6. Chaim Geography

In a previous blog I reported that Julie felt the city was split in half and the male side of the city, on the east, had been rotated slightly so there was an uncovered pie shaped wedge at the bottom and a double covered wedge at the top.

She drove around both sections, giving me some detailed information.  When I zoom out from her details and reword them, I find disorder in both places.  In the south, where there is no coverage by the spiritual structure of the gift of the city, there is the disorder of lack of direction.  The hodgepodge of roads, structures and enterprises were suffering from benign neglect.

In the north, where the male portion rotated over the top of the female side of the dividing line, there was just as much confusion, but there was a deliberate complexity and lack of fluidity zoned into the area.  The intentional nature of the economically vibrant confusion was undeniable.

This much is a report with the eyes of the soul — what anyone could see driving through the two pie shaped wedges.

On the spiritual discernment side, the sense was that this section where the male has overlapped the female is the key that locks down the demonic agenda for the city and causes it to be so confident of being untouchable.

At this point, it would be helpful to zoom out and re-examine the data to see how much weight we can put on each point before building a strategy.

-The city is toxic.  Very solid.  Across a lot of time, with a lot of different people, with data that can be measured and verified by soul methods, the portrait is consistent:  a city with a well entrenched demonic structure that is swift to punish the followers of Christ who dare to look outside their own small existence.

-The redemptive gift is Teacher.  Very solid.

-The spiritual division of the city is east and west.  Very solid, but with a caveat.  The culture has divided the city along K Street.  Discernment suggests that the center line is actually roughly parallel to K Street but a bit further away.  There is no way to test that spiritual center line location at this time.  So we say the division of the city into two parts along a north south axis is very solid.  Where God sees the center line is moderately solid.

-The east is male and the west is female.  Moderately solid.  The surface evidence suggests that, and I don’t see any reason to doubt it.  However, the Teacher strongholds are full of tricks, and I leave open the possibility that K Street is just a cultural scam designed to throw us off, and there could be a different division from God’s point of view – perhaps north and south or angular.  We will proceed with the assumption that the east is male, but I would never build my core strategy around that bit of data until we have tested it more thoroughly.

-The key to the stronghold lies in the overlap in the north.  Possible.  On the one hand, that is based on Julie’s discernment alone.  I have never seen that anywhere else in a Teacher land mass, but neither have I looked for it.  On the other hand, gender is a monumental issue in any Teacher community, and the male dominance of the female is hardly a shocking picture!  AND Julie has had to deal with dominant leadership in sundry religious – and some secular – contexts in her life, which could be argued is preparation for this.  So we might act on that to see what kind of movement we get, but at this stage, I would not build an entire strategy around that one point of discernment.

-Julie was sent there for this.  Very solid.  Let me be quick to say that we have no indication that this is her battle for the rest of her life. We can say that she has tried to leave Chaim many different times and the doors have always been closed by the Lord.  Many things have shifted and the indication at the moment is that this is her next assignment.  Whether it is a twenty day assignment or a twenty year assignment, we have no clue, but it is hers for now.

-She is in this alone.  Soft.  For now, she is an army of one.  She is not advertising for help, and God has not sent anyone to her supernaturally.  In the Mercy season, God is often sending an army of one or two, so this is not surprising at this stage.  However, it is quite common for God to have ten armies of one working in the city, all reporting to Him, and we never want to assume we are THE one.  Furthermore, God could bring her other specialists at any time.  So we avoid any self-pity from warring alone and avoid all judgments that there is no one else that cares.  For now, she puts her hand to the plow without looking back, but leaves the door open for God to do anything else at any time.

-Our strategy should be based on her strengths.  Moderately soft.  Broadly speaking, I assume that God matches design to problem.  However, the soft spot in that reasoning is that it could be design that is unpacked or it could be design that she does not know about yet.  So we gently go forward with the known unpacked design we noted in a previous blog, but leave open the option of having to learn some other skills.  Jesus began in THE Teacher city with His already-unpacked skills of teaching the Word.  Father sent Him back to the carpenter’s shop to unpack a lot more before the real ministry began.  So, she may need to unpack an unknown treasure or grow in authority, but until the Lord directs otherwise, I will design a strategy around her strengths.

-The principle for the Teacher is responsibility.  The curse that defaults to Teacher is the Philistine countered by the Blessing of Daniel.  The head of Leviathan is life.  All very solid. 

I am still awaiting word from Julie whether she will be able to access a bed count in the mental health sector.  But in the next blog, I will float an idea for a first skirmish.

Copyright November 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Jim Alseth says:

    Oh, and the other thing is they most definitely seem to come in bunches according to anatomy. Strangest thing. One day or even week we’ll have a run on broken kneecaps. On another it will be elbows. Now ankles I can’t include here because people are always hurting those…

  2. Jim Alseth says:

    Just another observation about my Chaim community from my position in healthcare. Of course I have no way of comparing these to other RG cities, but besides the GI tract and hearing issues I’ve been noticing a marked increase of injuries from falls. Three main sources: falling down the stairs, slipping on ice and dogs (either under foot or large dogs yanking their owners)…

  3. Susan Bowman says:

    Two observations to make: I have been looking at the problem in our Chaim city using the model of five catalytic institutions. Business is the founding institution here and the free masons established themselves at the time our city was begun. Physicians, attorneys, businessmen and clergymen were all part of the lodge.

    The west side of the city was surveyed first, making it possible for people to buy land although more people were squatting on the east side. The west side was developed. The courthouse, churches, businesses and homes were built there. But for some reason everything was relocated to the east side of town. The exact reasons are buried or lost but what was a thriving community on the west side of town was moved east. Today, the west side is run down and poverty stricken. Very few businesses are located there.

    So back to my two observations: First, is it possible that the location of the primary masonic lodge is what is affecting the geography of Chaim? The lodge here is firmly on the east side. It puzzles us why the town moved a thriving community east just a few blocks. But if the masons locate their lodges in specific places for some reason could they have pulled the town out of geographical wack? The masons in our town certainly had the political and economic clout to get what they wanted at that time in history.

    Second, I saw a spirit looking like an octopus sitting on top of the business institution and extending its tentacles through the other institutions, causing them to be twisted toward making a profit with a narcissistic taint of masonry upon it. This is the same kind of spirit we discerned when we went as a team to prayer walk during a Islamic outreach to the community a few years back. The event was held at our state university. I believe it is a spirit of control which may manifest as a religious spirit under the right circumstances. (By the by, the Lord had one young lady on the team lift her voice in a simple worship song to break the hold of that spirit. No other outreaches have been attempted since.)

    One more thought since I am on the subject and rarely have quiet time to type out my thoughts. We have an absence of the manifested presence of Holy Spirit, especially in corporate situations. Part of that may be because you cannot make a profit off of or control Holy Spirit. With all our institutions being twisted toward making a self-serving profit, the Holy Spirit isn’t welcome. But, one more observation on that absence: We are located in the States in the deep south where so much dishonoring and crushing of Africans has been committed. If you are right, Arthur, that Africans are designed to produce the presence of the Holy Spirit (and I think they are), then we are in a double whammy situation since the overriding belief among the African people here is that they are powerless.

    I don’t know how to fix any of this. =)

    • SLG says:

      Susan, I have mixed emotions about the whole Masonic lodge issue. On the one hand, it is a real issue and has done a lot of damage in a lot of places. On the other hand, it is relatively easy to beat. The damage done on a national basis in New Zealand, Australia and Scotland is significant. So I fail to be as intimidated by them as most people are.

      Here is the core issue: when we don’t know about something that exists, we try our best to fit the symptoms into a known paradigm. So for decades I did not know about alien human spirits, so I did everything I could to make their dynamics fit into a demon or a part.

      In the same way, the knee jerk reaction of most of the people on this blog who write about strange problems, is to blame the Masons, because they are visible, easy to blame and therefore the designated scapegoat.

      So did restructuring the town around the Masonic lodge change things? Possibly. It has absolutely happened in some places. But I am leaving open the possibility that there are other causes that we don’t have a name and a face for YET that explain the level of damage that we see.

      And in terms of the Holy Spirit, I can assure you that there are some streams of the faith that have done a really damnably good job of monetizing the Spirit. You are blessed that you have not been exposed to that perversion yet.

  4. Grace Jones says:

    Just wondering what’s going on at the pivot point in the centre of the city…..

  5. Neridda says:

    Yes God is highlighting gut health for us too.

  6. Jim Alseth says:

    Here is something that might work into the mix with the mental health beds. In my Teacher city God seems to be bringing gastro-intestinal issues to the front. I have no data, only personal experience, and those who are coming to me.

    Of course on the Health and RG Grid, the GI tract is Teacher.

    • SLG says:

      Jim, Thanks a bunch. I had not looked under that rock, but it is an obvious one now that you mention it.

      • Jim Alseth says:

        And another one I’m noticing and highly suspicious of is hearing difficulties of various sorts, including tinnitus. Both the bony anatomy and lobe of the brain facilitating hearing is the temporal, which of course is Teacher…

    • Neridda says:

      Yes God is highlighting gut health for us too.

  7. bbthigpen says:

    Are you planning on doing the other 6 gifts in the future as far as the cities are concerned? Ive been tracking with you for some time and would love for you to “coach” and give real time data- And thank you for confirming that God is often using one or two seperate individuals during the Mercy Season- but can add anyone and at time that He wants.

  8. bbthigpen says:

    I worked in the mental health sector for 7 years in a Teacher city, the largest county in my state and lived there for over 20 yrs and still have the ability to access that bed information. But from reading the previous blog post on the subject- you would be correct in your idea. Do you need information from Julie’s specific Teacher city or would the info from my former hometown suffice?

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