3. Giver Prayer: Receiving from Time

When Israel left Egypt, it appeared to be the result of Moses’ duel with Pharaoh.  In reality, though, it was the result of a promise God made to Abraham as to the time when Israel would be released from Egypt.

When Daniel prayed for the release of the Jews from Babylon, he was activating a prophetic word that God had given Jeremiah in the past.

When the Ancient of Days sat on His throne and rendered judgment for His people in Daniel 7, it did not occur simply because they were asking, but because there was a set time for their hardships to end.

These are three examples of treasures on time.  They are assets that can transform our lives.  Unfortunately, this kind of asset is largely ignored by the general populace, since the current pop theology does not highlight it.

The same was true for the Jews in Babylon.  They were grieved about their situation but did not know this was the key to unlocking it, so they did nothing.  Daniel acted on behalf of the entire nation.

Let’s step into the priestly role that Daniel used and cry out on behalf of all the Givers in our tribe that they would receive these treasures God has imprinted on their personal timelines.

3. Giver Prayer: Receiving from Time

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  1. Sonia says:

    One of my favourite aspects of time! Thank you for this beautifully woven prayer. I joyfully pray this prayer for our Givers in our tribe, those in my family and the Giver portions of our spirits 🙂 Thank you so much for this series Arthur!

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