7. Giver Prayer: Receiving from Land

When Cain received his judgment from God, one of the curses was that the land would not yield its strength to him anymore.

He was a farmer by trade and was accustomed to partnering with the land to receive food from it.  Going forward it would not be the same.  There are two possible interpretations of this.

The first common understanding is that God did something to the land, so that wherever he went even though he grew crops, they were deficient compared to what came before.

We have seen that here in the States.  Do a web search for “food less nutritious today” and you will get ten million hits.  It is a very energetic discussion with a variety of theories as to what happened.   The theories broadly are not logically sustainable because they treat the land as a uniform item, when in reality the land in America is widely diverse having been farmed, more or less, in wise and unwise ways.

Logically there should be a HUGE difference between the nutritional value of food grown on soil that has been farmed for 300 years and soil only farmed 30 years.  So if there is a common effect – all kinds of food from all kinds of land – then there must be a common cause – something that touches all the land in America uniformly.

My theory is that it was the Supreme Court decision we call Roe vs. Wade in January of 1973.  That was when the courts legalized abortion on demand in America.

One logically congruent explanation for the loss of nutrients in modern food is that when we as a nation choose to embrace murder in the family and call it right, God choose to switch off the spiritual vitality of the land in the entire nation, so that it only grows second class food.

God spoke to Cain specifically about his trade as a farmer, but one wonders how many other facets of the “strength” of the land can be locked up, made unavailable to the people on the land, based on their defiant iniquity.

A second interpretation of that passage is seen in the fact that Cain is never seen farming again.  Was the curse on the land so severe that he had to give that up and do other things? We see him building cities for the rapidly burgeoning population.  Did he have to leave the area of his design and work in a different field that was far from his sweet spot?  Did he have to cease working with living things and simply become involved in exchange of manufactured products?

I don’t know what the curse of the land not releasing its strength means.

But one thing is abundantly clear:  it was an aberration.  Prior to the curse Cain, the Giver, had a treasure from the hand of God that made his economic endeavors a delight.  He was partnering with the life of God in the land in some way and that gift from God was removed from him.

In today’s prayer we will war for the restoration of God’s design of intimate partnership with the Giver tribe in the process of their transformational endeavors.

7. Giver Prayer: Receiving from Land

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Lynn says:

    Recently I have pondered this same thing…..Since Jesus is Life and He sustains everything, then Life is in everything. The opposite could be…..sin/curse is the removal, the destruction of Life, Life inhibited…..death, thistles eating up good crop, the product of Satan. Thus the land is no longer capable of releasing its strength; for it’s strength has been zapped by the disease of sin/curse….the way we feel when we are sick. I’ve heard some say disease is a demon. Can’t say I remember you teaching this in your large collection of videos I’ve viewed.

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