Prayers for the Giver Gift

At the beginning of the year, I shared my plan to focus on the theme of courage in this blog during 2015.  It is now August and my production on that theme has been negligible.

Part of that has been because of the intensity of the year’s work schedule.  But some of it has been that there simply is no grace for the topic at this time.  While the systemic lack of courage in the Body of Christ is a matter of grave concern for me, it is clear that this wine needs to age a while longer inside me, before being expressed.

That said, I believe there IS grace for exploring a new flavor of intercession.  Here is the background.

Think of a person who irritates you.

Think of all the things you would like to fix about them and all of the wisdom you would like to share with them.

Think of all the times you have tried to share that wisdom and were soundly rebuffed!

Broadly speaking we have less effectiveness in changing someone when we are mad at them than when we love them.  Conversely, when our message is about what is best for them, there is some measure of greater acceptance than when our message is about what is best for us.

These two criteria are not the only considerations for why a message would be received or rejected, but they are significant factors in a broader dynamic.

When we zoom out to the bigger picture, the Giver gift has justly been tagged as the most intransigent of the seven redemptive gifts.  They simply are not very open to outside input about how to fix them.   This is not my personal bias.  God expressed vast frustration over the Giver nation of Israel’s resistance to His insights into their inner and outer worlds.

So what to do?  Like all the rest of us, Givers are born a little less than perfect, and they at times make poor choices in life to compound the problem.  Like all the rest of us, they could benefit from some outside input at times.

Scripture is replete with models of how God deals with resistant Givers as individuals or as a tribe.  His two most common methods are to allow the consequences of violation of principle to hurt them, or for God Himself to overtly increase the pain on the Giver until they concede that His plan is better.  The books of Judges and Kings are a tiresome litany of the heavy hand of God against the Giver tribes.

There is, however, an alternative.  Hosea’s battle with Gomer certainly included a double portion of pain, but the centerpiece of the story is his extraordinary investment of love at a time when she could not receive his love.

Eventually the excellence of his loving her in spite of herself, penetrated the firewall of her woundedness and sinfulness to the point that she was able to receive a heart transplant from him that changed her world.

While we are probably not as gifted as Hosea in the art of extraordinary forgiveness and love-driven tenacity, we can still move in that direction.

I am starting a year-long project of prayers for the Giver tribe.  The focus will not be about fixing anything bad about them.  Rather it will be a cascade of life giving love, celebrating the magnificence of God’s good heart toward the gift.

Now here is the punch line.  The objective is to change us!

It has long been established that we become intimate with those who we pray to, those who we pray with and those who we pray for.

At the end of a year of setting aside our irritations with the Givers in our midst and crying out to the Most High for them to receive their treasures in full, we will be very different people – perhaps better positioned to speak to our Givers if God has not already transformed them.

While these prayers are targeting the Giver tribe, they are applicable for anyone, so if someone is rubbing you the wrong way and won’t listen to a word you say, spend a year praying instead of nagging and see what changes in your own heart.

The plan is to take twelve themes, one per month, and to break them down into four subsets each month.  I will release one prayer strategy per week, roughly around the beginning of the week, depending on my work and travel schedule.

The first one will be posted on Sunday, August 23rd.

I am looking forward to the changes within me as I invest so much effort in seeing Givers from God’s perspective.  At the end of the day, with seven gifts to choose from, God selected the Giver gift for the nation of Israel.  That shows the immensity of His valuing the gift.  And the only person who is called The Friend of God is Abraham the Giver.

Obviously, if we are crosswise with the Givers in our midst, at least part of the problem lies with us because we cannot see them through the grand and glorious lens God uses.

So let’s fix our attitude and perspective.

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

Airborne over North Texas, homebound with joy



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17 Responses to Prayers for the Giver Gift

  1. Marina Ramos says:

    Please pray for my family my father in-law passed away today.
    I have been listening to your series on YouTube and have been blessed.

  2. Bless you. My church pastor challenged me yesterday to improve a relationship that didn’t have any points of intervention that were apparent to me. Your insight and approach with this post seem to be ideal.

  3. jane62 says:

    I need to understand the Giver Tribe much better, so I will try to apply this to South Africa as well as the Tribe.
    I so resonate with boomerang prayers always coming back and challenging me, changing me ouch!

  4. This will help me with praying for my younger daughter. Toughly independent, dives in without checking the water, and seems to miss God’s heart over her own sometimes – I have had opportunity lately to simply convey love – my love for her, but especially God’s love for her, and the conversations really flow. She absorbs that love and acceptance and blessing, and I believe it’s helping her to keep her eyes on the Lord a little more. So you’re onto something here! Looking forward to the first post.

  5. Oh How Absolutely Stunning is this post for me. I am a prophetic, missionary, intercessor and when I was first born again in Dec.1977 I saw the Gift of giving and prayed and fasted 30 days that I might receive it. The first thing that happened was, “Everything that could go wrong, Did go wrong and I found myself very needy and was pressed into being taught how to “receive” in gratitude and humility!
    All the scriptures that I read and receive, “by grace, through faith” I apply to me first , , , ,
    I cannot fix or change anyone, including myself. I am completely and totally Dependent on
    The Holy Spirit to lead “me” into All truth! I am (gratefully) the servant of all with no agenda!
    This, my 18th year of widowhood, becoming 70 years old in Oct. and I have found my place
    as my house Is Called, A House of Prayer, where I find Joy and Peace!
    At this season of my life there is no one I can think of who irritates me, as much as myself.
    So the way I see this is a Double Portion in receiving the benefits of getting prayer and praying for others as Job . . . .when he prayed for his friends, He Was Healed 🙂 .

    God Bless you Arthur and Thank you for the uniqueness of being you. and I pray for you
    to receive the Spirit’s power that Jesus’ Presence be manifest in you so you experience God’s love
    16 THAT He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through
    His Spirit in the inner man,
    17 THAT Christ may dwell (manifest His presence) in your heart through faith;
    you, being rooted and grounded in love,
    18 may be able to comprehend (experience) with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height–
    19 to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge;
    you may be filled with all the fullness of God. (Eph. 3:16-19)
    As I remain ~
    In His Love, Gratefully broken
    and Still Singing in His Wings ~ Brenda Rogers <3

  6. Debbie Goodwin says:

    I read this yesterday and laughed, it was the final confirmation I needed. My eldest son for many years has firmly said he is RG Prophet, lately in the last couple of months something inside of me has been saying I don’t think so. I have mused and pondered, and just before I read the blog the lights went on, and I had my answer, this blog was confirmation. I will be diving into these prayers also, looking forward to this.

  7. Elizabeth C Smith says:

    I am RG Prophet married to RG Giver. I can tell you, Givers are not easy to live with!!! Independent to the max. Anyway, I was wondering if there are Givers who are going through financial set backs now?

  8. Beth says:

    I learned this this hard way with my Giver son. When I raged, he resisted. When I leaned towards him and expressed love literally in the midst of his tantruming, it transformed things. Still a work in progress, but REALLY progressing and it’s beautiful. As L’Engle said, “I know that when I am most monstrous, I am most in need of love. When my temper flares out of bounds it is usually set off by something unimportant which is on top of a series of events over which I have no control, which have made me helpless, and thus caused me anguish and frustration. I am not lovable when I am enraged, although it is when I most need love.”

  9. nancy says:

    Excellent!! I’m pretty sure I’m a Giver RG, and Holy Spirit has really been tweeking me on this for quite a while now. Just recently it has been enlarged in me, and I really like it. I’m excited !

  10. Peter says:

    This series might just be part of an answer to prayer!

  11. Rose Boon says:

    Hats off to you Arthur your own and ours. It takes courage to step over into another perspective to experience the benefits of God’s perspective not knowing what you/we will be changed into by the time the year is done. I’m considering the commitment from here.

  12. Oh, what a mighty God we serve. I awoke prepped to receive this pondering Hosea and such. Thank you x 3 for leading this! Very timely for me. I appreciate your reminders to reposition mySELF!!!! Yes, yes, MY heart needs to change toward God (who made so and so) and toward so and so (sometimes myself!!!). Ok. Game on.

  13. Francois says:

    Good morning Arthur, this resonates intensely with me (a Giver – would you know it!) Apart from being a beneficiary of the tribal fusion, to me there is a much more significant ‘bigger picture’.

    We are living in interesting times and Israel is very much on Father’s heart right now. Yes, I agree with your focusing on the SLG Tribe Givers, but I believe we can follow in Father’s footsteps and multiply the efficacy of our ‘push’ by including the Giver Abraham and his Giver Nation.

  14. jewestaway says:

    Ouch! My Giver portion gave a lurch and said “About time!”. Fairly sure I’m RG Teacher. And Teacher said that something has to be put in order! Awesome!
    “Me”? I’m reminded of when I first read Evelyn Christianson’s book ‘Lord, Change Me’… a change from that cry of a wife whose prayers to God to change her husband, were changed to the ME that needed changing!
    Thanks once again Arthur for hearing from a fathering Father, who exquisitely longs for his sons and daughters to be mentored in sonship, growing in grace and favour with God and man!
    Including ME!
    ~ Joan

  15. Rosemary Williamson says:

    Sounds awesome!

  16. Katie Mazza says:

    Good evening Arthur – This is good news indeed for those of us who RG of Giver. In addition to the changes in your own life for praying for us, I look fwd to the changes in my own life:) Sure to be an interesting year of prayer and continued transformation. Thank you, Katie Mazza

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