2. Chaim: First Assessment

Our problem is trying to make major change with minor resources.  That means we have to put away the shotgun and get out the rifle, find the area of greatest impact in the city, find the resource of greatest magnitude that Julie has developed over the years and match them up.

Easier said than done!

We started with assessing the city.  Remember that I have no success record in working with Teacher communities, whether churches, cities or a nation.  The plan was for me to run down a list of data points about the Teacher gift which I know from Scripture.  I know a lot about the gift, but I don’t have a prioritization of which facets of the gift matter most.

I brought my soul skills to the table with the list.  By contrast, Julie (who already knows all this soul stuff) listened with her spirit to see if her spirit would tag some points as more salient than the rest.

Here are bullet points of my list:

-Redemptive death

-Generational focus

-Use the Word to enrich worship to establish the government of God.

-Interesting Teacher/Mercy synergy

-Hugely critical Servant/Teacher synergy

-Fractal of two:  both genders present and active; receive/gift; love/holiness

-Failure to confront sin in the community

-Christ presents as the One with the Two Edged Sword

-Victors given hidden manna and a new name

-Eternal war against Amalek

-Family loyalty

-Priestly office

-Wisdom is the strength of the mature Teacher

-Jerusalem has two mountains, one for the government and one for the Temple.

* * *

The four things that popped for Julie were the gender issues, the government/Temple dynamic, redemptive death and the failure to confront sin in church because of the belief that you could love anyone into holiness if you waited long enough.

All of those were colored by her soul data.  Chaim has major sexual conflict issues.  The Masonic is huge there which is the occult version of government and worship meeting in a single place.  She has invested a lot in restoring her generational lines.  And her experiences in the church there were bruising because of the commitment by her leadership to not confront sin.

So, at the end of that round, I have no more strategy than before.  Did she really hear with her spirit or was this just soul stuff?  Why can I not find an example in Scripture of the priority for taking down the stronghold in a Teacher community?

No answers.

So rather than make some up, I will let this sit for a few days and see if I am blessed enough to get a much beloved elbow in the ribs from the Holy Spirit pointing the way, or whether my spirit can tease out the silver thread from all the look-alike concepts on the page so far.


No strategy yet, but we are still in the game.

Copyright September 2015 by Arthur Burk

From home, because I won’t be able to sleep tonight until I get this puzzle written down and unburden my soul.

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  1. Debbie Clarke says:

    I have been thinking along the same things about London Carol. Especially when Arthur mentioned the East/West division. The interesting part: Fanshawe College is in the East, the U.W.O is in the West. The East of Adelaide people have always been looked down upon. The East end was originally a small town of it’s own called Lilly’s Corners, and London annexed it over water issues. They would not share the water source, and it took a fire to bring the people of Lilly’s Corners to a decision of surrender. So much to ponder.

  2. Susan Bowman says:

    We are experiencing everything you mentioned in the first blog in our teacher city. We have gone around and around as a team looking for the key to bringing down this crushing stronghold. I have lots of observations to make, so many I’m not sure where to start. At the beginning? Or do I risk being seen at all? Being seen in this community has proven to be dangerous.

    I’ll start at the beginning, taking the risk, and you be the judge. I was teaching successfully at an up and coming spirit-filled church when a married couple felt threatened and launched a successful campaign to discredit and ultimately remove me from that church. Meanwhile, the spirit-filled pastor was courted and eventually seduced by an organized group of evangelical pastors who took him under their fatherly wing (Yes. He had serious father issues). From that point, the church no longer allowed tongues or any other gifts to move in the service. They went to two structured services. I lost the pastor’s favor as did my husband.
    So … shortly after that the pastor was in a horrific car accident and I was called upon by the church body to go to the hospital (a regional medical center) to pray for him. Although I was “crushed” by what had happened, I went and spent hours walking and praying for him in the spirit long after everyone else had left. I returned home, went to bed and as I was dozing off the Holy Spirit took me out of my body and on a wild ride around the city, landing me on top of the “regional” hospital. (Completely freaked me out!) After I was returned to my body, a large snake cruised into my bedroom (through the bedroom door, no less) and stopped beside me. We went eye-to-eye and I said, “Who are you?” And it said, “Leviathan.” (Which was a lie, of course. It was Python). I said to the angels, “Beat that thing.” And they did, but I perceived it happening in slow motion (More evidence, I am told, that it was a python spirit). Finally, since it appeared they were not having great success, I asked Lord Jesus to remove it and He did. From that point on the crushing started in too many ways to describe here.

    That was about 10 years ago. Here is what we have been shown, discovered, (been confused by).
    1. Appears the pastors in this region are in formal agreement to do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo. My guess is this is a generational issue. This pastoral structure appears to be parentally inverted which means they are invested in keeping their congregations weak, dependent and afraid. There is evidence that the city government is the same. At the very least it appears to be inverted but more in an incestuous way? (Promotion and position is based upon who you know or who you are related to. Skills are optional).
    2. The city is self-centered. The university located here is extremely self-centered and self-serving. It appears outwardly grandiose but inwardly is small-minded, self-absorbed, feeding on bright, gifted people but not promoting them).
    3. Change, innovation, thinking outside the box is not rewarded. It is feared and crushed.
    4. Python appears to be the strongman. We experience Python here as a false or anti-Holy Spirit. At least it takes the place that Holy Spirit should occupy. Sets itself up as king and suppresses any move of Holy Spirit. The power gifts, along with any manifested, tangible move of the Holy Spirit, have disappeared from all church services around here. That began about 20 years ago, fully manifesting in an almost complete absence 10 years ago. So about 2006? People have grown fearful of the power of God, to the point of becoming hysterical over the speaking in tongues issue as if tongues is a bad thing. (Bet the devil loves that one).
    5. A spirit of narcissism is highly involved. It drains life from anything or anyone who has God-life. This kind of spirit moves through people who are planted within ministries, businesses, government, you name it. These people attach to the leadership and prevent them from forming any life-giving relationships.

    Teacher communities do not exist outside the larger culture so what we have here is being affected for the worse by what is happening in America and the world at large. But I do want to point out one thing that I have been mulling over: that is, reaching the Muslim and Jewish peoples. These groups believe in God (or a version of God). In order to win them, they need a pure gospel preached, backed up with signs and wonders. What better way to prevent that from happening than to suppress the presence of Holy Spirit?

    One team member suggests that Teacher communities, when functioning well, produce tested truth. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. Perhaps this is why our Teacher communities are targeted by Python.

    Here are the strategies I am trying at this time since my team and I have done the personal work (and continue to do so) as well as the repentance for the community as best we know how. This work does not seem to have resulted in any noticeable shift. Although about two weeks ago, two of team members reported discerning a major shift in the spirit. I also had discerned a shift and am finding it easier to pray in the spirit, focus on the Word and worship.

    Here are personal strategies I am applying in an effort to keep my head above water.
    1. There is only one King and it’s not the devil or any of his cronies. Standing firm on that truth. All else is a lie.
    2. Committing to praying in tongues and worshiping in song for at least an hour a day.
    3. Every time I wake up at night (which is often, I’m sad to say) I pray and worship.
    4. Directing prayer away from the self and even away from this community to the larger issues. Praying for others and setting aside my personal needs. Practicing selflessness.
    5. Forcing myself to exercise (move physically) rather than flow with the heaviness and slowing down of the Python spirit.
    6. Celebrating that my name is written in the Lamb’s book of life. And only celebrating that. That is the only reason I have to rejoice. I don’t have to be successful, loved, appreciated, admired or respected by any human ever. None of that matters. My name is written in the Lamb’s book of life.

    A pattern I see is inversion, self-absorption, self-centeredness, and preservation of the status quo along with an absence of the tangible presence of the Lord.
    The new motto of our city is this: The One and the Only …

  3. Dayle says:

    This is going to be interesting – I think Melbourne Australia is also a Teacher city. It has all of the above. What is interesting here is the social divide that is East vs West that is so entrenched in Melbournite culture.

  4. Katura says:

    I live in a Teacher city with the oldest Tibetan University in the US, as well as a major state University (and numerous other schools), so this post got my attention! After listening to Arthur’s prayer on Givers and Time, ITunes just spontaneously started playing a playlist I titled Warfare Dances with the song (out of order) “Strongholds coming down” (Lily Band Psalmist). It then went on to “Shaken” with the words “everything that can be shaken will be shaken, God is going to take this whole thing down” (Rachael Lampa) It was as if the blog had a soundtrack!
    Our church has been spying out the land, but I love that we can await divine strategy in unity.
    Thank you Almighty God for the collective earned authority to take back these Teacher cities for King Jesus!

  5. Carol Bell says:

    This is very interesting to me. Arthur came to our church one time and said that the city we live in was a teacher city and our church was a teacher church. There was unbelievable warfare in the church we were a part of and then about 10 years of peace and maintaining but not any real growth and then a series of events that has left about 8 older ladies and a couple of older couples in that particular body, every one else has moved on. They have rented the building to another church for this season.
    Our city has a river, railroad, interstate, community college, and two large hospitals; everything that should cause a city to thrive. We are a city of about 30,000 with county, about 70,000. We also have a significant homosexual presence here.
    I am not familiar with the language that you all are speaking and probably because I haven’t listened to Arthur’s teachings recently. Could you tell me what would be beneficial to dig into to get more insight?
    I just know that nothing seems to be thriving in the spiritual here. There is much woundedness from church splits in this area and a mistrust among brothers and sisters because of this. People are connecting but every one seems to be doing their own thing.
    One other interesting fact, that might have some influence is that the Maranatha movement in the seventies, started here in our city. Our church was started by a couple who were a part of this movement and many of the original members had been a part and had been very wounded by the leadership.
    We continue to ask God for keys to unlock what He has for this area. Thanks for sharing the things you learn through this project. I am not sure I always understand but will trust the Spirit to give insight.

    • SLG says:

      Carol, you can go to Free Audio on our website and listen to Redemptive Gifts of Cities and Seven Principles.

  6. Jim Alseth says:

    Yes, I am one more to claim it Arthur. As I was going down your list it was “check, check, check again…”

  7. jane62 says:

    Are Leviathan and Python a common denominator with the Teacher City? I think I experience the same.

  8. linzi roberts says:

    Dear Arthur, I am excited about this as we believe our city Brisbane, Qld, Australia is a teacher city. I personally have been closely associated with a gifted Teacher for many years and now another one has become a close associate. What a ride this is going to be as we together learn how to bring the blessing of the Lord to our great cities. Thank you Arthur. The three of us have benefited greatly from your Cds.

    • Margaret Newcombe says:

      Ireland is Teacher gift too and Brisbane has many Irish foundational aspects in its convict roots ; Brisbane has a river running through it in the shape of the serpent which is taken up in many places as the Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent icon, hence a strong occult connection and reference to the boa constrictor or Python spirit. As I look at the Teacher material the control spirit is strong here as is enslavement and fear of authority / rebellion against it, particularly to those who are representative of truth in the church and government. Hence authority figures are often also slotted in to the control option. That’s my observation of it anyway.

      • Margaret Newcombe says:

        I just want to add that Brisbane’s three Universities are situated on the river, including a film school, art school , conservatorium of music and the largest one, the University of Queensland is on land donated by a controversial Irish family,( a book “The Maine Inheritance ” is available) specifically a doctor of medicine who was involved in setting up the first hospital. These are on the southern side of the river and on the northern side is a university with a recently opened 21st century science block .

        • Margaret Newcombe says:

          Sorry Arthur I have made a mistake about Ireland being teacher gift. Listening to your series of redemptive gifts of cities I realise that you say it is prophet. My mistake there , I was thinking of the teacher period of history with the Irish church….

          • SLG says:

            Actually, Margaret, you were right. Since that recording, I have dug a little deeper and am very much of the opinion that Ireland is Teacher. I was too hasty in calling it Prophet back in the early days.

            • Margaret Newcombe says:

              Wow I am glad I have made some progress in my observations then , thank you so much for your feedback. About Brisbane the city -It was named after Governor Brisbane who could have been a teacher gift I feel. He was very interested in science and astronomy at the time. In the 1980’s David Pawson prophesied that Brisbane was stagnant with shoals with signs saying ” Doctrinal Error”. That sounds like a teacher gift to me, would you agree? Your teachings are very encouraging. Personally I originally came out of the Catholic church ( my background Irish Catholic) and there was in the past a great resistance to women as teachers of the Word here. My great aunt started what is called distance education here and my great uncle was a director of education in the state of Queensland for which Brisbane is the capital city. Their mother( my great grandmother) came to Queensland illiterate from Ireland in the 1860s potato famine, and I am from a family of teachers, so I feel its very interesting to have all this understanding and wisdom to be able to function in grace in the really true church of God, of born again Bible believing Christians here. However there was a prayer strategy in 1994 ( “Proclaim Brisbane”) with Cindy Jacobs and John Dawson. Much reconciliation repentance was done to break down the walls of sectarianism at that time.

              • SLG says:

                Yes, Margaret, it sounds like you come from a Teacher clan. We have never figured out what causes a family to coalesce around a gift. Few seem to, but periodically it is evident that regardless of the gifts of the individuals, the clan has one in particular.

    • Small world… Linzi, I’m in Brisbane too!

      • linzi roberts says:

        Hello Joan,
        Great to hear form you. It would be good to get together and swap notes if you are interested in this project. Blessings, Linzi

  9. Rosemary Williamson says:

    We can so relate to this! We did our ‘apprenticeship’ in a teacher town, now we are in a teacher city! There are two python spirits here, the greater dreamtime rainbow serpent and the local indigenous totem. Of course, the Masonic presence is here but also a strong religious spirit. We have been chewed up and spat out a fair few times over the years but we stand! Looking forward to seeing the strategies that ensue from your sleepless nights, with which we sympathise!

    • Susan Bowman says:

      We have identified the python spirit as the issue here in our teacher city, but it looks like you know way more than we do, Rosemary. Would you care to elaborate? It can be privately if that is more appropriate. Thx.

      • Rosemary Williamson says:

        Hi Susan, I’m sorry, I’ve only just found your reply to my post (not used to being taken any notice of! :-))
        Well, reading your earlier post, I can relate to all your points! We no longer attend a church as such, been spat out of too many. God brought us here and placed us on a high place to teach us more about python we believe. As I said there are two here, the name of our city means two swamps, the main spirit over Australia is the rainbow serpent, or the python. The tribal totem of this region is the python, double whammy! God has shown us to specifically target the water sources, including the TWO water towers as the python spirit lives in water either in the heavenlies or on the earth. We have recently found in non biblical Jewish writings that the angel Gabriel has authority over the serpents among other things so we have been asking God for his help in taking authority. There also is a strong religious spirit. We have a pastors fraternal here which seems to close down any true moves of the Spirit, while pretending to welcome them. Heidi Baker was here a couple of years ago and was totally unable to get a breakthrough. We tried to speak at a prayer conference and were told that we were not professional ministers so basically had nothing worthwhile to say. We often find that if we really want breakthrough in any area of our lives, we actually have to leave for a few days. We have targeted three main areas, the water sources (by praying over the water towers, we are actually targeting every home and business in the city), the monetary institutions and our own walk of thanksgiving and staying joyful, even when crushed! We often sleep very poorly and have woken up several times with the sensation and physical manifestation of choking. We have intercessors from outside the region who uphold us, important I think. If there is anything specific you have questions about let me know. Bless you!

  10. Shauna A. says:

    My first thoughts go to Jersualem the Teacher city and the strategy that David used to take the city from the Jebusites. The Jebusites were the descendants of Ham, cursed for having turned a blind eye to his father’s nakedness. So, my thoughts would be that it would involve breaking the curse of the Jebusites…whatever that might be and whatever that might look like. The second thing is that in both 2 Samuel 5 and 1 Chronicles 11, the strategy that was used by David’s men to break into Jerusalem was to cut off the water supply and climb the water shaft. They then dismantled the blind & lame guards that had been posted in scorn of David’s threat to take the city. I think that perhaps there is some significance here. What does the water supply represent in the spiritual realm in regards to the strongholds that have been established? Initial thoughts that are more questions than answers, but maybe will lead somewhere…

    • jsvetec says:

      Babylon, I believe was a teacher city as well. King Darius took it down by cutting off the water supply and marching his troops through the channel. I think the water is a major part of victory offence.

      • SLG says:

        What are the markers that make you think Babylon was Teacher?

        • jsvetec says:

          Babylon was the seat of education in the empire. All the enchanters and astrologers were based in that city and Daniel and his buddies were trained in that city for three years in all the wisdom of the Babylonian culture. It was also the place of government for that massive nation. Nebuchanezzar acknowledged many times the wisdom of Daniel. The priestly office was never removed from Daniel’s life. Family loyalty was enshrined, even letting a despot son take over it and ruin it within days ( Belshazzar). Darius failed to confront sin with his advisers and only moved in judgement when Daniel almost paid with his life in the lions’ den.

          • SLG says:

            Jenny, why don’t you look at God’s perspective of Babylon in the book of Habakkuk. Doesn’t seem like a portrait of a Teacher there.

    • Jim Alseth says:

      I like the direction of your thinking here Shauna…

    • Frank Williamson says:

      Hi Shauna
      God has pointed out to us to pray for the water towers and water supply, the water towers are usually at the highest point of a city, so we have the normal spiritual high place problems, but they are accessing the water and it is reaching into every home in the City. When Jesus cast the demons out of the demoniac into the pigs, the pigs ran in to the sea and drowned. Where did the demons go then ? Into the water .
      The harlot in Revelation sits on many waters and Jesus walked on the water to prove He has authority over the water. If the demons can live in the water so can the angels is my theory, the demons are fallen angels . ( but I stress this is my theory)
      We need to change the spiritual content of the water. First the natural then the spiritual
      1 Corinthians 15: 46
      David did use the water supply to take the city, so spiritually we can pray and block the demonic supply to the city. We can walk with Jesus over the water.

      • SLG says:

        Frank, what results have you gotten from this strategy?

        • Frank Williamson says:

          This really is a half baked potato Arthur. We have only been doing it for 6 months Its hard to quantify in the community at this stage, but what we have noticed in our personal circumstances have changed we have greatly increased business activity, a vast increase in the flow of our finances, our mantle of invisibility is falling away and we are experiencing increased honor. We will keep you posted, my wife Rosemary and I are doing this alone with the help of prayer from other parts of the world and we believe God is raising up a team which will greatly increase our effectiveness.

  11. Barry says:

    Consider the enemy having years to plant a strategy in the cultural memory of the people so that the answers will be rejected even when it is obvious and looks like common sense. Hurts and violations in a culture set them up for delusion and deception. Inner oaths Lead to spirits of control that do not submit to healing or correction. But when the peg is removed and the offense dealt with cultural transformation occurs on a massive scale.

  12. Stephan says:

    What about ‘intimacy’? You only really mentioned it in your original presentation on the redemptive gifts, but according to that teaching you produced, it was supposed to be the teacher’s birthright.

  13. carolclemance says:

    O my! This sounds a lot like our city of London, Ontario. Large university, a number of colleges, three large teaching hospitals. Our church is one of the few that takes a stand for holy living, New Testament standards, flow of the Holy Spirit, etc. I will be so interested in this study.

    • SLG says:

      Carol, it is simply amazing how Teacher cities look and feel the same the world over. Chaim has now been “claimed” by nearly a dozen people on three continents. Looks like it is going to be an intense project.

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