1. Giver Prayer: Cleansing Time

For anyone, cleansing time is a valid beginning place for transformation.  It is the first of the five points in the sequence of holiness.

However, for the Giver tribe time has enormous significance.  Seasons were created on the fourth day of creation, and on the fifth day, God created birds and fish who often must synchronize with God’s seasons or die.

In some regions of the world their survival is not so time-sensitive, but for many species of birds and fish, if they don’t migrate at the right time and don’t reproduce at the right time, their continued existence is at risk.

Conversely, cooperating with God’s seasons creates options for thriving.

In light of this, it is interesting that the religious system God gave the Hebrew Giver nation was deeply rooted in seasonality.  From the way they were to worship to the way they tilled the ground, God defined seasons for them.  To the degree they cooperated with God’s seasons, to that degree they could be blessed.

This was underscored time and again.  Their departure from Egypt was an extremely time sensitive thing.  They had to eat the Passover while ready to move.  Their meeting with God at Mount Sinai was defined by a three day cleansing process – not two, not four and not optional.  Their time of judgment in the wilderness was defined as a precise 40 years.  Levi, the Giver, had to synchronize to Christ instantly.  The crucifixion was not to occur during the feast, according to human plans, but God caused it to happen exactly when He wanted it to happen.

While obedience to God’s seasons is significant for all of us, it is a huge factor in the Giver’s relationship to God.  Failure to synchronize to God will cost them much.  A heart to synchronize with God will gain them much.  Understandably, the Givers often adopt a stance of independence, vigorously declining to synchronize to anyone, feeling it is below them.  This is a tragedy.

So now what?

We are coming as a tribe of priests to intercede for a year for the Giver tribe.  There are many Givers in our tribe who will take this and run with it personally.  That part is simple.

There are other Givers in our midst who will ignore this, but they have a spouse or a parent tracking with the blog.  That family member can intercede for them with great authority, even if they do not buy into the concepts or can’t be bothered.  This is the picture of Hosea and Gomer.

There are many other Givers who are part of the SLG tribe, but don’t follow the blog.  This is not quite so simple.  We as a tribe will be praying for these nameless, faceless, valuable Givers without their involvement of overt permission.

Here are the guidelines I envision to stay well away from Christian witchcraft.

As intercessors, we have a certain right to cleanse others who have not asked to be cleansed.  It is not a total right, but there is something there.  God knows where the lines are so we can cry out to Him for cleansing of others because we are interceding for them, and we can ask for His mercy on those who perhaps don’t deserve His mercy since requesting mercy for another person is always legitimate.

Whatever degree of cleansing we can do helps them move toward the place that they will own the rest of their stuff someday.  Just be sure when you are asking for cleansing for them, you are not doing it with a tone of accusation.

However, the bigger picture here is to create a heart that hungers and thirsts after God.  THIS we always have a right to pursue for ourselves and others.  Your first step is to spend time savoring the complexity of God’s timing and the majesty of man interfacing with God’s timing.

When your heart is emotionally charged with excitement over the potential for the world when the Giver tribe has a laser clear focus on synchronizing with God’s timing for them, THEN you can cry out to God on behalf of the entire tribe asking that they be stirred up in the spirit to hear and act on God’s promptings regarding times and seasons.

Remember, the objective is to change our heart toward the Giver tribe.  Instead of just seeing where they have gone wrong, we need to see the majesty of God’s intense desire to partner with them in extraordinary ways.  The more exquisitely we see their assets and can emotionally celebrate them, the more effective we will be in calling forth that treasure.

1. Giver Prayer: Cleansing Time

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

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7 Responses to 1. Giver Prayer: Cleansing Time

  1. Heather :) says:

    I’m circling back around to this prayer, because I want to better understand cleansing/sanctifying time- particularly as a Mercy. I was searching on your YouTube channel but haven’t found a particular teaching on “Cleansing Time,” though I thought there was one. Could you or someone point me in the right direction? Thank you!

    • SLG says:

      Heather, we have a teaching called Trauma Bonds to Time which talks a lot about cleansing time. It is in the store, not on YouTube. You might also want to explore GoBeyondTheHorizon.com and see what Megan has on time. She is the authority on this subject.

  2. Dave (daksim) says:

    Heavenly Father, as a Giver, I asked to be cleansed by these intercessors. Please allow me to be one of those that receives the blessings from their prayers. Also, please give me strength and wisdom to avoid the traps that reharden my heart so that there may lasting, and just not temporary, transformation in my life.

  3. Cynthia Jacobs says:

    Thank you, though I believe I am RG Exhorter I believe both my dad and paternal grandfather were RG Givers who never embraced Jesus as Christ. Both became tyrants, I was a black sheep
    for embracing Christ. The giver portion of my spirit has always seemed verbal, I desire greatly to
    bless people yet……..When you prayed about stuff coming down the pipeline that was offensive
    to the Father I felt a hope rise up with in my spirit. I had never looked at the offensiveness of their misused gifts affecting that portion of my spirit.

  4. dorisann says:

    I had a moment of intense emotion during your prayer where you talked about timing and receiving what had been held back. My Dad was a wounded giver, and He withheld every blessing possible even unto his death. Though I believe I am RG prophet, I felt a release in my Giver portion of timing. I know my voice has a place in time and I felt a release of the timing for me to be “on stage” that had not yet come but is still coming. And a healing of the wound my Giver father promoted by his failure to bless. Thank you. This prayer obviously is for more than RG Giver. We all have a giver portion that can connect, and I certainly feel more Grace for the Givers in my life.

  5. Mary-Anne says:

    thank-you for all the work that has gone into producing this particular set of prayers, and the Giver Blessings, for those who have love ones who are RG Giver it is a real blessing to have a meaningful tool to pray into the lives of people we love, but who sometimes confound and puzzle us.

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