10. Giver Prayer: Aligning Generational Blessing

Consider three people and their journeys.

Enoch had generational blessings (or at least some good guys back there, somewhere).  He walked out an amazing journey with unparalleled results.  Gotta love it.  BUT, there does not appear to be anything about his journey that was sensitive in terms of his season in history.

From what we can see, he could have walked the same amazing walk 500 years earlier or 5,000 years later, with the same spectacular results.

So we have some (presumed) generational blessings, but they were not aligned with the culture in any way.

Then we have Elijah.  There is no record of his heritage, so we don’t assume there were spiritual giants behind him.  We simply don’t know at all.  However, it is clear that his life and ministry were time sensitive.

If you plop Elijah into world history about five years after there has been a massive revival, he is one lost puppy – a man without a job.  He needed some significant enemies for his story line to sparkle.  History provided them and he sparkled while they crackled.

Here we have a man precisely positioned in history, but with no apparent generational blessings.

Now the two themes come together in Mary.  She had plenty of power players in her genealogy and the grace she walked with suggests that there was life flowing to her from them.  But for her to walk out her journey required her being in exactly the right time in history and being at the right place – several times.

God aligned her gifts with the cadence of history and the vagaries of the culture for her to have a larger than life impact.

Join me as we explore a number of other people in Scripture who experienced disproportionate impact because of their precise alignment.  Let’s pray that blessing of alignment into the lives of our Givers.

10. Giver Prayer: Aligning Generational Blessing

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

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4 Responses to 10. Giver Prayer: Aligning Generational Blessing

  1. Samantha says:

    Thank you for this! I am redemptive gift Prophet, and I am buddied up with a Giver, learning and ministering to each other before doing the same for others. So this is a wonderful help for us, understanding the Giver better and praying with purpose. Thanks! Samantha Roberts

  2. viviennehines says:

    Thanks, Trish. Blessings

  3. viviennehines says:

    Arthur, glad that you did. Blessings and Revelations to Arthur Holy spirit.

  4. Trish Smith says:

    Wow..beautiful Arthur. Fresh manna. Revelation into the “Giver’s” DNA… providing fuel for the Giver’s vehicle. Grist for the Giver’s mill. Fine tuning the Giver’s antennae to hope and Life. Thank you!

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