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Warfare for Jamaica

BACKGROUND:  Many of you reading the blog are coming into the middle of an ongoing conversation.  Vivienne is Jamaican, in the US and has been consistently the victim of jealousy and discrimination, especially by other Caribbean people in the US … Continue reading

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9. Giver Prayer: Cleansing Generational Blessings

The assumption of this blog is that you readers have done a significant amount of generational cleansing already.  There is an abundance of teaching available in the Body of Christ on generational sin, rebellion, iniquity, curses and covenants. In SLG, we … Continue reading

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5. Religious Spirit re: Chaim

The consistency of the Teacher gift across many different cultures is quite a tribute to the creative work of God and to the dependability of the redemptive gifts model.  So far we have people on four continents who are sure … Continue reading

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8. Giver Prayer: Land in Community

God announced two objectives when He engaged with the Hebrews in Egypt.  The first was to teach them how to worship and the second was to give them land – not just any land, but a land flowing with milk and … Continue reading

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4. Gender in Chaim

For those of you who are in a Teacher city or business, I strongly suggest you review the basic teaching since I will be using our shorthand going forward.  I can’t stop and reteach everything I reference. The Redemptive Gifts … Continue reading

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3. Chaim: Julie’s Strengths

Julie grew up in a Protestant stream of the faith, but she was perennially restless, looking for more, but she didn’t know what “more” looked like. In young adulthood, God took her far from home and introduced Himself to her … Continue reading

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7. Giver Prayer: Receiving from Land

When Cain received his judgment from God, one of the curses was that the land would not yield its strength to him anymore. He was a farmer by trade and was accustomed to partnering with the land to receive food … Continue reading

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2. Chaim: First Assessment

Our problem is trying to make major change with minor resources.  That means we have to put away the shotgun and get out the rifle, find the area of greatest impact in the city, find the resource of greatest magnitude … Continue reading

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