1. Chaim: The Problem

One of our Noble Subjects, whom we will call Julie for the purposes of this project, lives in a Teacher city which we will call Chaim which means “life” in Hebrew.

Julie has lived in Chaim for decades.  The Egyptian curse has defined her life there.  She is a hard worker but has never gotten beyond the Egyptian brickyard in any area of her life, and there are dozens of her treasures that have been slow walked for decades.

God loves her and has taken her out of the city to different institutions at different times.  In those places there have been tremendous lurches in her spiritual walk.  God has honored her hard work by giving her major visitations she was not looking for or expecting, but all of them have been outside the city.

It is quite sobering when God Almighty will not come to a city for someone He loves but requests a meeting with them outside of town.   Actually, it is beyond sobering – kind of tragic and depressing and scary all at once.

Chaim is a large city.  The demonic stronghold is real.  Its reputation for darkness is international.  Many people who have gone there or live there have taken a well-meaning swipe at the strong man over the city and have been rewarded with a crushing blow in return, and they have generally had to stand down.  If they are from out of town they leave quietly.  If they live there, they mostly choose to live quietly, helping people but ignoring the land dynamics.

I am among those who have gone, been punished and retreated.  I am very respectful of the bad boys there, but not willing to grant them more than respect.  My King gets my awe!

Fundamentally, in a situation this grim, we return to my mantra:  God was there first.  There is a huge treasure there, which God placed there, and He did so for us.  The enemy is a usurper.

This is no different than Jerusalem, the ultimate Teacher city.  For centuries the Israelites looked at the city, pondered the cranky Jebusites living there and discretely went around the city while they lived life.

There were dozens of engagements over those centuries with the Philistines, Israel’s problematic neighbors to the southwest, but not one with the small city-state in the very center of their land because, you see, those Jebusites were in a class of their own – bad boys all.

Finally David decided to go after them.  He was a warrior by design, with a seasoned band of men accustomed to victory.  He managed to dislodge the enemy, but even then it was decades before He discovered the treasure that God had placed in the city at creation, and later sanctified via Abraham’s “sacrifice” of Isaac on that spot.

My assumption going in is that the treasure in Chaim is huge.  We do not know what it is, but Julie was sent there by God to be part of rescuing the treasure from the enemy for her King.  It is important to frame this from the very beginning as a battle to return to the King what is rightfully His.  This is not about Julie’s comfort, because the odds are, her comfort factor is going to decrease, not increase in the short-term.

Julie has a minuscule team of people on site, nothing like what is needed for a frontal assault in the traditional way.  Therefore, what we need is a warfare strategy that depends on asymmetrical damage – one person accomplishing what normally would need a thousand.

Historically I have had very little success with transformation in Teacher communities.  And Julie has less than I have.

We obviously are not coming at this from a position of great insight or formidable strength.  This series of blogs will be a process of thinking out loud so you can watch how we explore a new idea.  There will be a significant amount of failure, but we are champions at failing forward, and every failure or setback will teach us something allowing us to refine our prototype.

We currently have over 1,200 people following this blog.  Some of you probably live in Teacher cities so you can use our experiments in your own cities and report successes or failures to enrich our dialog.

Some of you living outside Teacher land may feel a call to join Julie with off-site prayer support.  We welcome that.  David did have a team that went up with him.

So you are hereby officially invited to join us in a Kingdom adventure as Noble Subjects of the Great King.  His ancient enemy is holding some of the King’s assets, and we are going to try to restore order so that this city becomes one where the saints from around the world long to come because here, in Chaim, they can exchange their slow walking, Egyptian curse life for a glorious lurch forward in the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

To the strong man over Chaim:  this is an official declaration of war.

Copyright September 2015 by Arthur Burk

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20 Responses to 1. Chaim: The Problem

  1. jane62 says:

    I’m in. I heard you say in RG Hungary that it’s important to start with the Prophet area of a region. (At least that’s the way I remember it). Is this always the case? How does this mesh with tackling a city only, on it’s own without a sequence of redemption?

    • SLG says:

      Jane, there are several theories about the best way to start, but pragmatically, we are working with just the one city here.

  2. This post was very helpful and added significant insight into what we are experiencing in our city. We have lived here for 8 years and are still not 100% sure it is a Teacher city but are definitely leaning that way. Separated by a body of water, significant presence of a university campus, community college, many trade schools and major hospital. However, also a major seasonal holiday town, key industries are fruit, wine, tourism and some high tech. Founded by a Catholic missionary who was known for kindness and excellent relationship with the First Nations folks. Major religious spirit, serious ethical/character issues and evidence of the Egyptian curse in the community and major churches. Still learning about how to determine the RG of a city so would appreciate any insights. I’d be happy to reveal the city name in a private email. Ideas anyone?

  3. Dayle says:

    Hi, I am in. I am interested in understanding more about why the Egyptian heresy has such a foothold in Teacher land.

  4. Colette says:

    Super keen to hear more of this! Similar to Kevin above, I live in a Teacher community with a strong Masonic presence. I am a Teacher and know God has put me on this land. I can’t help wonder about the impact of the Philistine curse as well and the counter of God using seeming ridiculous strategies to deal with it? So it may be a small team but if you’re praying for God to provide His strategy – no matter how weird or ridiculous it seems – then size doesn’t matter.

  5. Connie says:

    Enter the council of the Father, the courts of God, by the Spirit and take those principalities to the Great Kings court. Adjudicate divorce papers on behalf of that region, by repenting first of the specific sins of the land. We cannot battle these things from earth or in our flesh. I believe it takes a small handful of believers to shift regions, nations, weather. Obviously make sure it is the Fathers will first – so no one is toying with witchcraft, but as for binding principalities, I believe the courts of God is where the change must begin.

    • SLG says:

      Connie, don’t you think that was a bit of a put down to the people who have invested so much there already?

      • Bonnie says:

        Perhaps Connie senses that BECAUSE OF the hard work of those who have gone before that entering the courts of God is a timely next step and a strategic move.

      • Connie says:

        No it wasn’t meant as a put down. I honor all the prayers and time and tears given by the saints towards finding the solution for that city- it’s just frustrating to see the body of Christ trying to battle an enemy that was already humiliated by the cross. We are empowering a disempowered enemy. Colossians 2:15 says He disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it. If you dig into the Greek on that scripture, it becomes even more powerful. What if there is a better way to battle in this age? If the end game is ruling and reigning in our Father’s kingdom (Rev 5:10) – we need new strategies to bring heaven to earth and displace a long defeated foe.

        • Margaret Newcombe says:

          The issue of whether some Christians look too deeply into things….and the truth that ‘all is done at the cross’ so why bother to research or look deeper now ( even when the evidence is so obvious that one needs to)….well this issue is really one of redemption of personal gifts of believers….we MUST work out our salvation with fear and trembling , which to my understanding is about delving deeper and deeper …(some of us have no problem with that…the deeper we go the higher we go in eagle flights of worship of the great King!), and never giving up until the victory is in evidence on earth as it is in heaven. I have had many victories in a life of struggle because I search out and find what needs to be prayed about, declared, proclaimed, repented of . its whatever it takes… Its called spiritual warfare….a battle not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers. The Body of Christ has many parts to be fitted together ; not all have the same tasks, not all are eyes or feet or hearts or hands …..many different precious parts to play.

  6. Cheryl Cappon says:

    As an encouragement (I hope?) the closer I got to the bottom of this post the more joyous my spirit became! When I got to the bottom a loud shout erupted with laughter and clapping and a stream of joyous tongues declaring a victory achieved from one small and seeming unrelated act! I will pray the Lord reveal this, but I suspect it will be His little surprise. Maybe some insight could be offered by Bernadette? She spoke at a conference you did in OK City several years ago on Social Entrepreneurship…?

  7. Carol Brown says:

    Dear Arthur,

    I still have a problem with my computer and WordPress not agreeing on passwords‹argh!

    > For what it is worth­here is my puzzle piece. Living in a teacher city, but I > cannot report any great victory­yet. The Lord showed me a territorial spirit > in the form of a massive golden idol and invited me to the tango! I reminded > Him that it was a territorial spirit­a big guy­and you don¹t just start > warring with those dudes. Especially when alone as I was at the time. > > He simply cleared His throat. I said, ³oh, yeah.² Well, what sort of strategy > would You suggest? > > ³First, address your fears. The foundation upon which that particular > territorial idol stands is made up of the little stones that are your fears. > As you address your fear, a stone is removed. Keep removing little stones and > the idol will tip and fall from its own weight. > > Other territorial spirits¹ idols may be built on other foundations, but this > one was built on fear. The interesting thing was that the huge idol was > actually the façade of a school. That said to me that these fears had become > institutionalized and an accepted part of society‹we were actually teaching > others to fear in the same ways! As I recall, Jesus had some strong words to > say about that! > > ³After you repent and are forgiven for your fears, worship Me and dance before > Me. Don¹t do a frontal assault. Simply go out in the cleaning where you can > see it and it can see you worshipping and dancing before Me.² > > He explained that the vitrations of the music and the dance help to wiggle the > stones out of the foundation. Then, over it goes and I didn¹t have to grapple > and wrestle with it. > > He may have other strategies for other people. > > Blessings, Carol Brown in Michigan > >

    From: Noble Subjects Reply-To: Noble Subjects Date: Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 3:20 AM To: Macbook Pro Subject: [New post] 1. Chaim: The Problem

    WordPress.com SLG posted: “One of our Noble Subjects, whom we will call Julie for the purposes of this project, lives in a Teacher city which we will call Chaim which means “life” in Hebrew. Julie has lived in Chaim for decades. The Egyptian curse has defined her life there. S”

  8. viviennehines says:

    Arthur, I am still with you and I have have been experiencing what Julie is experiencing. I AM IN

  9. Kevin May says:

    Ugh! thank you. The Teacher City that I live in is having a civic revival but the crushing blow of the spiritual climate is immense. I have been deeply delayed and isolated within it’s walls. Will be tooling up on this blog and going for it here. Thanks Arthur and Julie!

    I wonder if there is a greater expression of the Egyptian curse within a Teacher city. The strong Masonic presence might attest to that?


  10. kim forman says:

    Arthur, guess what here in Orange, the golden triangle (remember your land work in vidor) we have a 5 city phillistine garrison and the war eagles in the upper room have been diving deep into everything you give and have grown with God Speed, we are apart of your SLG Tribe….I do workshops teaching your material in my princess shop the enchanted cottage, but we are seeing movement, the attakapas Indians who were cannibals were actually phillistines…..we really need to have you back down here so much to share…..so much traction, so much revelation, we have been meeting since January 2012, you are there with us every Thursday and did not even know…We love you, honor you, thank God for you!

  11. Lee-Ann says:

    Dear Arthur, I live in a Teacher city, work at a teaching medical University and have a teacher as a manager. The above struck a deep note in my spirit and I experienced the joy and deep pain. I relate to a lot of what Julie is seeing and has experienced. I am looking forward to participating and partaking in this blog.

  12. Stephan says:

    Hi Arthur, I think I got a ping in my spirit while reading this blog… What is the city’s relationship with the emotions of God?

    I ask, because my teacher portion responded fairly vigorously that it should be a priority to connect with God emotionally, in simplicity, to savour the majesty and beauty of His heart. Without trying to shoehorn those emotions into existing motives and agendas.

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