Warfare for Jamaica

BACKGROUND:  Many of you reading the blog are coming into the middle of an ongoing conversation.  Vivienne is Jamaican, in the US and has been consistently the victim of jealousy and discrimination, especially by other Caribbean people in the US who don’t like Jamaicans.

During the summer of 2015, she and I have been going back and forth in the comments section of this blog, looking at history and principles, trying to sort out the core issues, so we could establish a battle plan.

What follows is my suggested procedure for going forward against this demonic force that has been established over the island long before the Europeans and the Africans were on the land.  She is the victim of a generational land-based critter that has followed her from there to here.

If you want to read all of the research she did – extensive – and see some of my reasoning along the way, all that is in the comments for the summer of 2015.

Without further ado, let’s go forward.  I have minimal tolerance for the past.  Our corporate war cry, at the end of every team prayer time is “Onward and forward!”


OK, Vivienne.  Sorry for the delay.  Back to back seminars on the road took a big bite out of my schedule and then as soon as I got back to the office on Monday, we tripped over a sleeper cell in our company.  I have been doing the Joshua thing all week, chasing down fleeing varmints.  I think we have more or less restored order, and I am now standing on a rock, watching for any insurgencies, but ready to help someone outside our immediate war zone for a bit.

Three things for you to do with your glorious intensity:  First we deal with the spirit of jealousy.

I don’t think you have the team or the landing pad to deal with it on a national basis, but we can deal with it regarding your own life and keep the national issue on the back burner for another time.

The core legal truth is the subordination of law.  That fancy term means there are several layers of law.  The federal law trumps the local law.  So Kentucky had a no-gay marriage stance.  The feds ruled that gay marriage was legit, and the feds trumped the state.

The Masons do the same thing.  At some degree or another (possibly the 3rd), a man has to take his wedding ring off and proclaim that his covenant with the Masonic gods is higher than all other covenants, including the covenant of marriage or church.  They sooooo understand the subordination of law.  You can be as religious as you want on any level, but all your religious commitments and covenants are subordinate to Masonic law.

This is the issue with Sharia law.  They want the US law to become subordinate to their law and certain jurisdictions (cheering you on Oklahoma) are pushing back against that.

The same applies with your nationality.  You are Jamaican.  You are also a Noble Subject of the Great King, a subject of the Kingdom of Heaven.  So you have dual nationalities.  When you pull your team together to do this, step one is to establish the right subordination.

Proclaim your two nationalities, celebrate your Jamaican roots because that is where the King placed you, proclaim that there is whopping big treasure in Jamaica and you are enormously privileged to be Jamaican, but then pretty unambiguously make sure that every single bit of Jamaican essence in you is subordinated to the Kingdom of God which is your primary legal framework.

Once that is in place, have your group wage holy war on all the agreements between groups of people, and between people and demons about what Jamaica (in all its previous names and people groups) is like.  List a few of the obvious ones, but ask God to bring every word that was ever spoke, thought or written about the land we call Jamaica, and all current Jamaicans as we know them now, from the beginning of time to the present, and have Him sit in judgment on those words.

Everything that is true and right and just, ask Him to come into agreement with, and everything that is not, ask Him to destroy those words and to destroy the power of the agreements among those words so the dark side does not have thousands of years of negative agreements to leverage against you.

Then ask Father to share with the angels some of His perspective about what is special in Jamaica, what expressions of His nature are there that no one has discovered yet, and ask Him to ask the angels to come into agreement with His view of Jamaica and Jamaicans.  This is Psalm 68:11 AV.

Once you have restored order to the national issues, then have people do the same for you in terms of the agreements.  Everything that has been said, thought or written about you from conception on, etc.

At that point they can symbolically remove the devil’s label from your spirit, soul and body, and ask God to place His label there for the world to see.  Think of the new names given at various points in Revelation.

Final step, of course, is for some people to speak to you about what they see in you that is good, what you have actually already accomplished in your journey, what gifts God has placed in you that you have unpacked, and then ask you and Father to come into agreement with those.  This is the standard stuff from the Spirit of Jealousy album.

I suggest you record this, and revisit portions of it from time to time as your spirit senses there might be slippage in the spiritual realm.  Might have some fresh critters from time to time that need to get a history lesson.

Then step two is to enforce it.  Listen to Prayer Trigger/Prayer Target on YouTube.  The prayer trigger is any guff coming your way.  Why don’t you make me the prayer target for a while.  I am working on the Government of God project.  I have been grinding on this for quite a while, but it has come to a boil recently and I am leaning into some deep research.

This paradigm may well be the biggest thing I leave for the Body of Christ.  It is certainly higher impact than anything else I have done so far.  So your flare prayer for me when you are being messed with is “Revelation for Arthur, Holy Spirit.”

The third step is to work on your brain.  Your pleasure center is quite minimal right now. No surprise.  When someone has been in a fight to survive for a long time, that portion of the brain atrophies.

The consequence of that is that people don’t feel comfortable around you, and when people don’t feel comfortable, they tend to either retreat or attack.  I suspect you have very few “ordinary” relationships where you can just hang with people and enjoy them.  You probably have a few friendships where you can do huge things and have vast discussions of immense intensity, but not friends you just hang with.

You are intimidating because of the intense drive to survive which has shaped you.  I can say that with confidence because you intimidate me.  When I see your name on a comment, I snap to attention, because you are not a person I take lightly.

I also have a right to say that to you because I was exactly that way.  I am so glad you did not know me 30 years ago.  I would walk in the room with my guns drawn, emotionally, waiting for anyone to give me some lip.  And when the lip came, I was ferocious in defending my turf.  Consequently, people avoided me as much as possible, except in a professional business relationship.

The cure to that is NOT to dial back on your intensity.  God led you through the journey you (and I) have been on because He needed some larger than life giant killers.  I can tell you that dialing back your intensity will destroy your inner core.  I am today, vastly more intense than I used to be.  I have more things I am passionate about, and I use bigger weapons than I used to, but I don’t empty a room as quickly as I used to.

The reason is that I have built a huge pleasure center.  Over the years, I have done the work to develop the neurological cluster in that area of my brain.  So when people see me, there is an awareness of my ability to enjoy things, and that stands in front of my ability to get furious about things.

I can’t explain how all the dynamics work.  I can just tell you that the general public instinctively distrusts someone who does not have a pleasure center.  No matter what he says or does, there is a caution.  On the other hand, when a person has a high capacity for pleasure of some kind in their brain, people are willing to give them a hearing.

This is my journey, Vivienne.  Been on both sides and I know it works.

So go to the PTSD album and master the tools for building the neurological center for pleasure in your brain, then go to the Office of Personhood album and get the ammo for turbocharging the pleasure center.

It will take about a year for you to do the build out, but it will have an impact on every person you meet and will diminish the number of social bumps you have at any level, but especially the jealousy against Jamaican’s issue.

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

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22 Responses to Warfare for Jamaica

  1. Irene B says:

    If I could I would vote 10 stars on this one.

  2. jsvetec says:

    Great insight and excellent strategies for all of us. I will be doing exactly as prescribed as well.
    I wIll be praying for revelation, Arthur – From a very tough place, with an even tougher determination to see God win through your current work on government of God.

  3. Sonia says:

    I have been following the comments through the summer and I have to comment on this blog.
    I too have been intimidated by you Vivienne. I never thought of the why though. Now I understand. This article snaps me to attention too. Especially to jeolousy. I would like to offer to be a help to you Vivienne. I have grown my pleasure centers immensely in my brain. I understand the journey and deliverance needed in the brain. This is really good stuff and well worth the journey!! I am intense as well:) Thank you Vivienne and Arthur for doing this here for our learning curve as well.

  4. viviennehines says:

    Arthur, Just got home and saw you answer and thank you Arthur, you are a God send. You are correct about the social issues and when I dial back on my intensity, I felt lost and dead inside. So I tend to isolate. Thanks for the insights about the issue of my being intimidating, I have been aware, but had no idea what to do about it. I have printed the blog and will be studying it and seeking Father for a team. Does the team members have to be authorities or can they be my few friends that know me well and are intercessors. I will begin to establish my my list and get the other albums that you have suggested. When it comes to hanging out, I am clueless, Arthur, simply clueless. However, I want to learn how and I will. Arthur, the thought of you being intimidated by me is MIND BOGGLING TO ME. While I do not feel intimidated by you and your knowledge of spiritual matters, it never occurred to me that you could be. There must be an image issue in the way that I see myself. I ponder Arthur, how does this intensity in me play out with any potential suitors and my singleness.

    • SLG says:

      Vivienne, yes, your team should be your peers who know you. And I didn’t mean that you were doing anything wrong in your approach to me. Just that the spiritual and soul realms have established an intimidating persona that is now the way you mean to be.

    • kim says:

      this is very interesting, and yes Vivienne don’t take it personally, you had the right idea when you said you would re;read the post 🙂

      • Irene B says:

        Vivienne, I’ve been following in the comments with interest and admiring your fortitude and research. Personally I don’t find you intimidating, I would love to just hang out if we lived closer. I will bless and pray for your brain work as I pray and work on mine. (On Sunday/Monday I realized the 2 albums just mentioned were the exact ones I need to buy right now) Blessings~

    • viviennehines says:

      Jamaican Warfare
      Arthur we have done it by the grace and help of our Abba Father on Tuesday night. The African American intercessor dropped out. However, the Jamaicans leaned into the problem and we took out a bunch of trash concerning jealousy, envy, and coveting. After we repented, prayed covering, used our positional authority to muzzle the territorials and their reinforcements we asked Father for an open heaven and a legal hearing in His court. We then went to to work and Arthur I saw and felt the Cloud of witnesses especially Jamaicans cheering us on in heaven. We are now praying blessings to be restored where we were devoured by the spirit of jealousy, envy, and coveting. We did record our session. I am listening to Blessing Babies in the womb and following those principles to bless Jamaica as a nation and us as individuals. I Will keep you posted. today I purchased a $100 pair of shoes for “one cent” trivia, I know, but this has NEVER happened to me before so I am celebrating this blessings on my finances. I am not despising any beginnings.

      • SLG says:

        Cheering you on, Vivienne. Now we need to enforce the freedom when the enemy tries to take it back, and see what else changes in the natural. Usually after you win a war, there are some insurgencies that need to be dealt with individually, so after a season you will be able to say that half a dozen things have changed and a couple have not, and you dial in to the recalcitrant demons.

        • viviennehines says:

          Thank you for the support. I am keeping a watchful eye so that I will be able to stay on top and beat this principality down to the foot of the cross until it is dead.

        • viviennehines says:

          SLG/Arthur, shift in ministry

          I love being involved in outreach ministry with church and community organization, but I have kept away from much of it because I was fighting an invisible issue. Namely the principality of envy, coveting and yes, jealousy. I have been saved since 1987 but I did not know the name of this demonic force until recently. In the past when I participated in outreach I would find myself in competition with other women for the most menial task. One example, the ministry I left almost two years ago refused to allow me to do anything unless it was the job no one else wanted to do at any outreach. The summer before I left no matter where I tried to sign up to help they did not need any help, NOt true. So I was told that the only job they had available was sweeping the sidewalk after the event. I agreed because I feel that every joint supply when it comes to reaching the lost and hurting. No one else would agree to take this job. After my second week women who refused to be sweepers were NOW running ahead of me to get the brooms so that they could sweep the sidewalk. I was called every week and reminded that I had signed up to sweep the sidewalk by the leaders in charge of the operation. I made a decision to refuse to become offended and quit, because sweeping is just as important to me as the one who preached to the sinners.

          Today, however, I once again made a decision to participate in an out reach where Thanksgiving Meals were being given to families at the ministry I am a part of. I told myself that I was going as a test run to see what would happen. WELL, I am celebrating the fact that today for the first time I was embraced by a mixed group of women who were preferring each other and me as we prayed with families coming through to receive bags of groceries and a turkey for their Thanksgiving Table. Tribe, I left there after (3) hours and I am happy to say that I did NOT have one ding. No rude comment, no pushes to get me out of the way when I was praying with someone, no being dismissed when I spoke. Arthur, I did not think that this would ever be possible but it truly IS. I was listened to and heard when I had a comment relevant to the conversation. What an awesome God we are serving. Blessings

          • SLG says:

            Vivienne, I celebrate with you. First of all, kudos for testing the waters. The only way you can find out if you are free from the demonic is to go right back into scary areas. Second, I celebrate the overwhelming clarity that there is a change.

            Now going forward, you will find pockets of resistance. As in any war, you with the big battle first, then there are pockets of insurgencies that need to be dealt with as they come up. So make your way forward with dignity, knowing you have turned the corner, but there are a lot more battles out there and God will pick and choose which ones to bring to you, to strengthen your authority with a long series of victories.

            Eventually, you take this message and strategy home to Jamaica.

            • viviennehines says:

              Arthur/SLG, Thank you for celebrating with me and for the encouragement, I so appreciate it, blessings and continued revelation to you Arthur/SLG.
              ***There has been an issue of backlash. I have one coaching client and she is Jamaican who has also been battling with the issues of jealousy, envy, coveting in her home. Yesterday she had an accident that totaled her car, BUT she is doing well no serious injuries. I had thought about her and sent up prayer covering for her and I am thankful that we did. We had our intercession on Tuesday and this accident was on Saturday so I wonder if this timeline is important. She was to attend a function where I was being honored last night and she could not. I believe this is significant and seeking clarity for specific prayer. I did the general warfare intercession that I knew on yesterday, but it won’t hurt to get more specific, especially in the light that this is an attack in the area in both of our finances. Taking the message back home to Jamaica I celebrate the day before it comes. Blessings!
              Holy Spirit said: Prayer Target, Prayer Trigger for my client.
              PS. Father told me this morning that I have walked in dishonor, shame and humiliation for so long that I forgot that he honors those who honor HIM. I am deeply touched by HIS comment.

              • SLG says:

                Vivienne, I often have to remind the devil that God said vengeance is His, and the devil is not to touch the divine prerogative.

              • viviennehines says:

                Amen and Amen!

              • viviennehines says:

                Jail Ministry,
                Last week our topic for “Anger Management” the topic was what is your greatest anger triggers?
                Mother’s won the day hands down. As the women spoke it became clear as I saw tears rolling down the cheeks of each woman. I ask if we needed to ask God to step inside the pain and I saw heads nodding in agreement. I then asked that if anyone did not want to participate they could opt out. I waited but they were all in. So we held hands and I asked Father to step on the scene and enter into the wounds, hurts, pain of each woman, cleans the wounds and bring healing and place a blessing on their spirit. Arthur, the sobbing was so deep for the group that I was moved. I offered hugs as they were leaving, but we did not have time to process completely. Today’s group was on “Cognitive Restructuring” the A-B-C-D- Model. However the women wanted to tell me how it went after they returned to their dorm from last week. One lady said I was cussing you out all day after group because I had such a fireball of pain. I wanted to go back to my old behaviors, but I was able to work through my pain and now I am thanking you for helping me get rid of pain that have been repressing.

                After we talked about “Cognitive Restructuring” I was asked about cutting behaviors because I once shared that I was a cutter, so how did I stop cutting? Again I had to share how I was healed of being a CUTTER. Then came the issue: I am praying and asking God to speak to me but He is ignoring me and I am angry with Him for not speaking to me? God can handle all your anger at Him so go ahead and let Him have all the anger you are feeling. I assured each of them that God was a big enough. The Holy Spirit said that He was speaking but their spirit were closed and turned away from him, so they could not hear Him.

                Then I remembered from your CD nurturing where you recommended that the spirit be turned to God for His directions.

                Arthur, I feel out of my element here with the human spirit because the follow-up is not possible except for weekly groups. I don’t know.

              • SLG says:

                Vivienne, you can continue to minister to their spirit from a distance, even without talking to their souls.

              • viviennehines says:


            • viviennehines says:

              Arthur, today i went to a feeding for the homeless in shelters. I began to do this after my son went missing over 22 years ago. Let me be perfectly clear that I do this for purely selfish reasons. My thinking is Heavenly Father I am going to reach out to those who are homeless and have lost their way for any reason SO THAT, You, Father will look after my son wherever he is and return him home safely to me some day. What was special about today is that I found myself having a conversation with a spiritual giant in that faith community who did not speak down to me or treat me as if I am too spiritually ignorant to have a brief conversation with him. Come on and let us celebrate the awesome greatness of my Abba. Blessings.

  5. Kate's Grin says:

    I appreciate this after a brutal afternoon and evening in the trenches. Thank you for taking extra time to re-share strategy.

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