5. Religious Spirit re: Chaim

The consistency of the Teacher gift across many different cultures is quite a tribute to the creative work of God and to the dependability of the redemptive gifts model.  So far we have people on four continents who are sure they have identified Chaim as their city.  Such fun.

Another consistent factor is the presence of the religious spirit when the Teacher city is not in its full righteous expression.  We are seeing this already in the comments people are making.  The inability to see the hubris in some comments is both amusing and insulting.

Basically, I have gotten a significant number of communications that say with a huff, “Well!  All you have to do is X plus Q times 17 on a Tuesday afternoon.  Simple.”

And my response to all you formulaic people is, “So why haven’t you cleaned up your city already, if that is all it takes?”

In dealing with Jerusalem, the ultimate Teacher city, Christ did a fair amount of abstract teaching in the Temple, but the point of contact with the demonic stronghold in the culture was always measurable, verifiable, sustained change – usually healing on the Sabbath.

So we are going to insist on the same metric here.  If you have an idea you want to put forward for consideration, be free as long as you are exploring an idea not announcing the finished product.  We are very collaborative in seeking the Word of the Lord for a situation.

If you have measurable, verifiable, sustained success that you were involved in (don’t send me video links of someone else’s stuff) you are welcome to step to the front of the line and give us a massive earful.  I am quite teachable.

But pompous pronouncements will no longer be approved in the comment section.  I think that stuff supports the religious spirit stronghold instead of helping the Kingdom of God, so my handy dandy delete key will be used for spiritual warfare on the grass roots level.

Now, with the grumpies out of the way, let’s talk strategy.  There seems to be a very high correlation between mental health admissions and the spiritual climate in a Teacher city.

This index is volatile.  If some Christian ministry with a huge religious spirit or some occult rock band comes into town and does an event, you will see admissions spike that same night.

Conversely, a different ministry comes to town with the right spirit and there are suddenly an abundance of empty beds.

We are talking about the involuntary admissions to the governmental mental health system – the people the police pick up and bring in because they wig out on the street.

So Julie, why don’t you work your networks and see if you can find anyone in the health care sector who has connections to those stats.  Because mental health has such a high confidentiality factor associated with it, we will only get generalized figures.  I doubt you would be able to get a real time bed count, but it might be possible and legal for your inside person to simply say the patient count was stable, up or down.

That would be a very interesting bit of data to track in any Teacher city where people are working, but especially in Chaim since our team is minuscule and we need to drill down to the core of the matter.

If we can track the volatility index, it will give us a better idea of some of the surprising areas where the stronghold is vulnerable.

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

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4 Responses to 5. Religious Spirit re: Chaim

  1. sandra says:

    Living in a teacher city, and seeing all these pieces fall in place, I am amazed by this teaching! So many questions answered so far. Another very interesting point (it was revealed to me last winter- and now another piece of my puzzle) In Canada, hockey is sooo important to us, adding something to our winters and stirring up the nation, I find it amusing that we “own” our hockey teams like our own–saying “my” team etc.
    I was asked to a game in our city, and it was full of fighting–stirring up the crowd. On returning to my daughters home after the game, found that our teenage grandchildren had been fighting all evening, and upon talking to another of their friends, said that their early teen kids were fighting while their parents were at the game as well. Saw the connection- didn’t know exactly where to put it except under a form of idolatry!
    Very interesting to me,
    Thank you Arthur for these teachings, I too have been hit by the religious spirit, in the church and outside the church, I try to live a life of blessing, sometimes its very hard.

  2. Neridda says:

    Dear Arthur, thank you so much for this thread. I pondered why after so much prayer by generations of Christians with much greater spiritual stature than I, my Teacher city has not been ‘redeemed’. Just after I asked God what it would take to redeem my city, you started this blog. So as an individual with RG of teaching, and a member of a teacher community, I would like to apologise for all the times our tribe has treated you unfairly and unjustly. I apologise for our pride and fear of the unknown, and I thank you for engaging with us despite the pain we have caused you.
    Blessings on you Julie for your tenacity.
    I look forward to seeing the work God will do in Teacher cities around the world, using this blog as a catalyst.

  3. Margaret Newcombe says:

    Yes I have been working on a religious spirit myself personally and have become aware of a wearing down over many years by a family religious spirit. I am no longer involved with a city Pentecostal church community and have given up on city wide intercession groups. It has been very difficult but God is good and I know He will eventually lead me to a place where I can be effective. I am not alone, I do have a good black African pastor friend who lives on the other side of my country, but many times I have been humiliated by the submission to authority doctrine in my city. I personally have a mercy / teacher mix of gifts and am realizing the need to keep it simple …sing my own songs of worship and sing in tongues as much as possible. Some years ago you wrote a piece on emotional grounding for noble subjects. I am very grateful for that and am working on myself. I will understand if you don’t publish this letter ; its just that I am very grateful for your teaching and leadership. Thank you Arthur.

  4. viviennehines says:

    This index is volatile. If some Christian ministry with a huge religious spirit or some occult rock band comes into town and does an event, you will see admissions spike that same night.
    Arthur I have seen this in the area where I live, but I have never connected it to any type of religious spirit. Frankly, I have been baffled.

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