6. Giver Prayer: Aligning Land

Jacob the Giver was given an assignment.  Go live at Bethel.

It took him close to 20 years to get there.  Once there, he performed some perfunctory acts of worship, then decided that since that mountainous area was not good for cattle, he should leave and find some decent cattle land.

Prior to that decision, his life was hugely blessed in spite of his singularly spotty performance before God and man.  After that decision, his life was a mess.  His beloved wife died.  His sons got weird.  His economy tanked.  He limped into Egypt telling Pharaoh “. . . few and evil have the days of the years of my life been . . .”

Bottom line, Jacob had a land assignment, and when he failed to execute there, the grace of God was significantly lifted from him.

Not everyone has a land assignment of the magnitude of Jacob.  But everyone is impacted by the land they are on.  God is the master of matching land with calling.

Today’s prayer looks at bringing Givers into right alignment with the land that will help them accomplish the purposes of God.

6. Giver Prayer: Aligning Land

Copyright September 2015 by Arthur Burk

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