribed the CD teaching and started leading others through the teaching and the prayers. Since then I have developed my own material on financial curses which I frequently use in one-on-one sessions. I located about 22 sins mentioned in the Bible that can affect our finances (There are probably more.) We confess these sins in the lives of our generations past and confess and repent of the sins we have personally committed. Then we pull out the iniquity. We break curses related to finances, forgive those who have hurt us financially, break inner vows, lies, and ungodly expectancies related to finances, do spiritual warfare over our finances, make Biblical declarations, and ask for justice, etc, All this takes a good three hours or more depending on the individual. In the second half of the ministry I would like to add your material on the seven curses and turn it into an all day seminar. I believe many in the Body of Christ desperately need this ministry. May I have permission to use your material on the seven curses? Roger FryePathway to Freedom

    • SLG says:

      Roger, next time just send me an email, OK?

      The contents of the seven curses teaching is not copyrighted, only my delivery of it. You are free to take the ideas, put them in your own words and use them anywhere and everywhere. You may not transcribe the CDs and use that material word for word.

  10. Thank you for fighting this fight. I was beginning to think that I was the only one having to deal with this (again). I’m warring with you. I have been and continue to keep up on your posts. Thanks for all the resources you offer in many arenas.

  11. Thomas says:

    Thank you for this. I was unaware of the shifted focus and have now tapped into your other outlets so that I can track more closely.

    I’m not sure it’s directly related, but about 2-4 weeks ago I had a shift in my walk with God of a subtle magnitude that I’ve never experienced before. Allowing me to step away from decades old sin issues. A major part of this was the app you made. One of the notes said to get in touch with a bookstore if a foundational understanding of cleansing land was needed. At the same time you posted about trigger prayers. A few other things lined up and my walk is not what it has ever been before. So, thank you for your part in my story. Very much appreciated.

  12. I am so grateful for these warfare prayers and appreciate your pure approach to leadership. These prayers have intersected me while on vacation on land that I believe is meant to spark the potential of people, especially entrepreneurship. God’s timing has been impeccable and the correlation of the history of the land is lining up with the strategy of the prayers, especially Mrs. Life Giver. I can not wait to see how the strategies of these prayers and the deposit of this land will manifest. Thank you for your relentless pursuit of God’s best.

  13. “If God is for you, who cares who is against you…”
    You are in my prayers – you bring light to the Bride – Shalom

  14. I thank you again for these prayers. I have benefitted greatly from them. Belonging to a small group where we minister on a regular basis to each others spirits, I had the commend made to me that during the past week my spirit changed to the extend that it is hardly recognisable from what it had been a week ago.
    When you are done with the Egyption curse pleas put it on an album for future generations.

  15. Ronda Nelson says:

    A couple of things struck me strongly when I read this morning’s post. It’s been just over 39 years since I labored for 32 and a half hours to birth my first born, (nearly 8 hours with my youngest, with a cesarean in between…) so the long labor as a marker of the Egyptian Curse definitely struck a chord. The other thing was the fact that so few things, even those I really believe were led of the Lord, have fulfilled the promise I felt they were birthed with. I’m now at an age where it seems that there’s not a lot of time for redemption of all that has been lost/stolen.
    Except that I know the Lord can/will accelerate restoration and forward movement as we see spiritual issues dealt with. I believe this could be a significant key to that.
    Being “commoditized” by leadership is a subject for another day…but there is that!
    Praying for full release, full victory and honor for our King!
    Thank you!

  16. Margaret Newcombe says:

    Thank you so very much Arthur. I am one who has been away from structured church setups in Brisbane Australia for at least 10 years now. It is because of major woundings and stuff by leaders here in Australia ( unfortunately mostly people for other countries of protestant background, but a childhood or Irish catholic false priesthood). I have been amazed that God has shown me so much understanding through your cds and videos on Youtube. Thank you, thank you, I do get such a huge agreement re the spirits and strongholds of Egypt of which there are many . Regards Margaret.

  17. Taylor says:

    I was inspired to track closer after an FB post where you said people had dropped out of following. I want to be faithful, so I caught up :). I got an answer to a prayer, something God put on my heart about 4 months ago. I was invited to sing with a worship team. I am a singer, now I have somewhere to sing. The last time that happened was about 7 years ago.

  18. Pamela says:

    One of the most refreshing characteristics about SLG is that you own no one. You don’t make little carbon copies of yourself but rather coach us towards design. It was one of the first things you said to me when my season with this tribe began and it brought great healing, still does.

    I haven’t been hanging as closely around but for about two years and it’s been a phenomenal ride! I’ve experienced more healing, freedom and growth in the last 2 years than I ever have in my entire life. The kindness that you’ve shown me when you didn’t have to and it probably wasn’t always easy – often fried my socks. Thanks for including us way out here. Honored to war along with you and I’m in for the long haul! May your light increase!

  19. Rosemary Williamson says:

    Definitely warring with you on this one Arthur!

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