5. Giver Prayer: Cleansing Land

Dirty feet.

Or boots.

In the times of Christ, their sandaled feet got dirty when walking, so it was customary to have a servant wash their feet for them when they came in off the road.

On many American farms, the back door of the house opens into a “mud room” where you sit on a bench to wrestle off your muddy boots before transitioning into house shoes.

The spiritual dynamics of land can contaminate the human spirit as overtly as earthly grime lands on the feet.  Hence some attention to cleansing the spirit from the land where it has been is appropriate.

Some people with high discernment readily feel the spiritual defilement that follows them after they have been in a spiritually evil store or piece of land.  Some people are oblivious to the defilement, but lack of feeling it, does not change the fact that it is there.

Often the spiritual defilement from the land wears off after a few hours or days of our ordinary walk with the Lord.  Sometimes it does not.

At times when I leave a specific piece of land or even a hostile region, I need someone else to pray cleansing prayers for me to disconnect me from aggressively devouring uncleanness.

There were a few pieces of land in childhood where there were trauma bonds to land, and I was still attached to that land years later.

These are just a few of the land dynamics that impact our daily walk.

Today we will step into the role of intercessors, “washing the feet” of our brothers and sisters from the Giver tribe.  It is an act of love and service.  This has no direct benefit to us.  We are not doing it in exchange for anything.

By engaging in this process that our Givers have not necessarily asked for, we are expressing our alignment with Jesus the Christ, our Great King, and walking out our unrelenting war against His ancient enemy who seeks to hamper and restrict the Giver tribe through any means possible.

5. Giver Prayer: Cleansing Land

Copyright September 2015 by Arthur Burk

In room 402, a few hours before leaving South Africa for home.

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7 Responses to 5. Giver Prayer: Cleansing Land

  1. Trish Smith says:

    Hi Arthur,

    Some feedback…

    After this blessing and the previous one (#4) it felt like everything lightened for about two weeks. Work, travel and assignments moved smoothly and fell into place. There was no resistance or blocks. Life became more balanced in that there was time to spend with the Trinity, family, home, studies and work. Business began to boom, relationships and health improved. It felt like a breath of fresh air. Thank you SLG tribe!

    Since then, life is flowing along reasonably well but not as freely. My squash sales have plummeted this week plus I am being targeted with hatred, anger and hostility. ( jealousy perhaps?) There is resistance which I am tenaciously working through. It might have something to do with my political stance as I live and work in a Liberal stronghold. In addition my home is in a Giver region comprised of 3 small towns Servant, Teacher, Exhorter cohabiting side by side.

    • SLG says:

      Not sure what to say, Trish, although every effect has a cause. Look at time first and see if this is a down time every year. Then I would look at the marketplace and see if there is jealousy from some other merchant who is wishing your destruction.

      These are not a word from the Lord, just guesses from principle.

  2. Sonia says:

    Thank you Arthur…very much needed:) I have used these lessons you have taught me and applied them to be life-giving to others and cleansing them from assignments or travel. I am immensely thankful for you here and pray this on behalf of you, the tribe and the Givers we have in out midst 🙂
    Blessings on you!

  3. Jim Alseth says:

    This is a powerful prayer Arthur. I bring my agreement…

  4. Chandre De Wet says:

    Have a blessed trip home Arthur, didn’t come to your sessions this time, but thank you for blessing our nation. May you reap beyond what you have sown.

    Had a random dream this morning that our special guest speaker at church this morning was you and I was missing out as I was on children’s church duty. I then found out my pastor was only playing a dvd of you… and I thought I could always get dvd again. How funny to see that today you are leaving South Africa

  5. Linda Hoyt says:

    Thank you so very much for the prayer – I felt wave after wave of defilement wash away! Looking forward to entering the Holy Place in greater freedom and reference and awe! Thank you & God’s richest blessings to you in the unique call He has endowed upon you!

  6. thank you Arthur, and the rest of the SLG tribe praying ….. landed deeply for this giver …… may our cleansing be indeed a fragrant blessing to the entire tribe ….

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